Jack rode a cow into the living room, where everyone was watching tennis, ejaculating on the television, everyone looked at Jack. 

Jack; Guys, I found this cow in the greek orgy I went to last night so I fucked her then brought her home. Her name is Rufus.

Sci: Jack, you gone to fart this time.

Skull: Did you just say fart?

Sci: Yes, yes I did.

Nick: Shut up menz, I asian wooooooooo.

Ahmad: ...

Nick  blasted him with the AMDB.

Nick: Oops, my asianess fuck up mind.

Ancy: We all know you can speak english fine.

Solo: yeh mienz liek totialle.

Zon: lol noobs.

Rufus: Haters gonna hate.


Rufus: I'm like bubble buddy from Spongebob :D


Denica: No Sham. Bad Sham!

Dead: Bad Denica!

Nick blasted all three of them with his AMDB.

Rufus: So whaddaya wanna do.

Nar: I dunno.

Zon: Lol.

Lego started to ride Rufus around the houe.

Lego: Weeeeee

Zon: Remember the time when I sucked on cow utters to make milk.

Rufus: Da fuck man?

Lego: Da fuck man?

Jack: ?nam kcuf aD

Zon: Wut

Jack: tuW

Toon: I'm just gonna eat this lollipop.

He slowly starts to suck on it, wrapping his tongue around the moist tip.

Sklei: ._. WTF narrator?

Rufus: You guys break the fourth wall too?

Jack: Yeah

Rufus: Lol cool. I'll be back tomorrow, I need to suck on my mother's tits.

Jack: k bye

Rufus: K bye


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