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Someone tears up all of AB's clothes, including his favorite shirt. 
Someone tears up all of AB's clothes, including his favorite shirt. 
====The Massacre====
====The Massacre====
====T-Rex, Destruction, and Mandroid come to AB's house and play a new bully game with him, that involves targeting his friends and family.====
T-Rex, Destruction, and Mandroid come to AB's house and play a new bully game with him, that involves targeting his friends and family.
===Season 4===
===Season 5===
====Un Nivel Más Alto====
====Un Nivel Más Alto====
On the first day of school, AB learns that he was put into an 8th grade Spanish class.
On the first day of school, AB learns that he was put into an 8th grade Spanish class.
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====Bad Pun Days====
====Bad Pun Days====
AB becomes a meme when his video partner puts their cheesy video on the internet.
AB becomes a meme when his video partner puts their cheesy video on the internet.
After the band teacher gives AB a great compliment, AB tries hard to live up to it.
====Old Man Ignorer====
Jenny meets a grumpy, elderly man who never responds to anything anybody says or does.
====Crocodiles vs Alligators====
AB and Lawrence try to find a tough match for everything.
====[[We Wish You an AB Christmas]]====
====[[We Wish You an AB Christmas]]====

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The Adventures of AB is a series by AB. It is a comedy show. It is also his first TEE show that is just comedy, so LAUGH OR DIE.


AB has adventures with his best friend, Lawrence, and his other friends. He's a 6th grader at Stinky Sock Middle School. 


  • AB
  • Timothy (AB's Brother)
  • Unity (AB's Sister)
  • Victor (AB's Brother)
  • AB's Mom
  • AB's Dad
  • Lawrence
  • Samantha
  • Samuel
  • Sally
  • Sarah
  • Stan
  • Sandy
  • Sharon
  • Sebastian
  • Steven
  • Solomon
  • Scott
  • Simon
  • Mr. Burnbaum (science teacher)
  • Mrs. Ademup (math teacher)
  • Mr. Begmuzzlez (gym teacher)
  • Ms. Crialdadime (social studies teacher)
  • Mrs. Mata (Spanish teacher)
  • Mrs. Ledderen (English teacher)
  • Mr. Enstraminned (band teacher)


Season 1Edit


AB, Lawrence, Sally, Stan, and Sebastian try to avoid school, but Timothy, Unity, and Victor try to catch them.

Boring LockerEdit

AB sees a bunch of cool lockers and wants to decorate his. Scott and Simon get involved and try to get their lockers cooler than his.

Grand Theft AB's StuffEdit

Someone keeps stealing AB's things, so him, Sharon, and Sandy look for the thief.

The Phoenix TruckEdit

A truck falls into a vat of radiation. It turns alive and fiery, and chases AB.

Artholomew BallenEdit

AB and Lawrence try to be 2 of the top 10 fastest people in school so they can get free lunch every day.


Spiders invade all of the houses.

Clarinet ManEdit

AB pays Solomon to turn his clarinet into an awesome weapon.


Mr. Begmuzzlez makes the students play dodgeball for all of the school day, but it turns deadly.

Store WarEdit

AB gets into an all-night battle in a store against someone he mistook for a worker.

Rap BattleEdit

AB gets challenged to a rap battle, but he can't rap.

Thumb WarriorsEdit

AB learns about people who have an advanced system for thumb wrestling.


AB, Lawrence, Sebastian, Steven, and Samantha get sucked into a land of math.

Travelling through TelevisionEdit

The TV gets tired of AB watching him, so it sucks him in.

Gourmet PizzaEdit

AB and Lawrence try to get gourmet pizza for gourmet pizza day, but T-Rex, Destruction, and Mandroid stop them, so AB sucks T-Rex into a meanie lamp.

Past the LimitEdit

AB goes too far when going on a scooter ride in an unknown area.

Question AppEdit

A new app is created that answers any question you ask.


AB meets Isabella and tries to find something she's not good at.

The MansionEdit

When delivering a package with Unity, AB sneaks away into a seemingly abandoned mansion. 

From Pain to More PainEdit

AB, Lawrence, Stan, and Samantha get Mr. Begmuzzlez a job as a police officer.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Dragon, Apple, Cheese, Phone, Sweatpants, CountryEdit

AB and his friends play Rock, Paper, Scissors. 


