So, I've decided that Marvel lovers should do some reboots. So far I want to do some. It won't be like my new game or new Spiderman series, those are different. If you want you can put a new Marvel superhero in. But I made this because I need writers and editors. For example, I wanna make an Iron Fist series that has tie-ins. Actually, all the series  and movies have tie-ins to each other. Anyways, the Iron Fist series could have a tie in with a fictional Spiderman movie we could make or stuff like that. Anyways we need a name and if you want to write something put it in the comments.

MOre than one people can write a series or movie.

Spiderman Series

  • Sol

Heroes for Hire Series

  • Sol

Iron-Man Series

  • Sol (cowriter and not main writer)

Captain America Series

X-Men Series

Fantastic Four Series

Thor Series

Osprey and Peregrine (New Series by Sol)

Hulk Series


Other series will be put on the page later. I'll finish the blog later because of lag.