This belongs to Master Fuse. So don't edit this without my permission. Pokemon Flaming Emerald is a game and the sequel to Firered and Emerald.Its has 2 regions. Hoenn and Kanto. You start with Hoenn.


Hello, My name is Professor Oak. Welcome to the world of Pokemon! As you can see my pokemon is standing right by me. The Pokemon you see is a Geodude. May I ask you some questions? Are you a Boy or Girl? Oh your a "_____." Now go out to the world of Pokemon! There are 3 Pokemon, a Treeko Lv 1, Mudkip Lv 1 and a Torchic Lv 1.

Gym Leaders

"The Rock Loving Girl"


  1. Onix Lv 8 Moves: Bind, Rock Smash, Dig, Rock Tomb
  2. Kabuto Lv 10 Moves: Absorb, Scratch,Harden, Rock Tomb
  3. Nosepass Lv 13 Moves: Rock Throw, Harden, Rocktomb, Toxic

"Poisonius Rock Star"


  1. Koffing Lv 17 Moves: Smog, Toxic, Explosion, Shadow Ball
  2. Nidorino Lv 17 Moves: Poison Sting, Double Kick Focus Energy,Toxic
  3. Swalot Lv 21 Moves: Sludge, Toxic, Rest Protect

"The Old Lighting Man"


  1. Pikachu Lv 22 Moves: Quick Attack, Thunderbolt,Thundershock,Thunder
  2. Electabuzz Lv 24 Moves: Thunderpunch, Shockwave, Ice punch, Fire punch
  3. Magneton Lv 24 Moves: Thunder, Discharge, Protect. Harden
  4. Manectric Lv 25 Moves: Spark, Discharge,Quck Attack, Electro Ball

Gym Leader/gallary