The End of Wikia
Season 1, Episode 7
The End of Wikia
1... 2... Slenderman's Coming for you.... 3.... 4.... Lock that Creeper Door....
Air date 12/15/12
Written by Nick
Directed by Sci
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The Everything Everything Crisis
The Party Wiki Falls


In this blockish adventure, the Team heads to Minecraft Fan Fiction Wiki, and are trapped in the Nether and are hunted down by the Slenderman. Toon and Nick join the team, in an effort to escape the Wiki before Slenderman gets them.     


Unknown Location
Unknown Forest 11/4/12 1:32 AM

[A group of 5 run thru the forest.]


[They run thru the forest and find a truck. ]

Second ???: Archibald.... maybe we should return the first page back, and then maybe he won't c-

Archibald: NO! WE MUST GO! HE TOOK MY GIRL.... THE FIRST CHILD. Now... my son is all alone, less then a year old. I must find the pages and go to the Nether to save my child. My girl.

[They find a second page that says NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! and a picture of a tall man with long arms. Suddenly, one of the men disappear. Then another, and another, and then only Archibald is left.]

Archibald: You....

[Suddenly he sees something, and starts running.]


[He keeps running, and then arrives at a house, when he realizes nothing's there. ]

Archibald: Is he .... gone?

[He turns around, and sees a man in a black suit with super long arms, and a white faceless head. ]

Archibald: NO... DON'T ... TAKE... ME..... SLENDERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

[Slenderman grabs the man and turns towards the ground. A giant tablet grows from the ground, and the middle of it starts to break. They form a giant purple portal that shows a Hell-like world on the other side. Slenderman takes Archibald, and enters the portal. In a blinding flash, the tablet disappears.]

[Theme Song]

Command Center 11/5/12 2:56 PM

[Chrono is on his chair infront of a big monitor, as he is typing something on his keyboard.]

Zon: I miss my bowls of cereal ;_;

Sci: I miss my Power Suit from G.E.A.R...

Brian: I miss my sword..

Jack: I miss my di-

Chrono: I FOUND IT!!

Sci: ._.

Zon: ._.

Brian: ._.

Sci: ._.

Jack: I was gonna say dictironary...

Sci: Oh..

Chrono: Ugh, seriously guys, get serious.


Jack: You are never serious...

Zon: Fuq u.


[Chrono angriliy pushes the Keyboard away.]

Chrono: What I meant was... I found a good Wiki that we might use to get help from!

Zon: What wiki?

Chrono: Okay.. according to this...

[Chrono opened a new tab and a screen of images and text came out.]

Chrono: It's called Minecraft Fan Fiction Wiki.


Zon: Aw man <.<

Brian: HELL YES!

Chrono:..According to this Statistics Screen, the Wiki isn't as populated and content-packed as TEE or BTFF, but it's gaining more and more new users and content every day or so.

Sci: So...we can get help from there! 

Chrono: Exactly, and the best part of all.. The Hacker or the Hackbots haven't discovered the Wiki yet! So we got nothing to fear!

Jack: Awesome! What are waiting for then?

Chrono: I forgot to mention one thing... night is scary in the Minecraft world, there might not be hackbots, but there are all kinds of creatures there...

Brian:... And possibily, even some we haven't heard of.. since it's FAN FICTION..

Sci: We can take em! 

Zon: Well.. okay..

Chrono: Alright, just a little more clicks...

[Chrono opened a few more tabs, wrote a couple of rows of code, then pressed Enter. A hole formed in the wall. A cylinder-like container formed and came out of the wall and opened. A blue shift of energy appears inside.]

Brian: Nice! :D

Jack: Alright, let's pack our stuff and move out! :D

[A few minutes later.]

[Everyone stands in front of the Teleportation Tube, packed and ready.]

Chrono: Good luck, guys. I'll stay here and keep an eye out. If you need any help, feel free to contact me.

Brian: Typical for Chrono..

Sci: Alright, let's go!

[They all rushed in the Tube, a bright blue flash filled the Tower then faded away. Chrono went back on working on his computer.]

Minecraft Fan Fiction Wiki
11/5/12 4:14 PM EST

[A running sound is heard over grass, then we see an Enderman-like creature with a white hoodie and headphones. It stopped running.]

???: Dammit Toon, hurry up!

[A teen in a green and white hoodie with it's backside showing a creeper face runs after the Enderman-like creature.]

Toon: *Breathing heavily* Sorry... this is.. taking awhile..

???: It's k... man.. I think we lost him...

Nick's Minecraft Self.

Toon: Me too.. Let's keep moving!

Nick: Got it!

[They continued running for about 7 minutes, then they stopped by a tree.]

Nick: There it is!

[Nick grabbed a piece of paper from the tree, where it was strapped on.]

Nick: 2 outta 8...

Toon: Well... we're screwed..

Nick: Not yet! We can still find them!

Toon: But.. okay.. let's move!

Nick: Gotcha!

[Just before Nick made a step, Slenderman teleported behind him and Toon.]

Toon: SH*T! LET'S GTFO!!

[They both started running, but Slenderman teleported in front of them. Nick and Toon stopped.]

Nick: Oh god....

Toon: Um.... hi?

[Slenderman started getting close to them, then a dark blue portal opened behind Slenderman with a light beam shooting in the sky. Slenderman looked behind him.]

Nick: ._.

Toon: Beacon?

Nick: I think so... 

[Sci jumped out of the portal first, while Brian, Jack and Zon behind him.]

Sci: Come on come on LETS GO!

Brian: Looks like we got company...

