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Season 2, Episode 208
A New Death, A New Enemy, and New Revelations
Air date 12/31/15
Written by Sci
Directed by Sci
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The Father, The Son, and the Suicide - Part One
A Fiend in Sheep's Clothing - Part One

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He'll Never Know - A poem by Jennifer

I want to run, I want to hide

From all the pain he caused inside.

I want to scream, I want to cry.

Why can't I tell him goodbye?

I want to move on, I just can't let go.

I love him more than he will ever know.

I want to start over, I want to feel free!

But this pain will never leave me be.

He hurt me bad, the pain is deep.

From all the promises he couldn't keep.

All the lies, I heard him say.

Are in my head and just won't fade.

How can I forget him, leave the him behind.

Erase the memories from my mind.

He doesn't love me, and he never will.

He will never care how I feel.

Darkness settles across the island. Silence fills the air. A deadly calm before a raging storm. The town of St. Wadsworth, home to most of the island's popuatlion, walk the streets or lay in their homes, unaware of the death that will soon come to the Island. Today is unlike any other day however. Today will be the moment the fragile peace ends. Today, evil will be born. Today will be the day that Kross is broken. 

 The Town of St. Wadsworth - Wikia Island -  May 23rd, 1969; 10 PM

[A twenty-year old man is walking down the sidewalk. The younger Kross, devilishly features forming his face, dirty blond hair, and a spark of innocence in his eyes, passes by a family. An older man and his wife, joined by two young beautiful girls. Kross is carrying a backpack, as older cars from days old drive past him. Oldsmobile F-85's and Pontiac Tempest's driving down the street, Kross notices one particular shop. He walks over to see a group of television boxes, playing the news, catching the young man's attention. ] 

[News Reporter]: In other news, the Americans have made progress on the Apollo Program. Apollo 10 came 9.4 miles away from the surface of the moon itself. The Apollo Program intends to make a lunar landing this July. 

[Kross smiles at hearing this, before continuing on his way. Kross passes by a brick building, turning the corner to reach the path to the docks. Walking on the docks, he spots a nearby lamp post. Kross makes his way onto the docks, passing by smaller ships, as he reaches the lamp post. Looking around, Kross' eyes vear into every corner of his surroundings. Looking for something.... or someone. A bit concerned, the young adult check his Rolex wristwatch. 10:05 PM. Kross takes a deep breath, and lays his back on the lamp post. ] 

[Kross]: It's going to be okay Kross. Soon.... very soon. 

[Kross begins pacing himself, walking along the docks, as he waits. The waves begin to crash, the wind is picking up a bit. A seagull makes an appearance, flying over the docks towards the town, and then away from the town once more. Kross looks at his wristwatch again. 10:55 PM. Kross takes another deep breath, but a worried face exists. He continues pacing himself, checking the watch more often. 11:07 PM. 11:25 PM. Kross becomes more and more concerned. Kross throws his backpack to the dock floor, checking his watch again. 11:35 PM.

[Kross]: I don't understand.... where is... 

[Kross grabs his backpack and begins running from the docks. Into the town, a concerned Kross pasts a large group of people. Crossing the road towards a Vokswagen Beetle, Kross is nearly hit by a car. As Kross hurries towards the car, another figure is shown to be walking a few yards away in the opposite direction, where Kross can't see him. The figure, entering the light, is revealed to be Robert Gullahorn as a young adult. Robert Gullahorn sees Kross as Kross hurries towards the car, and faces away, grinning. Kross reaches the car, opens it, and pulls out the key immediately. The exhaust port exports fumes as Kross begins driving away. ] 

[Kross]: Please be in the field. Be please in the field. 

[Kross drives away from the town, onto the hills part of the island, as he stops in the middle of a road. Kross exits out, running over to a field with a flashlight in hand. Looking in the darkness with only one sole light, he searches the grassy field. Looking around, the light flashes to a tree with what appears to be a white note on it. Kross takes a deep breath, running towards it out of concern, as he reaches the tree. Grabbing the letter with his one free hand, Kross begins to read the letter. As his eyes glance the paper, his expression turns to one of pure desperation, and then into of pure depression. Kross, his hand shaking, tears forming in his eyes, faces up to the sky, and lets out one large blood-hurtling cry, grief assaulting him viciously as the tears hit the paper. Kross falls to his knees, before screaming out in emotional pain and sadness once more. ]


MURDER Mystery Island - The Father, The Son, and the Suicide Part 2 Intro

1 PM- Lobby - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 14, 2014

[A shot of the outside of the hotel shows smoke rising from the damaged room. It cuts to the Lobby, as everyone takes deep breaths. Charles emerges from the break room, wiping sweat from his forehead. ] 

[Jack]: How is Mrs. Demple?

[Charles]: Vicki ... she's alive, thank god. Knocked out cold though. I'm keeping her in my room for now, to rest. How the hell did The Fiend get into her room?

[Omni]: Tunnel system. It runs through the hotel. He must have set a bomb, or turned on gas, I'm not sure to be honest Charles. What matters is that she's safe. 

[Brandon]: We still failed though. 

[Everyone turns to face Brandon, who is sitting on the couch. ] 

[Brandon]: Don't you realize it? We failed. All of us. Speedy was blown to hell last night. Vicki almost died today. Ultra jumped off a cliff today. I almost cut my wrists today...

[Omi]: Oh my god. Brandon...

[Brandon]: We failed to stop The Fiend. It's all of our faults. The only thing we got out of this riddle...

[Brandon reaches down to the side of the coach and pulls out something. A closer look reveals it to be a Ouija board. ] 

[Brandon]: ... is this demonic thing, with a sticky note saying "PLAY ME". 

[Omni]: Okay, Brandon you're right. We failed. We all failed. But we don't have to anymore. Now we're all on the same page. Now we all understand the costs. We know that we have to work together. 

[Jack]: If we are to stop The Fiend, we must end the lying and reveal the truth. Some of us may not survive, but nonetheless, the truth will out. 

[Sub]: I should probably start then. I'm not.... I'm not a bounty hunter. I lied. I'm an agent. An Agent for the Wikia Agency of Investigation. 

[Omi]: You're in WAI? You realize that WAI was sued multiple times during the 80's due to their hard-pressed nature, mostly in cases led by Christopher 'Yopo' Rider? 

[Sub]: Yes, I know. I'm sorry, I truly am. 

[Brandon]: Wait. I just realized... the room from the day we thought Charles was The Fiend. The one with the camera monitors. That was yours, wasn't it?

[Sub]: Yes, I set up cameras to observe the hotel but I failed. The Fiend stopped me. 

[Brandon]: Well, that makes sense. It will also make sense when I tell you all this secret. You see, I got a letter before I came here. It warned me that something would happen.  I came to this island, after receiving a message from The Fiend. I came to this island because I thought someone was going to get hurt. I knew I had to investigate.

[Omi]: You're the private detective. The one the Fiend warned us about. 

[Brandon]: Yes. Cassie knew.... before she died. I told her, and I regret not telling you all. I'm sorry. 

[Jack]: This message... do you remember what it said?

[Brandon]: The Fiend.... he gave you all odd names. The Honorable Judge Jack,  the mysterious Omi, the Unknown Sub, the obscured Omni, and the ....

[Brandon hesitates, turning his head a bit, as if trying to recall the last part. ]

[Brandon]: ... the special Charles Butler. 

[Jack]: This just proves what I had speculated. 

[Omni]: What?

[Jack]: This is the work of a mastermind. A man with great intelligence and information. He knew the truth about all of us, and yet he's played mindgames this entire time. Isn't it interesting that a Butler and a Maid who once lived on the island would return at the exact same time that we all came, which out of all of us there are Five connected to a blood moon, an alignment, and a Fiend. 

[Sub]: So what are you saying?

[Jack]: Maybe we've been thinking this wrong. I mean, what logical explanation is there for the spectre of Ponce de Butler? What explanation is there for an alignment that happens to be occurring soon? There is no logical answer, only an answer beyond logic and science. The answer is beyond man. It is supernatural. 

[Everyone takes a deep breath, absorbing it in, as Omi asks a question. ] 

[Omi]: So if we're having a free-for-all discussion... what about The Five? How do we know who is in The Five?

[Omni]: With A History of Wikia Island. I looked into it after Jack and I went to the Last Known Whereabouts. I think I have an idea on who The Five are. Now Charles... 

[Everyone looks over at Charles, who has been listening in on the conversation. Realizing that they're all staring at him, Charles looks away. ] 

[Omni]: He's obviously the Butler. As Jack so obviously pointed out earlier today, Brandon is the Founder. His last name is Grundare, which is Swedish for Founder. 

[Omi]: Really?

[Brandon]: The more you know... I guess.

[Omni]: As for the King... the Doogorn family has been known for generations of wealth and power. It just so happens that around that time, they had a family member whose name was Christopher. We believe that with a little bit of historical revising, that this is the same Christopher King of days old. 

[Omi]: Whose last name is Doogorn?

[Jack]: Mine, actually. 

[Omni]: As for me, I don't have any family members named Michael or Jay. However, I did have a Miguel. Miguel is Spanish, for Michael. A few centuries ago, the Spanish renamed themselves to fit the new English language arriving on the island. Miguel became Michael, and thus I suspect that Michael Trondion is in fact Michael Hero. 

[Brandon]: What about the Betrayer?

[Omni]: The Betrayer is the loose cannon. On one hand, Sub's last name is Bravtos, which also starts with B like Betrayer. On the other hand, the Bravtos family is stated to have arrived on the island in the early 1900's, meaning that although they were on the island for a short period of time, they are unlikely to be one of The Five families. So, based on that conclusion alone, Omi is likely as The Betrayer. 

