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This is the page for the Pilot Episode of Attack on Titan: Gale.


Meet Nick, Sci, Patricia, and their life inside the Karanese District. Nick tells the story of his life in eastern Wall Rose, as well as the day the peace they knew once again, after five years, changed.


Music-icon.png Soundtrack - Rittai Kidou

This is the year 850. Second Wall, Wall Rose. Five years ago, the first and outermost wall, Wall Maria, fell to the hands of the titans, when the Colossal Titan appeared, followed by the Armored Titan. Humanity lost 20% of its population and retreated within Wall Rose. Five years later and only a few months ago, the Colossal Titan showed his face again and broke through the Trost District, Southern Wall Rose, but thanks to Eren Yeager's assistance and his unique power, the breach at Trost was sealed, marking that the first victory for humanity. It was only a few weeks ago when Eren had a clash with the Female Titan inside the interior of Wall Sina, it was unexpected, for me at least. That battle left a lot of damage in the city, and counting the casualties would take forever. 

But I'm sure you all know that story. Anyway, my name is Nick, Nick Stone. I'm 15 years old and I currently reside in the Karanese District, on the eastern side of Wall Rose. Since all the action is taking place around 200 miles and above away from here, we don't really get into trouble with... them. I was born here. I don't quite know my parents or where I came from, but I've lived here for most of my life.

When I turned 12, 2 years after the fall of Wall Maria, I decided to be a soldier. Don't ask me why... I just hated fieldwork, but not as much as Titans. I hated living like this, like a bird in a cage, and most of the population is scared to move a finger to do a damn thing about it, I wasn't however, like I said. I scored in the Top 10, 2nd place to be exact. Everyone though I was going to the Military Police, inside the interior. But hell no, anywhere but inside that corrupted mess. 

I joined the Garrison, simply because the Survey Corps sounded like too much work. But then again, sitting on top of the walls isn't that much interesting either. But with time, I got used to it. 

Well, apparently people were impressed by my combat skills. I don't think I'm that good anyway.

[Scene shows Nick screaming like a maniac while swinging with the 3DMG and brutally massacring through several 4m-class Titans. He then lands down as the Titan blood on his jacket starts evaporating. A soldier stands next to him, staring.]

[Nick] What are you looking at?

[Scene switches back to Nick narrating]

...Okay maybe I am a little good. I don't know how I do it really. But because of my so called "skill", I often assist the Survey Corps, even though I am a member of the Garrison. I really don't know... can't they fight Titans themselves? Well... apart from that, not much happens around here. I guess I'll just tell a random story.

Oh yeah, but before that... there's something else about me that you should know...

Wall Maria Fields
4:15 PM

[Scene Shows a formation of the Survey Corps of the East traveling through Wall Maria territory via horses. It then shows soldiers fighting Titans on the ground. One of them cuts the nape of a Titan's neck as that Titan's body collapses on the ground and starts evaporating.]

[Soldier] Why do they always leave so much blood around?

[Soldier 2] You would leave more blood if one squashed you wound't you?

[Scene switches to a farther-away location, with Nick, Commander Stark of the Eastern Battalion Survey Corps, and a few other soldiers, escaping from Titans on horseback.]

[Soldier 3] There's too much Titans behind us! We can't beat them out here in the middle of the fields!

[Commander Stark]: Don't worry, none of them are Abnormals and they are too big to run fast enough. We can outrun them.

[Soldier 3] Watch out!

[A 14m class, seemingly running faster than the others, attempts to step over Nick, but he quickly moves to the left, avoiding the Titan's foot]

[Nick] Too close!

[Soldier 3] You idiot! You almost died and we can't afford to lose you, not in this situation!

[Nick] Hold on, I got this. 

[He raises his hand towards his mouth and opens, ready to bite.]

[Commander Stark] No. You are only allowed to do that during emergencies.

[Nick] This IS an emergency! How many people died already!?

[Soldier 3] Actually Nick, we haven't lost anyone yet, and you shouldn't joke about that.

[Nick, dissapointed] Ugh fine, sorry.

[Commander Stark:] We will lure them to the mountain over there [He points at it] There are tight roads within the mountain that we can go through. The Titans are too big to follow us and will eventually give up. During the night, we will venture back into Karanese, when the TItans are powerless.

