• ShipChill

    Sign Up, Maybe?

    July 1, 2012 by ShipChill

    HELLO! I know, I sound all enthusiastic, but what I'm about to say will BLOW YOUR MIND.

    So you always wanted to be in a reality TV show? Well, too bad! This is a fictional TV cartoon about some people fighting to the death- okay, not maybe, but hey it is still dangerous!

    The tv show will put you either on Team A or Team B, depending on your sign up order.

    So here are the teams:

    • Open
    • Open
    • Open
    • Open
    • Open
    • Open

    • Open
    • Open
    • Open
    • Open
    • Open
    • Open

    If you want to sign up, comment please. I, Ship, myself will be the host. SEEYA!

    Sir Ship here. 09:02, July 1, 2012 (UTC)

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  • ShipChill

    Just Everything

    June 13, 2012 by ShipChill

    is a new series by Ship.

    I need people to be the characters/cast for the sketches and Green Room. If you want to sign up for one, comment and put the name of the character.


    Okay, if you sign up to be ANY character, you are already a member of Green Room.

    Most are from All That or Amanda Show, some are original.

    Yes, this famous one. I know it is not original.

    • Ed
    • Dexter

    • Librarian
    • Bystander 1
    • Bystander 2
    • Bystander 3
    • Bystander 4
    • Bystander 5

    • Principal Pimpell
    • Coach Kreeton (Tyran)
    • Miss Fingerly
    • Miss Piddlin
    • Julio (AKA Student 7) (Ship)
    • Miss Spork
    • Janitor Gaseous (ABH)
    • Repair Man
    • Student 1
    • Student 2
    • Student 3
    • Student 4
    • Student 5
    • Student 6

    • Pierre Escargot (Ship)

    • Host (Ship)

    • Toilet Guy (parody of Aqua-Man) (UEEF)
    • Eye of the Tiger-Man (par…

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