is the first episode of KoL: The Bugbear Invasion.

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Brian's Part

We see a player in his campground looking at the night sky with his telescope. But, he noticed that something He can't see the stars or the moon, but he can see the...nether region of a mothership?

"Huh?" the Kingdom of Loathing...

"Woo, finally, it's Halloween!" Brian said. "What costume are you going to wear?"

"My Mining Gear." Chrono answered.


We see the inside of the mothership. Two Bugbears are talking to a shadowed figure.

"Now go to the Kingdom and try to blend in. Pretend that you're some guys wearing Bugbear costumes, k?"

"Yes sir." The two Bugbears said. The two glowed blue and disappeared.

Chrono's Part


Chrono is changing outfits from Mining Gear to Black Armaments. "Why didn't they add a shirt to this? People keep looking at my nipples..." Suddenly, a Bugbear comes up and kicks Chrono in the solar plexus. "THATS IT...." Chrono yells. He tries to take of the "bugbear beanie", but it fails. "Wha..." Chrono says, stunned. Chrono kicks the bugbear in the groin, and runs.

Chrono meets up with Brian. "Brian, I saw a bugbear." "So what?" Brian says. "Dude, this bugbear was the same height as a 7-foot dwarf miner." "Crap." Brian says. In the distance, there was fire. But not from Lord Flameface. Bugbears. Everywhere. Brian, Chrono, 2 guys named LatiasArceus10, and Darkdragonfire, are hiding at Spookyraven Manor. As they watch the fires, the deaths, and the takeover, they feel they need to take matters into their own hands.

A month later....

Hiding was over. the Kingdom is taken over. Even Jick has been defeated. It was only those 4. and they are going to take the Kingdom back.