The first episode of NPA


Nar wakes up in a cave without even knowing how did he got there.

Nar: Where am I?

???: Mwahhahah

Nar: Who said that?

???: So, You don't know how you got here..

Nar: Show your self!

Nar grabs his pokeball to sent out a pokemon

???: I don't think you can defeat me.

Nar: Ok then!

Nar throws the pokeball and sent out Mewnar

Mewnar: Mew?

Nar: Mewnar use Spark!

??? uses Ice Blast and clashes with the Spark attack

??? walks out of the dark

???: I'm Kyurem.

Nar: So you're a talking pokemon?

Kyurem: Yes, But I'm not gonna be a fool to fight a weakling like you.

Nar: Who you calling weak?

A thunder lands on Kyurem and he turns into Black Kyurem

BK: Mwhahaha!

BK Thundershocks Nar

Nar whites out

Nar wakes up on the pokecenter

Nar: What happened?

Nurse Joy: You whited a cave

Nar: Who found me?

Nurse Joy: Some guy, But he left..

Nar: Whoever that guy is, I thank him..

Nurse Joy: Your pokemons are resting over there..

Houndnar: Hoour.

Mewnar: Mew mew..

Nurse Joy: You will be out of bed in a minute..

20 minutes later....

Nurse Joy: You can get out of bed now

Nar gets out of bed, Puts his pokemons back in the pokeball and Grabs his bag

Wears his bag

Nar: I'm gonna find this guy.

Narrator : Thats all for this episode, Will Nar ever gonna meet that pokemon again? or is he gonna found out who helped him, Find out in the next episodes.

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