Season 2, Episode 203
Has the classic murder-mystery trope come true?
Air date 4/6/15
Written by Sci
Directed by Sci
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It shows The Butler and King Hotel and Resort as Charles voice overs.

“Thirteen Mortals have arrived here to play a diabolical game of life, or death. For one of these Mortals is not who everyone thinks they are...for this, ladies and gentlemen is a game… of Murder. "

It zooms across to the other side of Wikia Island as it shows clips from the previous episode.

“And Last time on MURDER... "

[Teen]: My name is Charles.... Charles Butler.

[Nate drinks the wine, and then stops. He drops to the ground, the glass shatters to the floor, and he hits the wood. Scoot is knocked out by Chloroform, and then chained to a weight, and pushed into a pool, drowning.]

[Ultra]: This... Game of Murder... it has begun.

[Figure]: For I am the Fiend.... Fiend of Wikia Island.

[Voice]: From the Lane of the Elm.... The King will be Punished in his Realm.... Found Between Fire and Water.... The Killer Revealed before the next Slaughter.... You have Twenty Four Hours... I'll Be Watching in the Towers.


[Richard]: We have a duty to this manor, and whoever lives here. We are forced to do servitude. Our family has always been forced to do so for multiple generations.

[Charles]: Why? Why are we forced to be... their slaves?

[Richard]: Be- never mind. It’s just... complicated.

[Maid]: I was cleaning your room earlier today and I noticed you had a music box in your room. 

[Charles]: "That doesn't just apply to the others..... there are others who are not being truthful". 

[Clark]: It said The Killer revealed before the next slaughter. Whoever gave the riddle knew Joan was going to try and kill this woman next. But then it said I'll Be Watching in the Towers". That sounds like Joan isn't the riddle-giver. There's someone else, and I think this whole thing ... it may be part of it. So I looked at places with towers on the Island, and I found only one place with towers. The Old Spanish Church. 

[Tyran walks over to the file and opens it up. Inside the file is a packet of papers with mathematical numbers on it and a key card. The card says SPECIAL PASS TO HOTEL LAB. ] 

[Charles looks at the Music Box on a table in his room. As he lays down, a storm is brewing outside, as the camera focuses on the Hotel's lit sign. Thunder is heard, as lighting appears, striking the sign, and turning on a few letters. The letters with the lights turned on spell THE BUTLER DIES. ] 

1989 - 24 Hours after the Fiend’s mysterious call. A Few Hours after Joan King’s arrest.

[Charles, Arthur, Clark, Diana, and Vicki are running up a hill. Its midnight. They’re rushing up the hill, avoiding rocks. They have flashlights, using them to see the road. ]

[Charles]: Its up here.

[The camera cuts above to view an ancient spanish church, with a wooden sign sticking on the ground. La Iglesia Wikia Isla de Nuestro Señor. It cuts to Charles opening the door, which breaks off. He lays it to the ground quietly. Everyone steps in. ]

[Diana]: Are you sure this is the place Clark?

[Clark]: Its the only place with towers on this island. That’s what the riddle said.

[Charles]: He’s right, this has to be the place.

[Diana]: Even if this is the place, are you sure you saw someone coming in here?

[Charles]: Yes.

[Diana]: But you said that thing... didn't look human. You said it had horns.

[Charles]: I’m only telling you what I saw. Just... look around. Please.

[Arthur]: We’re not servants, Charles.

[Charles looks at Arthur, who glares back. Everyone begins looking around the ancient church. ]

[Vicki]: No one has been here for probably a hundred years or more. It was built by the Spanish.

[Arthur opens up a confessional, while Vicki looks at the stained glass. Charles then notices something. ]

[Charles]: I see something... on the organ.

[Clark turns around and sees it. ]

[Clark]: There aren't any stairs connecting to this part of the Church.

[Charles]: Fine then.

[Charles runs up to the organ, and steps on the keys. The organ creates a loud sound, hurting the ears of Arthur, Clark, Diana, and Vicki. ] 

[Arthur]: What the ...

[Vicki]: Charles! STOP! PLEASE. 

[Charles begins climbing the pipe organ, pulling himself upward. ] 

[Charles]: I can... see ... it...

[Suddenly, the pipe organ begins falling down. Charles lets go, hitting the ground with a loud boom. As the Pipe Organ nearly hits the ground, he ducks below the keyboard, dodging the organ pipes, and surviving as they hit the ground. Charles slowly comes out from below as the others cough from the dust. ] 

[Vicki]: Really Charles? Really?!

[Charles]: Sorry. 

[Arthur]: Wait a minute, there is something at the end of the pipe. 

[Arthur grabs it from the pipe as Charles walks over and takes it from him. The others come together, as Charles opens it. What it looks at is a piece of parchment with multiple rings that could move, with different designs on it. In the center of the map is a drawing of Wikia Island. ] 

[Charles]: What is this?

[Clark]: I have a feeling we're going to find out... 

[As the five teens look at the Map, above them all... looking down from the interior of one of the towers in the Church is the Fiend. ] 

[The Fiend]: Found the Map Charles has at last... But I must be sure if he can pass the class. Only Nine Days till the the Night of the Dead, but Soon Charles will learn to Dread. For the Map found makes the spell be spun...

[The Fiend grins, staring at Charles. ]

[The Fiend]: There is no time to run, for the Curse.... has... begun.

Present Day Wikia Island - The Butler and King Hotel and Resort

[It shows Brandon in his room, fixing his bed. He then looks at his suitcase. Opening it up, he sees nothing inside except a small knife. He takes the small knife, and cuts into the suitcase, ripping part of it up. He reaches into it, grabbing a file and opening it up. Inside is a series of emails on paper. One of them has an email asking for help. ] 

Dear Mr. Brandon, 
I am aware of your services, and I am need of them. 
I fear that something horrible and drastic will occur 
during The Butler and King Hotel and Resort's testing period. 
I request that you go there to keep watch on the following guests: 
The Honorable Judge Jack, the secretive Speedy, the tricky Tyran, 
the allusive AB, the new student Nate, the mysterious Omi, 
the dangerous Lego, the devastating Drillo, the sacred Scoot,
the Unknown Sub, the obscured Omni, secluded Ultra, and the 
Special Charles Butler. Any one of them could be a danger. 
I will pay for all your expenses.
Please, make sure nothing happens Brandon. You are my only hope. 
a Fearful customer In desperatE NeeD.

