Water is one of the allies in Omnitrix Conquest. His partner is a Sneasel.


Water is a 15 year old with tan skin and golden eyes. He has black wavy hair and is very well built. He wears a light blue shirt and pants under dark blue armor. There are sections over the armor that are transparent, giving the outfit a pattern of the ocean waves.


Water is able to communicate with Pokemon and can capture that. Along with that, he is extremely strong and fast. He is able to swim at high speeds and hold his breath for a very long amount of time. Due to swimming so much, Water has gained a lot of body strength, especially upper body strength. Later on in the series, Azmuth will gift him with an Omnitrix.


  • Sneasel (Partner)
  • Sandile
  • Darkrai

Water and Sneasel met when Water was practicing swimming. He was focusing on holding his breath for long periods of time, so he began swimming under patches of ice. When he surfaced one time he found a Sneasel, preparing to attack him. Water battled the Sneasel and eventually managed to defeat it. The two then became partners.

While Water and Sneasel were swimming, a Sandile began stealing Water's stuff. Water swam to the shore and noticed most of his clothes were missing, then watched as Sandile dug out from the sand, grabbed onto his clothes and began dragging it down. Water and Sneasel battled the Sandile and Water managed to capture it.

In season two, the team stumble upon a nest full of eggs. They each take one and Water's hatched into a Darkrai.



  1. Tackle
  2. Ice Beam
  3. Icy Winds
  4. Cut


  1. Dig
  2. Bite
  3. Tackle
  4. Sand Attack


  1. Shadow Ball


Water was from the Nixtorm nation. He always preferred water over ice, but used the ice to practice and enhance his swimming abilities. This is where he met his partner Sneasel. Over the years he and Sneasel entered the assassin business in order to earn money. They encountered the "group" many times in the first season before he realized that he could help people, rather than kill them.

Azmuth will later acknowledge Water as a good being and gift him with the ninth Omnitrix.

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