Today, I present a series of questions and answers about my best series here.

Is Ermac really a "bad guy"?

Contrary to recent episodes, Ermac's behavior is highly motivated by his past and mental illness. He isn't a bad guy. It's all buisness to him. He claimed his land. His motives as as gang cult leader will be explored in upcoming episodes (specifically in Crime Fighting Saga) and a lot of development will be coming for Ermac.

Is the show on hiatus right now?

Currently it is. I'm planning a marathon. It's funny, I'm actually writing right now the episode Home which is four or five ahead of what is up on this wiki right now. I'm hoping to be off this writer's block/hiatus by mid-March.

Why is the show not so random any more?

The cursing and fighting and all will return. I promise. Right now is a more serious time. They group is opening their eyes and seeing the world for the first time. I mean goddamn, some are emotionally unstable from being temporairly a zombie. How would you feel? So yeah, right now I'm focusing on character development and once we establish their new persona, we will be able to have the fun cursing randomnes. 

If you're trying to be realistic, why is everyone in the same house?

This is actually the last series I'm doing this. Next season everyone moves out, but in the same neighborhood. It is realistic to have roommates in your twenties but now by the next series some of them are older than others so they'll settle down and start a family.

Any concepts that never were made into an episode?

Well, I'm almost considered killing off Junior in episode two for shock value but scrapped it. Another one was the series premeire, where Junior is not Jack's actual son. Jack is at a nightclub but is thrown out. He finds a orphan and takes him in. Then I thought, Jack is not a fucking sensitive guy. For god sakes on his facebook profile he lists bashing heads in and farting on babies as his interests.

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