[Brandon had once thought that last part, "a Fearful customer In desperatE NeeD" was a typo, but not anymore. The last few days had changed that. The person was right. Something had happened. However, he was sure that this "Fearful customer" was the Killer he was trying to figure out their identity. ]

[Brandon]: Wait a second.

[Brandon noticed in the last sentence of the emails, it wasn't properly capitalized. He noted that the letter F, I, and then the E N D. Putting them together, he spoke the word out loud. ]

[Brandon]: F - I - E - N - D. FIEND.

[He looks at the printed email again, concerned. It cuts to Brandon arriving at Wikia Cafe, only to find Omni, Omi, Ultra, Lego, and Speedy eating bacon, sausage, eggs, and cereal with orange juice. Brandon sees Speedy, who notices him watching her. He then proceeds to sit down with Lego. ]

[Brandon]: So... have they showed up yet?

[Lego]: Obviously not. I hope not the doctor though. We could use him. 

[Brandon]: Yeah, I guess.

[Brandon proceeds to grab bacon, and eggs from the containers in the middle of the table, and put it on his plate. ] 

[Lego]: Listen, um... Brandon. There is a madman on this island. And there are strength in numbers. Now while I feel safe with our "team" now, I want to know that there's someone who will help me when I need it. Who will be a friend. Now, I know you're just a ... you said a teacher, right? 

[Brandon]: Yes. 

[Lego]: I know you're just a teacher, but I would like to help you so you can help me. I want to be your friend, your ally, the person you can trust, so you can be the person I can trust not to have me killed. 

[Brandon]: You want to form an alliance?

[Lego]: A friendship, Brandon. 

[Lego takes out his hand and offers it to Brandon, who looks down at the hand and back up.  ]

[Brandon]: A friend can't hurt as much as dying I guess. 

[Brandon shakes the hand as suddenly Tyran and Jack arrive, look around, and then sit next to Brandon and Lego. ] 

[Jack]: So, the Doctor and the Manager are still missing?

[Tyran]: Must be. 

[Lego]: Anyone notice the Big S isn't here either?

[Brandon]: Yeahhh... that is odd. 

[Jack]: Then Perhaps we should go and look for the three of them. Just to be safe.

[It cuts to the remaining guests, with the exception of Sub, AB, and Drillo walking down the hall. ]

[Omni]: We'll start with AB. His room is Room 204.

[Speedy]: How would you know?

[Omni]: I'm an officer, I need to know these things.

Music-icon MURDER Soundtrack - The Butler Did It
The Butler Did It

[The group reaches Room 204, as Omni attempts to open the door. ]

[Omni]: Its locked.

[Ultra]: Why would it be locked?

[Omi]: Only one way to find out.

[Omni]: Agreed.

[Omni backs up, and hits the door, breaking it open. As he stumbles, everyone gasps. Omni's eyes turn upwards to show AB, laying on his bed, frozen and stiff. Standing next to him is Charles, who is holding a glass with his silky white loves. Charles turns to face the group, shocked. Omni begins to have his face turn red. ]

[Omni]: It was you all along... you killed AB. You're the Killer...

[As Charles looks at Omni in shock, the camera turns to a dead AB. ]

MURDER Mystery Island Logo One

[Brandon and Omi grab Charles by the arms as Omni grabs the glass from Charles and places it on AB's nearby desk. ] 

[Brandon]: You sick manipulative bas-

[Omi]: You lied to us this whole time. 

[Charles]: Gentlemen, please! I swear I am innocent. 

[Omni]: AB, Aka Arthur Barnsworth is dead because of you Charles. We caught you in the act! Now you're gonna pay. 

[Charles]: I swear, I did nothing! I swear!

[Speedy walks up to Charles and slaps him in the face. ] 

[Charles]: Not the first time I've been slapped in the face by a lady. 

[Jack and Ultra take a few steps backwards as Charles is taken away by Brandon and Omi. As they do so, Sub shows up, watching Brandon and Omi take Charles away. ] 

[Sub]: What the hell is going on?

[Omi]: Charles killed AB. 

[Sub]: What?!

[Sub looks at Charles, then suddenly punches Charles in the face. ] 

[Charles]: Ow. That hurt. 

[Sub]: I'm glad it did. 

[Sub walks towards the rest of the group as Omni kicks Room 211's door open to show Drillo sitting on his bed, looking up to see Omni. ] 

[Omni]: You were locked inside?

[Drillo]: Yeah. 

[Speedy]: This doesn't make any sense... why would Charles be the Killer?

[Sub]: We'll find out... I intend to find out. 

[It cuts to Charles being in a dark room. He's tied up to the chair he's sitting in. Suddenly, the lights turn on, and Charles's head is pushed onto the table, banging his head. ] 

[Charles]: Damn that hurt. 

[Charles looks up to see Sub. ] 

[Charles]: I may not be a cop, like Omni, but I'm pretty sure you don't go for the head first. The Victim gets all fuzzy, and he can't feel the next... 

[Sub slams his fist onto Charles hand, who is unmoved. ] 

[Charles]: Huh, I was right. 

[Sub]: Why'd you do it?

[Charles]: I didn't kill him. 

[Sub]: We caught you in the act, Charles. 

[Charles]: I swear I didn't. You just wait and see, he ... or Speedy, is going to kill again. Tomorrow. And then the next day, and then next, until... 

[Charles stops for a second, thinking. ] 

[Charles]: ... till the Killer gets what they wants. 

