The End of Wikia
Season 1, Episode 6
The End of Wikia
Air date 11/30/12
Written by Sci
Directed by Sci
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Nightmare in Nether World


In the epic crossover of all sizes and forms, 4 shows collide.

In one universe, Zon, the Cake Thief steals a cake and makes King Sklei declare that he will arrest him, no matter what. The Knights get help from an Austrailian ally, G.E.A.R. due to events taking place before the crossover. In another universe, Dead is back to his old troubles again, but this time... he's working for someone else.

And in the real universe, the team finds trouble at TEE, so they head there. Brian and Zon enter the first universe, dealing with alternates and Zon being falsely accused of being an alternate version of himself. Sci and Jack go to the second universe to fight Dead and stop the Hackbots.

In an epic battle, three worlds, and four shows collide as different villains and allies work together in the biggest battle yet. It's an Everything Everything Crisis.                 


Please Note: Viewer Discretion Is Advised


The Hacker: Wikia. A Worthless, unresoucreful wiki farm taking up much of the internet. They've grown in the last 8 years, taking up things that could be mine. Mine to use... mine to control. I had created my own company, and though it became successful, Wikia still has bothered me. Now, I am ready. My army.... my Hackbots, tiny little viriuses created to eat away all the coding, HTML, CSS, and features of the wiki farm have been unleashed. They will rip it apart piece by piece until it tears itself apart. The website... in ruins. The Future ... in the palm of my hand. And those fools at Communtiy Central... what else can they do, but watch thier community burn to the ground.

The Everything Everything Wiki
SKLEI'S CASTLE 10/25/12 9:13 PM

King Sklei: Where Be Thee Cake?

Knight: There Be Tee Cake.

[A Knight comes and brings a huge cake to King Sklei]

King Sklei: Excellent. A Cake fit for a King. Oh wait, I AM THE KING!

[Suddenly, Zon jumps from the roof and grabs the cake]

Zon: I haz Cake.

[King Sklei jumps up and takes his sword out]

King Sklei: Zon, the Cake Thief. I should have known.

[King Sklei attacks Zon, but he dodges and flees the room. King Sklei charges after him, and go thru hallways chasing him. Zon walks across a bridge between two towers. King Sklei sees him, and says..]

King Sklei: Give me the cake Zon.

[Zon, the Cake Thief takes out of a round object]

Zon, the Cake Thief: I haz Grenade.

[Zon, the Cake Thief drops the grenade and runs off. The Bridge explodes and falls down. King Sklei starts running, and jumps over the gap, and barely lands on the other side. He starts to chase Zon again until Zon escapes the castle and starts running in the desert. ]

Zon, the Cake Thief: I haz plane.

[A plane flies above and flies toward Zon. Zon takes out gun with a hook and shoots at plane. The Hook hits one of the wings of the plane and lifts him and the cake up. King Sklei appears out of the castle and starts shouting.]

King Sklei: You won't take my cake, Thief!

[King Sklei grabs onto Zon, and they lift them up. Zon and Sklei fight with each other, until Zon pulls out button.]

Zon, the Cake Thief: I haz nuke under castle.

[Zon the Cake Thief presses the button and they look at the castle. The ground under the castle explodes, and the Castle collapses into a pile of rubble. Sklei then falls off of Zon, and lands on the ground below. He gets up, and watches Zon fly away.]

King Sklei: This isn't over. I will capture Zon once and for all... no matter the cost.

The End of Wikia - The Everything Everything Crisis Opening Credits

The End of Wikia - The Everything Everything Crisis Opening Credits

The Everything Everything Wiki
Sydney, Australia 10/26/12 11:13 PM

[In an alley, 3 men and a general stand in front of a 16 year old girl tied up to a chair.]

General: Nun pretty lady ... wir spielen ein Spiel. Das sind die Regeln. Erstens, mir sagen, wer Sie sind und wer Sie arbeiten. Zweitens, sag mir, was du willst. Verstehen Sie die Regeln? (Now, pretty lady... we will play a game. These are the rules. First, tell me who you are and who you work for. Second, tell me what you want. Do you understand the rules?)

[The Girl struggles to get out, and he smiles. She is gagged and tied to a brown chair also. ]

General: Gut. (Good.)

[The General takes off the gag and looks at her. She looks at him, in lots of pain.]

Girl: Ich glaube nicht, für jeden Arbeitsplatz. Bitte lass mich gehen. (I don't work for anyone. Please let me go.)

General: Ah ah ah ah ah. Siehe .. das ist nicht Teil des Spiels. Nun, wer sind Sie?(Ah Ah ah ah ah. See.. that's not part of the game. Now, who are you?)

[The General slaps her in the face, when she cries.]

Girl: Mein Name ist Bink. Ich bin von hier, und ich weiß nicht für die Regierung oder irgendjemand arbeiten. Ich bin zufällig auf Ihre Gruppe zu sehen, gefolgt Ihnen und ... DON'T KILL ME! (My Name is Bink. I'm from here, and I don't work for the government or anyone. I just happened to see your group, followed you and ... DON'T KILL ME!)

General: Ah.. the girl speaks English. Well.. so do I. All I'd like to know is how you speak English ... and are fluent in German.

Alternate Bink: I have school. I take German.

General: Of Course. Well... we can't let you escape now that this whole thing has happened. We'll have to break your arms and ... silence you. Make you mute. Of course... that's going to take a little pain.

[The General takes out a knife and slowly walks towards her.]

General: This is going to hurt you a lot more then it hurts me.

[Suddenly a cell phone rings. The General walks over and puts his hand in her coat pocket, and takes her phone. He opens it up, and starts talking.]

General: I don't know who this is... but when I find you I'll....

Voice: We have 3 bazookas, 200 pounds of ammo, 20 guns, a few bombs, 30 arrows, and a lot more where that came from. Put her on the phone or so help me we will kill you faster then you can say " Oh my gosh. "

[The General takes the phone, and puts it on her shoulder, where she bends her head.]

Alternate Bink: What do you want Nick?

Alternate Nick: We need you to come in. Now.

Alternate Bink: What? If you don't notice I'm in the middle of an interrogation with the general from that Dicatorship Country....

Alternate Nick: Bink, I know but... its the Knights. They've called us.

Alternate Bink: ... You mean... him?

Alternate Nick: He'll be with King Sklei at the Grand Canyon in 48 hours.

Alternate Bink: Give me a second.

[The General takes the phone, and the screen goes black as you hear lots of fighting, screaming, and pain. Then, it shows Alternate Bink, untied, with her weapon the Tot, walking down the alley while the General and his men are tied to the same chair she was on. ]

Alternate Bink: It's been a pleasure boys.... but I've got work to do.

[Bink lifts her phone to her head and then asks one question]

Alternate Bink: Where are you picking me up?

The Safe Haven Wiki
10/27/12 7:13 AM

[The Smell of sizzling bacon and smoke started a very interesting morning.]