[Omi]: Wait, if Charles is the only non-guest member of The Five, and us four are members of The Five, the only other guest alive who isn't part of The Five....

[Sub]: ... is me. 

[Everyone looks at Sub, as a striking face of horror emerges. ] 

[Sub]: You.... don't think I'm the Fiend, right?

[Omni]: Not anymore Sub... I just think you're already dead at this point. 

[Sub]: I'm not going to die tomorrow. I can't. 

[Brandon]: We'll find out what happens tomorrow, I guess. But if we do find out you're The Fiend.... you will suffer.

[Jack]: Let us not think about that for now. For now, let us work together, and do what our Killer's riddle asked us to do.  Let us tempt the fates..... and use that Ouija board. 

The Demple Residence - Wikia Island -  September  6th, 1989; 3 PM

[Charles is looking at picture frames of the Demple family. He glances at a photo of a younger Vicki and her mother. Looking at the photo, a deep sadness emerges on his face, as Vicki comes into the room, noticing his expression. ]

[Vicki]: What's wrong?

[Charles]: I'm just looking at these pictures. 

[Vicki]: Is it your father?

[Charles]: No. You said he'd be fine.... so I trust you. 

[Charles glances up at the older woman in the photo, Vicki's mother, as Vicki notices this. ] 

[Vicki]: Charles, you can tell me anything. 

[Charles sighs, and turns around facing her. ] 

[Charles]: In two weeks time, it will be the same day that my mother died. 

[Vicki]: Charles... I'm so sorry. She's the one who owned the one-of-a-kind necklace you gave me, right?

[Charles]: Correct.

[Vicki]: What was her name?

[Charles]: It was Clara, after my great-grandmother. 

[Vicki]: It's a beautiful name. 

[Charles]: I'm sorry if I sound greedy or selfish, but I wish I had a mother. I wish I had gotten to know her. She died shortly after my birth in 1974. But.... she died, suddenly and out of nowhere. 

[Vicki]: How did she die?

[Charles]: I have no idea. My father.... he never said anything about it. 

[Vicki]: Why would he never say anything about your mother?

[Charles]: My father has always kept secrets from me, that's one thing I've learned this year more than ever. I just... I wish that for once, he would tell me the truth. The entire truth. About my mother.... about Kross... about his past.... about all of it. But he's never going to tell me. Which means.... every year from now till death... I'm going to remember the day she died.... without even knowing how it happened. 

Another Sci Disclaimer: The following scene will contain a fictionalized version of a Ouija board and the result of using one. Please note, Ouija boards are NOT GAMES. They are in fact a means for evil spirits and demons to come into contact with you. Although I doubt any harm will come of reading a scene involving a Ouija board, I strongly urge against buying or using a Ouija board yourself. The only reason I know how to use one is due to seeing a scene in television involving one. I have not used one myself. DO NOT USE ONE OR ELSE TERRIBLE THINGS WILL HAPPEN. NOT A JOKE. Please, protect yourself and loved ones.

2 PM- Room 203 - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 14, 2014

[All the guests and Charles sit on the former bed of Ultra, as Brandon places the Ouija board on the bedsheets.]

[Omi]: I don't know about this. 

[Brandon]: This is the only way we can get the answers we need. 

[Omni]: Are we absolutely sure about this?

[Charles]: Brandon's right...

[Everyone turns to Charles] 

[Charles]: We need answers. I need answers. I've spent the last 25 years in fear. But I'm done being a coward. So come on, let's get this started. 

[Jack]: Alright. Now, I know that this is an ... unholy device, but I've lived a good life, and I'm more than willing to pay for my sins. So, I'll ask the questions to spare you all. 

[Everyone nods, and Jack takes a breath. ] 

[Jack]: Fiend.... are you inside this room?

[The planchette (triangle mover object with glass hole in middle to see the letter) begins moving, going towards the YES portion of the Ouija board. ] 

[Jack]: Alright.... let's see... Fiend, what did you use to kill Ultra?

[The planchette begins moving again, downwards as it moves rapidly. ] 

[Sub]: "S.... A.... L.... "

[Omi]: V.... I... A..."

[Brandon]: Saliva?

[Omni]: It's still going. "D.... I.... V.... I.... N.... O..."

[Jack]: .... " R.... U.... M..." Divinorum. 

[Brandon]: Saliva Divinorum. What is that?

[Omni]: I recognize it. It's a psychoactive plant which can induce visions and other hallucinatory experiences. 

[Jack]: That explains Ultra's diary. He was having hallucinations, and then the Fiend manipulated his hallucinations to cause him to fall to his death. 

[Sub]: Alright, I have a question. Are you going to kill me tomorrow?

[Everyone watches as the planchette begins shaking. It then shifts over the course of the board, as everyone watches the planchette craft a message. ] 

[Brandon]: S... U... B... Sub. 

[The planchette continues shifting across the board. ] 

[Brandon]: "Sub, your fate will be decided tomorrow. Tomorrow, you will discover whether you are something more than what you believe.... or you will die cruelly, viciously, horribly.  But it shall not be you alone. "

[Sub]: What.... what does that mean?

[Brandon]: "You and Jack Doogorn are connected. One shall live, the other shall not. Thanks to our latest discussion, I know who The Five are now, and while you believe you know who The Five are, make no mistake... you still are oblivous to the true identities of The Five. "

[The planchette stops moving, as Sub takes a deep breath. ] 

[Brandon]: That was one hell of a long message. 

[Sub]: I might live tomorrow. 

[Jack]: I might die tomorrow. 

[Omi]: Or vice versa. In any case, I think its safe to say Dinner won't have an ALIVE or IN DANGER ceremony tonight. 

[The planchette begins moving on its own, moving across the board to seven letters. ] 

[Jack]: "Charles". The board just said Charles. 

[Everyone looks up at Charles, who takes deep breaths. ] 

[Charles]: Fine. Fiend, it's time to give me some answers. Why did you attempt to kill Vicki Demple?

[The planchette begins moving. ] 

[Omi]: "I wanted her dead. She was never meant to come to the Island. She found out on her own. I wanted her gone, I wanted to destroy you. To break you like I did with Brandon."

[Charles]: You son of a bitch.... What else is he saying?

[Omi]: "But, I now realize that it was a grave miscalculation. It turns out that perhaps Mrs. Demple..... is more special than I realized. She's special to you Charles. Perhaps now wasn't a time to kill her. Perhaps her survival is a blessing in disguise, the blessing to get you to act. But we both know the truth Charles. You will never be happy.

[Charles begins grow angry, a rage not seen by the guests at this point emerging on his face, his eyes electrifying with intensity. ]

[Omi]: "You can't be happy. Your father is dead, your mother is dead, and soon enough you and Mrs. Demple will both be buried in the ground. " 

[Charles]: That's enough! I'm done playing games Fiend! Tell me the truth! WHO are you really? Why have you tormented me all my life? What do you want from me?

[The Ouija Board begins shaking, before it starts spinning on its own. The guests lean back a bit, as the board stops. The planchette moves quickly, going across the board and spelling out it's answer. ] 

[Charles]: It's going too fast, I can't read it.

[Sub]: "Alright Charles, no more games. You want the truth? I am the truth Charles. The Fiend is not the only one who wants what's in the mountain. Yes, the Fiend is no longer speaking. I am Charles. It's been a long time, and finally here we are. You really want to know who I am? Very well then Charles. Here is my answer. I.... am an old friend.... and I want..... what you.... took.... from me. "

[The planchette suddenly throws itself across the room, smashing the window and flying out into the ocean below.]

[Omi]: Charles.... what does he mean by that? Who is he?

[Charles, beginning to realize]: No.... Oh my god no... how the hell are you still alive? 

[The Ouija board suddenly bursts into flames, forcing everyone off the bed. ] 

[Jack]: I don't believe that was supposed to happen.

[At that moment, drawers and doors begin opening and closing, slamming again and again, as the lamps begin to shake. The lights begin to flicker, the closets begin to snap open, and the useless clothes within shoot out into the bedroom. Chaos descends in the room, knocking Charles to the floor as a demonic laughter begins. ] 

[Brandon]: What's happening?

[The demonic laughter gets louder, as the picture frames on the wall begin spinning around, and the bed collapses, setting it ablaze. Charles watches the fire grow, in pure shock. ]

[Charles]: It.... It can't be...

--Flashback to Aqua de la Muerte--

[Charles]: So you know my father.  

[Kross]: Indeed, I do Charles Butler. Allow me to ... reintroduce myself. My name.... is Kross. 


[Kross]: You are a very… very special butler. Aren't you? 

--Scenes Not Yet Shown in 1989 Flashbacks--

[In Hall Manor]

[Kross]: If you want to know the truth Charles.... you need to ask your father. 


[In Richard's Bedroom]

[Charles]: How could you do such a thing?

[Charles looks at the fire, growing angry. ] 

[Charles]: How dare you.... How. Dare You.... Bring Me Back to this Accursed Place! You ruined my life! You son of a bitch! You bastard!

[Pillows are thrown at Jack, knocking him into Omi as a large blanket covers Sub. Omni grabs Charles, helping him up, as Omni points to the door. ]  

[Omni]: Everyone out now!

[Everyone scrambles to get out, as clothes shoot at them. The lamp is suddenly launched towards Omi, who grabs one of the bed frame pieces and hits the lamp, shattering it. Everyone shoves themselves out of the room, stopping for a second to catch their breath. ]

[Sub]: What the hell...