[Solder 3] That sounds like a plan.

[Nick, sigh] This would have been a lot easier if I just turned into a Titan and kicked their ass. Simple as that.

[Soldier 3] Nick, Commander Stark has ordered you not to use your powers unless it's for an emergency. This isn't an emergency. Just because everyone considers your skills good enough to let you change a branch that doesn't mean you've experienced everything that we do. We do this every day and you just slack off on the walls with the Garrison.


[Commander Stark:] That's enough, Nick. Michael, Nick has been assigned temporarily into the Survey Corps not because of his Titan powers but because of his destructive personality, distinctive combat style and Titan-slaying abilities. Being able to generate a giant body and control it doesn't make you a true soldier.

[Michael] You're right, Commander. My apology.

[Nick] Hey! Destructive personality? What is that supposed to mean?

[Michael, laughing] You know exactly what it means now focus on the freaking road!

[Scene zooms out from them as they travel closer the mountain with the Titans following them]

Several days later...

9:32 AM Timezone

[Scene shows Nick at his house, making breakfast for himself. Suddenly he hears a knock on the door.]

[Nick] Now of all times? Ugh. I'm coming!

[He opens the door]

[Nick] Sci? What are you doing here, aren't you on duty today?

[Sci] Not quite. We have a few days break from duty. Man, sometimes I'm glad I live here. Life here is a lot more calm than in Trost.

[Nick] Well, I've never been in Trost but that's what we get for not being on the southern side.

[They both laugh.]

[Sci] So how was the scouting mission?

[Nick] Well... 

[He pulls his shirt to reveal a massive wound in his chest.]

[Sci] Oh... Wait. It hasn't healed yet?

[Nick] I know! It hasn't! I don't know why, usually my regeneration powers kick in a lot earlier, but they didn't this time. I don't get what's going on.

[Sci] So what exactly did you do to get this beat up?

[Nick] Long story, but it would have been shorter and happier if the Commander would let me use my powers.

[Sci] You know we're not supposed to do that at will. Besides, no one outside the Karanese District knows that there are other Titan Shifters besides the ones we know. The Colossal Titan and The Armored Titan, remember?

[Nick] Yes yes I know we're supposed to keep our powers a secret from outside this city but I don't understand why.

[Sci] Eren Yeager has already gotten into trouble after the Female Titan attack in Wall Sina, we don't want to get in trouble with the King and the Military Police.

[Nick] The corrupt idiots?

[Sci] Quiet!

[Nick] What? It's not like everyone else thinks anything different. Anyway, I'm on duty in the afternoon. I gotta be prepared so... later.

[Sci] Later.

[Nick closed the door and walked in. Suddenly the wind outside his house blows stronger, creating an eerie atmosphere. Nick stops walking and stares blankly ahead]

[Nick] What... is that?

[He looks outside the window and the camera zooms farther away from his house]

2:48 PM

[The Scene shows Nick, a girl about his age and other soldiers standing on the wall next to the mounted cannons]

This is Patricia. She's one of my best friends around here, along with Sci. She comes from the Trost District and was a witness when the Colossal Titan broke through the gate. Her father was crushed by a piece of the gate the Colossal Titan kicked in, she then moved here with her mother. I've only known her until recently.

Sci on the other hand, I've known almost since I remember himself. I'm not quite sure where he's from but I think he has some history in Trost, prior to the second Colossal Titan attack. Like Patricia, he's also a member of the Garrison. ...And he's also a Titan Shifter like me. Me and him are the only Titan Shifters in this district, and no one outside Karanese knows about us.

[Patricia] Hey Nick, how are you holding up?

[Nick] Huh? What do you mean? Of course I'm fine!

[Patricia] You look like a little scared. What happened to you?

[Nick] Patricia, I'm fine. I really am.

[Patricia] It's because of that scouting expedition isn't it?

[Nick] Huh? What? No, I don't know what you're talking about.

[Patricia] Well... if you say so. Just don't get hurt, okay?

[She walks off to the other edge of the wall]

[Nick, thinking] What was that feeling? I felt like something was just going to-

[Sci] Nick, what are you doing?

[Nick] Huh? What? Oh, sorry... I was just thinking about... stuff.

[Sci] You know if you slack off the commander will get pissed, right?

[Nick] Yeah, I know. Sorry Sci.