[While Zon runs about in his room, Jack runs out of his room and runs through the hall towards the Mess Hall.]

Jack: What the Heck... *cough* is with all the ... *cough* smoke?

[Camera reveals Brian and Sci in front of a bunch of plates with Bacon, eggs, and a small fire burning up the table and coding.]

Jack: FI-

Brian and Sci: We Know!

[Brian grabs his Fire Extinguisher and stops the fire from burning anymore of the table. Sci then goes, creates a small keyboard, types a few things in, and soon... the table is fixed. ]

Jack: Well... what a lovely morning it is.

[Zon barges from his room with 10 bowls of cereal in a tall column, carrying them as he runs from the room to the mess hall and continuing towards the Enternce Center when all of a sudden he trips, and the cereal goes flying.]

Zon: Ow...

Brian: We and Sci wanted to be nice and actually MAKE you cereal...

Sci: We tried making a Kitchen but that got out of hand....

[Enter Flashback]

[Sci runs from one end of the Kitchen to the other with a flame on his head]


[Brian tries to pour water on Sci's head, but Sci trips next to the stove, accidently turning on all the burners and setting the Kitchen on fire. ]

Brian and Sci: Ohhhhhhh noooooo...

[Exit Flashback]

Brian: So we instead went with this... but as we asked for the Bacon, Sci said his burns hurt....

Sci: And short story short... caused the food to burn and make all the smoke. So yeah. So much for that.

Zon: Well thanks anyways.... but where's the Kitchen?

Brian: We sent it to a wiki. Cause Wikia is having glitches... we can't destroy it so...

Jack: Which one?

[The Camera cuts to a giant messed up Kitchen landing in Survivefan23 Studios Wiki]

Chrono (who just randomly walks in): Well since we aren't going to have Breakfast...

Everyone: O_O

Chrono: Oh we are? Okay. Dig in!

[Everyone eats the Bacon and the eggs while they discuss what's going on.]

Chrono: I tried getting to BTFF earlier... and failed. That thing has a TON of Trojan viruses, and Malware and what not. However, I did get one tiny... crucial bit of information.

Sci: What?

[The room remains quiet as everyone drinks orange juice, until all of a sudden Chrono says it.]

Chrono: BTFF Chat has been destroyed. Permanently. Everyone Else, * spitting Juice *: WHAT?

Chrono: The Hackbots literally ate up Chat. You can't use it anymore because it doesn't exist there anymore. 

Brian: Oh god....

Sci: How is that even .... Chat is like the Vein to BTFFs Heart.

Zon: Wut?

[Sci creates a small whiteboard and a marker and draws a huge heart and veins and draws lines. Then, Sci explains it.]

BTFF Heart System

Sci: Okay so this vein is like Chat. This one is the Message Walls. This one are the ancient talk pages, this one are the comments, these ones are the blogs, and the Heart is... BTFF itself. Cut off all the veins and the Heart will lose all the blood and become a corpse, a reminder of what it once was. 

Zon: And then it'll be dead. 

Sci: Yes. Chrono. I need you to try and figure out where the Hackbots actually are on BTFF.

Chrono: Okay.

[Chrono goes the Computer Station and types in a few things. Then, a bunch of error messages showed up and he closed them. Then, he kept working harder and harder until...]

Chrono: Got it. Here's a pie chart. 30% of the damage is from chat... which figures. Message Walls, Blogs, and Comments are 45%. The actual pages on the wiki, the ones we make our shows, movies, crossovers, etc... that's 21.25% of the damage, and.... Talk Pages are only 3.75%. Probably because no one uses them anymore.

Brian: So... the Hacker... he wants to cut off all commutation.

Jack: If they can't talk to anyone... they can't fight.

Zon: If he does the same to the rest of Wikia... then its over.

Sci: Chrono... wait a second. Brian, BTFF might not be the only wiki with that kind of damage.

Brian: Are you suggesting...

Sci: We got to got check it out.

Chrono: If its what I think it is, I've checked. I think there are a few of them there. 

Brian: Chrono... we're heading to TEE. Lets go.

The Everything Everything Wiki
Jack's House 10/27/12 9:13 AM
Alternate Jack: NOM NOM NOM   
Jack's House TEOW

Jack's House

Alternate Lego: Oh God not this again....

Alternate Jack: NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM

Alternate Dead: ._. Can someone take his pie, and give him to me?

Everyone else: SHUT UP DEAD!

Alternate Dead: I'll shut up if someone takes his pie.




Everyone: ._.

Alternate Sklei: You aren't even eating pie Sci.

Alternate Sci: Oh I know. I just like making that noise.

Alternate Jack: NOM NOM NOM...

Alternate Sci: NOM NOM NOM...

Alternate Jack: NOM

Alternate Sci: NOM

Alternate Jack: NOM

Alternate Sci: NOM NOM.


Alternate Dead: Oh Toon that's sick.

Everyone Else: SHUT THE FUQ UP DEAD!

[Everyone takes out Knifes and smile. Dead screams and runs out the house... going into the woods as Jack and everyone else chases him. Eventually he got a few miles away from them, and as he was running, the ground below him collapsed, and he fell down, landed on a patch of grass in what appeared to be a brick cylinder.

Alternate Dead: OW OW OW.... my Mommy... COME FOR ME!

[Then, a man walked out of a cave that was connected to the cylinder and went towards Alternate Dead]

Man: Are you so desperate to fight your friends that you cause mere issues one at a time?

Alternate Dead: Well it gets me 14 people going after me.

Man: I counted 15, Dead.

Alternate Dead: How do you know my name?

Man: I know many things. I know that you joined this group only a few weeks ago. I know that everyone hates you. I also know you want more in life.

Alternate Dead: Who are you?

Man: My name is merely Thorn... General Thorn, a man greatly feared by the criminal underworld and many nations. I am a man who could offer you a path.

Alternate Dead: And what path would that be?

General Thorn: Redemption. Revenge. Conquest. Control. Power.

Alternate Dead: And how would you... give me this path?

General Thorn: I come from another world. A World with ... Knights ... and Australian girls who can tie a 45 year old man to a chair with 2 other men.

Alternate Dead: ._.

General Thorn: Don't even start. Point is... will you accept this challenge? Will you devote yourself to an ideal, that can not be stopped?

[Alternate Dead looks at him for a second, and then slowly, yet sinsterly smiles as the Camera reveals right next to the General and Dead is an egg. A Hackbot Egg. ]


The Everything Everything Wiki
The Grand Canyon 10/27/12 3:13 PM

[Above the Canyon, a grey ship shaped like a Triangle, only with Engines and a few guns flies forward. They slowly begin to descend onto the ground. The clouds split apart, as a group of people on the ground slowly changes from a blur to a group of 50 Knights, including King Sklei. ]

Knight: They're here.

King Sklei: Remain steady my Knights. We will visit, and they will help us get our prize.