[Room 241 suddenly explodes, the door shattering into pieces, followed by Room 240 and 239. Everyone in a panic, Charles begins running to the staircase. ] 

[Charles]: To the lobby!

[The guests begin following him. More explosions are heard, as everyone hurries to the staircase leading to the lobby. As they start climbing down the staircase, three loud gears click, the mechanical sound echoing in the room. The stairs suddenly flip upwards, turning into a slide. The guests trip, with the exception of Jack, who manages to grab onto the handrail at the very top of the staircase. The remaining guests and Charles slide down the stairs, before crashing on each other as they land on the foor. ] 

[Omi]: Did you know it could do that?

[Charles]: Of course not. 

[Omni]: Come on Jack! 

[Jack gets on his knees, then his bottom, and slides down as everyone gets up. Jack reaches the main floor, and Omni grabs Jack by his arm, pulling him up. ] 

[Jack]: Thank you.

[The sounds of demonic laughter are heard once again from near the top of the stairs, as large metal gates descend from above, blocking off the hallway out of the lobby as well as the break room. ]

[Brandon]: Shit. 

[Sub]: Alright, that's it. Everyone out of this hotel!

[The group heads towards the doors. Sub reaches the door handle, when his hand jumps back, and a scream of pain is heard. ] 

[Sub]: The damn thing shocked me!

[The windows suddenly become blocked off as well, removing the final possibility for escape. The guests watch as the sources of natural light disappear. Suddenly, the Chandelier begins flickering, before complete darkness envelops the lobby, not an object in sight that is visible. Total darkness. Total anonymity. ]

[Omni]: Is everyone o-

[Suddenly, Omni screams in terror. Omi, Brandon, Sub, and Jack follow suit, their screams being heard as the sounds of dragging and nail scratching follow. Charles stands alone... silence. Deafening. Silence. ] 

[Charles]: If you intend to frighten me, you're wasting your time. 

[Suddenly, a bright flash of fire appears, blinding Charles for a moment, as he adjusts his eyes to see a chair on fire. Charles looks in horror as he realizes something is on the chair. On it is Ultra's body, dressed in the same clothes as The Fiend, burning away. A candle is stuck in Ultra's right eye socket, the source of the hellish red, orange, and yellow flames. ]

[Charles]: You... You will not hurt me anymore. 

[Charles continues to look at the melting flesh, the boiling eyes, the crackling fat, all of it alarming Charles. The demonic laughter continues as the corpse burns away. ] 

Burning Body.png

[Charles]: Stop laughing. 

[The corpse continues burning, Ultra's jaw down, as if laughing at him. At that time, part of the couch lifts up to reveal fire extinguishers that take out the fire. Ultra's body slumps to the ground. A lamp suddenly turns on, the first light to turn back on, revealing a cell phone on a table. Charles looks around, not seeing any guests by the light, before walking to the phone. He grabs the phone, seeing a text. ] 


[Charles looks at the phone, and dials the number in it. He holds it up to his ear, as the phone finishes dialing. ] 

[Voice]: Hello Charles. It's been.... what? Twenty-five Years? How have you been, boy?

[Charles recognizes the voice on the phone, and an expression of anger grows on his face. ] 

[Charles]: I was honestly hoping that you'd dead by now, old man. 

[It cuts to Kross, sitting in the former ADMINISTRATION WING of the now ruined and abandoned Wikia Island Federal Penitentiary. He has a glass of red wine in his other hand, smiling. ] 

[Kross]: I thought so too, but it seems like fate intends me to go to the Mountain. 

[Charles (voice)]: Have you been on the island this whole time?

[Kross]: Oh no, I just arrived yesterday. In fact, I'm in the old prison, if you were interested. I've been watching Charles, and I must say... I'm disappointed that it's taken you this long to grow some balls. 

[It cuts back to Charles. ] 

[Charles]: Something you would know quite a bit about. 

[Kross (voice)]: I see. Attacking me will do nothing Charles. You're still afraid, I can sense it in your voice. I can also sense your anger at me. It's understandable given our history, and of course my history with your father. 

[Charles]: You will lose Kross. You're never going to get me and the rest of The Five to Fiend Mountain. 

[Kross (voice)]: Perhaps you don't think so right now. But as the Ouija board stunt clearly showed, you don't have all the pieces of the puzzle. You haven't figured out who my partners are. You will find out soon though. I promise you. You'll know the truth when you get to the mountain. 

[Charles]: You're a psychopath. 

[It cuts back to Kross. ] 

[Kross]: And you're a coward, Charles. Don't forget that it was your cowardice to stand up against me that he's dead. Never forget that Richard's death was your fault. But that's the irony of it all really. We're connected Charles. You and I were always meant to be connected, just like your father and I were. There's a reason why destiny has brought us together. We're going to find out together Charles. 

[It cuts back to Charles. ] 

[Charles]: Goodbye. 

[Charles hangs up the phone, throwing it across the lobby. It cuts back to Kross, who laughs briefly, before placing the cell phone down, and taking one large sip of his red wine. It cuts back to the hotel lobby, as the sounds of machines are heard. Suddenly, the lights turn on in the hotel, revealing the remaining guests, feet away from small machine like devices with small claws large enough to attach onto a leg. Charles looks around, as everyone takes deep breaths, calming down as the window and door blockers raise up, an end to a terrifying experience. ] 


2:15 PM- Room 203 - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 14, 2014

[Omi]: Who the hell were you talking to?

[Omni]: Who is Kross?

[Sub]: Kross is a target of the Wikia Agency of Investigation.

[Omni]: Wait. In the Lab, the day AB died ... there was a name. Mr.Kr. Kr was Kross. The terrorist... the one on Tyran's board. The tragedy not being an Earthquake. That was all about Kross, wasn't it? 

[Charles]: Yes. 

[Sub]: Kross is a member of an organization responsible for political and financial blackmail, terrorism, extortion, murder, and a number of other crimes. To the outside world, they're simply a cabal. To the select few, they're known by a different name. 

[Charles]: The Church of the Fiend. A hellish cult who believes The Fiend is a god trapped by evil men. Kross doesn't believe that though. 

[Brandon]: You kept this from us? 

[Charles]: Yes Brandon! I have my fair share of secrets. But I'm not the only one guilty of keeping the truth hidden. You pretended to be a teacher. Sub acted like a bounty hunter. I know I have caused great amount of pain! I know that I am responsible for Cassie's death, I don't need you to remind me. I know. I'm sorry. To all of you, I truly am sorry. The reason I have kept quiet is because I am ashamed. Ashamed of what happened all those years ago. But after Speedy's death, I realized I couldn't deny what was happening anymore. Now, if you will let me, I will fix my mistake, and tell you all that I know. 

Police Station - Wikia Island -  September  6th, 1989; 5 PM

[In the police station, Richard is talking to Agents Yopo, Alan, and Mig. ] 

[Agent Yopo]: Thank you for your cooperation Richard. 

[Agent Mig]: Don't worry, we'll find Eric's murderer. He will face justice for his crimes. 

[Richard]: You're welcome agents. 

[The phone rings, as Officer Rob reaches over to answer it. ]

[Rob]: Hello?

[Voice]: Hello Robert. 

[Rob's expression becomes sour, as realizes the identity of the phone caller. ] 

[Kross (Voice)]: Funny that you should be the one to answer. 

[Rob]: Whatever you think you're doing, you don't have the full story. 

[Kross (Voice)]: Oh I know everything Robert. I know who you are. Soon the rest of the island will know it to. You destroyed the only good thing in my life. You will die Robert. But not today, I have other people to kill, an entire town to torment. Find the bomb in the town within the next hour, and I will spare your life. 

[Kross hangs up. Rob places the phone down, looking over in desperation. Taking a calm breath, he walks over to the agents and Richard. ] 

[Rob]: We need to evacuate the town. Now. 

[Agent Mig]: What's happened?

[Rob]: There's a bomb in the town. That call was from Kross, he said that we had to find it within the next hour. 

[Agent Yopo]: I want you to call every officer and start evac and search. Call the transit authority, school board, prison, get every available truck and bus possible. Wheel everyone out of this town as soon as possible. The priority is City Hall. Get everyone out of that place right now. I want two agents with the Mayor at all times. Agent Nomaly, Agent Rivers, you're coming with me. Robert, get Richard out of here now.

[Rob]: Yes sir.

[Rob grabs Richard by the arm and takes him out of the police station. The two get into a police car and begin driving away from the town, as more agents exit the building in a panic. The agents begin going door to door, knocking on buildings to get people out and onto the roads. General panic ensures, as an argument between a couple and an officer grows into a large brawl. Gunshots are being heard, as chaos spreads across the town. A group of agents and officers run to the direction of the gunfire as one stands on top of a car shouting.] 

[Agent]: Attention! By order of the Wikia Agency of Investigation, we are asking that you cooperate with us for your own safety, and board one of the trucks or buses provided. 

[It briefly cuts to Richard looking from afar as Rob drives the two of them away from the town. It then cuts to City Hall, as employees are being evacuated. They run down the steps, climbing onto a bus. Agent Nomaly checks on everyone in the bus. ] 

[Agent Alan Nomaly]: Is everyone on?

[Woman]: The Mayor isn't!

[Alan]: Crap. 

[Alan jumps off, running into the building. It cuts back to Richard and Rob looking from afar. ] 

[Richard]: Look at them. Fleeing. 

[Rob]: We have to keep going Richard. 

