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    November 24, 2013 by Nighthawkifikation

    At the time when this is published, there is 664 pages on TEE.

    Only two more to go.

    So everybody, get your PRT SC keys ready or any other screen capture tool and wait for those two pages to go.

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  • Nighthawkifikation


    I was randomly derping around and decided to check MC wiki... WHEN I SAW THAT NEW SHIT FOR 1.7

    That leaves the question

    Do I have to create a new world for those biomes?

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    So, I've decided that Marvel lovers should do some reboots. So far I want to do some. It won't be like my new game or new Spiderman series, those are different. If you want you can put a new Marvel superhero in. But I made this because I need writers and editors. For example, I wanna make an Iron Fist series that has tie-ins. Actually, all the series  and movies have tie-ins to each other. Anyways, the Iron Fist series could have a tie in with a fictional Spiderman movie we could make or stuff like that. Anyways we need a name and if you want to write something put it in the comments.

    MOre than one people can write a series or movie.

    • Sol

    • Sol

    • Sol (cowriter and not main writer)

    Other series will be put on the page later. I'll finish the blog later …

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    I Just Noticed

    January 23, 2013 by Nighthawkifikation

    This probably won't happen but:

    In the one AT ep where PB and Finn kiss... Jake says Finn has to:

    • Warp through several worlds
    • Defeat a demon lord
    • Use the key you got in the Water World
    • Walk up the Wizard Steps
    • Then kiss the Princess

    My assumptions are:

    • Use and reassemble the Enchiridion to travel to other realms
    • Defeat the Lich, Hunson Abadeer, and maybe Marceline for good
    • Get a key from the Hyoomen
    • Defeat the Ice King or another wizard, maybe perhaps return Ice King to normal

    However, he may have this list half-done:

    • He beat the Lich twice (in his true form and as PB)
    • He beat Hunson Abadeer and sent him back to the Nightosphere
    • Defeated Marceline as Demon Lord
    • Susan may be the "key", or perhaps Beautopia holds the key in the tower
    • He went to the Time Room…
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