Hi guys. So I was banned over a year ago on Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki because I got 2 admins really angry. They put their aggression toward me and unjustifiably banned me without the right for me to defend or request an appeal. Since those 2 admins have left the wiki and demoted, I want someone to inform the current BTFF Admins to discuss whether I would be illegible to come back to the wiki. I have been banned for over a year now, and being banned forever seems really ridiculous for doing nothing other than what they could "trolling and being a nuisance to the wiki." Well, it's been a year and if I needed to understand any lesson, then I'm sure I've learned it.

Anyway, I was an admin myself on BTFF for about two or three years and have been a very active member in the beginning growth of the wiki. No admin besides the 2 who had a grudge against me found me to be a problem on the wiki. So, why not unblock me? You can trust me!