[It cuts to Agent Alan Nomaly walking down the hall, entering the Mayor's Office, to find David King standing. ] 

[Alan]: Sir, we're going to have to mo- 

[Suddenly, Alan's head receives a large hole in it, as his body drops to the ground, showing an angry Kross. David looks in fear, as Kross shuts the door. ] 

[Kross]: Sit your ass down. 

[It cuts to the docks outside of the town. Arthur, Diana, and Arthur's parents are shown getting off a yacht, when Clark runs up to them. ] 

[Arthur]: What's going on? We came back as soon as we saw the panic. 

[Clark]: They're taking everyone out of the town. Kross said there's a bomb in the town I guess. 

[Diana]: Oh my god. 

[Arthur]: Are Charles and Vicki in town?

[Clark]: No, they're at your place last time I called.

[Arthur]: Okay. Let's go now. 

[It cuts to Agent Yopo and Agent Mig watching the evacuation of the town. ] 

[Agent Yopo]: We don't have enough time to get everyone out. 

[Agent Mig]: We have three buses still being loaded, including the City Hall bus. 

[Yopo]: What? Why hasn't that bus left y- ah shit. 

[Mig]: Sir?

[Yopo]: This was never about a bomb. It was about them. David, Robert, Richard. We need to get to City Hall now.

[It cuts back to the Mayor's office. ] 

[Kross]: Hello David. 

[David]: Kross, let me explain everything. 

[Kross]: There's nothing to explain, David. You tried to have me killed using the death penatly. You failed. Now that arrogant decision is coming to haunt you. 

[Kross begins walking towards David, a gun in his hand, as David continues to look at him. ] 

[David]: I won't lie, I did say that I wanted to kill you. But you killed Eric. You broke our group. You ruined Richard. 

[Kross]: Our group was already ruined. 

[David]: If Richard hadn't campaigned to keep you alive ten years ago, you'd be dead. 

[Kross]: I'm glad that Richard even know thinks about me. 

[David]: The only reason he did that is because you turned him into something he's not. Rob told me what you are Kross. What you did, what you became. You're a freak. A monster. A fiend. 

[Kross]: Ironic coming from Robert. 

[Kross reaches the side of the Mayor's desk, coming over to behind the desk, next to David. ] 

[David]: Revenge will get you nowhere Kross. You're going to kill Rob, Richard, and I for not joining you?

[Kross]: Oh no, I won't kill Richard. I'll kill you first, of course. Then Robert, naturally for what he did. Then the Agency for being a pain. Perhaps even Charles and his friends. I'll find out. 

[Kross places his gun on the desk, confusing David. ] 

[David]: You're not going to shoot me?

[Kross]: Correct. I need something from you, which requires....

[Kross reaches into his coat pocket and takes out a dagger. ]

[Kross]: ... other courses of action. 

[Kross grabs David's left arm and forces it on the desk, as he lifts his dagger into the air and strikes it down. A hand is shown falling to the ground. The blood splatter hits David's face, as David bellows a painful scream. It cuts to Yopo and Mig running down the road, reaching the bus in front of City Hall. Yopo walks into the bus, looking around. Seeing the panic and confused citizens, Yopo shows annoyance. ]

[Yopo]: Do any of you know where Agent Alan Nomaly is?

[A collection of No's forces Yopo off the bus, back to Agent Mig. ] 

[Yopo]: Alright, we're going inside now. Something's not right. 

[Yopo and Mig hurry up the steps into the City Hall, walking into the main lobby. Waiting inside are nine cloaked men, with gun straps and sword holder belts. A tenth man stands with them, turning around to show his face as the former Warden, Sif Hunderson. ] 

[Sif]: You.... you aren't supposed to be here. 

[Mig]: I could say the same thing about you. 

[Yopo and Mig grab their guns, as the Church of the Fiend members follow suit. Sporadic gun fire spreads across the lobby as Mig is successful in taking down two men in the head. Yopo hides behind a column, similar to Mig's approach, as he jumps over and takes down another member of the Church. The gunfire stops, as both Mig and Yopo realize their guns are out of ready-for-use bullets. Sif Hunderson holds up his gun, aiming it at Mig, and pulls the trigger, only to realize his gun is out of bullets. ] 

[Sif]: Well isn't this ironic. Gentlemen, you know what to do. 

[The remaining four cloaked men and Sif drop their guns, as the cloaked men take out their swords. Mig looks over and grabs a tall lamp. Reaching from a pocket to grab a pocket knife, he cuts the wires from the lamp, and removes the lampshade, before holding the lamp. Yopo on the other hand kicks a bench sitting in the lobby, grabbing a broken piece of wood in his arms. ] 

[Mig]: We're in over our heads. 

[Yopo]: Yes. Yes we are. 

[The Church of the Fiend runs up to the two agents, who strike at the assassins. Yopo knocks one of them with his wood, before grabbing his sword and cutting his stomach with it. Yopo charges at one of the other assassins, as Mig breaks the jaw of his opponent, before knocking the assassin to his knees and stabbing his left side with the pocket knife. Mig grabs the sword and continues fighting the other assassin facing him, while Sif watches from a distance. Yopo turns, knocking the blade off of his opponent. The assassin on Mig's end tries to go for a kill move but fails, allowing Mig to knock him to his feet, where Mig grabs him and slams his head into the ground. ] 

[Mig]: That's enough of you. 

[Sif smiles, taking out his own blade. ] 

[Yopo]: You can't fight us both Warden. 

[Sif]: Who says I'm alone?

[Yopo's expression changes as he hears the click of a gun. Yopo whips around to knock the gun out of Dr. Sines' hand, tackling the man to the floor. Mig and Sif start the clash of blades. Sif quickly slashes at his foe. Mig ducks, before he suddenly rams into Sif. The two drop to the floor, as Sif punches him in the face. Mig grabs Sif and throws him to the tile on the floor. Sif in retaliation kicks Mig from him, flipping himself onto the floor. ] 

[Yopo]: Mig!

[Mig looks over as Yopo throws the gun of Dr. Sines towards him. Mig grabs the gun in his hand, cocking it as Sif comes towards him. Mig lifts the pistol up, firing directly at his foe. A bullet flies directly into his forehead, shattering the skin and muscle as the sound of the skull cracking into shards is heard. The crack is heard followed by the sound of the bullet striking the brain. A painful breath escapes Sif, as more bullets follow. Bullets causing severing of arteries and the tearing apart of skin, blood swimming out as if a hurricane had come across his body, like a red ocean spilling out. One bullet hits Sif's teeth, shattering them and exiting the body via the spine, releasing spinal fluid. The spinal fluid drips on the floor, as two bullets strike his chest. Three more hit the stomach, releasing stomach acid and blood to create a dangerous mix of chemicals and body fluids. One bullet strikes Sif's reproductive system, ripping his pants, and two more strike the rest of Sif. Sif's knees break, his bones cracking and jabbing out of the body, as Sif falls to the ground. ]

[Mig]: Bullsye. 

[Mig drops the gun, taking a moment to breath, before noticing that his left arm is bleeding. Yopo notices and runs over to him. Grabbing Mig, he begins to carry Mig out of the City Hall. Four more cops arrive in the building. ] 

[Yopo]: Two of you take Agent Mig for help. He's bleeding. I'll grab Sines out of the building, you two go get David King. 

[The two cops follow him into the building, as they proceed down the hall. Yopo grabs Dr. Sines, who is now in handcuffs. ] 

[Yopo]: So, the Warden and the Psychologist, huh? You know, I noticed you in the crowd today. 

[Dr. Sines]: Then you should know that he's already in the building, and that you can't stop him.

[Yopo looks at Dr. Sines, before dragging him out of the building. It cuts back to David and Kross. Kross places the last vial of blood in his coat pocket as David places a window blind on his bleeding stump to stop the bleeding. Kross walks over to the fireplace in the office, turning on the gas. David looks up in pain at Kross. ] 

[David]: I don't understand Kross.... why you needed my blood?

[Kross]: Because David, your blood is the first step in being able to get what I deserve. So thank you David, for your contributions. You may have wanted me dead, but you still were always a better friend than Robert Gullahorn.

[Kross takes out a flask and starts pouring alcohol on the floor leading up to the fireplace full of gas. Kross looks at the flask, nods, and gives the flask to David. ] 

[Kross]: Enjoy the drink. 

[David, staring at Kross, his eyes drop to the flask as he takes it, and takes one large slip, fully aware that it will be the last he ever takes. Kross smiles, before taking out a cigarette lighter, lighting it, and dropping it onto the alcohol, causing it to burn. ] 

[Kross]: End of line, David.

[Kross leaves the Mayor's Office, leaving a bleeding David King in despair, watching the fire move closer to the fireplace full of gas, as it cuts to Kross turning left to the hallway. At the other end of the hallway, two officers spot him, and raise their rifle upward. ]

[Officers]: Hands in the ai-

[At that moment, two cloaked men, one from behind a column from each side of the hall, jump from their columns and shoot the two officer down, before quickly turning away and following Kross, who laughs. ]

[Kross]: End of line. 

[It cuts to Arthur and Vicki's parents, Arthur, Diana, and Clark being forced onto a truck. As they finally sit down, the entire City Hall bursts into flames. Large pieces of stone shoot into the air, windows shatter from the force, and the ground trembles. Arthur, Diana, and Clark look in horror, as Rob and Richard see the flames from the hill over-viewing the town. It cuts to Charles and Vicki in the Demple Residence, seeing the house tremble for a moment. ] 

[Charles]: What was that?

[Charles runs outside, running down the driveway to see smoke coming from a distance. Looking in horror, he begins running back to the house. He bursts in, grabbing his coat in the process. ] 

[Charles]: I need to get back to the Manor. Something's happened in town. 

