Noob is a non-sapien alien sub-species of Humans from the planet Earth. In this guide we'll learn how to spot and handel these creatures.

How to Spot a Noob

For more noob spotting info see The Official List of Ways to Spot a Noob

  1. They don't capitalize when needed/Capitalize when not needed.
  2. They have no sense of grammar.
  3. They call people by their full user names.
  4. They talk to themselves, or users who aren't on chat, or don't exist at all.
  5. They write a long story about their complicated life.
  6. They don't know what a noob is.
  7. They don't know what ? a troll is.
  8. They read Nick's guide. (JKJK)
  9. Admins and mods have a certain allergy to them causing them to have a really bad itch on the kick and ban buttons in their presence.
  10. They don't understand the difference between fanfiction and cannon.
  11. They don't have an AVI
  12. They edit your pages.
  13. More to come...

Noob Handeling

  1. Sound the official noob alert: "PEWPEW" invented by Nick signaling all other non noobers to help.
  2. Pc everyone to leave chat so the noob will leave too then return.
  3. If that doesn't work tell the noob about how terrible the wiki is to make him leave
  4. If that doesn't work? troll the noob untill he leaves (it must be done)
  5. If that doesn't work? ban them if you are a mod/admin (make sure everyone else on chat agrees with you that it should be done, besides, the noob wont know how to complain)
  6. If that doesn't work nuke the chat.
  7. If that doesn't work leave the chat.
  8. If the noob follows you, commit suicide


Noobs tend to appear as humans, but don't be fooled, thats just a disguise skin over a body made of pure evil. Modern experiments through dissection of these beasts show that there is a black hole inside every noob.

Powers and Abillities

The noobs are known to have the power to make people go out of their minds. New experiments show that this is caused by a black hole that sucks your soul out peice by peice. When the noob talks a soul sucking mini-black hole goes into your ears making you go insane.


  • While some people belive the word: "Noob" comes from the word "Newbie" it is infact ? a mistake. Thousands of years ago before words like "fuck" were invented, people used the word "Noob". ? Parents were concered of this so they censored it and the children only heard the lesser bad word of: "Newbie". When the English language was created in a mistake by a translator the word "Newbie" changed meaning to newcomer.
  • The reason Atlantis sank was because its people hid away from the outer world's noob population.
  • The reason the continents split was nature's attempt to isolate the noobs and make them extinct.
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