[Sub]: What were the Killer's words or... your words... I should say? "As such, my mission is to find these Five. By any means necessary.". 

[Charles looks at the table, as sweat drips down his forehead. ] 

[Sub]: Why do you need to find five of us?

[Charles doesn't answer as Sub becomes more angry. ] 

[Sub]: If You're Not the Killer... who is?

[Charles continues to not answer. ] 


[Charles, Shouting]: Shut Up! Just... shut up. 

[Suddenly a door opens, and its Omni. ] 

[Omni]: I just found a cell phone in the lobby. There's a text message for us. 

[Sub]: Alright, I'm coming. 

[As Sub begins to leave, Charles shakes the chair. ] 

[Charles, shouting]: Let me Go! You have NO IDEA what I went through all those years ago! You're all in danger! 

[Sub and Omni look at Charles, before leaving the room. Charles puts his head to the side, as tears are shed. It cuts to the lobby. Everyone but Omni and Sub are there. Omni and Sub appear, walking towards the group of living guests. ] 

[Omni]: I never knew you were good at interrogation?

[Sub]: I just happened to watch a lot of tv. 

Brandon gives Sub the phone, as he reads the text outloud. ] 

[Sub, reading the text]: "You think I'm captured but who knows. Maybe I'm not. Guess you'll have to continue playing my little game. Separate into groups and go to the Crime Scene, or AB's room; The Morgue; and a new location for you all. Oh, however I do have one request. Mr. Tyran must be one of the 3 or 4 guests to go to this new location, as he has the necessary item needed to reach it. This new location will be across the Morgue, if you dare to go there. Remember dear mortals, NO ONE is safe. Not the Maid, Not the Butler, not the Private Detective, not the cop, not the bounty hunter (or so he claims), not the writer, or anyone safe. Go now, find the clues, and learn the truth about this island. " 

[Sub slowly puts down the phone, as he sits down on a couch. ] 

[Jack]: Detective? I never recalled knowing any of us were a detective... 

[Omi]: And it mentioned Sub is only claiming to be a bounty hunter... 

[Drillo]: So two of us are lying. 

[Speedy]: Tyran, what was the Killer talking about?

[Tyran looks at the guests, as he sighs. ] 

[Tyran]: I was given a special key card last night. And an equation, for what purpose I do not know. But the key card said "Special Pass to Hotel Lab". So it must be a lab. Since I have the key to the lab, and the Killer has demanded it... who will join me to the Lab?

[Sub]: I will. I read that text... I want to know what's there. 

[Omi]: As do I. 

[Omni]: And I. 

[Lego]: Well I think we ALL want to go to the Lab, but we can't. That said, I will go to the Crime Scene. 

[Drillo]: Same. 

[Brandon]: I think I'll stick with the Morgue. 

[Speedy]: I'll join you. 

[Brandon smiles at Speedy, who smiles back. Ultra notices this, and says something to Jack. ]

[Jack]: I've made up my mind. I'll go to the scene of the crime. 

[Ultra]: Which leaves me to the Morgue. 

[Omni]: What about Charles?

[Ultra]: He's locked up in the janitor's closet. I think we can trust he'll stay there. Besides, we all have to help out look for clues. 

[Omni]: Then let's go. 

[As everyone begins to separate, Brandon picks up the phone, rereading it. Speedy notices, as does Ultra.] 

[Ultra]: Well?

[Speedy]: I'll be with you in the Morgue in a sec. 

[Ultra]: Fine. 

[Ultra begins walking away as Speedy walks over to Brandon. Brandon finishes messing with the phone, as Speedy grabs his shoulder. ] 

[Speedy]: Hey, are you okay?

[Brandon]: Yeah I just... I needed to read the text for myself. 

[Speedy pulls Brandon towards her, as he looks at her. ] 

[Brandon]: What?

[Speedy]: I ... I don't know. Its just... your eyes. I never realized they were that color. 

[Brandon]: Yeah, they're Green. I know that. 

[Speedy]: Listen, don't focus on the killer's message. Focus ... on trying to figure out how AB died. Focus on me. While we head to the Morgue... why don't you tell me things about yourself. 

[Brandon shakes his head, and then smiles. ]

[Brandon]: Alright. Let's go. 

[Brandon and Speedy hold hands as they head towards the Morgue. However, the camera goes to the phone, which reveals a pop-up. ] 

TEXT SENT TO 555-2525

The Lab

The Lab

[Sub, Tyran, Omi, and Omni reach the lab. Tyran takes out the special key card, and puts it into the key card hole. The door unlocks, as Tyran opens the doors. Everyone walks in, as a shocked expression reaches their faces. ] 

[Sub]: What...

[Omi]: The...

[Omni]: Hell... 


Music-icon MURDER Soundtrack - Police Records
Police Records

[Sub, Tyran, Omi, and Omni reach the lab. Tyran takes out the special key card, and puts it into the key card hole. The door unlocks, as Tyran opens the doors. Everyone walks in, as a shocked expression reaches their faces. ] 

[Sub]: What...

[Omi]: The...

[Omni]: Hell... 

[The Lab is covered in papers and equipment. The four mortals walk in, looking at everything. A bug flies up from one of the machines, and towards Omni, who moves his hand to move it away. ] 

[Tyran]: What... is all this?

[Omi walks over to some of the papers on a nearby desk, picks them up, and looks at them. ] 

[Omi]: FIVE, FIVE, FIVE, FIVE, FIVE ... Someone is a fan of the number 5. 

[Sub and Tyran head to the right side of the lab, while Omni and Omi take the left side. Omni looks at a file that says REPORTS. Opening it up, he looks at the various papers inside. ] 

[Omni]: Abrin removed from containment, request granted by a ... Mr.Kr. MrKr. How would you pronounce that?

[Omi picks up another paper, looking at it. ] 

[Omi]: I found another report. Acid removed from containment, request granted also by a Mr.Kr. 

[Omni]: Who is this Kr person?


Name: Omni
Occupation: Cop
Hometown: Ultimate Pokeville, Wikia.

