Transformers Animated (The Fourth Season) is an Japanese/American television Series based on the Transformers toy line. While the Offical Series is over, Sci decided to create a fourth season using plot ideas, future plans, and other continuites as inspiration. 


At the Start of the Season, Optimus is temporarily Magnus, and Sari is wondering about her origins and Cybertron. They head towards the Well of Allspark. However, Megatron’s powerful agent Ravage plans to release Megatron and his followers. Sari and the Autobots soon find out, and as they attack, Megatron is freed, and teleports Kaon, his hometown to Earth. Also, Alpha Trion begins to act…strange. A Darkness is rising, and the Autobots may need ancient help to defeat the Decepticons!



  1. The Escape of a Megacycle pt. 1
  2. The Escape of a Megacycle pt. 2
  3. S.T.E.A.M
  4. Turf War
  5. Energon Treasure
  6. The Hunter’s Finale
  7. Allspark-alypse Now
  8. Megatron Must Be Destroyed
  9. The Nuclear Dilemma
  10. Mirror, Mirror
  11. Shattered Glass
  12. Megatron Meets Megatrons
  13. The Birth of Galvatron


  1. Beast Wars pt. 1
  2. Beast Wars pt. 2
  3. A Prime Turned
  4. Gremlins in the Gears
  5. Soundwave’s Last Stand
  6. The Fallen Returns part 1
  7. The Fallen Returns part 2
  8. Universal Discoveries
  9. The Return of the Thirteen
  10. Primus Rising 
  11. The Chaos Bringer pt.1
  12. The Chaos Bringer pt.2
  13. The Chaos Bringer pt. 3

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