Knight: And there's Bink....

King Sklei: Knight Chris.... do not let your emotions control your actions.

Knight Chris: I know. I know. It won't be a big problem. It won't even be a Small Problem.

King Chris: Let us hope not.

[The Ship lands and opens up.]

Alternate Nick: Sklei... 

King Sklei: Nick. A Pleasure. And your... new group... G.E.A.R.

Alternate Nick: Yeah well... we wanted to take a break.

King Sklei: Well a few more people won't kill.

[Alternate Bink walks out the ship and sees Knight Chris]

Alternate Bink: Chris!

Knight Chris: Bink!

[The Two hug for  moment, then leave each other, starting an awkard moment]

Alternate Sci: So.... what's up?

Alternate Bink: I was wondering the same thing.

King Sklei: There is a Cake Thief that keeps striking our kingdom. We've done everything to capture him, but to no avail. We need you to help us. All we know now is that he came to America. 

Alternate Nick: So you want us to help you find a Cake Thief?

King Sklei: Yes. Plus, he also destroyed my castle and killed at least 20 Knights. I must have revenge. 

Alternate Nick, *looking at team like he's crazy*: I guess. Sub, hand me your laptop. 

[Sub puts his Swords of Justice away and goes back into the ship. A minute later, he brings out a laptop and gives it to Nick. Nick takes out small device and drops it onto the ground, which pops-up into a table. He puts the laptop there and starts working.]

King Sklei: While he is working on that... I'll tell you all I know about Zon. See, he started taking cakes about-

Alternate Nick: Done. He's in Washington D.C.

Knight Chris: Why there?

Alternate Nick, *pointing to screen*: Because of that. There's a party at the Capitol Vistors Center. It's the Vice President's birthday.  We're going there now.

The Everything Everything Wiki
Washington D.C. 10/27/12 8:13 PM
[The Sky and Roads were calm and quiet, while the Capitol Vistor's Center was not. A band was playing the violin, and other instruments. Friends, family and others were there, chatting with themselves. The Vice President walked over to another man, and welcomed him.] 
Vistors Center

VP: King Sklei...

King Sklei: James... how nice to see you. Happy 50th Birthday.

VP: Thank You.

[The Vice President walks away and King Sklei puts his hand on his ear. ]

King Sklei: Met the Vice Prez. No sign of Zon. Keep an eye on him.

Alternate Sub: Okay, will do.

[Alternate Sub and Alternate Tyran are at the top of the Entrance, watching couples leave and enter. Meanwhile, Knight Chris and Bink are disguised as Guests at the party. Bink and Sean are at the dancing section of the area, waltzing with other unknown people.]

Knight Chris: How long ago was it? 2-3 years ago?

Bink: Yes, I believe it was.

Knight Chris: Before you moved to Australia, we were in France. Paris of Course. If I'm right, you and I were on a field trip when we decided to sneak out to have a little fun.

Bink: Eating Crepes at the Cafe.....

Knight Chris: Making jokes at the Mona Lisa....

Bink: And looking at the stars on top of the Eiffel Tower.

Knight Chris: Yes, I do remember that. We saw the northern star.

Bink: Shining as bright...

Knight Chris As the Mona Lisa's smile.

[Both of them chuckle for a moment in laughter while King Sklei and Alternate Nick looks at them from the top of the stairs.]

King Sklei: I knew it.

Alternate Nick: Calm Down... they're just catching up.

King Sklei: Are you completely sure of that?

Alternate Nick: ... even if it's not just catching up... I don't think it'll be a big problem.

King Sklei: Hopely not even a small Problem, Nick.

[Meanwhile, in an alley nearby, a couple is getting " acquainted " with each other.]

Richard: Kiss me Ariel, kiss me now. I love you...

Ariel: But your wife is out of town... and you're a Senator....

Richard: PLEASE!

Ariel: I won't be in a Affair with you!

[Suddenly, a small portal above them opens and Brian and Zon land them on, knocking them out. Then, Brian switches clothes with the man.]

Brian: Come on Zon. Get Dressed.


[A man in a suit walks by, and then goes back and sees them. Zon finds a rock, throws it and knocks him out.]

Zon: That's better.

[A Few Minutes later, they come over and walk into the Capitol Vistor's Center.]

Brian: Hello.

Zon: Hola.

[Alternate Sub and Tyran look at them, and then Tyran puts his hand on his ear.]

Alternate Tyran: Zon's Here. But Brian's with him. I'm not sure why.

Alternate Nick: We'll keep an eye on them. Follow them. We got to do this quick. I'm not sure why Brian is with him though. Keep in Touch.

[Brian and Zon enter the crowd while outside, in the FBI building, guards are walking around when darts knock them out. A bunch of Rouge Germans and Americans carry Machine Guns and walk towards the building, along with General Thorn.]

General Thorn: Let's do this quick boys. The Show's about to begin.

[An FBI agent walked out of the building and told the General something before handing him a trigger]

General Thorn: He says the bombs are in the floors and roofs. Let us begin. 

[He presses the button while Robert Mueller, director of the FBI is talking to a woman. Suddenly, he hears a noise, as the walls, roof, and floors explode, ash and fire flying everywhere as he jumps down. A huge explosion and clouds of ash fly out the building as the General and his gang walk into it with AK-47's. They shoot anyone who is alive, and quickly climb up the stairs. Robert Mueller crawls to a dead agent's pocket, takes his gun, and shoots the rogues. The General quickly arrives and throws a grendade, killing him. He then walks over to a safe that needs a 5 digit #.]

General Thorn: Let us hurry.

[Zon the Cake Thief arrives, walking down the hall, and looking at the party below. He is in a brown suit with a black cane and a red gem. He walks down the steps slowly as the Vice President is talking to his friends.]

Zon, The Cake Thief: Let's just finish this up, shall we?

[He takes his cane, and cribbles the Secret Service guard in one strike.Then, he grabs the Vice President by the thorat and throws him onto a table, where he clicks a button on his cane. The top opens up to reveal a bunch of tiny blades that spin around and with one quick slash, the blades go into the the top of his throat, ripping up the skin and splattering the blood everywhere. Everyone but the Knights, G.E.A.R., Brian, and Zon start running away as the blades go thru his lower jaw and reach his mouth. Zon rips a golden tooth out of his mouth and puts it on the table, using the cane to break it. Pulling a small scroll out of it, he reads the numbers. ]

Zon: 24601. 

[As he says this, he puts his hand to his ear, and General Thorn hears this. He presses the buttons, and as everyone runs away, he opens the safe, and grabs a tube with a rare mineral not from the Earth. He walks out quickly, along with his guards. Meanwhile, King Sklei and the Knights take out thier swords, and G.E.A.R. thier weapons.]

Alternate Nick: Zon the Cake Thief... put the cane down.

Zon the Cake Thief: I know. I'll put the cane ... across. 