[Nick looks at the Commander, who is yelling at another soldier]

[Commander] What are you doing picking your nose you fool?! You're on duty you scum!

That's Commander Skrill. He's the head of the Garrison in this part of Wall Rose. He and Commander Pixis are rumored to be related. This guy doesn't piss around. He has hawk-like eyes and the single mistake you make around him can very well be your last.

[The Commander walks up to Nick]

[Commander Skrill] What are you doing Stone?!

[Nick, doing the salute] Guarding the walls with my life, sir!

[Commander Skrill] Listen, Stone. Just because you have some freak powers don't expect any special treatment. You and your friend Sci over there]

[Nick] Never dreamed of it, sir!

[Commander Skrill] But since you're here, why don't you use your titan powers to mop the walls quicker than the others?

[The Commander laughs maniacly and walks away]

[Nick, thinking] Phew... well, at least he trusts me more than the Survey Corps when it comes to using my power. God...

[Sci] Hey Nick, I heard some rumors that there are Titans-


Music-icon.png Soundtrack - XL-TT

[Commander Skrill] What the...!?

[Patricia] Commander Skrill, look down there! [She points at the ground on the outer side of the wall]

[Commander Skrill] Huh!?

[The rest of the soldiers look at the same direction. Nick and Sci do as well. The scene switches to them, shocked]

[Sci] What the...

[Nick] What the hell are they doing now?

[On the ground, a 7m class titan repeatedly punches the wall, creating a loud rumbling sound]

[Sci] What the hell? What is that thing doing?

[Random Soldier] It's an abnormal! Those bastards!

[Commander Skrill] Mounted cannons, prepare fire!

[Other soldiers] Yes sir!

[Sci] I'll help!

[Sci runs to the cannons and stays by the Commander's side]

[Patricia] Hey, wait for me!

[She starts running to Sci's side but turns around at Nick who is looking forward]

[Patricia] Nick, get over here now! What are you doing?

[The scene switches to Nick's face, him looking shocked]

[The scene shows a somewhat unusual Titan. The Titan has skin missing on the majority of its body, has an exposed skull and a lot of muscle tissue. It seems to be lacking its lower right leg and is crawling, unstable]

[Suddenly the wind from before and the eerie atmosphere come back, with Nick sensing them, staring at the Titan]

[Nick] What... is that thing?

[Commander Skrill] What is your problem Stone? What are you looking at for crying out loud?!

[He runs over to Nick and looks at his direction]

[Nick] Commander, what is that thing?

[Commander Skrill] How am I supposed to know, think of it as another abnormal!

[Nick] No, that's not it. Look at it. It's decaying like a corpse and is partially missing a limb, and it's not regenerating!

[Sci, walking over to Nick's side] And it's at least a 20m class... How is that even possible?

[Nick] 20m? I though they only went up to 15m. Anything taller than that is a Titan Shifter!

[Sci] Then... that means-

[Commander Skrill] You two! Get on the cannons!

[Sci] With all of your respect, Commander, wouldn't it be wiser if me and Nick got down there and used our Titan powers to stop that Abnormal and the Decaying Titan?

[Commander Skrill] I said.. get on the freaking cannons now!!!

[Sci] ...Yes sir.

[Nick and Sci run over to the cannons]

[Commander Skrill] FIRE!!!

[They fire cannon shells down at the Abnormal that is punching the wall]

[Patricia] Over there! [She points out in the distance]

[A lot of Abnormals run in a weird way towards the wall]

[Sci] What the hell!? Where are all these weird titans coming from?! First that Decaying Titan and now a crap ton of Abnormals! What's going on here!


[Everyone looks at the base of the wall and is shocked. The Decaying Titan slowly starts climbing up the wall]

[Random Soldier] Dear god! What is that thing doing?!

[Patricia] It's trying to scale the wall!

[Commander Skrill] SHOOT IT, SHOOT IT DOWN NOW!!

[A large wall of cannon shells rains down on the Decaying Titan. Soon, its hands are blown off and it collapses on the ground, unable to move]

[Nick] A Titan climbing a wall? And it had to be THAT titan? That HAS to be another Titan Shifter!! And it's certainly NOT from around here!

[Commander Skrill] More Titans climbing! Over there!