[Omni]: There's reports of missing lethal substances, granted by someone called Kr. I don't know what this is all about, but I have a feeling this is very, very important.

[It cuts to Sub looking around. He finds a big box blocking something. Sub wipes off the dust on the box, seeing "WIKIA ISLAND POLICE STATION". ] 

[Sub]: Police Station? 

[Sub picks up the box, to reveal a machine and a bottle with a note attached to it. ]

[Sub]: Tyran, look at the bottle and that machine. They might help. 

[Tyran walks over as Sub pulls out a file container, with multiple files that have the words WIKIA ISLAND POLICE STATION RECORDS on them. ] 

[Sub]: What the hell is this?


Name: Sub
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Hometown: UNKNOWN

[Sub]: I'm trying to figure out how AB died, but all I'm finding are these... things. A box from a police station that has Police Records. When did this Island ever have a Police Station? I get this feeling that we're not at this lab just for a clue on how AB Died. 

[Sub pulls out a file, and opens it. He gasps, as he looks at the packet of Papers inside. ] 

[Sub]: But... how?! That's impossible, they couldn't have had access to this.... 

[Sub puts down the file, showing a picture of himself, detailing his date of birth, address, parents, and his job. On top of the packet is a note card that says in black ink, "STOP LYING TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS". Sub looks around, to see Omni and Omi looking at a poster board of poisonous and non-poisonous substances and Tyran using the machine to scan the liquid in the bottle. He then carefully places the file in an open drawer, as he continues to look at these files. ] 

[Sub]: Omni... Brandon.... Tyran... Nate... 

[Sub continues putting away multiple files, including files with pictures of the guests. ] 

[Sub]: Speedy... AB.... Omi... Jack... Ultra.... 

[Sub looks around to make sure no one is watching him again. ] 

[Sub]: Drillo... Scoot... Lego... we'll all in these files. But that's impossible, they couldn't have had this before now... 

[Sub then continues to look at more records. ] 

[Sub]: Vicki... she's the... really? And then... Arthur Demple, Diana Ney, Clark Johnson... Charles and Richard Butler? Richard Butler, of the Hall Manor... friends of David King, Robert Gullahorn, Kro- never mind that part is stretched out, and Eric Cureluy. That's a lot of people, and a lot of them are dead... 

[Sub puts all the files in the drawer, before shutting it. It cuts to Omi and Omni looking at the poster board. ] 

[Omi]: Poisonous and non-poisonous flora and fauna.

[Omni]: Poisonous: Pink Oleander, Eastern Coral Snake, and Poison Oak. 

[Omi]: Non-Poisonous: Pink Bougainvillea, Scarlet King Snake, and Fragrant Sumac. 


Name: Omi
Occupation: Attorney
Hometown: Chaturnville, Wikia

[Omi]: First the abrin and acid reports, now a poster board with three poisonous flora and fauna. Is it possible... that AB was poisoned?

[Tyran and Sub are talking near the edge of the lab. ]

[Tyran]: The Note said the bottled substance was one of the things in the cup that AB drank out of. With the machine, I was able to determine that it was Alcohol.

[Sub]: Obviously a way to hide the second substance. But what was that substance?

The Morgue

The Morgue
Music-icon MURDER Soundtrack - Speedy

[Speedy and Brandon are seen talking to each other as they head towards the Morgue. ]

[Speedy]: So, as a writer, I gotta ask... do you read?

[Brandon]: I actually love reading. Reading's been a great hobby of mine for years. I've read books of multiple genres, including classics, adventure, fantasy, there's so many.

[Speedy]: I'm glad to hear that. I'm a bit of a book fan myself.

[Brandon]: You're a writer, so.. I would hope so.

[Speedy elbows Brandon, as the two smile. They reach the Morgue, where Ultra stands there waiting, not happy. ]

[Ultra]: What the hell took you so long.

[Brandon]: Sorry.

[Brandon and Speedy suddenly let go of their hands, trying to avoid suspicion. ]

[Ultra]: Now, let's try and get some work done.

[Brandon, Speedy, and Ultra begin investigating the body of AB, who is lying on his back. Brandon looks at AB's arms, as Ultra takes care of his chest, and Speedy looks at the legs. As Brandon investigates, he notices something. ]

[Brandon]: There's Hives on his arms.

[Ultra]: What?

[Brandon]: Hives. You know, raised, often itchy, red bumps on the surface of the skin. They are usually an allergic reaction to food or medicine.

[Speedy]: So you're a teacher and a doctor?

[Brandon]: Well kids have hives. And so did I, once.

[Speedy]: His legs have nothing on them...

[Ultra]: His chest does though. A giant rash... my god...

[Speedy]: Hives.... A Rash.... doesn't seem like he was shot or stabbed. Maybe we should tur-

[Speedy then notices a bag with the label "EVIDENCE" on it. ]

[Speedy]: ... that's it.

[Speedy walks over to the bag, opens it up, and reaches in. Reaching for a few seconds, she stops for a second, and pulls out a black-covered book. ]

[Brandon]: What is that?

[Speedy]: Perhaps a Diary...

[Speedy opens it up, as she begins flipping the pages. ]

[Speedy]: I found last night. "As I had asked Charles the night before, I requested a Brandy before I sleep. However, I'm beginning to feel odd. My vision is getting worse and worse, and I feel drowsy. "

[Ultra]: Drowsy... bad vision?

[Speedy]: Wait, there's more. "Its a quarter to 1 AM, and I've noticed a rash has showed up on my chest, as well as hives. Now, I ... I... fear that my time has come. This... monster has decided to kill the only one capable of saving lives. If so... so be it. " That was the last entry.


Name: Ultra
Occupation: Comic Book Writer
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Ultra]: Hives.... Drowsy... Rash... maybe the Lab will have some answers. 

The Crime Scene

The Crime Scene

[Jack, Lego, and Drillo arrive at the Crime Scene. ]

[Lego]: So your Honor, where do we begin?