[Vicki]: What?

[Charles]: Some sort of explosion, I don't know. 

[The phone rings. Vicki picks it up, answering it. She nods, as a horrible look appears on her face. Placing the phone down, she looks at Charles. ] 

[Vicki]: David King is dead. 

[Charles looks at her, and shakes his head. ] 

[Charles]: How much does your father like me?

[Vicki]: He likes you, I guess. 

[Charles]: Okay. Hopefully he won't be mad that I used his car. 

[Vicki]: You're taking my father's spare car to the Manor? 

[Charles]: I don't have a choice. I need to get back home. 

[Vicki]: Fine, well at least let me come with you. 

[Charles and Vicki look at each other. Charles sighs. ] 

[Charles]: You win. Come on, let's go. 

Old Spanish Church - Wikia Island -  September  6th, 1989; 6 PM

[Rob's car arrives at the Old Spanish Church, before parking. Richard gets out, as Robert follows him. ] 

[Richard]: What are we doing here? Why aren't we at Hall Manor?

[Rob]: We will not be going to Hall Manor. Instead...

[Rob opens up the back trunk of his police cruiser, and pulls out some blankets and two pillows. ] 

[Rob]: We're staying here. Tonight. 

[Richard]: You can't be serious. 

[Rob]: You saw City Hall. David is dead. He's coming after us Richard. Our houses aren't safe anymore. 

[Richard]: I have to go back. What about Charles?

[Rob]: If Charles knows what's better for him, he'll stay with Vicki away from the Manor. 

[Richard]: I can't take that chance! I'm going to the Manor. 

[Rob]: Richard, if you go into that Manor you will be undoing half a lifetime's worth of progress.

[Richard begins walking away. ] 

[Rob]: What happens now Richard? You can't tell the Agency you lied about Kross. You can't tell Charles the truth about what really happened. You PROMIS-

[Richard whips his body around, and begins quickly walking to

[Richard]: YOU KNOW WHAT? Enough! Enough Robert! You have been reminding me about my promise for TWO decades! I have kept my promise for two decades. You never fell in love. You never had a son. That man, a man who has impacted my life for better or worse, might be cruel enough to hurt my son. Clara would not have wanted me to be a coward. I can't be a coward anymore. 

[Rob]: So you would tell him your sins? You would destroy his world just to relief yourself of a burden you created?

[Richard]: He deserves the truth Rob! I have had it with other men controlling MY LIFE. I am done Rob.

[Rob]: What about us being best friends? About me being your special best friend!?

[Richard]: Enough with that bullshit.

[Rob]: I can't believe that you're angry with me, after all I've done for you.

[Richard]: All you have done for me, in the last twenty years, is tell me how to live my life. I haven't LIVED since that night.  All of you have "done" for me? What you've DONE IS RUIN MY LIFE!

[Rob]: What are you-

[Richard]: No, don't interrupt me. I've had enough of your damn meddling. I won't be your puppet.

[Rob]: Excuse me?

[Richard]: You heard me. Kross is coming for us, and I think it's time Charles knows. About what really happened to Clara. About what happened to Eric. About what happened to us.

[Rob]: You've got this all wrong. I need you to-

[Richard gets very close to Rob, the anger making his face full of red intensity. ] 

[Richard]: What? LIE? Like  so MANY TIMES BEFORE?

[Rob]: LYING IS THE ONLY REASON YOU EVEN HAD A SON WITH CLARA. If I hadn't told you to marry Clara, Charles would never have been born. If you tell Charles the truth, you may as well spit on her grave, because the only thing you would be doing is being the FREAK WE BOTH KNOW YOU ARE. 

[At that point, Richard, furious, strikes Rob in the face, throwing the blankets and pillows into the air, as Rob falls to the ground. ] 

[Richard]: I am not a freak. I was never a freak Robert. You were the one who told me I was a freak. That I was sinning. That I was a monster for what I was doing. You did all of this. You said it was for my own sake, but that's a load of bull. I am a father, a husband, a butler even.... but I am not a freak. So go screw yourself Robert. I'm going to Hall Manor, and I'm telling Charles the truth. To hell with our promise. 

[With that, Richard begins walking away as Rob takes deep breaths, reeling in pain from the bloody nose. ] 

Hall Manor - Wikia Island -  September  6th, 1989; 6:15 PM

[The door creaks open. Charles and Vicki walk in, concern on their faces. ] 

[Charles]: Father?

[The manor is in shambles. A mess of chairs and artifacts are thrown everywhere. ]

[Vicki]: Charles, we need to get ou-

[Charles]: Father?!

[Charles walks down the hall, encountering what appears to be a dead corpse, a former maid, her throat cut open, dry blood on her hands, her clothes, the floor and wall. ]

[Charles]: Oh my god.

[Vicki]: Charles....

[Suddenly, they hear a new sound. A song. The notes hitting each time. A feeling of innocence ushers into the air, the wind touching the skin of their faces, as the teenagers look at each other. ]

[Vicki]: What is that music?

[Charles]: I don't know.

[Following the sound, they walk quietly through the Manor, as the sound gets louder and louder, closer and closer. Passing by the dead bodies of other unfortunate mortals, the smell of death in the air, flies and other kinds of decomposers swarming on the new prey, ]

[Charles]: It's nearby. I know it.

[Charles and Vicki enter a new hallway. Looking into a doorway, they see the damaged dining room. Inside the dining room, sitting alone with a strange locket in his hands, is Kross, starring at the locket as it plays the song. Kross holds the locket, staring at it with his eyes, taking a deep breath as he sighs. He hears the sound of Charles' footstep, turning to face the two. ] 

[Kross]: Charles. It's been some time.... hasn't it. 

[Charles]: You. You killed everyone in the Manor. Where's my father?

[Kross]: I'm afraid he isn't here yet, and my time is running short. I suppose today won't be the day I kill you Charles. Oh well. Another time. 

[Charles]: Wait. You're here now, you can damn as well answer my questions. 

[Kross]: Like what?

[Charles]: The day we first met, you knew my name. How? 

[Kross]: When I knew Richard, we once discussed the name of our children one day. Richard said that he always loved the idea of naming his son Charles. 

[Charles]: What happened in the town?

[Kross]: I killed the Mayor. 

[Charles]: David King is dead? Never mind. You and my father were once friends. Did you encounter The Fiend?

[Kross]: Yes I did. The Fiend was a problem back in my day, but only for a short time. His other identity, on the other hand, proved to be my greater enemy. 

[Charles]: You know who The Fiend is?

[Kross]: Yes, I do. 

[Charles]: Are you responsible for my mother's death?

[There's a silence. Kross doesn't respond at first, nor does Charles or Vicki. Kross takes a deep breath. ] 

[Kross]: Your mother, whoever she was, died after I was put in that glass box. I played no role in her death, I promise. I promise that her death was not caused by me. 

[Charles]: Then what really happened in 1970? What happened to Eric Cureluy? Why was my father so hesitant to talk about you? Who is The Fiend?

[Charles and Kross look at each other, each with a level of determination, hoping to force the other to reveal their secrets. ] 

[Kross]: If you want to know the truth Charles.... you need to ask your father. 

[Kross gets up and begins walking away, shutting off the locket in the process. ] 

[Kross]: My spree of death is over tonight, but there are still those who must be punished. If you want to know who The Fiend is, ask Lucius Sines. Until then.... I will meet you again Charles. 

[Kross exits through the Kitchen, as Charles and Vicki stand in concern. ] 

Hall Manor - Wikia Island -  September  6th, 1989; 9 PM

[It's now dark, as Richard Butler makes his way to the door. Opening it up, Richard encounters the same kind of visual introduction Charles did. ]

[Richard]: He was here. 

[Richard walks to the body of the dead maid. ]

[Richard]: Dear god. 

[The echo of a familiar tune is heard. Richard, recognizing it, his expression changes one from horror to one of fear. Richard begins taking small steps towards it, deep breaths in and out. Slowly, Richard makes his way towards his Butler quarters, where the sound is coming from. ]

[Richard]: Please don't be in there Kross.

[Upon arriving, he sees Charles and Vicki sitting together on Richard's bed. They hold a locket, similar to that of Kross' own, in their hands. Charles has a tear on his face, as Vicki tries to comfort him. Richard sighs at this discovery, noticing the open drawer and opened wooden box previously inside it. Vicki, hearing the sigh, sees Richard, and taps Charles on the side, pointing to his father. ] 

[Charles]: Father. 

[Richard]: Charles. You found that. 

[Charles]: After Kross came, I decided to come in here and find out the truth. All I found was this music box locket, hidden away in the wooden box. 

[Richard]: Kross was here?

[Charles nods. Vicki, noticing the awkwardness, gets up from the bed. ] 

[Vicki]: Charles, this is a two-person discussion. I'll see you tomorrow. 

[Vicki kisses Charles on the cheek for a moment, before excusing herself out of the room. Richard and Charles await to hear the door to exit Hall Manor slam, giving Charles the perfect opportunity to boil his anger. ] 

[Charles]: You never stopped lying did you?

[Richard]: Charles, please.

[Charles]: No, enough. You've been keeping things from me. Things I should have known about. I should have known about The Fiend. I should have known about your friends. I should have known about Kross. But you never told me. Now David King is dead. Kross blew him to hell. If you hadn't kept everything in and just TOLD M-

[Richard]: You don't think I blame myself for David's death?! You didn't know David. I did. I was his friend, and I lost him today. Don't even go there. 

[Charles]: He died because of you. Because of your lies and secrets. Now we have a madman killing people, and you know him better then most because you were his friend once. 

