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The End of Wikia is a limited one season TV Series which deals with a mysterious figure who starts to destroy all of wikia. However, Users join together and teleport to the Online world, so they can fight to save wikia. It originally had 2 seasons but the second season was canceled.

Season 1: The End of Wikia

  1. The Hacker
  2. Battle of the War of Randomness
  3. Escape from War of Randomness
  4. The Final Battle of the War of Randonmness
  5. A Nanite Revolution - of Fanon
  6. The Everything Everything Crisis
  7. Nightmare in Nether World
  8. The Party Wiki Falls
  9. Young Justice: Fanon
  10. It's the End of Wikia Time
  11. It's Morphin Time
  12. The Fall of Wikia (Special Series Finale Movie)


The Team







Deceased Members

Chrono (Killed by Hackbots in " The Party Wiki Falls " )

The BTFF Rebellion (Everyone is banned from Chat as of Ep.5)


Sub (Account Deleted)

Paper (banned from Chat)

Solo (Disconnected from BTFF)

Roads (Disconnected from BTFF)


Community Central

Brandon Rhea (banned from BTFF Chat)

Sarah Manley (banned from BTFF Chat)

Rappy 4187 (banned from BTFF Chat)

Sannse (banned from BTFF Chat)

Other Members


Hacker's Group

  • The Hacker
  • Skleian - Confrimed to be a villian for the second half of Season 1
  • Regular Guy - Confrimed to be an upcoming villain starting in the second half of Season 1
  • Hackbots
  • The Hacker's Assistiant

The Memescapers

  • Alternate Brian/Commander
  • Alternate Ren (Deceased)
  • Alternate Chrono
  • Alternate Nick (from The War of Randomness Arc)
  • Alternate Zon (from The War of Randomness Arc)
  • Alternate Charbel

Other Villians

  • The Reach
    • Black Beetle
    • Scientist
    • Ambassador
  • Party Aliens
    • Rick - Leader of the Party Aliens
  • Postitive and Negative Giants
  • Slenderman
  • General Thorn
  • Zon the Cake Thief (an Alternate Zon)
  • Alternate Dead
  • Black Knight


​Nyan Knight Alliance

  • Alternate Sci (from the War of Randomness Arc)
  • Alternate Sklei (from the War of Randomness Arc)
  • Alternate Jack (from the War of Randomness Arc)
  • Alternate Ahmad (from the War of Randomness Arc)
  • Alternate ET

White Knight's Providence

  • White Knight
  • Rex
  • Dr. Holiday
  • Six
  • Bobo

Knights (ZTCT Universe)

  • King Sklei
  • Knight Chris
  • Knights

Jack's Friends (TELOJ Universe)

  • Alternate Jack (TELOJ)
  • Alternate Denica
  • Alternate Ahmad (TELOJ)
  • Alternate Sham
  • Alternate Zon (TELOJ)
  • Alternate Lego
  • Alternate Nar (TELOJ)
  • Alternate Skull
  • Alternate Nick (TELOJ)
  • Alternate Ancy (TELOJ)
  • Alternate Sklei (TELOJ)
  • Alternate Solo
  • Alternate Tron
  • Alternate Toon
  • Alternate Sci (TELOJ)


  • Alternate Nick (G.E.A.R.)
  • Alternate Tyran
  • Alternate Sub
  • Alternate Bink
  • Alternate Sci (G.E.A.R)
  • Alternate AB (also known as Evan)
  • Alternate Nar (G.E.A.R.)
  • Alternate Brian (G.E.A.R.)
  • Alternate Fuse


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