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TELoJ is the only series in Phase 1 of The Superior Life of Humans (Franchise).


Everyday life of random twenty year olds.


Season 1 Characters

Season 2 Characters

Season 3 Characters

Recurring Characters

  • Rufus the Cow (Deceased)
  • Dead's Mother
  • Nar's Mother
  • Nar's Father
  • Chuck Norris
  • Bruce Lee
  • Zon's Sister (Deceased)
  • Ahmad's Female Cousin
  • Rufus the cow's Mother
  • Malware
  • T-Dog (Deceased)
  • Zombies
  • Spongebob
  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • Gecko from Gieco Commercial
  • Muscle Man
  • Mordecai
  • News anchor (Deceased)
  • Rigby
  • Neil armstrong (Deceased)
  • Mineturtle
  • Mental Llama
  • Clint Eastwood
  • NicePeter
  • EpicLLoyd
  • Om Nom (Deceased)
  • Mitt Romney
  • Barack Obama
  • Abe Lincoln
  • Whitney Houston (Deceased)
  • Harry Potter
  • Tobuscus (Deceased)
  • BitchI'mBackasaurous
  • KoolAid Man
  • Dora (Deceased)
  • Boots (Deceased)
  • Derp


Season 1

Season 1 starts n May 2012 and ends in August 2012. With the start of the series, not many characters are introduced. There have been some running gags as killing Ahmad, Denica and Dead porn, Zon upset with Denica, and Lego throwing up. The finale, the Epic Life of PIE!!!!! is four weeks (for the characters) after the preimere. This season is succeded by season 2, also known as the Awesome Life of Jack. 

  1. Kick You In The Balls
  2. Invader Denica
  3. Ahmad Has An Affair
  4. Zon Murders His Sister
  5. Like A Boss
  6. Two New Friends
  7. Waffles Make You Fat
  8. Neil Armstrong Died
  9. For the Win
  10. My Tacos
  11. Meet the Parents
  12. An Embarrassing Moment
  13. Scary Movie Night
  14. The Epic Life of PIE!!!!!

Season 2: 

Season 2, dubbed The Awesome Life of Jack, is a continuation of the popular hit series, the Epic Life of Jack. It starts in late August 2012 and ends late March 2013. The timespan between the season 1 finale, The Epic Life of Pie, and the season 2 premiere, Moose; Alpaca is approximetely three to four days. There are new characters such as Sci, Sklei, Toon, Tron, Ancy, and Solo! There is planned to be 18 episodes in season 2, and the season finale has a major cliffhanger. As Jack would say, NU FUCKING SPOILERS FOR U MO'FUCKER

  1. Moose; Alpaca
  2. Gangnam Style BITCH
  3. Lizard Dick
  4. Sir Barfsalot
  5. Laughing Stock
  6. Brain Fart
  7. A Mental Llama
  8. The Chance of Dying
  9. My Asian Friend
  10. Om Nom Is Alive
  11. Octupussy
  12. Baddests Fists of Fury
  13. Dinosaurs Go RAWR
  14. The Pee That Took A Poop
  15. The Boss Interview
  16. Rufus the Cow
  17. Applesauce
  18. Heart Attack

Season 3:

Season 3, sub-titled as The Mo'Fucking Life of Jack, continues on with the daily life of the characters, but now has new ones such as Bloxx, Armo, Prime, Estew,and Scooter. It takes place many months later, after the funeral and Jack locked himself inside his room for ninteen months. Also, they now have a two year old dog named Pug. Starting from episode 10, the zombie apocalyspe started. Rendering the popular demand for this third season, there will be 18  episodes. This is the last season of the series, and a sequel series has not been confirmed. It starts in late March 2013 and has hiatus during summer. The series resumed August 3rd. This season ends on 8/13/13. 

  1. Mo'Fucking Hoes
  2. The Anti Life
  3. Best Friends
  4. Woof Woof
  5. Another Interview For The Boss
  6. Suck It
  7. Welcome to Idaho
  8. The Banana
  9. Swimming Pool
  10. The True Death
  11. Ghetto 'n Shit
  12. Fuck This, I'm Out
  13. Zombie Sex
  14. Suicidal Sci
  15. Zombies Fight Back
  16. Rufus the Zombie (Part 1)
  17. Rufus the Zombie (Part 2)
  18. Goodbye Guys

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