This probably won't happen but:

In the one AT ep where PB and Finn kiss... Jake says Finn has to:

  • Warp through several worlds
  • Defeat a demon lord
  • Use the key you got in the Water World
  • Walk up the Wizard Steps
  • Then kiss the Princess

My assumptions are:

  • Use and reassemble the Enchiridion to travel to other realms
  • Defeat the Lich, Hunson Abadeer, and maybe Marceline for good
  • Get a key from the Hyoomen
  • Defeat the Ice King or another wizard, maybe perhaps return Ice King to normal

However, he may have this list half-done:

  • He beat the Lich twice (in his true form and as PB)
  • He beat Hunson Abadeer and sent him back to the Nightosphere
  • Defeated Marceline as Demon Lord
  • Susan may be the "key", or perhaps Beautopia holds the key in the tower
  • He went to the Time Room, Nightosphere, Lumpy Space, and many other worlds

However, Jake might have said


Sol out.