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Brian Nick Sci Prime Omi

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In  Season One, 13 people go to Wikia Manor, cared for by the maids and the butler, Charles, believing they will be undergoing a normal series of challenges to win $1,000,000. But when one of 13 is killed, they realize that a killer is loose. They must figure out who The Killer is before their vacation is up… and before they all die.  In  Season Two, dubbed "Mystery Island", 13 new guests arrive at a hotel on Wikia Island,  only this time darker forces are at play. Charles is back, and he has many... many secrets involving a dark demonic figure from his past, clues about something on the island, and a mystery that spans across time itself. All will be revealed once they unmask the new Killer of the Season, and figure out, "Who Commited MURDER?". 

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Sci is a well known admin on this wiki. He is known for writing The End of Wikia and MURDER. He also foolishly attempted making a TEEmblr post, but failed because he's an idiot he is not worthy of making one.

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