The Ultra Supreme Trix is an Omnitrix that Awesome Betterhero wields. It is the 4th most powerful Omnitrix ever, and only needs to recharge every 10 years, but just for 2 minutes.


The Ultra Supreme Trix looks like a combo of the Omnitrix, the Ultimatrix, and the 3rd Omnitrix. It is gray and very long. It is a gauntlet that can make a glove around the wearer. 7 metal balls float around the symbol, which looks like the Omnitrix symbol except gray, but it only looks like that to unawesome people. Awesome people, such as Awesome Betterhero, can look at it and understand the awesomeness. The Ultra Supreme Trix also has several multicolored patterns all over it.


  • Turning the wielder into most aliens
  • Creating a forcefield around the wielder
  • Artificial intelligence awesomeness
  • Teleportation to places it scans
  • Evolving the aliens into any evolution
  • Shooting lasers
  • Contacting a bunch of different people
  • Creating holograms
  • Time travelling to a lot of places in the past
  • Time travelling to anywhere in the future
  • Turning into vehicles related to the aliens
  • Creating fusions of aliens in a second
  • Adding extras to the aliens
  • Changing the clothing of the wielder
  • Reverts the wearer if knocked out or extremely hurt
  • A bunch of other features