Hey guys, if you remember my last blog, you'd know what I said about AoS 1.0 coming. There have been QUITE a few updates since then. I'll start listing them here:

  • It will be coming out on Steam, and won't be more than $10.
  • It will use more advanced shading than the pictures I posted on my previous blog.
  • The shovel is now a pickaxe.
  • Zombie Mode
  • It will have a more advanced class system, similar to TF2:
  • New maps


  • Soldier - Lots of health, RPG, FAMAS Rifle, Pickaxe, blocks, grenades
  • Scout - Not a lot of health, Sniper Rfile, SMG, Pickaxe, blocks, grenades
  • Engineer - Sentry Machine Gun, Dynamites, blocks, pickaxe, grenades
  • Miner - Drill Gun, blocks, pickaxe, grenades

I have also seen a hand-held machine gun (not the sentry gun) and the Rifle from previous AoS in a trailer, but I don't know which classes will use those two. My parents are getting me the game for Christmas, so until then, I won't confirm those two, unless I get a legit source confirming what classes use them.

Bad News

I gotta admit I was expecting that. On the 1st of December, AoS will be shut down offline globally (meaning that all existing servers will simply stop working). I believe the only way possible to continue playing the game is through a local server (meaning that someone has to be in your house on a LAN network to play with you in Singleplayer).

And yeah, a lot of people are gonna hate this, because most people play this game because it's free. Anyways, if it DID remain online, not so many people would buy the official release (1.0), and Jagex need money. Again, I'm buying the game..

So yeah.

btw i just realized that the creator of aos made runescape

AoS 1.0 Release
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