[Zon throws the cane, and it goes into the thorat of Fuse, killing him instantly. Zon grabs the cake and takes out a grendade. He throws it down, and a giant smoke cloud appears. Sklei and most of the Knights and G.E.A.R. ran up the stairs one way, while Knight Chris and Alternate Nick see the real Zon and Brian.]

Knight Chris: ZON'S OVER THERE!

Alternate Nick: And Brian has betrayed us. Let us go and stop them.

[Brian and Zon start running away as two allies start chasing them. Alternate Nick stops Knight Chris however, and gives him a gun.]

Alternate Nick: If you want to get him, be a man and use a gun. [Alt.Nick and Chris run up the second pair of stairs and go down the halls, shooting at Zon and Brian. ]


Brian: I don't know.... THIS ISN'T MY WORLD!

Zon: Then Who's is it?


[The two of them leave the Capitol Vistors Center as the Knights and ALL of G.E.A.R. go after the real Zon. Brian trips and is taken by someone in the fleeing crowd. The Cops drive into the yard of the Capitol Building, while the Knights and G.E.A.R. surround Zon. Alternate Sci flies a ship with a gun hanging from the button, ready for shooting. A Light hits Zon, as he is surrounded. One of the cops shoots at Zon's legs, and he falls down. Knight Chris runs towards him and grabs him, handcuffing him.]

Knight Chris: We got him. We got him.

[ Brian wakes up to see Zon being taken into a ship by Alternate Sub, Tyran, and King Sklei. Everyone else is entering a second one. Brian runs towards the second ship, sneaks in, and hides as the ships rise into the night, and leave Washington D.C. Meanwhile, Zon the Cake Thief stands on top of the Capitol Building, watching all the events unfold. Then, General Thorn walks up from behind him, and smiles.]

General Thorn: You did well. Too well.  Though... we should get him.

Zon, the Cake Thief, *eating cake*:  I haz Cake.

General Thorn: Come on. We have other things to do before we head to New York.

[They disappear as a blue light appears, and then disappears once more.]

The Everything Everything Wiki



[Denica and Dead are having sex on Alternate Jack's Bed.]

Alternate Denica: Make Sure to get some of that on the be- OH YEAH.

[Alternate Jack walks in, and his eyes fall off and blow up.]


Alternate Dead: We are so dead.

Alternate Denica: You don't say?

[Dead and Denica put thier clothes back on and jump out the window. Jack blinks and suddenly has new eyes.]

Alternate Jack: I'm definatlly getting a new bed. 

[Meanwhile, a portal opens up in the forest nearby Alternate Jack's house and Sci and Jack arrive. ]

Jack, using an Ipad to skype with Chrono: You did say there were Hackbots here, right?

Chrono: Yeah. You're in the Epic Life of Jack Universe. Brian and Zon are in the Main TEE Universe. 

Jack: Oh great. Another alternate me. Hope this one doesn't die... 

[They walk in the woods in a while till they hear something. They turn the corner, to see Alternate Dead and Denica having sex]




Sci: ._.

Jack: ._.

Alternate Denica: ._.

Alternate Dead: ._.

Sci: ._.

Jack: ._.

Alternate Denica: ._.

Alternate Dead: GET THE HELL OUT!

[Sci and Jack run away, and enter Jack's House. They see the Alternate Versions of Solo, Ancy, Sklei, and Toon.]

Alternate Sklei: Hey. 

Alternate Solo: Ancy... want a...


Everyone Else: ._.

Alternate Solo: I was going to say taco but.... okay....

Alternate Toon: Jack... you okay?

Sci: He's fine.

[Jack and Sci runs out of the room and walk into a different room. ]

Sci: Jack... WTH is with this show?

Jack: IDK.....

[Alternate Jack walks into the room, and sees the two of them.]

Alt.Jack: Well... this just got interesting. 

[Meanwhile, Denica lays on the ground, gagged while Dead walks back to the cylinder, which now has a ladder that can go up and down. He brings a box with him and goes down, then walks over to the side, and grabs 4 hackbot Eggs.]

Alternate Dead: These Creatures will help me troll Jack forever.... and then kill him. 

[The Camera Zooms back and shows hundreds of eggs.]


Alternate Jack: Who are you? 

Jack: I'm ... you from another world.

Sci: And I'm Sci... from another world.

Alternate Jack: :O

Jack: Oh my...

Alternate Jack: ARE YOU FROM THE LAND OF .... nvm. If I said it, I'd become like Dead. A pervert. 

Jack: ._.

Sci: ._.

Alternate Jack, * eating pie *: NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM

Jack: Quick Question, Alternate me. Have you seen any... eggs? Or werid bugs?

Alternate Jack: NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM  (Yes I have but I'm eating Pie right now so Shut up and let me eat it)

Sci: What?

Alternate Jack: I haven't seen any eggs, but I have seen some bugs...

Jack: Like what?

[Suddenly a Hackbot bursts from the floor, formed like a worm and roars.]

Alternate Jack: Like that.....

[Jack grabs his leg and creates a blade at the bottom of his shoe, and stabs the beast. The Beast throws him and Sci to the room. Alternate Jack walks backwards, and hits a dresser before reaching into it and grabbing a gun. He shoots the beast in the chest, makng it cry out. Sci runs towards his bed, onto it, kicks the wall, flips, takes a knife out of his pocket and stabs the beast. ] 

Jack: Finish It!

[Alternate Jack shoots it as Sci makes the final blow. A bright light appears, and then disappears. Everyone gets up and looks at the giant hole that was created by the Hackbot.]

Alternate Jack: You got one minute to tell me what the Hell is going on.

The Everything Everything Wiki

[The G.E.A.R. Ship  with Alternate Sub, Alternate Tyran, and King Sklei flies towards Sklei's Kingdom. Zon is being chained to the seats as Sklei walks up to him. ]


Zon: ....


[King Sklei slaps Zon, and he groans in pain.]

Zon: You got me mixed up. I am Zon ... I don't steal cakes.


Zon: I ... I didn't kill anyone, I swear. 


[Meanwhile, on the other ship, Brian is looking at Nick talk with Knight Chris and the others. He calms himself, and starts talking to hmself.]

Brian: Okay.... lets just figure out how to get Zon back... and stop the Hackbots.

[Brian turns to look at them again, but a hand grabs him, and drags him to the middle of the ship.]

Alternate Nick: Well speak of the devil... and he shall appear. 

[Alternate Nick and Alternate Brian point thier weapons at Brian, as he slowly raises his hands and closes his eyes.] Alternate Nick: Who are you?

Brian: Well it seems that YOUR Brian is here, so I guess you can call me Alternate Brian if you want. Or... the other Brian.

Alternate Nick: I'm not playing games. I saw you with the Cake Thief. Are you his friend?

Brian: Yeah... and he is NOT  a cake thief.

