Pokemon Survival is a series made by Nar

You can join the series


It's about pokemons going to the portal and having a war with the legendaries and they will be into 2 teams

every survival missions are FIND-A-THING-OR-A-LIVING-THING The most teams to find many things will win 1 points, Missions are only up to 40 missions :) so it wont be sooo short

Rewards will be shown after the 40 missions

Non Legendary Pokemons Team

Raichu : (None Yet)

Pidgeotto : (None Yet)

Garchomp : (None Yet)

Dragonite : (None Yet)

Tyranitar : (None Yet)

Dewgong : ET

Ditto : UEEF09

Heatmor : (None Yet)

Bisharp : (None Yet)

Bouffulant : (None Yet)

Venusaur : (None Yet)

Infernape : ABR02

Charizard : (None Yet)

Legendary Pokemon Team

Zapdos : (None Yet)

Zekrom : Nar

Reshiram : (None Yet)

Moltres : (None Yet)

Rayquaza : Brian

Shaymin : (None Yet)

Shaymin (Sky) : (None Yet)

Cobalion : Rob

Victini : (None Yet)

Kyogre : (None Yet)

Arceus : Chrono

Latios : (None Yet)

Giratina : B1K3

Survival Missions

Coming soon when spots are full