Ants invade AB's room when after leaves his food in there. 

AB the BracefaceEdit

AB needs braces after his teeth are damaged. 

Pick-Up LinesEdit

Timothy and Victor use pick-up lines to try and get girls. 


AB thinks the new girl has too much spirit. 

Forcing Enforcer Enforcing with ForceEdit

AB disguises as a superhero to enforce his own personal rules with other students. 

No ResistanceEdit

AB, Simon, Sarah, and Sally can't resist playing with Solomon's inventions when he asks some favors of them. 

AB vs. DogEdit

AB tries to get his scooter back from a mean dog.


Timothy, Unity, and Victor babysit a hyperactive, overimaginative kid.

The Sweet Smell of ExcessEdit

The students receive perfume bottles as part of a school freshening project. 

Fad ChanceEdit

AB tries to create a new fad.

Da BoyzEdit

AB decides to play basketball at gym, but he's in way over his head. 

Pretty PrettyEdit

Sharon decides she wants to be attractive.

Science FairEdit

AB finds a weird rock he wants to enter into the science fair. 

The Dull DaysEdit

AB and his friends run out of stuff to talk about. 

Season 2Edit

Power SurgeonEdit

An amazing surgeon visits Orstein.

TV ShowEdit

AB and Lawrence enter their TV show idea into a contest, but Stan and Sebastian are also competing. 

Art ContestEdit

Isabella enters an art contest. AB enters against her so she won't get the money. 

Lawn OrderEdit

AB's dad pays AB to mow the lawn after Timothy and Victor get too lazy to do it. 

The Golden Gym UniformEdit

When AB leaves his gym clothes at home, he searches for the Golden Gym Uniform so he'll never be without a uniform again. 

Isabella InventionEdit

AB harrasses Isabella into inventing something. 

Pep RallyEdit

Nobody wants to go to the pep rally. 

Move OverusersEdit

Timothy, Unity, and Victor think AB is too obsessed with Move Users.

Green EyesEdit

AB mistakenly gives a stick to a nature-infused girl. 

Dog GoneEdit

AB and Lawrence try to find a lost dog for a cash prize. 

Isa Bel LaEdit

Isabella is split up into three key parts. 

The Steven BunchEdit

Steven brings his friends and family to get advice from AB, but it gets out of hand. 

Struggling StevenEdit

Steven needs to pass a test. AB and Lawrence wants Solomon to help him.

Secret of the ClosetEdit

A green bin in AB's room takes him into another world. 

A Sport with no SportEdit

AB's dad desperately wants him to play a sport.


Samuel picks up a severe addiction to candy. 

The Big BlahEdit

When school gets exceptionally boring, the students can only look forward to dismissal. Mr. Enstraminned traps the students in a world where school is everything. 

Afterschool ABEdit

AB must navigate through Stinky Sock Middle School's afterschool activities and find the door to be picked up. 


AB keeps having embarrassing moments. 

AB × JennyEdit

The school counselor sets up a date between AB and Jenny so they can get along. 

Video Game MarathonEdit

AB, Steven, Scott, and Stan try to break a video game world record. 

Bully ProblemEdit

AB and Lawrence want bully rules to be enforced so they don't have to deal with T-Rex, Destruction, and Mandroid.

Sleep In and OutEdit

AB has trouble getting up in the morning. 

Better Bitter Butter BatterEdit

AB and Lawrence invent and sell a new product: Bitter Butter Batter. 

Kart RaceEdit

AB and Lawrence host and enter a kart race because of how boring real racing is. 

Movie DayEdit

Sally forces AB to watch all of the timeless, iconic movies he's never seen. 

A Grand Order of FriendsEdit

Jenny tries to befriend everybody in the school. 

Isabella RulesEdit

Isabella takes over the school. 


Steven befriends a chainsaw murderer. 

Mutant SuppliesEdit

AB's pencil and eraser come to life. 

Abengers, Assemble!Edit

AB gets a group together of three people he just barely knows, and vise versa, to help him convince his mom to take him on vacation. 

H Eyes J KEdit

AB's accidental glances at a girl make her think he likes her. 

The Loss of a LifetimeEdit

AB loses all of his friends, one at a time. 

Season 3Edit


AB gets an extremely bad cold. 

Another SideEdit

AB gets mixed up in another family's drama.