[Richard]: That's not importan-

[Charles]: The hell it isn't. When are you going to be a good father for once in your life?

[Richard]: I HAVE Been a good father. In fact, I've been both father and mother to you boy. 

[Charles]: That's another thing. Why haven't I learned about my mother? How she died? Why she died? You've kept that from me too! 

[Richard]: For good reason!

[Charles]: What reason?

[Richard]: Because she killed herself Charles! 

[Silence. ] 

[Charles]: What did you say?

[Richard]: Clara..... your mother... she killed yourself. 

[Silence again. ] 

[Richard, beginning to tear up]: Apparently, she was depressed after your birth. One night.... 1974.... she left the bed, went to your room, stood over your crib, said goodbye, and ..... *sniff* died. 

[Charles]: You couldn't tell me this though?

[Richard]: Charles.... you have no idea how hard my life has been in the last twenty years. You don't know how many battles I've fought with myself and others. You don't know how emotionally painful it was after she died. I have seen things and know things that hae scarred me to this day. I didn't want that for you. It's not that I didn't want to tell you the truth. I have, for many years. But at the same time, I'm also afraid. I've been afraid of this. This moment, between you and I. When the truth would come out. I've been afraid of what you would think of me. If you would still love or not. I've been afraid for twenty years. Each action I have taken, cowardly or not, is out of the fear of this moment. I could have told you earlier, but I was trying to spare us of the pain I knew would come eventually. I didn't want to go through all those memories and painful experiences again until necessary. I lied to protect us. 

[Charles]: No. You did it for yourself. Let's be honest with each other. You did it for you. Not me. 

[Richard]: No Charles, I did it for u-

[Charles]: Stop. I'm not taking the excuses anymore. You lied to me on who knows what. I want to know the truth. All of it. The good, the bad, the ugly. I want you to be honest with me for the first time in your life, and tell me everything. All of the truth. All of it. 

[Richard]: The truth hurts, Charles. 

[Charles]: I want the truth. 

[Richard sighs. ] 

[Richard]: Some of it you won't like. 

[Charles]: All of it. 

[Richard, nodding with grave anxiety, begins walking over to Charles. Richard sits in Vicki's original place, left to Charles. Richard's face is drying with tears, as Richard looks at his son. ] 

[Richard]: Where do I begin? I guess... thirty two years ago.

[The scene transitions to a 1957 St. Wadsworth. The sun is shinning, smiles around, and five young children run across the street to an ice cream parlor. ] 

[Richard, narrating]: A long time ago, there were five of us. I had just made four new friends who had known each other longer but quickly accepted me into the group. 

[The children are laughing, telling a smiling middle-aged man what flavor they want, waving dollar bills in their hands. The man places a scoop of ice cream on a cone. ] 

[Richard, narrating]: There was David King, who always trying to lead the group, ironic I guess considering he became the mayor. Then there was Eric Cureluy, he was always a temperamental one. Robert Gullahorn was the third friend I had, and he was well, he was a good, earnest friend.

[The man gives the ice cream to a blond-haired boy, who smiles. ]

[Richard, narrating]: But the one I really connected with was Kross. 

[The five of them sit at a booth, eating their ice cream and smiling.] 

[Richard, narrating]: We all became great friends, for many years. We were curious and adventurous lads. As we got older, we learned about the island's old tales, a tale of a mysterious treasure, and a monster.

[It cuts to the 1964 scene in I Came In Like a Cannonball, being voiced over. 15-year old Richard points to a small pagan ritual site, with a pile of human skulls, a strange chest, and webs, surrounded by water, with little areas of land nearby. The teens hop onto the pieces of land, one by one till they reach the main area of land with the ritual site. ]

[Richard, narrating]: We went to the caves once, we found a golden triangle for something called The Fiend Disk and a book.

[It shows a brief shot of the golden triangle piece and A History of Wikia Island, found in the chest. It cuts to Kross and Richard, at the age of 15, looking at the book. Kross continues talking about something as Richard just watches him, a spark in his eyes.  ]

[Kross, in flashback, noticing Richard]: What?

[Richard]: Oh...nothing. 

[Kross nods, and goes back talking about the book. ] 

[Richard, narrating]: But as we got older, we had different dreams. David wanted to lead. Eric wanted to explore the world. Rob kept digging into the mystery, leaving Kross and I. We were so close. The memories I have.... we were very close together. The best of friends, more than friendship and greater than brotherhood. 

[It cuts to 20-year old Richard writing a letter in the flashback. ] 

[Richard, narrating]: May 23rd, 1969, I was supposed to meet Kross at the docks. I decided not to, leaving him a note at our favorite spot. I couldn't do it. I couldn't go. 

[It cuts to a clip from the opening scene. Kross' expression turns to one of pure desperation. and then into of pure depression. Kross, his hand shaking, tears forming in his eyes, faces up to the sky, and lets out one large blood-hurtling cry, grief assaulting him viciously as the tears hit the paper. ]

[Richard, narrating]: I didn't see him again after that mistake. At least, until one fateful day a year later, when he invited all of us to a bar.  

[It cuts to 1970, inside a bar in the town. 21-year old Kross is sitting at a table, watching the news. ] 

[News Reporter]: Police are still on the search for the mysterious serial killer having recently emerged on Wikia Island. Although officers are reluctant to call the Wikia Agency of Investigation, public concern on these so-called "acts of terrorism on the citizens of St. Wadsworth", is making assistance from the Agency more likely. 

[Voice]: Kross! My man!

[Kross turns to his left to see a man walking towards him. ] 

[Kross]: Hello Eric. 

[Eric Cureluy grabs onto Kross and gives him a hug for a moment, before letting go. ] 

[Eric]: I haven't seen you... how long has it been? A year?

[Kross]: Yes. It has been a year. 

[A few other men comes in. ] 

[David]: Kross! 

[Kross]: Greetings David. 

[Rob]: Hello Kross. 

[Kross]: Hello Robe- Richard. 

[Behind Rob and David, Richard Butler, 21 years old, sneaks to the front of the group. A toxic emptyness resulting from the silence in the bar becomes noticeable. ] 

[Richard]: Hi Kross. 

[Richard looks away, trying to avoid Kross' eyes. Kross takes a deep breath. ] 

[Kross]: How are you?

[Richard]: Fine, thank you. 

[Kross looks as Richard continues avoiding eye contact. ] 

[Eric]: So, are we getting a bloody drink or what?

[Kross]: Actually, I called you all here for a favor. 

[Rob]: A favor?

[Kross]: As you know, I spent the last year away from the island. 

[Richard looks up for the first time, the two sharing eye contact, as a tear flows from Richard's face. ] 

[Kross]: During this time, I learned many things. Most of which concerned the mythology and the mystery of this unique island. For example, the golden triangle piece we found in the caves underneath the old church? It was part of a disk, a disk known as the Fiend Disk. The Fiend Disk is one of the many requirements to open The Gate. Now, I have learned how to find the remaining pieces, but to do so, I need the piece we found. I need everything we have ever worked on as youths on this mystery, and do the one thing others before us could not. Solve the mystery. 

[The four others look at each other. ] 

[David]: Kross, I'm not going to help you. We've moved on with our lives. The mystery was great back then, but we have new, better lives. 

[Eric]: As soon as I can raise enough money, I'm leaving the island forever to explore the world. 

[David]: See? We've moved on. 

[Rob]: It's time to forget about the mystery. Find something else worth living for. It's time to move on. 

[Kross]: What about you.... Richard? 

[Richard looks at Kross. Rob turns around, giving Richard an angry expression. Richard notices, and faces Kross again. ] 

[Richard]: I agree with Rob. It's time to move on. 

[Kross, taking in this act of resistance, slowly nods his head. ] 

[Kross]: I see. You've chosen to side... with Rob. Over me. 

[Richard]: Kross. 

[Kross]: So you're all against it? 

[Eric]: I believe that's a yes, Kross. 

[Silence. ] 

[Kross]: Well.... that's unfortunate. It really is. I didn't want for the situation to lead to this, but you've given me no choice.

[Kross snaps his fingers as the bartender locks the doors to enter the bar. The other customers inside the bar stand up, revealing swords in their hands as they surround the group. 

[Richard, narrating]: He tricked us. Brought some friends with him to kill us. 

[The group looks at Kross, who is now more angry. ] 

[Kross]: If you won't give it to me willingly, I'll make you give to me by force. 

[Richard, narrating]: We had only one option: fight. 

[David grabs a glass bottle and slams it into a Church of the Fiend assassin, knocking him out as Rob fights fist to fist, knocking one down before taking out his concealed weapon and shooting the man in the groin. Eric throws a man into a nearby table, as Kross punches Richard in the face, knocking the man down. The fight quickly escalates into a full-brawl, Eric throwing another assassin across the bar, David taking a glass shard and stabbing one of the assassins in the side, Rob shooting down two more assassins before running out of bullets and knocking a third assassin out with the gun itself. Kross walks towards Richard, fearful as he crawls backwards, away from Kross. ] 

[Richard, scared yet sad]: Why are you doing this?

[Kross, angry]: You made me like this. 

[Kross takes out his own concealed sword, lifting it up in the air, before being tackled. Eric grabs onto Kross, slamming him to the floor, before shouting to a shaken Richard. ] 

[Eric]: Richard, go!

[Eric begins punching Kross, screaming at Richard. ] 

[Eric]: GO!