[Jack]: Well, lets start with the cup Omni placed on the desk. 

[Drillo]: I can look at that. 

[Lego]: I'll look at the bed. 

[Jack]: Agreed. 

[Drillo begins inspecting the cup as Jack checks out the rest of the room, and Lego looks around the bed. Drillo sniffs the substance in the cup as Lego starts moving to the other side of the bed. ] 

[Drillo]: I smell ... Brandy. And... something else. 

[Lego]: Oh my... ugh. He vomited... and its all dried up. 

[Jack walks over towards the window, as he notices something. ] 

[Jack]: Gentlemen, there's a strange pot of pink flowers by the window. 

[Drillo and Lego walk over towards the pot. ] 

[Jack]: I have a wife that gardens, but I've never seen these flowers... 

[Drillo]: They... have the smell. The smell from the cup. 

[Jack]: Perhaps this is what killed our friend. 


Name: Lego
Occupation: CEO of Toy Company
Hometown: Chaturnville, Wikia

[Lego]: Only question is.. what is it?

[It cuts to Charles, still tied to the chair in the janitor's closet. Suddenly, he hears someone trying to open the door. The door opens, revealing the person opening it was the Maid.] 

[Charles]: What are you-?

[Maid]: I'm helping you out. You're not the Fie- I mean the Killer. 

[The Maid takes out a knife and cuts the rope tying Charles to the chair. Charles gets up, looking at the Maid.] 

[Charles]: Why are you doing this?

[Maid]: Lets say that I'm paying my dues. Now go hide in my room. Now!

[Charles hurries out of the closet, as the Maid shuts the door, leaving an empty room with no prisoner. ] 


Music-icon MURDER Soundtrack - Charles Discovers the Necklace
Charles Discovers the Necklace

[The Maid opens a door, as Charles enters the room. He looks around, hurrying towards the blinds, and closing them. ] 

[Maid]: You should be safe in here. No one will know that you're hiding in here. But when they do find out, I'll tell them that you went into the Staff Backroom. That will bye some time. 

[Charles]: Thank you... 

[Maid]: You're welcome. You are my boss, after all. 

[Charles]: But that's not all... is it?

[Maid]: I ... I don't quite understand what you mean. 

[Charles]: Never mind, then. 

[Maid]: There's Food in the little mini-fridge, as well as some water bottles. I have an adjoining bathroom if you need to ... you know. 

[Charles looks around, opening up the mini-fridge, grabbing a water bottle and looking at it. ] 

[Charles]: I never realized, you had such a room. Its actually quite beautiful. 

[Maid]: Yes indeed, all thanks to our murderous benefactor. Now, I have to begin preparing the meal for the guests so... 

[Charles]: Of course, I understand. 

[Maid]: I'll be back. 

[The Maid shuts the door, leaving the room as Charles waits a few seconds. He then walks over towards her small desk, opening it up and looking in the drawers. ] 

[Charles]: And now... now I can find what you're hiding. 

[Charles takes out a Bible, a small wallet, a watch, and a notepad with pens. On the notepad, it states a list.]

List of Items to Do:

  • Figure Out if the Fiend or the Criminal is the Killer (most likely, wants the Five)
  • Discover Why Charles is Back
  • Maintain my Idendity
  • Attempt to Figure Out if Any of the Guests are the Five
  • Survive (duh)

[Charles]: Well, I'm back because A. Good Pay Always is a reason to take a job, and B. I wanted to make sure nothing happened. I am an idiot for thinking nothing would, but that's beside the point. ... Why am I talking to myself?

[Charles then notices something on the notepad. On it, is the label HALL MANOR. Charles, angry, throws back everything in the drawer, and begins looking for clues in the desk. As Charles opens drawers, pulling out papers, and other useless materials, a shiny object catches his eyes. He reaches it for it as he pulls out a necklace with a shiny crystalline heart shaped jewel in the middle of it. As he looks at it, a face of shock shows up on his face. ] 

[Charles, worried and frightened]: No... I... I gave that to... oh my god. She's... oh my god no... not now. Why is SHE pretending to be a normal Maid? 

[It cuts to the remaining guests in the Wikia Cafe. Brandon and Speedy are talking to each other, as Ultra watches them. Ultra walks over to Jack. ] 

[Ultra]: Have you noticed anything concerning... them?

[Jack]: I've seen those looks before. Let them be, he may help us in the future. 

[Ultra]: Yes, he could help the team. 

[Suddenly, the Maid arrives in the Cafe. ] 

[Maid]: Can I have your attention please?


Name: Dill aka "Drillo"
Occupation: Manager of a Construction Company.
Hometown: Ultimate Pokeville, Wikia.

[Drillo]: Wait, this Maid... Talks?


Name: Speedy
Occupation: Haunted Stories Writer
Hometown: Chaturnville, Wikia

[Speedy]: I thought Maids were supposed to be quiet... and creepy. 


Name: Omi
Occupation: Attorney
Hometown: Chaturnville, Wikia

[Omi]: Since when did she start talking? I don't recall her ever talking?

~Flashback Scene from A Natural Death~

[Maid]: Sorry to keep you all waiting. If you could please leave your luggage her, I will attend to it. In the meanwhile, please go to Wikia Cafe. It is there where you will be given a proper introduction.

(and later)

[Maid]: All of your rooms are on the second floor. The third and above floors are restricted.


Name: Brandon
Occupation: Teacher?
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Brandon]: Um... what? She talks? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

[The guests turn around, looking at the Maid. ] 

[Maid]: If everyone could follow me, that would be wonderful. 

[The Guests begin walking with the Maid out of the Cafe, as everyone begins looking around. ] 


Name: Omni
Occupation: Cop
Hometown: Ultimate Pokeville, Wikia.

[Omni]: Everyone believes that Charles is the one who commited MURDER, but now I'm beginning to have some doubts. I'm interested if she is leading us to a riddle, because that riddle may prove Charles innoccent or guilty. 