[Slightly to the side of where the group stands, more Abnormals, although not decaying, start climbing up the wall]

[Random Soldier] No no no... God help us!

[Commander Skrill] Calm down cowards! That group on the left! You give, swing down the walls and cut off the titans' hands!

[Soldier] Yes sir! [They jump from the edge of the wall and use their 3DMG to lower down]

[Patricia] Sir, there are too many titans climbing the wall. We don't have enough soldiers!

[Commander Skrill] Grr... Stone!

[Nick] Yes sir!

[Commander Skrill] Get off the wall and evacuate the pedestrians. Patricia Deller, you're with Stone!

[Patricia] Uh.. yes sir!

[Nick and Patricia jump off the wall and lower themselves to ground level with their 3DMG]

[Nick] Let's split up! Evacuate everyone to the other side of town! Meet you there!

[Patricia] Got it!

[They both split up. Nick approaches a group of panicking people, running]

[Nick] Everybody calm down! I'm from the Garrison. We're evacuating everyone. We got a Titans-climbing-the-wall case! After me!

[He leads them through the streets]

[Commander Skrill] Sci! Get down there and clear them out! Use your power!

[Sci] Really, you grant me permission?

[Commander Skrill] What the hell do you think "Use your power" means?! I said get down there!

[Sci] Sir yes sir!

[Sci turns around at the wall's outer edge]

[Sci] Here we GO!

Music-icon.png Soundtrack - Levi's Theme / Female Titan Chase

[He runs towards the edge of the wall and jumps off. He bites his hand in mid-air, spilling blood. Suddenly the sky turns into a greenish hue and a bolt of lightning strikes Sci in mid-air and creates a large cloud of smoke. From beneath the smoke appears Sci, in Titan form. He lands on the ground and turns around at the titans]

[Sci, from within the body] Let's do this.

Spiked Titan's Statistics:


[Sci crosses his arms and reaches for his back with both hands, pulling out two spikes and wields them in a combat position]

[Scene switches to Nick running, evacuating the other villagers. He looks back at the sky, moments before Sci lands on the ground and sees the green hue]

[Nick, thinking] Looks like Sci has already transformed. I hope he can deal with those Abnormal.. whatever they are.

[Scene switches back to Sci]

[Sci stabs a 13m class Titan's eyes with both spikes, pulls the spikes out and then uses them to cut through its neck. He continues to blind other titans, frequently biting their necks off, killing them. He then pulls out two new spikes and uses them to climb the wall, taking out other titans that are climbing it. He pulls the leg of one titan, then another who is just about to reach the top. He throws it down on the ground, lets go of the wall and falls on top of it, crushing its face with his legs. He then rips the neck out and continues to fight back.

[Scene shows the soldier squad the Commander ordered to stop/slow down the approaching titans. One of them is grabbed by an abnormal]

[Random Soldier] Jackson! NOOO!!

[The Soldier, Jackson, is brutally bitten in half by the Abnormal]


[He quickly hookshots the side of the Titan's neck and swings around it, before ruthlessly cutting out the nape of its neck]

[Soldier] That's for Jackson, you bastard freak.

[Scene switches to Sci, still defending the Wall from incoming Titans]

[Sci, from inside] Goddammit Nick where are you...

[Scene switches to Nick. He is running across a street with civilians following him]

[Nick] Don't worry, a little bit more and we'll be to the western gate.

[Random Civilian] Thank you!

[Suddenly, Patricia runs out of the street next to the street Nick is running in, they both meet up and stop running. Patricia is also evacuating civilians]

[Patricia] Nick! Did you see that bolt of lightning?

[Nick] Yeah, looks like Sci has already transformed. Have you got the civilians?

[Patricia] Yeah, right behind me. Now we just need to-

[Suddenly, a 12m class Titan emerges from the ground near them, that Titan, is also partially decaying. The civilians stare in terror]

[Nick] What the hell?!

[Patricia] How did it get underground?! What's going on here?

[Nick] It's like that other one...

[Scene shows a close up of the Titan]

[Nick] Another decaying Titan!!

[Patricia] Where are all of those freak Titans coming from?!

[Nick] I don't know, but we gotta get out of here.

[Suddenly a few soldiers land on the ground with their 3DMG behind Nick and Patricia]

[Soldier] Stone and Deller! What is this?