[Richard, nodding, jumps up to the door, unlocking it and bursting out of the bar as he watches Eric fight Kross. Kross kicks Eric, flipping themselves over as Kross grabs his sword. As Kross strikes the blade down, Richard turns away, not seeing the blood being spilled. The sound of a crunch is all the evidence needed, as Richard begins running away. ]

[Richard, narrating]: Eric Cureluy died at the hands of Kross, trying to save me.  David and Rob barely made it out alive. Kross was arrested for terrorism and murder. We thought that he was The Fiend, who had haunted us in 1964. David and Rob never truly forgave me for my actions that day. 

[It cuts to a scene in 1979. Richard, David, and Rob are in the Mayor's office. ] 

[David]: Now that I'm mayor, we can finally do what I said we should do. Kill Kross with the death penalty. 

[David, Rob, and Richard are seen arguing. ] 

[Richard, narrating]: David became mayor, and tried to have Kross killed for his crimes. Rob agreed with him, but I said no. I couldn't say to kill Kross. This led to a falling-out between David and I.

[It returns to 1989, showing Richard and Charles back in Richard's quarters.]

[Richard]: By that time, I had married Clara, gained a son, and lost Clara as well. I tried to push it away, and to close that chapter of my life with as little pain as possible, until the moment came when I would have to tell the truth about what really happened. Until now. 

[Charles sits there, having listened to Richard's story. Richard sighs, looking at his son once more. ] 

[Richard]: I need to tell you something. But I hope that it changes nothing between us for worse. 

[Charles, hearing this, looks up at Richard. ] 

[Richard]: I met someone before your mother. But this person.... was very different. 

[Charles takes a deep breath. ] 

[Charles]: You said that you and Kross were close. What did you mean by that?

[Richard]: I think you already know. After all, you've seen what it says on the locket. 

[Charles holds the locket in his hands, removing his thumb to reveal an unknown part. Engraved letters. ] 

[Charles]: R+K. 

[Richard]: After all, what's more different than loving a man.... and not a woman. 

[Charles looks away from his father, as Richard begins crying. ] 

[Charles]: You loved Kross. 

[Richard]: Yes. But I swear, I loved your mother too. I did love Clara. But most importantly, I love you, my son. 

[Charles continues to not face his father. Charles gets up, and gives the locket back to his father. ] 

[Charles]: You were right. The truth does hurt. How.... how could you love anyone like him? Any man? How could you do such a thing? 

[Richard]: He wasn't always a bad man, Charles. He was good once.

[Charles shakes his head in disbelief, before facing his father one last time. ] 

[Charles]: I don't want to ever see you again. I'm done with you. I'm done with you in my life. 

[Charles walks out of the room, as Richard begins crying in fear. ] 

[Richard]: Charles, stop please. 

[The door slams shut. ] 

[Richard, shouting]: Charles!

[Richard, all alone, puts his hands to his face, as he begins breaking down in pure sadness. The cries echo across the now empty and abandoned manor, as Richard remains alone, abandoned, and empty of all joy. ] 


7:15 PM- Wikia Cafe - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 14, 2014

[The remaining guests are in the cafe with Charles. ] 

[Charles]: After what happened on the Island.... I went with Vicki to the main Wikia. We lived together in Everything City for a few years. At age 20, I left her to do the one thing I thought I would never do when I was older. I became a butler. A full-time, real butler. I had resented the job when I was younger, but after my father's death.... I felt like I needed to make him proud. I felt like I needed to be one for him. So I spent years slaving away for the whims of others. I slowly forgot about the death and the pain. But if I've learned anything, it's that the past comes to bite you in the ass. 

[Everyone nods, listening to Charles. ] 

[Charles]: I hope that you understand why I have acted like a coward. I was living in fear and denial for so long. It wasn't until Speedy's death that I realized how bad my denial had been, and how I needed to change. I'm sorry Brandon, for not being brave enough to tell you all the truth before her death. I'm sorry to all of you for not being a friend. I promise, I will do whatever you want if you will please help me get us all through this. 

[Omni]: We'll help Charles. We're all in this together. 

[Jack]: We will fight back. 

[Brandon]: We will stop this "Kross" and the Fiend. 

[Everyone else agrees. ] 

[Charles]: Thank you all, for understanding. Sub and Jack, the Fiend threatened you with death. One of you will not make it. I'm truly sorry for this victim. Fiend, whoever you are in this group, I beg of you to stop harming the people I care about. That's all I have to say on the matter.

7:20 PM - Room 210 - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 14, 2014

[It cuts to the guests one by one getting up, as it cuts to Omni walking down the hallway to his room. Omni opens the door and walks in, stopping mid-way. Closing the door quietly, he walks over to the table in his room. on the table is a cylinder container. Omni grabs it, pulling off the cap, and flipping it over. Out comes a rolled up paper. ] 

[Omni]: What is this?

[Opening it up, Omni glances down. The light hits the paper, revealing it to be The Map. The very one taken from Charles in 1989 by The Fiend, now given to another member of The Five. ] 

[Omni]: The Map.... he had the map. 

8 PM - Room 201 - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 14, 2014

[Sub is sitting in his room. He looks at his wristwatch. ] 

[Sub]: Waiting for someone to possibly kill you... not my favorite thing to do. 

[Suddenly the door is knocked on. Sub, not expecting that, slowly gets up. ] 

[Sub]: Whose there?

[No response. ] 

[Sub slowly walks over to the door. Taking his time, he reaches the door at a slow pace, and following a moment of silence, whips open the door. Looking straight forward, Sub looks in confusion. His head lowers down, towards a file on the ground with a taped note on it. ] 

[Sub]: "If you want to know the truth, you need to look into the past of the Butler. Take the key from his ring, then unlock the files and learn the secret that created you". 

[Sub opens the file, finding a picture of a woman. ] 

[Sub]: Mother?

[Sub holds the picture of his mother in his hands, looking in shock. ] 

9 PM - Charles' Butler Quarters - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - Jan 14, 2014

[Vicki moves her eyes. She groans out of pain. Looking at the bed sheets, she realizes she's not in her bed. She panics for a second, turning over to see Charles watching her, standing with his back to the wall. ]

[Charles]: You're finally awake. 

[Vicki]: Charles..? Why.... why am I in your room?

[Charles]: There was a bomb. It threw you across the hall, knocked you out cold. I put you here after I made sure you were safe. 

[Vicki]: Charles... I'm sorry for how I reacted the day before. 

[Charles]: I'm sorry Vicki. I was foolish, trying to block it all off. But I'm not going to do that any longer.

[Vicki]: Charles. 

[Charles]: Now, your room was destroyed in the explosion, but Brandon got together some of Speedy's belongings. I think they should fit. For now, you can sleep in here. I'll sleep on the Lobby couch. 

[Vicki]: Charles, you don't have to. 

[Charles]: Yes, I do. I'm going to do better. I'm going to be a better man. I'm going to risk it all, if it means keeping you safe. 

[Charles goes to leave the room. ]

[Vicki]: Charles.... thank you. 

[Charles, hearing this, turns around, facing Vicki. ] 

[Charles]: No, thank you for coming back for me. I think for the first time, I'm starting to understand why you came back. I think I'm starting to understand a lot in my life now. 

[Charles opens the door and leaves, as Vicki takes a moment to take it in. She goes to lay back down, a lot now on her mind, as she looks through the window at the mountain. The camera zooms to the window, past it, and begins racing towards the mountain as the night grows darker. ] 

11 PM - Fiend Mountain - Wikia Island - Jan 14, 2014

[The camera reaches the mountain, zooming into the cave tunnel shown in Chair of Mountain Terror. Torches light the way, as it reaches the interior. The pentagon symbol on the floor and the keyhole on the inside are visible, as members of the Church of the Fiend are shown inside, moving supplies. To the side is a table with Turducken, Mashed Potatoes, and red wine. At the table are Kross, The Fiend, and a third shadowy figure. ] 

[The Betrayer]: There's been a mistake. 

[Kross]: Yes, I believe so. I told you that Vicki Demple needed to die. 

[The Fiend]: That's the mistake. It turns out, Ms. Demple is more important than we realized. It was only after the explosion that we both understood. 

[Kross]: Understood what?

[The Fiend]: We believed that there were four guests who made up The Five, the fifth member being Charles. That was an error. As luck would have it, there is a second non-guest who is in The Five. 

[Kross]: Is that so? Hmm. That makes things more complicated, but perhaps more fun. Do you have a plan to get rid of our... unlucky guest?

[The Betrayer]: Yes. It will be the quite the show. 

[Kross]: I thought we discussed the theatrics. 

[The Fiend]: It helps convince the others however. 

[Kross]: How is the search for the Key?

[The Fiend]: We're very close. I believe soon we will have the real Key. 

[Kross]: Our timetable is limited. Get it done. Now that Charles and the rest of the guests know I'm here, they will undoubtly do everything they can to stop us. 

[The Fiend]: That is your own fault. You had to brag. To talk to him. Your emotions have always been your undoing Kross. Don't forget, it was your emotions that led to a fatal mistake. 

[The Betrayer]: Mistake? 

[The Fiend looks at Kross] 

[The Fiend]: You haven't told him?

[Kross]: You wouldn't dare. 

[The Fiend turns to face the Betrayer. ] 

[The Fiend]: Fifty years ago, Kross was a young lad with all the hope in the world. He was close with Charles' father, but he let his emotions get in the way of his quest. His emotions cost him dearly. 

[The Betrayer looks at Kross. ] 

[The Betrayer]: You're... really? I should have known. You always did seem different.

[The Betrayer looks at the Fiend. ]

[The Betrayer]: Tell me, what exactly led to this cost of his?