Name: Brandon
Occupation: Teacher?
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Brandon]: I need to win this. There are some things that were in that text that I need to make sure doesn't get lead back to me. 


Name: Sub
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Hometown: UNKNOWN

[Sub]: We may agree on the Butler Done It part, but I still don't like Omni, and I have to get him killed so I can live ... I might have to do that. 

[The guests and the Maid reach the lobby, to see several tables with boards with multi-colored lights on them, and a plastic cylinder container. In front of these tables are several stands with locked cases. Inside these cases are hotel cards. ] 

[Drillo]: Whoa...

[Tyran]: This is a new look. 

[Lego]: Indeed. 

[Each guest sits at a table by themselves, as the Maid takes out a note card. ] 

[Maid]: Because Charles is unable to do this, I shall do it for him. "Greetings, mortals. May I have your attention please? Some of you believe that the Butler killed. However, allow me to make sure you are billed. For all the damage done today, you've only led to decay. So do me a favor and solve this puzzle.  Or to stop you from screaming I'll have to start to muzzle. If you're right, it will go green. If you're wrong, red will cover the scene. Once you have solved this clue, read it and discover what is true. " 


Name: Lego
Occupation: CEO of Toy Company
Hometown: Chaturnville, Wikia

[Lego]: So basically, we have to solve this puzzle to get the second part of the riddle, so we can find out if the Butler Did It. 

[Maid]: Are you ready?

[Guests]: Yes. 

[Maid]: Begin. 

[The Guests open the containers and spill out 21 puzzle pieces. The guests, franatic, begin moving them around and trying to look at all the pieces. ] 


Name: Brandon
Occupation: Teacher?
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Brandon]: My plan is to look at all the pieces, then find the corner pieces, and then attach the words. 

[Brandon finds a piece that has S YOU NO on it and connects it with another group of pieces that spell CONGRAT. Meanwhile, Sub connects a piece that says CO with a piece that says NGRAT before connecting a piece with UNCO with a piece that says VER THE. ]


Name: Sub
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Hometown: UNKNOWN

[Sub]: I'm trying, I really am to figure out which pieces go together and which don't, but puzzles aren't the best thing I'm good at.

[The camera pans across the lobby, as Drillo tries to figure out what goes with the piece that says BEFORE, Speedy tries to find a piece that connects with the pieces that say "HE 215 ROOM", Omi attempts to figure out what pieces go under "CONGRATS YOU NOW HAVE FOUND THIS CLUE", Jack connects a piece with "LOOK" to the rest of his connected puzzle while having more pieces to put in, and Ultra puts together two pieces to say "THE BUTLER'S". ]


Name: Ultra
Occupation: Comic Book Writer
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Ultra]: This is not easy. You have all these pieces, you're trying to figure out which pieces are in the middle, on the sides, you're trying to also guess what you're spelling, its a nightmare.


Name: Jack
Occupation: Judge (formerly), retired
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Jack]: I think I should have paid more attention to my wife's friends night.

[Brandon is looking at the Riddle Puzzle, turning his head and stroking his face, as if there was a beard. Suddenly, his eyes grow bigger as he begins rapidly putting pieces together. In one quick stroke, he takes one half of the puzzle, and another half of the puzzle, and combines them together to form the entire puzzle. The lights surrounding Brandon's board glow green, and the case opens up, allowing Brandon to get the key card. Brandon then reads the entire new riddle. ]

[Brandon]: "Congrats you now have found this clue, now go look for what I brew. Take this card and go to the 215 Room, uncover the truth before the butler's doom. "

[Brandon runs up, and grabs the Key Card before running up the staircase. At the same time, Speedy and Sub figure the puzzle out, getting their key cards, and following Brandon. Brandon reaches the top of the stairs, goes down the hall, then turning to the right, running past the 230's. Speedy and Sub attempt to catch up to him, as Omni, Jack, and Ultra finish their puzzles and get their key cards. Brandon reaches the end of the hall. ]

[Brandon]: This is 214, which means... right.

[Brandon goes to the right, and arrives at 215. He puts the key card in, to walk into the hotel room. Brandon shuts the door after walking inside, looking around. He then notices a piece of paper on the desk. Walking over, he picks up a series of lines, boxes, and a star in one area of the paper. ]

[Brandon]: What is...

[His eyes lower to the bottom of the Paper, as he finds "BUTLER AND KING HOTEL FIRST FLOOR BLUEPRINTS". Brandon begins looking at the Blueprint again, when he realizes what the clue is. ]

[Brandon]: The Star... That's where I got to go. Its right past the Laundry Room.

[The Door opens as Speedy and Sub burst in. Brandon runs out of the hotel room, but turns right, then right again as he hears more footsteps. ]


Name: Brandon
Occupation: Teacher?
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Brandon]: I could have just let them see me, but I went the other way, the longer way because I didn't want anyone to see me. They would have then followed me.

[Brandon turns the corner, then returns to the original hallway and begins heading down the stairs as everyone else who had already finished go up the stairs. As Brandon reaches the bottom of the stairs, he sees Speedy rushing down, going down 2 steps at a time. Brandon runs out of the Lobby, turning to the right and running straight down till he reaches the Laundry Room entrance. He then heads towards the Spa, but quickly turns to go into a second hallway. Passing the Laundry Room, he reaches a door. ]

[Brandon]: Time to see what the hell killed AB...

[Brandon opens the door, and steps in. As he steps in, a tripwire snaps, sounding the airhorn. Brandon walks in, looking in shock. Inside is a room full of screens, containing Camera footage, monitoring different sections of the Hotel. The door shuts, locking itself so no one else can get in. Brandon looks at all the screens. ]

[Brandon]: What the hell.... is the Killer... watching me?

[Brandon then notices something in the chair. Brandon turns around the chair to see a container. He opens the container up, revealing a mortar and pestle, a pot of Pink Oleander, and a bottle of brandy. ]

[Brandon]: I know this flower... its Oleander. I saw it when I was a lad...

