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  • Sci100

    Hey guys, how are you doing? I hope your lives are well. So as you know (hopefully), I have been busy lately with grades, school, testing, etc. I’ve been slowly releasing episodes of Mystery Island, and some have asked about potentially having a Season 3 of MURDER.

    To be honest, Season 3 might not happen.

    There is more than one reason why Season 3 might not happen, and it’s something I still need to continue to consider.  When Mystery Island is over, based on your reaction to the finale, and my own personal thoughts, I’ll make the decision if to continue or not. However today, I realized something:

    MURDER is negatively impacting my mental and emotional health.

    Now when I say it’s impacting my health, I don’t mean I’m going Joker-crazy and want to…

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  • Sci100
    MURDER is coming back bitches.

    Find out When.

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  • Sci100

    So its been a year since I was just hanging around Wikia Manor ... till I was actually hanged. Yeah... that made me really sad that I had to die. I was a good person... except that time when the Killer revealed I directed films for a certain film industry... moving on, okay?

    Hey guys, just wanted to tell you that I HATE being off Wikia for so long, its killing me inside and I hope you guys have all been okay! And yes, I saw all that sheet about Attack on Gale on here, and the Archives on BTFF. Other then those two, I can't remember anything else that has really happened so feel free to post on my message wall the links to all the various important things going on in the Wikias (yeah, did you know that Wikia likes for wikis to be called "Wik…

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  • Sci100

    MURDER Season Two: UPDATE

    November 27, 2013 by Sci100

    Alright, this is just to shut Omni, Ultra, and every other user who wants to know more about Season 2 up. 

    ... oh I almost forgot.

    Hello, please enjoy this exclusive brochure for Wikia Island. We hope you attend our deluxe opening where only thirteen lucky people will be randomly selected from across Wikia to be the Island's first vacationers in 25 years! - A Representative from Everything Adventures, your only travel agency in all of Wikia. 

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  • Sci100

    MURDER: Mystery Island

    September 22, 2013 by Sci100

    Its offical. MURDER: Mystery Island is the offical title for Season Two of MURDER . I've enjoyed writing MURDER, and its a lot easier then writing The End of Wikia. Since people want more people to die, I've decided that (should I get around to writing it which I probally will) there will be a Season Two. 

    Wikia Island is a mysterious island. After Charles left Wikia Manor, he got a new job at a wonderful hotel at Wikia Manor. The Hotel is for the elite and weathly, and has yet to open. Thirteen unlucky souls are selected in a lottery to spend their time in Week Zero of the Hotel. However, its all a trap. A New Killer has lured them, and he OR She has plans. Lots and lots of plans. Muderous plans. 

    1. OmniWill
    2. SubZero
    3. Lego Master
    4. Scoot
    5. Speedy
    6. Brandon
    7. N…

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