Pokemon Dark Destruction is a game made by me

It's on 3DS, DS and Gameboy (color and advance)

Game Cover: (Might Change)

Coming soon..

Playable Characters

Fire Characters

Chimchar (Evolves into Monferno after defeating Dark Monferno and evolves into Infernape after defeating 50 enemies in the water wars)

Tepig (Can evolve to Pignite after defeating Dark Combusken and evolves to Emboar after defeating 50 enemies in the Water wars)

Torchic (Can Evolve into Combusken after defeating Dark Tepig and evolves to Blaziken when taking the Fire Stone in the temple)

Cyndaquil (Can evolve into Quilava after defeating Dark Cyndaquil and Evolves into Typhlosion after defeating in the Thunder Temple)

Charmander (evolves into Charmeleon when recuited with Torchic/Tepig in the water war and evolves into Charizard when defeated Dark Garchomp)

Water Characters

Squirtle (Evolves into Wartortle after defeating Dark Kyurem (Recuited with Dark Reshiram) in a Recuit Battle and Evolves into Blastoise after stopped Dark Pignite from getting the fire stone in the temple)

Totodile (Evolves into Croconaw after defeating Rayquaza on a 3 on 1 battle (can shoose any of the water characters as recuit) and Evolves into Feraligtr after destroying the Thunder Statue)

Mudkip (Evolves into Mashtomp after defeating Groudon on 1 on 1 battle and evolves into Swampert after placing the orb in the temple)

Piplup (Evolves into Empoleon after defeating Dark Samurott and evolves into Prinplup when defeating Samurott in a 1 on 1 battle challenge)

Oshawott (Evolves into Dewott after defeating Dark Prinplup and evolves into Samurott after defeating Prinplup in a 1 on 1 battle challenge)

Grass Characters

Bulbsaur (Evolves into Ivysaur after finding Lucario in a Hide And Seek Game and Evolves into Venusaur after defeating Dark Charmander)


Recuit Battle (Choosing 1-3 Pokemons the same type as your character)

1 player vs 2 player Battle (Playing with your friend Wireless and choosing any character in any type)

Deathmatch (Destroy many dark enemies as you can)

Game Modes

Adventure Modes (a way to get points and evolve your characters)

Capture Mode (Capturing as many pokemons you want and get rewarded with another Pokemon Character)

Multiplayer Mode (Fighting with friends wireless)


There are quests in this game too! when you see a character with a "!" above them, they have quests for you and get Pokecoins and buy clothes for your character