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    God fucking awful. (Not even gonna put the "Movie Shack" logo on this one.)
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    I've tried to keep my thoughts to myself regrading this movie. From online forums to Youtube, all I keep reading is a lot of comments on how terrible this movie is with fans trying to desperately to defend it. I've had a few civil conversation with a some folks about the movie as I tried to cloak my own opinion while I listened to theirs', hoping not to run into any arguments if I dare say the movie was good or bad on any online forums that, respectively, loathed or lauded the film.

    The rotten tomatoes score for was movie was awful and I kept on reading mixed reviews for this film. So, when I went to see this movie on June 15, nearly four weeks ago, I was not expect much, I even went in thinking I'd hate it and left utterly confused as to w…

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    Movie Shack

    January 12, 2013 by Regular Guy

    Well shit, I know what you must be thinking: "That hack RG is trying another review service?". Well, first and foremost, I am indeed a hack, but this doesn't mean that this service is a scam. This review service is for movies. I repeat movies. Featured films. Any movie really. Ranging from movie theater released films to television movies to direct-to-dvd movies.

    I went to film school for about 2 hours, so I'm a grade A reviewer. Trust me. Would I lie to you? yes

    I'll be more focused on recently released movies more so than past movies. But don't discouraged, I'll take request for past movies to. So stop by my message receiver transmitter and order it up. Though, I can't promise that I'll respond.... or do the review. So once again, remember t…

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