Alternate Nick: Oh my god, you're right! He just " borrows " them or " collects them " . 

Brian: Sacrasm Nick, really? 

[Back on the first ship, Sklei kicks Zon a few times, and steps back as he coughs blood.]

King Sklei: Normally you are just annoying... but now you crossed the line.

[A plane appears above the ship, both flying in the sky. The ship begins to shake.]

Alternate Sub: Sklei..... something's making us shake.....


Zon: Well one....


Zon: Getting off this ship... AND GETTING THE HECK OUT OF HERE!

[4 men jump off the plane above the ship and land onto the ship, shooting at the windows, as Zon round house kicks King Sklei and the men go to the front of the plane, shooting at Alt. Sub and Tyran, but failing. They attach steel pins to the plane with rope, and let go. The ship starts to lean to a side, and has everyone fall down and get injured. Sub reaches a microphone and yells for help.]

Alternate Bink, on the other ship: Nick... something's happening on the other ship.

[Brian round house kicks Alternate Nick and knocks him to the ground. He grabs Alternate Nar and jumps up, flying and landing behind a metal crate. He grabs his DDRB and shoots at everyone,  damaging the fighting systems. Alternate Sci II takes out a gun and shoots at Brian, but Brian shoots his leg and knocks him the ground.]


[On the other plane, the criminals cut into the buttom of the plane and take out the engine. Then, they blow up the tail, and go down into it. General Thorn appears on the plane and jumps down with a rope tied to him into the other one. He grabs Zon, and Alternate Sub gets a look at him.]

Alternate Sub: General Thorn....

General Thorn: Yes member of G.E.A.R. I am here. You see... the Fire Rises.

[On the other ship, Brian throws Nar at Nick, damaging the weapon controls. Brian walks over, and punches Nick. Nick tries to punch him, but Brian dodges and round houses kicks him again. Nick gets up and grabs Brian, punching him 20 times in the stomach, before throwing him to the wall. Then, Brian and Nick keep fighting, until Brian goes for the face, and Nick grabs his hand, holding it in place for a minute, before twisting it a bit and throwing him to the wall, where Brian falls down... injured.]

Alternate Nick: So... you've prepared yourself for Death? Hmm? So be it.

[General Thorn takes out a tube and throws it at Sub, which knocks him out. One of the men who cut into the bottom of the plane appears at the top, and throws another rope to tie Zon with. General Thorn ties the rope around Zon's belt and connects Zon to himself.]



[They are pulled up into the the General's Plane. Zon is put in a cage while the General looks down at the ruined plane. ]

General Thorn: Cut them loose... so they may fall to thier deaths.

[Two men cut the cables, and the ship falls towards the ground. The enemy's Plane flies away, as everyone else in the damaged plane fall out of the plane, with parachutes. They open them up, and slowly land. As they land, the plane hits the ground, and explodes. Everyone gets up, and looks at the explosion.]

King Sklei: He took him. He took the Cake Thief!

[On the other ship, Alternate Nick grabs the ADMB and prepares to shoot Brian when...]

Alternate Bink: Nick! Stop!

Alternate Nick: Why?

Knight Chris: I got a text from the King. You see... a guy named General Thorn kidnapped Zon. 


Alternate Sci II: What?

Alternate Nick: Why would Thorn want Zon?

Knight Chris: I don't know....he's just a cake thief.

Brian: He's not a Cake Thief!

Alternate Nick: SHUT UP! 

Alternate Bink: Nick... maybe... maybe it isn't our Zon. Maybe it is thier Zon....

[Alternate Nick looks into a mirror... thinking... and thinking....]

The Everything Everything Wiki
JACK'S HOUSE 7/28/12 4:30 PM

Alternate Jack: So what you are saying is that a Hacker wants to destroy everything?

Sci: Yes

Jack: And that's why we need your help. To Stop these Hackbot things....

Alternate Jack: Well... I'll help. A Threat to you .. real me... is a threat to all of us.

???: Too late.....

[Everyone turns around to see Alternate Denica bruised.]

Alternate Jack: Denica... what happened?

Alternate Denica: Dead... he left me like this... said he had to do something.

Jack: Like what?

[Suddenly, the house shakes. Everyone runs out of the house to see Dead in a jet like Machine, with a cable holding a box full of Hackbot eggs.]

Sci: What the...

Alternate Jack: DEAD... YOU'RE OUT OF YOUR MIND.


[Alternate Dead presses a button. A missile hits the house, and blows up part of it.]

Alternate Jack: THAT'S MY HOUSE!

The Everything Everything Wiki
Crash Site of Plane 10/28/12 4:45 PM

[King Sklei, the Alternate Sub and the Alternate Tyran stand as the ship lands. The door opens and they enter. King Sklei greets everyone, and tells them their story. Nick then explains to Sklei the truth.]

King Sklei: So our Zon... wasn't a Cake Thief.

Knight Chris: Guys... look at this....

[He points to a screen featuring a reporter from New York City's ABC.]

Reporter: I'm here in Manhattan... where tourists have seen a helicopter land on the Future Tower. It appears that General Romanus Thorn is there. Romanus Thorn is from Germany, but turned bad and moved to a dicatorship country....

Knight Chris: Something is going on.

The Everything Everything Wiki
THE FUTURE TOWER 10/28/12 4:50 PM

General Thorn: We have the news... and now for the main show.

[Zon is rolled on a cart onto the roof by a minion, and he is working on what appears to be a weapon. ]

General Thorn: Is the Nuclear Bomb ready?

Zon, *crying*: Yes.... with a blast radius.. of 6 miles.

General Thorn: Thank you. Cake Thief... take the bomb and put it in the truck. I want it moved so nothing bad happens.

[Zon, the Cake Thief does that in 15 minutes. Then, Zon rolls, falls off the chart, and falls over the edge.  Zon, the Cake Thief walks onto roof with the mineral they stole. The General touches the mineral, and his hand glows blue. His body shakes, and glitches like a computer program... until a huge blue beam goes into the air, and creates a portal. On the other side of the portal... is Alternate Dead in his machine.] 
The Portal Opens TEE Crisis

The Portal Opens and Dead arrives

Alternate Dead: SO LONG SUCKERS!

[Alternate Dead drives the machine and enters the portal, then turns 90 percent to stay stable. He drops the box on the Future tower, and then lands on another part of the building's roof.]

General Thorn: Perfect.

Zon, the Cake Thief: I thought that you could travel to different worlds yourself.

General Thorn: Yes... I can go to other worlds. But no one else can go to this world. That's what the mineral is for.

[Alternate Dead walked towards the General with the box.]

Alternate Dead: The Eggs... as promised.

General Thorn: Excellent. Your usefulness is over.

[General Thorn takes out a blade and stabs Dead in the chest. Alternate Dead falls to the ground before General Thorn throws him to the beam, and sends Dead back thru the portal.]