[Nick] Sir, we don't know. There is a Titan underground and it just emerged.

[Patricia] And there's more over there, look! [She points in the distance. More Titans start emerging from the ground, all somewhat decaying like the previous two]

[Nick] This is hell.. what do we do, WHAT DO WE DO?!

[Soldier] Unfortunetly, I am not on a high enough rank to give you permission to use your power. I would if I could.

[Nick] DAMMIT!

[Soldier] Nick and Patricia, continue evacuating the civilians towards the western gate. My group will distract these Titans. Get in the tower over there [He points at a tall building] Stay there until this crap is over. Understood?

[Nick] But... sir-

[Soldier] UNDERSTOOD?!

[Nick] ...Yes sir... damn.

[The Soldiers launch an attack on the Titans, and the scene switches back to Nick]

[Nick] ...DAMMIT!!! [He punches a hole in the wall of a house]

[Patricia] Nick, calm down! We have to evacuate the civilians. You get pissed about this all you want later, understand?

[Nick] ...Fine. Come on, to the tower.

[Nick and Patricia run off with the civilians following them]

[The scene switches to Sci, looking slightly exhausted and having wounds on his Titan body]

[Sci] Dammit! Can't hold them much longer.

[He kicks one Titan away but is tackled down by another. He reaches out for a spike and stabs the Titan's temple with it. He then bites its neck off and climbs up the wall]

[Random Soldier] Commander, it's Sci!

[Sci lowers his head closer to the Wall's level and partially emerges from the nape of the Titan's neck]

[Sci] Commander! I'm sorry but there's too many Titans down there. I don't think I can hold them much longer!

[Commander Skrill] DAMMIT!

[Sci] I'm not finished yet. I just need the wound on my shoulder to generate and I can get back down there. I just don't know what condition my Human body will be in if I stay inside this Titan body much longer!

[Random Soldier] Sci! WATCH OUT BEHIND YOU!!

[Sci quickly enters the nape of the Titan's neck and turns around 180 degrees. The incoming Titan is completely impaled by the spikes on Sci's back. The Titan corpse slowly falls off Sci's back and down the wall]

[Sci] Dammit [He turns back around] That was a close one.

[Scene switches back to Nick, Patricia, and the civillians. They have reached the inside of the tower and are at the second floor. The civilians are sitting on the chairs in another room while Nick and Patricia are looking out the window]

[Nick, facepalming] This is hell...

[Patricia] Don't get down like that! The soldiers will take care of the Titans, I know it! And you can too!

[Nick] Me? [Laughs sarcastically and stands up] I can't even use my powers for crying out loud! Oh wait, I can! No wait, I CAN'T! Because some ass governer won't let me! I'm tired of this crap! [He kicks down a wooden bucket and sits]

[Patricia] They are doing this for your own good, Nick. And like I said, now is not the time to get pissed.

[Nick] Now can very well be the last time to get freaking pissed. How do you even know the soldiers out there are good enough to take out those... things. They're not even normal Titans. How did they get underground? How did they get past the 5-6m range of the wall that goes underground? What are they?

[Patricia] Don't worry, I'm sure we'll get the answers.. sooner or-[Gasp]

Music-icon.png Soundtrack - [Vogel im Käfig]

[A soldier is sent flying towards them by a Titan, the Soldier is missing his lower right arm and almost his entire body is covered with blood]

[Patricia] Oh my god... oh my god!

[The soldier crashes into the balcony in front of the window Nick and Patricia were looking out of]

[Patricia stares in horror]

[Nick] Oh hell no! What happened?

[Soldier, breathing heavily] They are... too strong. I've never seen anything like it. They knew hand-to-hand combat and were able to predict our movements... they are.. too.. s-strong.

[Patrica] Oh no...

[Soldier] Nick... Patricia... please... help.. u-us.. don't let this p-p-peace and effort go to.... waste...

[Nick] No.. NO!!

[The Soldier's lifeless body collapses and he falls from the balcony, his body on the ground, surrounded by a puddle of blood]

[Nick] ...

[Patricia] Nick... I can't do anything. If you ask me, he was asking you for help more than me.

[Nick] But... the permis-

[Patricia] Would you stop going on about that crap?! Look at how many people died already! And this time for real!

