Anybody who has been with me on chat lately knows I'm obsessed with Deadman Wonderland. :P

What is Deadman Wonderland?

Deadman Wonderland is an anime that airs on Toonami. Ten years before the series, a large earthquake destroyed most of Tokyo. The cause of the Earthquake was a monster known as "The Wretched Egg". TWE sent out these crystals that turned a bunch of these people into Deadman, or people who can manipulate their blood in special ways called Branch of Sin. For these Deadmen, a prison was opened called "Deadman Wonderland", a very Hellish place that is disguised as an amusement park.

10 years later, a 14-year old boy named Ganta is going on a school fieldtrip to DW with his class. But before they leave, the Wretched Egg comes. TWE destroys the school and kills everybody, except Ganta. Seeing as Ganta was the only survivor, he was thought to have been the murderer, and thus sent to Deadman Wonderland. It turns out that Ganta was transformed into a Deadman during the attack.

In DW, Ganta meets Shiro, who turns out to be his best friend from childhood. Ganta goes on a quest to find the Wretched Egg and kill it. Little does he know, Shiro is TWE, but even she doesn't know. Along with that, Ganta teams up with fellow inmates to attempt to escape and get DW shut down.

Deadman Userland

The story here is basically the same, except users as characters. List your name, age, and Branch of Sin. There will be 10 slots.

Your Branch of Sin is how you use your blood (i.e. Blood sword, blood armor, blood bullets, etc) (Be careful, though. This is your blood, not lasers or stuff.)


  1. Solo
  2. Ship
  3. Time

Info of Users

NAME: Solo

AGE: 16

BRANCH OF SIN: Blood Armor

NAME: The Great Shipoleo

AGE: 20

BRANCH OF SIN: Blood Hoodie

NAME: Chrono

AGE: 18

BRANCH OF SIN: Love Labyrinth