• Ultra3000

    As you already know, I had announced the launch of a new horror ARG called Slender: Dark Hill in late August. Unfortunately, I had been unable to officially start this series, because school had just started. (I hate you school). Anyway, here's an exclusive preview of the series.

    NOTE 1: The series is aired at the midnight hours (theorically), so don't be surprised to see uncensored cussing, although this will be used only when necessary.

    NOTE 2: This sneak peek is NOT from the pilot :P

    Read at the cost of your own sanity (jk, jk).

    We are in the woods of Dark Hill. The sun has almost set, but it is hidden by a mysterious fog. In this chilling afternoon, the forester has just returned to his cabin from his daily check on the forest. He unlocks …

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