[Meanwhile, Jack, Sci, and all the Alternates watch Dead fall into the ground, dead. ]

Jack: COME ON!

[Everyone charges with guns, and other weapons towards the portal... ready for war.]

General Thorn: At last... the End of Wikia will begin, and my master will win.

[General Thorn grabs the mineral and points it at the eggs. The Eggs begin to shake, and glow purple. Zon, the Cake thief runs away and jumps off the building, taking out a whip and using it to hang onto another building, scared. ]

General Thorn: Mwhahaaa...mwmwhhaaa...mwhhahaaaaaa... MWHAHAHAHAHHAAA!

[General Thorn begins to grow in size, his skin turning pure white. His legs and arms go the size of 4 cars, and he roars. Soon, his face rips apart... as a beast... a monster arrives in the city. Everyone in G.E.A.R., including Brian, the Knights, Jack and Sci's group, and the rest of the wiki look in fear as they realize a daunting fact.]

Alternate Bink: Thorn isn't a human...

Jack: He isn't a normal villain....

Sci: He's... a freak....

Brian: He's a machine....

Knight Chris: He's a monster....

[General Thorn roars as he reveals his true colors... ]

General Thorn: This world will no longer know me as General Thorn... they will know me as the Alpha and the Omega. The Beginning and the End. The Destroyer of this Wiki. They will know me as... THE ORIGINAL
Original Hackbot

General Thorn's True Form


Alternate Nick, Scared: Activate the Autopilots on 2 more of our ships in Austrailia and bring them here. Send flights away from the city and get as many people out. Get the President on the line.

[Everyone spilts up, and Nick keeps looking at the screen, as the people of New York cry in terror.]

Alternate Nick: My god.....

Original Hackbot: Though... I actually will keep my name of Thorn. It sounds perfect.

[Meanwhile, the portal begins to shake... and Jack and Sci, along with all of Alternate Jack's friends jump thru the portal and fall towards New York City. ]

Alternate Jack: NOT A GOOD PLAN... NOW WAS IT?

Sci: Umm... Brian, I don't know if you can hear me... BUT HELP! [As they fall to thier doom, they close thier eyes, accepting death when all of a sudden they land. Jack opens his eyes to see them on a G.E.A.R. ship.]


[They all land on the ground, where they jump off the ship and walk towards another group of people. Jack and Sci recognize one person.]

Sci: Brian!

Brian: Hey Sci, Jack. I see you came here for the grand finale.

Jack: What's going on?

Brian: Original Hackbot. Cake Thief. Weapon Group from Down Under. Knights. Vice Prez dead. More Alternates. Get it?

Sci: I guess. Where's Zon?

Brian: The Hackbot dude, Thorn kidnapped him. I don't know why. 

Jack: So we got to save Zon, stop the first Hackbot, and ... wait then who is....

???: Sorry guys, but Thorn wasn't working out for me. He killed Dead. He used me.  And I didn't even get any cake from him like he promised!

???: Plus, he took me ... but I'm fine.

[Everyone turns to see Zon, the Cake Thief and Zon walking foward. King Sklei and Knight Chris join the group.]

King Sklei: Joining the other side now, eh?

Zon, the Cake Thief: First of all, we aren't in Canada. Second, yes. I shouldn't have joned him, but he offered me the biggest cake in the world. I couldn't resist. He said it was as big as the Empire State Building.

Knight Chris: The Biggest Cake in the world is about the size of a car, Zon.


[Meanwhile, the 4 in the Team reunite.]

Brian: How'd you.... 

Zon, the Cake Thief: I saved him. We got here together. Zons are Awesome together!

Zon: Guys. There's a truck going around New York. It has a nuclear bomb that HE made me make. That's why he kidnapped me.

Sci: Well then, let the battle begin.

[Brian, Sci, Jack, King Sklei, Knight Chris, Alternate Nick, Alternate Sub, Alternate Tyran, Alternate Bink, Alternate Sci II, Alternate Nar, Alternate Brian, Alternate Jack, Alternate Ahmad, Alternate Sham, Alternate Zon, Zon the Cake Thief, Alternate Lego, Alternate Nar II, Alternate Skull, Alternate Nick II, Alternate Ancy, Alternate Sklei, Alternate Solo, Alternate Tron, Alternate Toon, and Alternate Sci stand in a big circle in the middle of the street and look at Thorn.]

Thorn: There are 28 of them ready to fight. 28 enemies... this is not good. Hurry up eggs ... the battle comes.

[Suddenly, the eggs glowing purple shake violently, and he smiles. The eggs break, and thousands and thousands of Hackbots arrive, and begin the final battle... in what seems to be an Everything Everything Crisis.] Sci: So... how to we stop the impending doom that is the army of Hackbots?

King Sklei: My Knights, save for Chris will head down by Broadway. Chris, Zon ... the one who doesn't steal cakes, Bink, Tyran, and Sub can go after the bomb. The rest of you.... this... team you call yourselves... you fight with everyone else in G.E.A.R. and from that other world here.

Knight Chris: Okay... COME ON!

Zon: It's set to blow in 00:00:00:30:00 seconds. 

Alternate Bink: What?

Zon: Its Days, hours, minutes, seconds, and microseconds. In other words, 30 minutes. COME ON!

[They get in one of the two ships that Nick got from Austrila and fly towards One World Trade Center and Wall Street. King Sklei and the Knights go into the other one and head away. Everyone else looks at the attack, and Alternate Nick begins to talk.]

Alternate Nick: Okay, get as many people away from here. Brian, do you know how to kill these things?

Brian: Yeah, just like any normal creature. But if they combine, they are harder to kill. 

Alternate Nick: Kill them in any way. I don't care how. And once we get rid of those motherfuqers, then ... we'll stop Thorn. Once and for all. 

[The Swarm of Hackbots charge into the fray, and G.E.A.R. take out thier weapons. Alternate Nick takes out the AMDB and gets ready for blood. Brian grabs the AMDB, copy, and pastes it, making his own copy of it. ]

Brian: Huh, you learn so many things every day now. 

[Sci grabs his G.E.A.R. Alternate's Power Suit and makes his own. Jack and Zon get swords, and then the first hackbots arrive for the attack.]


[Sci puts on the suit and starts shooting, as the guts and coding go every where. The bullets kill the beasts, and Sci sends out a Bazooka, killing 10 of them. Alternate Nick grabs his AMDB and Brian follows. They shoot the weapons, creating a giantic plasma beam that literally destroys 30 of them. ]

Brian: Boy, we are in for a show tonight. :D

[Alternate Nar shoots his DDRB and kills some. But, three of the Hackbots attack Nar, and a giant swarm goes in... for the kill.]


[Meanwhile, King Sklei was flying above Broadway when all of a sudden, they heard explosions.]

King Sklei: It has begun.

[Then, a giant swarm of Hackbots, 200 in all, hit the ship and started eating the engines. The ship started to go down, and King Sklei realized they would crash.]

