IT stands for Info and Trivia.




  1. OmniWill
  2. SubZero
  3. Lego Master
  4. Brandon
  5. Omi
  6. Jack
  7. Ultra
  8. Speedy 
  9. Tyran (In Danger)
  10. Drillo (In Danger)
  11. AB (Killed Off)


  1. Charles
  2. The Maid/Vicki
  3. Arthur
  4. Clark
  5. Diana


  • The episode's name The Butler Did It comes from the popular murder-mystery trope also known as The Butler Did It.  In this episode, Charles, the Butler, is accused of killing AB.
    • Sub, Lego, the Fiend, and Charles himself say either "The Butler Did It", or "The Butler Done It". Brandon says "The Butler Didn't Do It". 
  • 555-2525 is a reference to two things. The "555" part is a reference to the fact that "Telephone numbers with the prefix 555 are widely used for fictitious telephone numbers in North American television shows, films, video games, and other media". The other reference is that the number 5 is important to the season. 25 is the number 5 squared. 55 is 5x11, 555 is 5x111, 2525 is 5x505.
  • Brandon's defintion of Hives is from this website. 
  • Ultra and Jack are the first to realize Brandon and Speedy's "romance", or "showmance".
    • Brandon and Speedy's Romance also finally came to fruition after two episodes hinting at it. 
  • The Guest's discovery and confusion about the Maid being able to talk is an allusion to the maids not talking in Season One.
    • Speedy's comment is espically an allusion to the former maids Melina and Erica. 
  • To Muzzle is "to prevent (a person or group) from speaking or writing in a free or normal way".
  • The book Conquest of the Conqueror is a reference to the Season 3 two-part Premiere of Brandon 10: Alien Force. The passage Brandon read outloud came from Part 1's opening. 
  • Speedy's quotation, "We may sit in our library and yet be in all quarters of the earth" was said by John Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury in his book, The Pleasures of Life.
  • Originally, there was going to be a larger plot with the 1989 storyline in this episode, but Sci scrapped it in favor of focusing on the Speedy-Brandon relationship and Charles's Investigation of the Maid. Had it been added, it would have focused on Charles being framed for the murder of a teacher at the school, hence adding to the title "The Butler Did It", only in this case it would have had a double meaning, as his name is literally Butler. 
  • Street managed to correctly guess The Maid was Vicki Demple. Congratulations to him. From now on, the episodes will refer to The Maid as Vicki. 
  • The episode was originally supposed to air on April 5th, but due to illness and holiday matters, it aired the following day. 
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