[The scene switches between various shots of soldier's corpses lying on the ground, most are in blood, others have missing limbs]

[Nick looks at Patricia]

[Nick] Do you think.. I can do this?

[Patricia] You and Sci are the strongest people I know. You wouldn't let a simple permission destroy humanity, would you? Come on!

[Nick smiles] Thank you Patricia.

[He looks out the window]

[Nick] I'll stop them. I'll even DIE if I have to. I won't let them ruin this peace, not here, NOT TODAY!! AaaaaAAAAAAAAAAARGH!

Music-icon.png Soundtrack - [Armored Titan Theme]

[He leaps out the window and bites his hand in mid-air. He gets struck by a bolt of lightning as the sky turns green and instantly emerges from the smoke from the explosion. He stands up]

[Nick, from inside] Okay you bastards... it's payback time.

Leaping Titan's Statistics:


[The soldiers at the top of the wall, and the commander look at the lightning bolt]

[Soldier] Sir, is that what I think it is?

[Commander Skrill] That runt! He transformed without permission!

[Soldier] Sir, with all of your respect, I believe he would save your life at least twice before you finally give him permission.

[Commander Skrill] Grr.... Well, it doens't matter.

[The Soldier, surprised] Sir?

[Commander Skrill] If he can help us, that's all that matters.

[Sci, heavily worn out by the titans at the base of the wall, looks at the sky]

[Sci, from inside] About freaking time, Nick.

[He kicks away the Titans that are trying to eat his foot and quickly scales the wall again. He looks at the Commander]

[The Commander nods]

[Sci jumps from the wall, but this time from the inner side, he starts running towards Nick's location]

[The scene switches back to Nick. He takes on a ready stance and launches himself towards the titans, running, in a similar fashion to the Armored Titan. As he is running, his legs start changing shape. His feet grow slightly bigger and he rises to stand on his toes, as his overall leg appearance takes a more animal-like look. He quickly makes a brake and launches himself off the ground, does a front flip and falls back towards the ground, completely decapitating a Titan with a kick. He quickly makes a turn and roundhouse kicks another Titan with a shape-shifted leg. He bites out the neck of one Titan and once again decapitates one, but this time with an Elbow. However, his lower arm is blown off, so he quickly ducks and sweeps the other Titans' legs before kneeing them off the ground. He looks at his lower arm and it quickly regenerates. He then looks into the distance to see Sci running towards him.

[Nick, from inside] About time.

[They stand next to each other and both of them emerge from the Titans' napes]

[Nick] Dude! Are you okay?

[Sci] Not doing too good man. The Titans outside the wall won't stop coming.

[Nick] Same here. But they're coming out of the freaking ground.

[Sci] What?! How is that possible?

[Nick] Don't know, but we gotta defend Karanese as long as we're still standing.

[Sci] I got ya. Let's do this.

[They both re-enter the napes and resume fighting]

[The scene shows Sci cutting other Titans' limbs off with spikes. He then turns around and impales an incoming one]

[The next scene shows Nick elbowing and kneeing other Titans' heads off, while frequently roundhouse kicking them with a shifted leg]

[This goes on for about 5 more minutes. The scene switches to the Commander]

[Commander Skrill] This is the end...

[Random Soldier] We've lost... there's too many!

[The scene shows a far away shot of the wall with a large number of titans climbing it]

Music-icon.png Soundtrack - [XL-TT]


[The Commander and all other soldiers use their 3DMG to get to the base of the wall]

[Sci impales the last Titan's nape and turns around]

[Nick does the same, both of them turn their backs at the wall and emerge from the napes]

[Sci] What happened? Why isn't no one on the wall?

[Nick] Don't tell me the Commander and the others got killed!

[Sci] No, they're smarter than this.

[Nick] You.. you're right. As much of a jerk as the Commander is, I don't think he would let everyone die.

[Sci] Yeah... but.

[Patricia] Sci.... Nick!

[Nick and Sci] Huh?

[They both look down to see Patricia running, breathing heavily]

[Sci] Patricia! Are you okay? What happened?

[Nick] Where are the civilians?

[Patricia] They're okay, but we've got bigger problems. Look!

[All of them look at the top of the wall]

[Nick] Oh god... no.

[Sci] No way...

[The scene shows hundreds of Titans standing on top of the walls]

[Nick] How could... how could this be...

