• nice

    you can probably guess who i am..........

    anyway do you have a discord account i have a very inticing offer

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    • 166 days late, but no I don't.

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    • oh lmao you replied

      anyway (if you havent guessed already) its omi, we have a discord server for fucking nerds originally from btff and you were cool back then so yeah join us boi

      its not about ben 10 anymore, its basically a big friends group type thing where we just talk about everything and meme or whatever, its active basically 24/7 so no im not asking you to join some dead ass server kek

      make a discord acc and lonk the name ill send you an invite unless you have some other place i can send you a non public message

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    • The name is HCISIAOW.

      Tag is 2352.

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    • ok i sent you a request see if you got it ill send you an invite once you send me a message back or something

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    • A FANDOM user
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