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    June 3, 2012 by The New Dan

    I had an idea for a Pokemon RP. We should have one. Everyone that joins is part of a team that are consisted of Pokemon Trainers, with one starter Pokemon (At the begining). You will be able to go to shops, catch Pokemon, and battle eachother.

    Fill out the form below. Only one starter Pokemon (Any generation, any gender). Only can have a basic attack and a basic stat change at first.

    Trainer name:

    Starter Pokemon:

    SP Nickname (Optional):

    SP Moves:

    SP Gender:


    There will be different Zones where you can find different Pokemon, and different missions. In every Zone (Except Legendary Zones) Will have a Pokemart and a Pokemon Center. Legendary Zones are rare Zones that are only avalible to go to during certain missions. They have one Legendary…

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