Slenderman: the Series
Season 1, Episode 1
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Dark Days are ahead...
Air date 2/1/13
Written by Sci
Directed by Sci
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The Man in the Black Suit is the first episode in Season One of Slenderman: The Series.


Sange, Oregon.
OCTOBER 31ST, 1978 9:00 PM PDT

The chiming of the bells. The ringing of the clocks. The Creaks of the swings and the flaps of the door. An eerie fog slowly settling the foreign and distant Oregon town. The trees sway in the wind, as the branches knock on the walls of houses. A wolf howls in the distance as the night creeps in the distance. The Autumn leaves flow across the street as a teenager walks into a candy store, and going into an aisle. An older man is looking thru some bills, before he looks at the teenager, and goes back to what he was doing?

Teen: Got any Snickers Rick?

Rick: Snickers ran out. Shipment will be here in 3 days. Sorry Jack.

Jack: Na. It’s fine. I’ll just get a Coke. 

Jack goes to a cooler, grabs a cold and icy coke and goes to the counter. Rick turns to a dreamcatcher, as feathers begin to shake. The lights begin to flicker, and Jack notices this as well.

Rick: You keep the coke. Free of charge. Get home soon boy. Tonight’s… the night. 

Jack grabs the coke and hurries out the door, grabbing his bike, and quickly disappearing into the fog. Meanwhile, Rick locks his door, and looks out the window. He gasps as he sees something in the distance. Far far away… past the town, beyond the forest nearby, on the top of the mountain is a man in a black suit, with long black arms and a face. A white blank face with no eyes, no face, no mouth.

Rick: Oh my god....

Rick takes multiple steps behind, and runs into something. He turns around… as the lights flicker rapidly. A white hand grabs him, and the building rumbles and shakes, until the lights go out. All is silent.

[Theme Song]

Sange, Oregon.
APRIL 16TH, 2013 9:00 AM PDT

Multiple storm clouds rumble in the sky... as an American Eagle soars above the ancient and foreign woodland area.... and the clouds disappear. The Eagle follows a new minivan, the headlights following the pavement of the curving and mountainous roads. The Eagle lands on a nest, watching the vehicle continue deep into the woods.




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