Mess-ay EssayEdit

AB has to write an essay for English, but his siblings and parents all give him conflicting advice on how to do it.

Jenny and StevenEdit

AB, Lawrence, and their friends become writers for the newspaper. Jenny enlists Steven's help in figuring out what they're writing about. 


AB tries using his siblings' songs to get through his homework. 


AB and family needs to cook a dessert to impress Mom's boss. They don't have any of the ingredients, so they try making them. 

Unity's Favorite MovieEdit

Unity forces the family to watch the next film in her favorite movie series. The family becomes obsessed with the series. 

Song SadnessEdit

AB desperately tries to remember a song his mom used to sing to him.

Sobcial StudiesEdit

Mrs. Mata's students try to cheer her up. 

Thief GuardEdit

Solomon gives AB his Thief Guard invention when his stuff keeps getting stolen. 

Power of the PodiumEdit

After a man convinces Orstein that all fun is pointless, things done for fun are illegalized. The message begins to spread. 

Checked OutEdit

AB loses a couple library books.


AB wants to meet the other kids in his neighborhood. 

Dry in Stinky SockEdit

AB, Lawrence, Sebastian, and Steven search for water when the water fountains and bathrooms stop working. 

AB's ScooterEdit

AB breaks his scooter, possibly beyond repair. 

Donation TakerzEdit

AB and Lawrence volunteer for an organization taking donations. When neither one gets any, they compete to get more than the other. 

Sports CardEdit

One of AB's old sports cards might be worth millions of dollars. 

Amusement ParkEdit

At an amusement park, AB rides lots of safer, smaller rides to work up to the scariest, biggest ride. 

Let's JumpEdit

The kids jump rope in gym class. 


Wearing leggings becomes a massively widespread craze among the girls.

Tested TeacherEdit

Sally wants to test how bad her grade has to be for her teacher to overlook her.


AB must master a photo editing program for social studies.


AB finds and must guard a seed that contains an undeniably dangerous monster.


AB's mom wants to improve her abilities as a mother.


Timothy and Victor start dating a pair of friends, who suspect it's only because of their long hair.


AB is paired with another group of friends for a project, but they're not done with him after the project. 

Order BorderEdit

AB prevents himself from hearing or seeing his parents so he doesn't have to do what they say. 

Spring BreakEdit

AB tries to have enough fun over spring break to last him until summer break. 

ABril Fool's DayEdit

On April Fool's Day, AB tries to prank Stinky Sock's prank king. 

The WasterEdit

AB, Unity, and their mom worry that AB's dad is being too wasteful. 

Room Spring CleaningEdit

AB argues that he has too much stuff for his room to be clean.

The Last Day of SchoolEdit

It's the last day of sixth grade. 

Season 4Edit

Change CollectorEdit

AB goes around to people's houses to find lost change. 

Family OutingEdit

The family drives out to pick a spot to visit. 

Back BurdenEdit

AB starts having back problems, but doesn't want to worry his parents. Sandy gets worried about his condition. 

The Simon GamesEdit

Simon becomes addicted to a dangerous competition where he fights to the death. 

Oliver the DinosaurEdit

AB and Lawrence must play with Oliver, a sensitive, but reckless dinosaur. 

The Lame ChaseEdit

AB really wants someone to chase him.

Oh Say Can You SabotageEdit

AB tricks Jenny into singing a song he wrote instead of the national anthem at a baseball game. 


Rats invade all of the houses. 

Cell OutEdit

AB wants a cell phone. 


AB becomes addicted to junk food. 

Back in DimeEdit

AB takes his money back in time so he'll be rich.

Touch StilterEdit

Solomon lets AB use his Touch Stilter invention, which can make anything taller. 

Umm, UhhEdit

AB's mom and dad are annoyed by his extreme indecisiveness on what to eat for dinner.

Heated WarEdit

AB, unlike the rest of the family, enjoys the high heat. 

Trade GameEdit

AB gets involved in the trading business. 


Mr. Burnbaum throws a huge Fourth of July party. 


AB pastes pieces of his old toys together to create the ultimate toy.

Welcome to the NeighborhoodEdit

AB's mom won't rest until she welcomes the new shy neighbors into the neighborhood. 

Berserk BarberEdit

A barber loses money after AB's dad and brothers decide to stop getting their hair cut. 

