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TSLOH is a franchise by Jack, which most series revolve around. 


Phase 1

This is what started it all.

Name Description
Zombie Arc Zombies take over the world which causes the group to have survival of the fittest.
Zon and Denica Arc Zon and Denica have a love hate relationship.
Epic Rap Battles Arc Occasionally, there is a rap about the series.
Rufus Arc Rufus the cow is Jack's lover.
Phase 2

This takes place one year from TELOJ's finale, so everyone is one year older.

Name Description
Junior Arc Jack becomes responsible when he learns he has a family.
Civil War Arc Dark Lord and his men fight against Bat Toon and his men,
Nick Nukes Arc Nick and a group of mercenaries attempt world domination and things go haywire.
Name Description
Farm Arc Owning a farm comes with a lot of responsibilites which includes harvesting, tending to the animals and many more chores.
Bandits Arc Bandits attack the farm which causes tension.
Humiliation Arc Each member of the group constantly gets embarassed because they are slightly pathetic.
Name Description
Revenge Arc The Anti's want revenge on Jack and Nick for mistreating them.
Solo and Ancy Arc Solo and Ancy want redemption and figure out why they were put with the bad guys.
Gang Arc The Anti's are a gang in the town and terrorize the people.
Phase 3

This is confirmed as of 12/25/2013 the series will merge. It will be one year later. There will be new characters such as Cyber, Code, Tammar, and Jen. Only Jack, Toby and Savannah live in their house. However, everyone lives in the same neighborhood.

  • The Looney Life of Jack
Phase 4

This is confirmed as of 12/26/13. There will be new series and new characters. One year later. After the accident, things will never be the same. A lot of people go their own ways.

  • The Legendary Life of Jack
  • The Simple Life of Sci
  • The Amish Life of Ermac
  • The Vigilante Life of Toon
  • The Medival Life of Sklei
  • The Mediocre Life of Denica
  • The Overly Pathetic Life of Bloxx
  • The Cool Life of Cyber
  • The Average Life of Jen
  • The Legit Life of Lego
Phase 5

This is unconfirmed, it will be three years later and everything is different. Everyone has forgotten about the accident except Ermac, who resorts back to alchohol and returns to being a criminal.

  • The Radical Life of Jack
Phase 6

Another six years later and every thing begins to fall in place. Every one is middle-aged and the focus shifts onto the next generation which is the gang's kids. Everyone lives in the same neighborhood, but not in the same house.

  • The Middle-Aged Life of Jack
Phase 7

Another three years later, the kids are the main focus. Jack and co. are now minor characters.

  • The Unpredictable Life of Toby
Phase 8

Two years later, the parents are out of the picture. The gang moves away and into one house, like originally and a whole new branch of adventures begin.

  • The Exotic Life of Toby


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