[The Fiend]: Kross wanted to leave the island with him. To live a different life after five long years of being together. 

[The Betrayer looks back at Kross again, who is growing angry. ] 

[The Betrayer]: You loved him. He was the one.... and then you betrayed you, I'm betting. 

[Kross gets up, walking over to the Betrayer in anger. ] 

[Kross]: He's the one who pretended to love me. He is the one who betrayed ME. 

[The Betrayer gets up, grinning at Kross. ] 

[The Betrayer]: And after which betrayal did you get locked up and go mad, I wonder?

[Kross slaps The Betrayer in the face, grabbing him by the throat and pulling him forward. ] 

[Kross]: Do not forget that it was I who created you. I who molded you into the man you are. I offered you a seat at the table. I could have let you be a pawn, but I chose to let you in on the game. I can easily kill you right now in ten different ways, so if you want to make it to the Night of the Dead, I suggest silence from you.

[Kross lets go as the Betrayer backs down, sitting back down in his chair. ] 

[Kross]: Besides, out of all the members of my original group, there was one other man I encountered, a man who did something I didn't expect from him. A man whose legacy lives on today in this very room. I have done many horrible things in my life, but what he did was diabolical. So diabolical, that he ruined my relationship. So diabolical, that he convinced everyone else that the person that he killed committed suicide. We are all sinners here, but that is what the point of all this is. So none of us have to meet our maker to pay for our mistakes. Remember that as you continue your role here, Betrayer. Soon enough, the moment will come when it will have all paid off.

Baby's Room - Hall Manor - Wikia Island -  A few months after Charles' birth - 1974; 11 PM

[A person enters the room, walking in with a bag, They walk over next to the crib, dropping the bag silently to not alert the sleeping child. Looking over, they observe the child, before footsteps are heard. The person turns around to see Clara Butler, the wife of Richard and mother of a newly born Charles Butler.)

[Clara]: Whose there?

[The person steps into the natural moonlight entering the room, revealing him to be The Fiend. ] 

[The Fiend]: Hello Clara. 

[Clara]: Oh my god. 

[The Fiend reveals a small automatic pistol, aiming it at her. ] 

[The Fiend]: Don't say anything. You wouldn't want to wake the baby. 

[Clara]: Why are you here?

[The Fiend]: I'm here for Richard. I was hoping he would be the one to come here. 

[Clara]: Why do you need Richard?

[The Fiend]: I didn't want to have to do this but I have no choice. Clara, your husband has to die.

[Clara]: Come again?

[The Fiend]: He has to die.

[Clara]: Why? Why kill Richard?

[The Fiend]: I have my reasons. Now that he has a heir, the boy will take his place. His son will be part of something bigger now. A greater mystery. You know of what I speak of Clara. He’s told you about Kross.

[Clara]: Don’t say his name.

[The Fiend]: Surely you know that the two of them had relations…

[Clara]: Enough! All lies. Richard would never love a man, especially that one.

[The Fiend]: It’s true though, I saw them once together. Why do you think they keep him separate from the rest of the inmates?

[Clara]: He’s a psychopath.

[The Fiend]: He’s an abomination, Clara. Worse, everyone believes that he was The Fiend back in ’64.

[Clara]: It’s true though, isn’t it? Aren't you Kross?

[The Fiend]: Richard wanted love. Eric wanted to leave. David wasn’t that interested in mysteries anymore. The only ones left were Kross and I. We share a common interest in the island, and are both driven to achieving our goals. Kross chose to make his methods more… public than I did. I wanted to force the group to continue to search for the clues, search for hints in the mystery, but I knew that I couldn’t convince them. I realized it would take something on a more supernatural level to force them to think they had to solve it. 

[Clara, her eyes open up, as a scared expression covers her. ] 

[Clara]: Robert?

[The Fiend grins, as he reaches for his face. He grabs onto the mask, pulling it off and throwing it into the bag. With the mask gone, all that remains is Robert Gullahorn dressed in The Fiend's clothes. ] 

[Clara]: It was you. You’re the Fiend.

[Rob nods, clearly glad she understood]

[Rob]: Rather, I was. I pinned the identity of the Fiend on Kross when I realized there was minor suspicion on myself. After what Kross did, it made sense to the rest of the group. I decided to end my time as that persona, at least until the next Night of the Dead, which our group missed unfortunately. Luckily, in fifteen years, the Night of the Dead will return.

[Clara]:  What is so important about this island that you would try to kill Richard and frame your crimes on that maniac?

[Rob]: Good question. I believe that this island is in fact a very famous island of literature. I believe this is the island of Atlantis.

[Clara]: You’re insane. Atlantis isn’t real.

[Rob]: But it is, and I’ll explain why. You see, one of the clues I managed to find I shared with Kross shortly stated “Paga con la sangre de los cinco y seras recompendsado con el don de la vida eterna”. It’s translation states, “Pay with the blood of the five and you shall be rewarded with the gift of eternal life”. I believe this to be literal and metaphorical.

[Clara]: Eternal life?

[Rob]: You see, I have a theory about the true nature of this island, and since you’re here, I’ll tell you about it. You see, I believe that long ago, and I have seen traces of this island having a civilization before the Spanish, there was Altantis. There was a population greater than the times of the Greeks. I believe that they did find the gift of eternal life, whether it be a Fountain of Youth, an elixir of life, I don’t know but it doesn’t matter. They found the key to defeating death. MURDER would be impossible! Death would be non-existent. It was the greatest achievement mankind ever made, and then they died.

[Clara]: Why?

[Rob]: You read The Tower of Babel at Sunday School when you were eight, just like the rest of us. Babel was never finished because it was an attempt to overthrow the authority of God. You and I believe in the same divine being, and I believe that the divine being did indeed wipe out this entire island, much like Sodom and Gomorrah. I’m sorry for bringing up Sunday School lessons, but it’s true. I believe that everyone died, and the island sank. Except one lived, one who lived possibly thanks to the gift. Time went on, the being evolved to adapt the water, until the island came back up, and the being returned, adapting once more. By the time of 15th century, the being was not as human as before. Thus, when the conquistadors arrived on the island, they believed this survivor to be a demon. A monster.

[Clara]: A Fiend.

[Rob]: Correct. Darwin proved the theory of evolution; surely it is not a stretch to see how man could evolve in such a destructive way. They may or may not have killed him, I do not know. But the story of the beast being sent into the mountain that much I believe in. I also believe that they found the traces of civilization left on the mountain, and possibly the gift itself.

[Clara]: You've spent a long time on this theory, haven't you?

[Rob]: Yes, indeed. Catholic Conquistadors are not so much fans of eternal life coming from any source but their lord. So they sealed it up, and attempted to make it difficult for anyone to find it. Because their fear wasn’t that the demon would spread its influence into the world, their fear was that the knowledge that one could overcome death without the faith of their religion would spread and corrupt mankind. They named the island Isla del Misterio, as no one was to truly know the origins of the island, and thus they would remain a mystery. Except that one conquistador wrote his thoughts down in a series of scrolls passed down generation to generation, until recently found by me, hidden away by my father.

[Clara]: So, are you one of the descendants of the five conquistador families who formed the town?

[Rob]: I am not one of the Five, but I know the truth, or at least what I believe to be the truth. Because my ancestor said, “The monster was hidden away today. The evil on this island is great, corruption once existed in its native peoples, who could not understand that eternal life came only from our God”. The Atlantis part is merely speculation, but I believe the rest of it is true. But if is true… if I am the one to rediscover the civilization… I will be everlasting in the eyes of history. I will be immortal in books across the world. History will know me as a hero. My life will have been worth every tear and ache. It is my destiny to bring the Five to the mountain. It’s my destiny to take what is mine. No one can take that away from me. Not even you.

[Rob grins, walking towards her, as the new mother takes a few steps back, scared]

[Rob]: I guess Richard will have to wait. I'll keep playing the role of the good friend, and you... well, your role has ended. If I'm honest with myself, I'm glad you came into his life. I’m glad you allowed him to be happy after his struggles. But your purpose is over now. You’re not needed.

[Rob hits Clara with the gun, she falls to the ground, as he puts his gun away and walks over to the bag he had placed on the ground nearby the crib, and opens it up, pulling out a glass bottle of a substance. ] 

[Rob]: This was meant to kill Richard, but I guess we can change plans.  Father and son will go without you. I will help Richard grieve at the funeral. I would kill you with this gun, but Suicide is such a better way to die then MURDER, don’t you agree Clara?

[He forces Clara's mouth open, forcing the substance down her throat, before placing the bottle in her hands, making sure her fingerprints are on it. He then takes the glass out of her hand, lifts it up high, and waits for a few seconds. He looks over, and sees an awake baby Charles, looking at him. ] 

[Rob]: I'll see you soon, Charles. Goodbye Clara. 

[Rob let's go of the glass, quickly leaving the room with his belongings as the glass hits the ground. The shatter echoes across the manor, as a panicked sound is heard in another room. ] 

[Richard's voice]: Clara? Where are you?

[Charles begins crying, as Richard enters the room, alerted by his crying. He stops, looking at Clara, and drops to the ground beside her. ]

[Richard]: Oh god no, please no. Clara, Clara! Don’t die, please I can’t lose you. I can’t lose you! Clara! Clara!


[As Richard weeps over her body, Rob stands in another hall, listening to his cries. Grinning over his deed, he begins walking away. Robert Gullahorn, the Fiend of Wikia Island, walks away, already thinking of how he will react to Clara's death, and how to proceed in his decades-long game of MURDER. ] 

Find out what happens next ... in A FIEND IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING (PART ONE AND PART TWO)