[Suddenly, all the screens change to one video. Brandon turns around to look at the screens, as the footage cuts to the previous night. Charles is pouring the bottle of Brandy into a cup in the Cafe, before a chef comes to him and complains. ]

[Chef, in footage]: Sir!

[Charles, in footage]: Yes?

[Chef, in footage]: Some of the food has spoiled, sir.

[Charles, in footage]: Alright, let me see it. We'll try and fix it.

[Charles goes into the Kitchen with the Chef, as an eerie silence fills the footage. Then, a shadow appears. A Demonic shadow, making Brandon step back. He watches, as an disturbing white, almost skeleton-like hand with sharp fingernails grabs the cup. A second similar hand puts down on the table the mortar and pestle, with the Oleander crushed in the mortar. The hand picks up the oleander covered Pestle and shakes it into the Brandy, allowing a few of the pieces of oleander to fall into the drink. The hands take away the mortar and pestle, as the shadow leaves. Charles then returns to get the Brandy, and leaves the dining room with the drink. The video ends. Brandon exits the room, to see Speedy. ]

[Speedy]: You won, congrats.

[Brandon]: Yeah, thank you.

[After looking at the ground for a few seconds, he grabs her hand. ]

[Brandon]: Look, I trust you a lot. A lot. So if I tell you how he died... will you keep it to yourself?

[Speedy]: Of course, yes.

[Brandon, hesitating]: It was a plant called Oleander. I recognize it from my childhood. Its a poisonous plant that was put in Brandy that AB drank. It explains all the symptoms.

[Speedy]: Oleander... Oh Oleander! I used Oleander in my crime fiction novel a few years ago. Than... Thank you, Brandon.

[Brandon nods his head as a form of "you're welcome", before walking away. He enters the lobby, where the rest of the guests are waiting. ]

[Sub]: Well?

[Brandon]: It wasn't Charles. He's not the Killer. The Butler Didn't Do It.

[Everyone looks at each other, as the camera zooms into Brandon's face. ]


[Charles is in the Maid's Room, looking at Fiend Mountain. ]

[Charles]: Why... why is she here? Why are YOU here? Why must I go through this agai-

[Suddenly the hotel door opens and the Maid appears at the door. ] 

[Maid]: Your innocence has been discovered. You're free to leave.

[Charles]: Thank you. 

[Charles leaves the room, holding the necklace in his hand, hidden away from the Maid. It cuts to the guests in Wikia Cafe, with Charles standing in front of them. ] 

[Brandon]: I think we have something to say to you Charles. 

[Sub]: We're sorry Sub. 

[Omni]: Truly. I should never have attacked you. 

[Speedy]: Or slapped you. 

[Charles]: Apology accepted, dear guests. 

[Charles]: Moments ago, you revealed to the Confessional who you thought, out of the eleven of you who the Killer was, and how they killed Arthur Barnsworth, or AB. Now, I am here to reveal whose theories excelled, and which theories were quickly debunked.

[The guests at each other, including Brandon, who looks at Speedy.]

[Charles]: Congratulations, Brandon. You will be kept alive, for being able to solve the puzzle before everyone else, and helping clear my name. 

[Brandon]: Thank you Charles. 

[Charles]: However, for the rest of you... it is time to learn how AB's death led to the belief that The Butler Did It. 

[Begin Flashback]

[It shows AB talking with Charles.]

[Charles, voiceover]: "AB had asked that every night, I give him a brandy."

[It then shows Charles pouring the Brandy into a cup.]

[Charles, voiceover]: "I had the chef distract Charles for just a moment, so I could put in the toxic substance."

[It cuts to the Fiend taking the Oleander, putting it int the mortar and crushing it with the pestle. The Fiend then puts it into the cup and leaves before Charles return. ]

[Charles, voiceover]: "I crushed the toxic plant Oleander, and put it into the brandy before letting Charles give it to AB. Over the night, AB suffered vomiting, hives, a rash, and other illnesses. I did not expect you blaiming the Butler, but it was interesting to see how you reacted. AB died, and the rest of you believed... the Butler Did It"

[End Flashback]

[It returns back to the Cafe, with Charles reading this. ]

[Charles]: Until tomorrow, your killer. "

[Speedy]: Wow.

[Tyran]: My gosh.

[Charles starts giving envelopes to everyone. Charles then faces the entire group. ]

[Charles]: In these envelopes is a card. If you have done well enough, you will get an "Alive Card". If you did not, you and at least one other person will get an "In Danger Card". And one of the "In Dangers" will not survive to find out who committed murder. Now... Tyran, will you open your card?

[Tyran]: Alright.

[Tyran opens up his letter, and pulls out an IN DANGER card. ]

[Charles]: Speedy.

[Speedy opens up her letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Sub

[Sub opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Lego

[Lego]: Oh my gosh…

[Lego opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Drillo.

[Drillo opens up his letter, and he sighs. He pulls out an IN DANGER card. ]

[Brandon]: I’m sorry, man.

[Charles]: Jack

[Jack opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Ultra

[Ultra]: Oh my gosh…please let me have an Alive card. Please...

[Ultra opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Omi

[Omi opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Omni

[Omni opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Goodnight. 

[Charles leaves, as Speedy gets out of her chair and runs over to Charles. ] 

[Speedy]: Charles! Charles! Charles! 

[Charles]: Yes?

[Speedy]: I need to ask a favor of you. 

Music-icon MURDER Soundtrack - Romance Theme I
Romance Theme I

[It cuts to Brandon heading to his room. As he does, he notices an envelope under his door. He reaches for the envelope, and opens it up. Reaching in, he finds a key and a notecard. Reading the notecard, he smiles. It says "LIBRARY". It cuts to Brandon on the lower floor, walking past the fitness room to the Library. Brandon takes the key and puts it into the keyhole. Twisting it, he hears a clink. He opens the door, and enters the room. Closing the door behind him, he begins looking around in awe. ] 

[Brandon]: The Library.... so many books.... 