King Sklei: Oh no....

[The Ship hits the street as the city's citizens flee. 5 out of 20 Knights, plus Sklei escaped the ship and saw more flying towards them. They take out swords, and charge at their new foe. ]

King Sklei: HAVE AT THY!

[Meanwhile, a truck containing the bomb is traveling across New York City when behind them, a G.E.A.R. ship flies behind and shoots at the tires. The Men in the ship shake as three more tanks arrive and attack the ship. The ship dodges the small missiles sent by the tanks.]

Knight Chris: Ahh... their weapons are really powerful.

Zon: You got to get bomb towards the ocean, so you can ship it out of the city.

Alternate Bink: I can help.

[Bink walks over to a motorcycle and sits on it.]

Knight Chris: Oh no.... its too dangerous.

Alternate Tyran: He's right. Those tanks will kill you on the spot.

Alternate Bink: I'm fast. Sub, DROP ME!

Alternate Sub: K Bink....

[He presses a button and a hole appears under Bink. The Motorcycle drops into the ground, and Alternate Bink starts riding it.]

Alternate Bink: There's one thing about this motorcycle... its got guns.

[She presses a button and shoots at one of the tanks. The Ship also fires, and they knock the first tank over.]

Knight Chris: YES!

[During this, the Epic Life of Jack characters, the rest of G.E.A.R., and most of the team are shooting at the Hackbots. Alternate Jack and his friends take their AK-47's and other guns, and shoot the flying bugs that are striking the city. Down the road, new Grand Central Station, a bus is flipped over, and G.E.A.R. stands there, shooting thier weapons while Jack uses his sword to slash all of them. Sci, Brian, and Alternate Nick use thier weapons to attack the Hackbots from another skyscaper. ]

Alternate Nick: Shoot them! Shoot those motherfuqing Things.

Sci: Nothing like a little war with the bugs.

[Alternate Nick and Brian use the AMDB to kill 49 of them, while Sci shoots another one, making it 50.]


[On the Future Tower, Thorn smiles as the Hackbots begin to gain the upper hand. ]

Thorn: The Bomb will go off. The Hackbotse other group, and will destroy the city. No one can stop me.

[King Sklei and the Knights go and proceed to start killing the Hackbots, but the swarm is too powerful. All the Knights die, but King Sklei retreats, helping people get out along the way. He joins the others and proceeds to start helping the fight.]

King Sklei: They're too powerful.


Alternate Nar II: New York... will survive.

Alternate Skull: I HAVE SO MUCH TO LIVE FOR.

Alternate Ancy: I have too many things to do....

Alternate Solo: Now isn't the time for that kind of thinking Ancy....

Alternate Tron: We Unite....

Alternate Toon: As one.

Alternate Sklei: United we Stand...

Alternate Nick: Divided we fall.

[They see one hundred more Hackbots flying towards them, and united, they all attack together, killing all of them.]

Jack: YES!

Sci: We might live after all. [Jack ran up to one of the Hackbots and sliced it, while Sci unleashed multiple bazookas and bullets, killing more and more and more of them as his suit ran out of power. Alternate Sci ran and grabbed a shield from a Knight, using it to Knock out 9 of the vicious code-eating bugs. Then, one bit him, and he fell to the ground as his coding disappeared.]

Alternate Jack: SCI!

[Zon the Cake Thief walks up to one of the Hackbots and kills it. In front of him, he sees a cake shop.]

Zon, the Cake Thief: CAKE!

[Zon, the Cake Thief enters the store, and takes some, but then one of the Hackbots go and eats it all. Zon takes out his whip and kills the beast.]


[He starts to go on a Killing Spree, killing tens of hackbots. Meanwhile, Thorn gets concerned.]


[He jumps off the tower, as he transforms into a worm like creature that goes underground. Meanwhile, the G.E.A.R. Ship is shooting at the tanks, but the tanks keep shooting missiles at them, blowing up a bunch of buildings to the side. The men inside the truck squirm, as they shoot down another tank. The G.E.A.R. ship flies in front of the truck, where all of a sudden, Thorn appears as the worm creature in front of them, attacking them. They fly to the right, where the Truck shoots heat-seeking missiles to get them. The Truck keeps moving as Thorn moves back underground. ]

Zon: We got 5 Heat seeking missiles ready to kick some butt, and they're coming in fast!

[One of the missles hits a bank as the ship flies above New York. Alternate Bink drives her motorcycle so fast, she puts some holes in the truck. The Missiles follow the ship, having it it two more buidlings, and then they find the truck and head there. The last missiles hit the final tank, and the ship goes ahead, shooting at the road so the men have to turn the bomb to the right, where they see the Brookyln Bridge.]

Man: Sir, they want us out of the city.

[Thorn reappears and sees the ship, the truck, and Alternate Bink heading there. He digs thru the ground and the roads, going into the water and into the soil. The ship flies above the bridge as the Truck starts to drive on it, being forced. Thorn rises from the Water and creates a ball of plasma from his mouth, and shoots it. The Ship dodges the attack, but it hits the cables and the road. He attacks a few more times, and keeps hitting the cables until they realize what he's doing.]

Knight Chris: He's going after the cables on purpose... he's going to kill us all by collasping the bridge!

[The Ship shoots at the Beast, while he hits once more, and the bridge collaspes, making it impossible for them to get to the other side, away from the city via the Brookyln Bridge.]


Zon: We got 8 minutes left until that bomb goes off Chris. And we don't do something now, we'll all die.

[Chris grabs the controls and starts to shoot Thorn with everything the ship's got. Thorn retreats into the soil, and the Truck is going back into the city. Thorn travels in the river, where he destroys the Manhattan Bridge. ]

Alternate Sub: God.... the closest bridge now is 9 minutes away, and we got 7 minutes left!

[Chris flies towards the bomb, where he realizes something.]


Alternate Sub: What?

Knight Chris: We need more speed and more firepower. DO IT!

[Bink follows them as Zon throws his small collection of cereal bowls away, and Alternate Tyran throws his Excaliburn into the Weapon fusion room, while Alternate Sub puts the swords of Justice in the Engine Fusion room. They increase speed and start firing like Crazy. They fire at the Truck, and the drivers are killed.  Thorn jumps up in Worm form and shoots at the Ship, which dodges and hits the Trump World Tower.  Knight Chris presses a button and shoots a grendade at Thorn. As Thorn prepares to make another attack, the Grendade is swallowed. The attack hits his stomach, goes to his heart.... and then a huge explosion occurs, rocking the entire city. The Truck crashes into a building, and the Ship lands.... with Thorn dead. ]

Knight Chris: That motherfuqer is dead!

[At that moment, everyone turns to see the explosion go high. Sensing defeat, the Hackbots fly away, and a small portal opens, as they all enter it and then disappear.]

King Sklei: We won.... We won!

