I had an idea for a Pokemon RP. We should have one. Everyone that joins is part of a team that are consisted of Pokemon Trainers, with one starter Pokemon (At the begining). You will be able to go to shops, catch Pokemon, and battle eachother.

Fill out the form below. Only one starter Pokemon (Any generation, any gender). Only can have a basic attack and a basic stat change at first.

Trainer name:

Starter Pokemon:

SP Nickname (Optional):

SP Moves:

SP Gender:


There will be different Zones where you can find different Pokemon, and different missions. In every Zone (Except Legendary Zones) Will have a Pokemart and a Pokemon Center. Legendary Zones are rare Zones that are only avalible to go to during certain missions. They have one Legendary Pokemon inside, and no shops.

Name Pokemon Avalible Zone Boss
Punching Plaza Fighting Types Throh and Sawk
Bouncy Clouds Flying/Dragon Types Red Gyarados
Posionous Pastures Poison Types Venasaur
Rocky Road Ground/Rock Types Golem
Buggy Forest Bug/Grass Types Scolipede
Haunted House Ghost/Dark Types Rotom
Forgotten Factory Steel/Electric Types Magnezone
Volcanic Plains Fire Types Heatran
Sunken City Water/Ice Types Empoleon
Mind Meddows Psychic Types
Ancient Temple The Legendary Birds (Only one avalible)

Zapdos, Articuno, or Moltres

The Ruins of the Lab


Genesect (Different Missions)



Destroied Tower The Legendary Beasts (Only one avalible) Enti, Ricou, or Suicune
Ancient Bell Ho-Oh, Lugia (Different Missions)



Temple Ruins Legendary Golems (Only one availible) Regirock, Regice, or Registeel
Mangled Time Machine Latios (For Males) Latias (For Females)

Latios for Male

Latias for Female

Gemstone Island

Groundon and Kyogre (One avalible)

Rayquaza (Different Mission)

Groundon or Kyogre


Life Pillar

Dialga and Palka (One avalible)

Arceus (Different Mission)

Dialga or Palka


Moonphase Island Darkrai Darkrai
Lava Land Victini Victini
YinYang Island

Zekrom and Reshriham (One avalible)

Kyruem (Different Mission)

Zekrom or Reshriham


Flowery Fields


City Ruins Regigigas Regigigas
Space Core Landing Site


Jirachi (Different Missions)



I've got the only silver gold fish. His name is Bob 01:25, June 3, 2012 (UTC)

EDIT: Mission names are coming out now! NOTE: These are for the main story line. There are going to be side quests.

Begining Missions

  1. Starting Out
  2. Catching a Pokemon
  3. Shops

Punching Plaza

  1. Mankey on the Loose
  2. Timburr!
  3. The Machamp
  4. Throh and Sawk

Bouncy Clouds

  1. Pidgey Swarm
  2. Revived Archeops
  3. Red Gyarados

Poisionous Pastures

  1. Stinking Up the Place
  2. Beedrill Swarm
  3. Foongus the Pokemon Fungus
  4. Venasaur's Victory

Rocky Road

  1. Geodude's Great Avalanche
  2. Sandile's Sandpool
  3. Drillbur and the Tunnels
  4. Golem the Mountain Climber

Buggy Forest

Haunted House

Forgotten Factory

Volcanic Plains

Sunken City

Mind Meddows

I've got the only silver gold fish. His name is Bob 19:31, June 3, 2012 (UTC)