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Wikia Manor
The wonderful place to live or is it?
Location: Wikia
Appearance: A courteous estate with ivory front, a pool, and The Morgue
Features: Rooms:
  • Attic
  • Breakfast Nook
  • Butler's Quarter
  • Dinning Room
  • Front Yard
  • Kitchen
  • Library
  • Office
  • Parlor
  • The Morgue
  • The Pool
  • Guests' Rooms
Employers: Maids
Visitors and
Cast of Season 1
Visited in: Season 1
Events: All the events in Season 1

A grand and lavish estate home to many secrets. Wikia Manor is the perfect place for the mysteries to begin. Just hope you survive, of course.

Wikia Manor was once the home of the great founder of Wikia, the homeland of the guests and staff. The manor was once created and owned by the founder, until he decided to leave his estate. Later, another bought the estate, followed by a third. Finally, the fourth person owning the Manor, The Killer privately bought the Manor and hired Charles.

The Killer, once hiring Charles explained in messages to the Staff that they would be FORCED to play his diabolical game of life and death. A maid attempted to leave the manor, but was killed. Thus explaining why there is only two maids.  With the staff understanding the terms, with their own lives at risk, the staff agreed to not call the cops or attempt to escape, and just do as the Killer instructed them to do so. 

A week after Charles arrived, thirteen guests arrived at Wikia Manor, been invited to a Vacation. However, they will soon discover that this is not a normal vacation, but rather a deadly game. A Game that is known by all as.... MURDER. 

Wikia Manor Rooms

Room Floor
Bar The Wikia Manor Basement
Morgue The Wikia Manor Basement
Movie Theatre The Wikia Manor Basement
Laundry Room The Wikia Manor Basement
The Grand Room Main Floor
Breakfast Room Main Floor
Dining Room Main Floor
Kitchen Main Floor
Library Main Floor
Ballroom Main Floor
Billiard Room Main Floor
Parlor Main Floor
Athens Lounge Room Main Floor
Front Yard Main Floor/Outside
The Pool Main Floor/Outside
The Pool's " Island "  Main Floor/Outside
Garden Main Floor/Outside
Graveyard Main Floor/Outside
Roman Tower Third Floor
Planetarium Third Floor
Attic Third Floor

Living Quarters

Guests/Staff Room Floor
Charles Butler's Quarters Main Floor
Melina the Maid Maid #1's Quarters Main Floor
Erica the Other Maid Maid #2's Quarters Main Floor
Sci Roman Room Second Floor
Toon Zeus Room Second Floor
DF Poseidon Room Second Floor
Sklei Hades Room Second Floor
Paper Athena Room Second Floor
Dark Demeter Room Second Floor
Bloxx Artemis Room Second Floor
Sol Apollo Room Second Floor
Ermac Dionysus Room Second Floor
Jon Ares Room Second Floor
Reo Aphrodite Room Second Floor
Nick Hephaestus Room Second Floor
RG Hermes Room Second Floor

The Fate of the Manor

In Whodunnit, The Killer placed bombs all across the manor that he blew up, causing a helicopter to crash into the manor. The bombs destroyed the manor, sending the remains to the ground.