The GroupEdit

AB joins a week-long program, and is put into an extremely incompetent team. 

Bank LinesEdit

Lawrence's mom struggles with a new over-the-phone voice commanded bank. 

TV vs OnlineEdit

AB wants to restore TV's dignity when people choose to only watch shows online. 


AB wants to celebrate the obscure holidays nobody knows about. 

Double DateEdit

Timothy and Victor go on their first double date with their girlfriends. 

AB's VoiceEdit

AB wants his opinions to be publicized. 

Old Phone BookEdit

AB, Lawrence, Stan, and Scott find a dated phone book. 

Nuclear GeneratorEdit

After touching water that a nuclear generator was in, AB tries to avoid standard decontamination procedures. 

Romance SchmomanceEdit

AB gets tired of all the romance that happens in movies. 


AB goes against a bear during a hike in the forest. 

The Cost of LifeEdit

AB is downed after realizing how much stuff costs money. 


AB's parents worry about the stuff he says to people, so they hire a woman to follow him and manage everything he says. 


AB starts watching soccer. 

An AB-phant Never RemembersEdit

AB keeps forgetting all of his best ideas.

One Hour and Thirty MinutesEdit

AB's dad gives him an hour and thirty minutes for all of his responsibilities. 


AB finds a manticore and wants to keep him as a pet.


Someone tears up all of AB's clothes, including his favorite shirt. 

The MassacreEdit

T-Rex, Destruction, and Mandroid come to AB's house and play a new bully game with him, that involves targeting his friends and family.

Season 5Edit

Un Nivel Más AltoEdit

On the first day of school, AB learns that he was put into an 8th grade Spanish class.

Zeroeth ChairEdit

On the first day of school, AB's band class runs out of chairs, causing AB's peers to bully him for his. 

No Dress CodeEdit

The teachers remove the dress code for a day after the students question the problems it could cause. 


AB and Jenny get paired against each other for a debate in social studies. 


AB comes with Unity to her job at a daycare, but gets competitive in activities against the kids. 

The AB CompetitionEdit

The upperclassmen in AB's Spanish class get jealous when AB hangs out with his friends and not them. 

Bounce HouseEdit

At a huge party, AB's dignity is questioned when he wants to get in the bounce house. 

Za Adobenchāzu ofu EbiEdit

AB, Lawrence, Samantha, Sarah, and Sebastian take up a Japanese class, and are surprised by katakana transliteration. 

Light TurnEdit

AB's dad is obsessed with keeping the lights on. He comes to the realization that he's getting old. 

No Interviews PleaseEdit

After AB helps sell the school's new coloring utensils to the world, everyone tries to interview him.

Black SockEdit

A single black sock has been passed around through the laundry for years in AB's family. 


AB and Lawrence discover a disturbing new glitch in a video game.


After failing a test hard, AB, Sharon, Simon, and Stan try to prove that imagination is more important than knowledge. 

Man of the HouseEdit

When AB's mom leaves for a business trip, his dad has to step up and cook.

The Tunnel EpisodeEdit

AB's history class goes to a long, boring tunnel to simulate the Underground Railroad. 

Anorexic ABEdit

AB wants to be even skinnier than he already is. 

Class ClownEdit

Sebastian becomes the new class clown, much to all the teachers' dismay.

Place AceEdit

AB's life is disrupted by the constant need to go from place to place.

Gym KidEdit

A kid wants to play with AB at gym, but AB doesn't want to play with him.

Uncle DonutsEdit

AB's uncle buys him a donut every Sunday at church. However, the uncle begins to wonder if AB really cares.

Bad Pun DaysEdit

AB becomes a meme when his video partner puts their cheesy video on the internet.


After the band teacher gives AB a great compliment, AB tries hard to live up to it.

Old Man IgnorerEdit

Jenny meets a grumpy, elderly man who never responds to anything anybody says or does.

Crocodiles vs AlligatorsEdit

AB and Lawrence try to find a tough match for everything.


We Wish You an AB ChristmasEdit

Santa Claus comes to AB's city to randomly give 15 present portals to his workshop. But Fanta Maus and Yanta Quaus, the people of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, plan to turn the portals into giant black holes to their workshops. AB and his friends must stop them before it's too late.

Camp DaysEdit

The students go to camp for a week. 

Locked InEdit

AB goes to a school lock-in.

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