[King Sklei enters a ship and flies there by himself, as everyone else starts heading towards the Bridges to bring people back to the city, unaware that the bomb is still around. Sklei arrives, to see Knight Chris, Zon, Alternate Tyran, Alternate Sub, and Alternate Bink open the truck up to see the bomb. Then, a laugh is heard.]

???: You've never stop it.

[They turn around to see Thorn in his human form, laughing as he melts into nothingness.]

Thorn: The Bomb is from one of G.E.A.R.'s engines.... it can't be stopped. Soon, all of New York will be destroyed. New York will fall. Prepare yourselves. This Wiki will be destroyed. My Master's Work will survive. 

[Thorn then dies, and Chris realizes what must be done. He runs over to his ship and grabs some cables and hooks, then going over to the Bomb.]

King Sklei: What are you doing?

Knight Chris: I can get it out into the Ocean!

[He walks back to the ship with Bink next to him.]

Alternate Bink: Chris, you could have stayed in France, or in the Kingdom, but you came here.

Knight Chris: You came here too Bink.

Alternate Bink: Then I guess we're both suckers.

[She grabs him, and they kiss for a brief moment as everyone looks on. They let go of each other, and say goodbye. Chris gets into the ship, where King Sklei walks over.]

King Sklei: Chris, I never carried who you were, how you fought, or who you liked, but it should be me who does this... its my fault the Bomb even exists!

Knight Chris: Its fine, besides, a hero can be anyone Sklei. A Knight, or a person who saves a boy from a train.

[As Knight Chris enters the ship and raises up, King Sklei remembers his past... to one memory.... the memory of him saving a 7 year old boy who was going to be hit by a train. ]

King Sklei: That boy... was Chris?

[Chris sees the bomb hit the ground, as he lifts it up, and flies away from the city. Meanwhile, everyone else is at the side of the Manhatten bridge next to the destruction Thorn caused.]

Brian: Head back people, come on!

[People start whispering, and Sci notices a ship coming. A young child then says something.]

Child: IT'S THE BOMB! :O

[Knight Chris flies the ship above the bridges, and head out of the area. He checks the bomb to see only 1 minute left. As he escapes the area, he enters the Lower Bay, and the ship disappears out of site. As everyone stands, breathless, they hear a loud noise. They get down, and after a minute, stand up to see the nuclear explosion, a cloud of radition and waste, far away from the city.]

King Sklei: He did it... he saved the city, and the world.

[The Camera zooms out of the city as a Voice Over begins.]

???: I see a beautiful world... rising from this abyuss. I see that I hold a Sanctuary .... and in the hearts ... generations hence. 

[Camera cuts to King Sklei standing over tomb in his kingdom with everyone else.]

King Sklei: It is a far, far better thing that I do...than I have ever done. It is a far, far better rest that I go to... than I have ever known. 

[Everyone slowly walks away, sad over his death. Soon, King Sklei is the last one left, and he starts to cry.]

King Sklei: I'm sorry that I failed you Chris. As a Teacher, a leader, a friend, and a savior. I hope you forgive me. 

[As everyone leaves this world, King Sklei meets Zon the Cake Thief.]

King Sklei: Can I convince you Zon? About joining us instead?

Zon, the Cake Thief: No... I know that while I can't fully be good, I will always be bad, and I can't change that. It's something we all must face. I just wish the kingdom knew Chris was the savior.

King Sklei: They do.

[In Sklei's new castle, a man pulls down a curtain to reveal a staute of Sir Chris, the savior of the Kingdom, the city of New York, and the world. Meanwhile, Zon the Cake Thief walks to a cake shop with a bag in his hand. Brian, Sci, Jack, and Zon return to the Safe Heaven Wiki, sure that TEE is safe. Alternate Jack rebuilts his house, and sees that Dead left a card. He lifts it up and reads it.]

Alternate Jack: Sorry I was a crazy jerk. See you Saturday for our prank War. - Dead. 

[Alternate Jack smiles, happy things are normal again. King Sklei walks to a cafe in Paris, where he orders a drink. In Sydeny, G.E.A.R. is working on new ships, and new weapons. Alternate Nick looks, and smiles that his team is safe. King Sklei looks up, and sees a familar face. In another table, is Knight Chris, alive and with Alternate Bink. Sklei nods, and leaves, leaving the couple together at last.]

Knight Chris: I love you.

Alternate Bink: I love you too.

[The Camera zooms at them, holding hands before fading to black.]

The End of Wikia - The Everything Everything Crisis Ending Credits-0

The End of Wikia - The Everything Everything Crisis Ending Credits-0

Keep watching for the Post Credits scene. If you can't read it in the video, scroll down.

[A man enters an office with a 3d solar system moving around. His boss is sitting in a chair, looking the other way.]

Man: Sir… it appears that when you first attacked Wikia… there was a problem with the coding. It appears that when you attacked, the computers created an anti-nuclear charge with combined with the coding, energy, and various temp. created… a small amount of anti-matter.

The Hacker: So?

Man: It appears that this anti-matter caused at least 7 users to go into the internet, and have now formed a team, dedicated to stopping you and saving their wiki farm. That is the main reason Generator Rex Fan Fiction Wiki and The Everything Everything Wiki were failures.

[The Hacker stands up, but keeps looking at the wall.]

Man: To Challenge Wikia further, is to court… fate itself.

[To this, the Hacker turns around, looks at the man, and smiles.]

[The End]


The Team

  • Brian
  • Jack
  • Chrono
  • Zon
  • Sci

The Main TEE Universe Characters


  • King Sklei (Alternate Version of Sklei)
  • Knight Chris


  • Alternate Nick
  • Alternate Sub
  • Alternate Tyran
  • Alternate Bink
  • Alternate Sci II
  • Alternate Nar
  • Alternate Brian
  • Alternate Fuse (deceased)

The Epic Life of Jack Characters

  • Alternate Jack
  • Alternate Denica 
  • Alternate Ahmad 
  • Alternate Sham
  • Alternate Zon
  • Alternate Lego 
  • Alternate Nar 
  • Alternate Skull 
  • Alternate Nick II
  • Alternate Ancy 
  • Alternate Sklei 
  • Alternate Solo 
  • Alternate Tron 
  • Alternate Toon 
  • Alternate Sci 


  • General Thorn/Original Hackbot/Thorn
  • Alternate Dead (deceased - will return to life after events of episode in the Epic Life of Jack universe)
  • Zon, the Cake Thief (defected to the good guys)
  • The Hacker 



  • Fuse's death is because #1 - He was removed from G.E.A.R., and 2. It's revenge for what he did. 
  • This episode takes place during Season 2 for both Zon the Cake Thief and The Epic Life of Jack. However, it takes place in the middle of Season 1 for G.E.A.R.
  • Because the show has The Epic Life of Jack in it... they have words and *cough* actions that won't happen in other episodes. 
  • The Future Tower is a fictional tower.
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