[Sci] We... we've lost. This is the end.

[Suddenly the wind blows extremely strong and Nick gets the same eerie feeling. A monstorous and extremely loud roar is heard as it spreads through the entire city and is coming from way far beyond the wall]

[Everyone covers their ears as the scene shows a lot of shocked people, the soldiers, Nick, Sci, Patricia and the Commander. The civilians inside the building also scream in terror]

[Suddenly the roar stops]

[Sci] What... what is that?

[The Titans on the walls turn around and jump off one by one, until eventually there is not a single one left]

[Nick] What.. they're retreating?

[Patricia] What.. what was that?

[Sci] That sounded... disturbing.

[Nick] I've felt that before... I...

[Patricia] What? What are you talking about?

[Nick] ...

[Suddenly Nick's Titan body starts falling, collapsing on the ground. Nick walks out from beneath it as it begins to evaporate. Sci abandons his body, which also falls and starts evaporating]

[Patricia] Are you okay, Nick?

[Sci] Say something!

[Nick] You guys... I'm fine.

[They both sigh in relief]

[The camera zooms farther away from them. The next scene shows Nick, Sci and Patricia standing on top of the wall again, with the Commander in front of them]

[Commander Skrill] Patricia Deller, good job on evacuating the civilians.

[Patricia, saluting] Sir!

[Commander Skrill] Sci, good job on defending the walls with your life.

[Sci, also saluting] Sir!

[Commander Skrill] Stone...

[Nick] Yes Commander?


[Nick, looking down for a second, but then looks up at the Commander] No, sir. I do not. But I do realize what could have happened if I DIDN'T transform.

[Commander Skrill] You little-

[Patricia] With all of your respect Commander, if Nick didn't transform, me, him and the civilians we evacuating would probably be dead at this very moment.

[Sci] Yeah! He didn't get permission but he still saved countless lives!

[Nick] I... yes, that's right!

[The Commander looks at them]

[Commander Skrill] You... [Sigh] Alright, I'll let you off with a warning, for the first and last time.

[Nick, Sci and Patricia sigh in relief]


[Nick, Sci and Patricia] AH!!

[The Commander laughs mockingly and walks away]

[Sci] What is the deal with that guy, seriously?

[Patricia] Just forget about it... let's go home.

[Sci] Yeah.

[Sci and Patricia walk off]

[Nick is about to as well but he stops and looks out in the distance beyond the wall as the camera zooms away from him]

I didn't know what exactly happened that day. Weird decaying Titans, a large amount of Abnormals at the same place, Titans climbing walls, Titans coming out from the ground. A lot happened that day... and this feeling... the same feeling I got twice already... and now a third time. And that... disturbing sound. I don't know much about what happened then, but I do know one thing. Something tells me this is not the end of our problems, and that we'll see them again... probably sooner than we think.

11:13 AM

[On the next day, the scene shows Nick and Sci in Nick's house, having a drink at the table]

[Sci] Man, it's good to relax after all that crap.

[Nick] You said it...

[Sci] Hey... you mentioned something about a feeling. What did you mean by that?

[Nick] I... don't really know. I don't think it's that important anyway.

[Sci] Are you sure?

[Nick] Yeah, just trust me.

[Sci] Trust you? [Laughs] You remember that one time when you said those exact same words, I had to call the Military Police.

[Nick] Oh shut up, that was a long time ago.

[They both laugh]

[Suddenly they hear a knock on the door]

[Sci] That's gotta be Patricia.

[Nick walks up to the door and opens it. Patricia is there, but she looks worried]

[Nick] Hey, what's-

[Patricia] We need to talk.

[The next scene shows the 3 of them sitting by the table]

[Patricia] What I am about to tell you came from the government, from the Commander specifically.

[Sci] What? The Government?

[Patricia] I've been ordered to keep this a secret from anyone but you two, of course.

[Nick] Okay, so what's the matter?

[Sci] Yeah, come on! Tell us already!

[The camera shows a close-up of Patricia]

[Patricia] There are... Titans inside the walls.

[The screen goes black]

11:43 PM

[The scene shows a shot of the wall, as the camera moves down slowly, a shot of the first Decaying Titan's hand is shown, in a pile of evaporating Titan corpses. Suddenly the Decaying Titan stops evaporating and twitches its finger]