[Brandon walks over to a bookshelf and pulls out a book. It says Conquest of the Conqueror. Brandon laughs, opening it up. ] 

[Brandon]: I remember this book... from my childhood... 

[Brandon flips to a certain page and reads out loud]. 

[Brandon]: "The Figure appears in front of Superemos and grabs his face. The Figure then throws Superemos across the area into a ruined building which topples on top of him. The Figure walks slowly towards the debree but Superemos throws it off of him. " 

[A tear comes from Brandon's face as he hears a voice behind him. ] 

[Voice]: We may sit in a library and yet....

[Speedy steps out from behind a bookshelf, coming into the view of Brandon. ] 

[Speedy]: ... be in all quarters of the earth. 

[Brandon looks at Speedy, in shock. ] 

[Brandon]: You.... you did this for ... for me?

[Speedy]: Of course. You gave me a chance to live. 

[Speedy walks up to Brandon, grabbing hold of his hands. ] 

[Brandon]: But ho- how?

[Speedy]: After Dinner, I convinced Charles to give me the keys. 

[Brandon]: You knew I loved books... and you did this to thank me. .. No, no one has ever done that before. Not for me. 

[Speedy]: You're a good man, Brandon. I don't think you're the killer. I can see the good in you. 

[Brandon]: I just... 

[Brandon walks over to a nearby table and sits down. Speedy follows him, looking at him. ] 

[Speedy]: What is it?

[Brandon]: Life's not been good to me. 

[Speedy watches him intently, as Brandon begins shaking from emotion. ] 

[Brandon]: When I was a boy, my family was poor. I had abusive parents, parents who never loved me. I tried so hard, to be loved, to gain their respect, but I never did. Even when I left them, no one has... EVER... Done anything for me. Not like this. 

[Speedy]: You deserve this though. You deserve love, you deserve to be happy. 

[Brandon]: And throughout my whole life... I've ... I've never had anyone see good in me. 

[Speedy]: I do though. 

[Brandon looks up at Speedy. ] 

[Brandon]: Thank you... thank you Speedy. 

[Brandon reaches out to give Speedy a hug, embracing her as she closes her eyes, tearing up with tears of joy. The camera moves around the library, showing the two's emotions as Brandon holds Speedy tight. ] 

[Brandon]: I just... 

[Speedy]: Brandon. 

[Speedy pulls away, as Brandon looks her confused. ] 

[Speedy]: Brandon, I don't know what it is.... but ever since I've met you... I've felt something new. Something.... 

[She puts her hand on Brandon's chest, where the heart would be. ] 

[Speedy]: Here. Brandon... I have feelings for you. 

[Brandon]: Speedy... I just so happen to also have feelings for you. 

[As they look into their eyes, Brandon pulls Speedy towards him, embracing as the two meet each other lips in an act of passion. As the two begin to kiss, a person watching from a crack in the door walks away. It cuts to the Video Room. The door opens, as a person walks into the room. He reaches for the control panel and presses a button. This turns on all the screens, only to hear a screeching sound. As static fills nearly all the screens, one single screen remains functional. The camera is faced towards a piece of paper that says "YOU MAY TRY, BUT YOU WILL FAIL SUB. YOU WILL FAIL." The camera goes upwards to reveal Sub is the person in the room. ] 

[Sub]: We'll see about that. 

Hall Manor - 1989, 1 Day After Discovering the Map

[Charles, Arthur, Diana, Vicki, and Clark are sitting with each other in Charles's bedroom, looking at the Map. ] 

[Diana]: This thing is so old... 

[Clark]: A few hundred years, at most. 

[Arthur puts his hands on the Map, making part of it move. ] 

[Clark, surprised]: Well that's new. 

[Charles]: Yeah, that is. 

[Charles then notices that Vicki has opened up a box. Charles walks over, as Vicki looks over. ] 

[Vicki]: Charles, whose is this?

[Vicki then pulls out a necklace. The necklace with the shiny crystalline heart shaped jewel in the middle of it.]

[Charles]: It was my mother's. She owned it before.... before she... 

[Vicki]: I'm sorry. I just ... its beautiful. 

[Charles]: Its the only one in the world. If you want it, you can have it. 

[Vicki]: Really?

[Charles]: Yeah let me jus-

[Charles takes the necklace, holding the two ends the necklace, putting it around Vicki's neck, before putting the two ends together. Vicki holds the heart-shaped jewel, smiling. ] 

[Vicki]: Thank you. I'll cherish it. 

[Clark, shouting]: Um Charles, Vicki...

[Vicki and Charles turn around to see Clark pointing at the Map. ]

[Diana]: Its the Church. 

[Charles and Vicki sit on the ground, looking at the Church drawing on the Map. ] 

[Arthur]: Under it, it looks like there's cave passages, and what appears to be some sort of.... pagan temple below as well as a strange key. 

[Clark]: Which means one thing.... Looks like we're going to the Caves...

Charles's Butler Quarters - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Present Day

Music-icon MURDER Soundtrack - Why Did You Come Back
Why Did You Come Back

[It cuts to Charles listening to the Music Box with his eyes close, as he faces the window. He sighs, as the final notes of the Music Box stop. Then, there's a knock on the door. ] 

[Maid]: May I come in?

[Charles]: Of course. 

[Charles opens his eyes, as the Maid enters the room. ] 

[Maid]: Is there something wrong?

[Charles]: I've been thinking for a while now. About what you said, about the Music Box. How you said you have one like it. 

[Maid]: Yes?

[Charles]: And then... you said you had to pay your dues. And finally... you had the notepad in your drawer. You knew about the Fiend. And the necklace.... the one I said there was only one version of it in the world. Which leads me to one question... 

[Charles turns around, with a grim expression on his face. ] 

[Charles]: Why did you come back, Vicki?

[The Maid sighs, as she looks at Charles. ] 

[Vicki (The Maid), sighing]: Oh Charles.... 


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