• In this episode, we get the full names of all the guests in the hotel:
    • The reason for renaming the guests with proper names is to build on the realistic tone established in the second season. This was hinted at eariler in the season. 
    • List of Guests:
      • Omni as William 'Will' Omninus Trondion
      • Sub as Samuel Unican Bravtos
      • Ultra as Anthony Armando Anderson
      • Omi as Oliver Maximus Ivakov
      • Jack as Jack Doogorn
      • Brandon as Brandon Grundare
      • Speedy as Cassie Stallion
      • Lego as Malcolm Plemons
      • Tyran as Brett Lipton
      • Drillo as Dill Walkers
      • AB as Alexander Cloon Dämon Barnsworth
      • Scoot as Lewis Tinkers
      • Nate as Nathaniel Dumstrong
    • We also get the full name of Vicki: Vicki Olivia Demple. 
    • Charles' full name was established in the last episode as Charles William Butler. 
    • Kross' full name is revealed to be Kross Lucifer Monday. 
    • The Warden is revealed to be Sif Hunderson. 
    • We also get introduced to three agents of the Wikia Agency of Investigation:
      • Yopo as Christopher 'Yopo' Rider
      • Mig as Miguel Rivers
      • Alan as Alan Nomaly
  • Dr. Lucius Sines is in fact the alias of Daral Scidran, the author of the novel A History of Wikia Island. The book was last seen during 1989 in Chair of Mountain Terror, while it was last seen during 2014 Wikia Island in the conclusion to the riddle in Under The Sea
  • The Last Known Whereabouts was a nod to both Whodunnit and the song "Writing on the Wall" by Sam Smith.
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