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This is the episode guide for the series Omnitrix Conquest. No episodes have been created yet.

Season 1

It's An Omnitrix Conquest, Part 1

Pilot:When an evil Warlord arises and begins attempting to destroy the villages and kingdoms, 8 warriors from Aurora gather together. An alien visits the group and gifts them with special wrist watches that allows for them to transform into 8 different alien creatures.

It's An Omnitrix Conquest, Part 2

Part 2

Stepping Up

Ship and Brav are having trouble battling compared to everyone else. When the team consider removing him, he and Brav run off. When a Poochyena attacks Brav, Ship helps to save Brav and the two battle and capture it. When they finally return they find that the team has been captured by the Ignis Village and must save them.

A Bug's Life

The Volucris Village is being invaded by Fontaine and beg for the group to save them. The group arrive but do not understand how bug Pokemon work so they each capture one and practice with it before going into battle to save Volucris.