Here, you will find an official list of ways to spot a noob. This list will be constantly updated.

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Note: Do not remove someone else's contribution to the lists

Spotting the Average Noob

  1. they rarely use capitalization or punctuation
  2. They capitalize a Random word in their Sentences
  3. They continuously break rules because...
    1. They are incapable of processing orders, especially ones with which they disagree, no matter how worthless it may be
    2. They leave their windows open while they are away from keyboard, even when they have underage siblings
    3. They think it is funny
  4. They Capitalize Every Word In Their Sentence For No Reason
  5. They stretch their wooooooooorrrrrdddsss and think its funny lol
  6. Why do they ask stupid questions?
  7. Their arguments always fail, and are pathetic and laughable
  8. They do not respect acronyms (i.e. tee)
  9. Their jokes are strange and idiotic
  10. They have incorrect grammar (i.e. "does you have a cookie")
  11. Some believe "Noob" is a heavily offensive swear
  12. They seem like they know about a show, but they won't answer questions about it.
  13. They ask for rights when it's against the rules.
  14. They use the incorrect form of you're and your, their, there, and they're or than and then.
  15. They make socks always saying that it is their new account 
  16. They comment on really, really old stuff that ended a long time ago.
  17. They stick with other noobs when fighting for some reason.
  18. They add new sections to this page.

Spotting Troll/Scam Noobs

  1. Generic copy/paste "Repost or you'll die" scams
  2. "Email me at ________, I am interested in having a relationship with you" scams
  3. "Watch _________ at" scams

NOTE: For any noobs reading this, learning how to treat their noobiness, is not a real website.

Spotting Minecraft Noobs

  1. They use dirt as their primary building material.
  2. They willingly approach hostile mobs.
  3. They try to mine gold and diamonds with a wooden shovel.
  4. They use a Golden Hoe.
  5. They grief without knowing what "grief" is.
  6. They place torches on floating gravel in the nether.

Spotting Pokemon Noobs

  1. They don't know that FIRE is strong to GRASS.
  2. They turn into Youngster Joey, and brag about Rattata.
  3. They think that Mewtwo is weak, and that's why it hides away in a dark cave at such a strong level.
  4. They think Red is Ash.
  5. They think that when they comment on YouTube videos about Pokemon, and say stuff like "MAKE GEN 7 IN CHINA", "MAKE RS REMAKES" or etc, that Game Freak is actually listening and watching the video, and their comments.

Spotting Attack on Titan Noobs

  1. They watch only the English dubbed anime.
  2. They don't read the manga
  3. They think that Armin is a girl
  4. They ship Eren with Levi and/or Armin and/or Jean
  5. They don't ship Petra with Levi
  6. They think that Annie > Krista
  7. They don't know who the Colossal and Armored Titans are
  8. They didn't realize who Marco was until he was dead
  9. They think Hange and Dot Pixis are funny
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