Zon: >.<


[Jack tried to kick Slenderman in the face, but he teleported away. Sci made a step forward and looked around.] slenderman has no face

Sci: Gone.

Nick: Is it over...?

Toon: *Moves his hands away from his face*.. I think so..

Brian: Hey look! Civilians!

Nick: Hey.... OMG SCI!? BRIAN!? ZON!? JACK!?!

Toon: Jack! 

Jack: TOON! :D

[They both high-5'd.]

Nick: What are you guys doing here? Nvm.. you really saved our lives xD

Sci: Heh, thanks... we were about to ask you the same question..

[Suddenly, Sci, Jack, Brian and Zon started glowing white]

Jack: HUH!? ._.

Brian: This is weird..

Zon: Whoaaaaa :O

[They all became shorter and blocky-like.]


Jack: ._.

Sci: Dafuq happened O.o

Zon: ikr

[They all took a look on their hands. Sci put his hand on his ear]

Sci: Chrono?

Chrono, from his computer: Heh, this is more interesting than I expected.

Sci: What do you mean?

Chrono: It would appear that any outsiders who enter the Minecraft dimension become affected under it's natural conditions.

Sci: Which means...?

Chrono: In other words, it transforms non-blocky things that enter it into blocky things...

Sci: You heard that guys?

Brian: So now we're Minecraft characters? AWESOME! :D

Jack: Wait.. are we going to stay like this forever?

Chrono: Nah, you'll probably revert to your regular appearances when you exit the Minecraft world.

Sci: Well, good enough for me.

Jack: Me too, I guess..

Zon: This is weird >.<

Toon: Soooo.. what are you guys doing here? 

Nick: Wait, first.. how did you guys get here? That portal thing wasn't a Beacon...

Zon: Bacon? What bacon?

[Nick's mouth opened with a very-scary looking jaw with the throat being slightly deformed, his entire body started shaking and emitting blue particles.]


Zon: .____.

Sci: ...

Brian: ...

Jack: O.o

Toon: XD

[Nick changed back to normal and closed his mouth.]

Sci:.... Never.. do that..again..

Nick: Sorry, Enderman stuff xD

Brian: Sooo..... back to why we're here..

Toon: Let's make some campfire first.

[Toon grabbed Flint and Steel and made a campfire. Everyone sat around it.]

Toon: After me, Nick, Brandon Rhea and the rest of you helped you, I got sucked inside my computer and been stuck in this forest for about a week..

Nick: I came to MCFF, here to be exact, looking for Toon..

Toon: What happened to Chaturn? I didn't see the end..

Nick: Me too, I was too busy searching for Toon here..

Sci: Chaturn is destroyed... it's gone..


Toon's Minecraft self.

Toon: Holy sh...

Sci: It's true... we couldn't stop it...

Toon: What happened after that?

Sci: Well.. after the fall of Chaturn..

[Sci starts explaining about their adventures after that. The Genrex Fanfic Wiki and their adventure on TEE.]

Nick: Whoa... we really DID miss a lot....

Toon: So.. you guys came here, looking for help from us?

Sci: Yes, we need all the help we can get to fight The Hacker and the Hackbots, but from what we saw already, you guys aren't less busy than us..

Nick: Actually, we usually go mining or writing new stuff here, but suddenly, Slenderman attacked the Wiki. He's been wandering around this forest since 4 days or so...

Toon: We've been trying to escape him, but...

[Nick stood up.]

Nick: He has somehow gotten a hold of the Chunk Generation. No matter how far we go, any direction, the forest won't stop generating further and further.

Toon: Me and Nick have been trying to figure out how to get past this, and we kinda found the solution. If we find the 8 pages, there might be some way to get outta here.

Nick: Sadly, we've only found 2 so far.. and you saw that we almost got killed before you came..

Sci: Hmmmmm.... Looks like our search won't be that easy..

Brian: It never is :P

Jack: You guys thinking what I'm thinking?

[Zon was eating a cookied Chicken.]

Zon: Cereal?

Everyone: NO.

Sci: We're gonna help you guys, if we're gonna get help, we need to help you first. 

Brian: Besides, there's no other way to leave this world. Chrono's portal doesn't work backwards... well here anyways. 

Zon: Well... fuq.

Toon: Really? With 8 of us here, we got nothing to fear!

Jack: That rhymed :P

Toon: Whoops XD

[A few minutes later..]

[Nick pulled out his Diamond Sword, he also gave a bow and a stack of arrows to Sci and an Iron Sword to Brian.]

Sci: Awesome!

Brian: Niiiceeee :D

Nick: Alright, let's go!

[They all ran towards the pathway of the forest. A few minutes later. They come a cross a path that splits into 2 different paths.]

Jack: Dammit, where to now?

Nick: I say we split up, we'll have a higher chance on finding the rest of the 6 pages.

Sci: Well.. okay.

Nick: Me, Brian and Sci will go left, while Jack, Toon and Zon can go right. Okay?

Toon: K.... and Nick.

Nick: Yeah?

Toon: Watch your back.

Nick: Thanks, you too. K, let's go!

[Nick, Sci and  Brian took the left path, while Zon, Jack and Toon took the right. We see Nick leading the way.]

Brian: Sooo..... how's TWOH going here? I haven't been able to write much of it with this Hacker problem.

Nick: Meh, it's going pretty well. You should see your alternate self xD.

Brian: Oh lol

Nick: Ah... I haven't had much motivation writing MY series...

Brian: Nick, how'd you really get here? To MCFF?

Nick: Well... I was attacking the Hacker, on BTFF when something happened to my computer. An error message appeared, before it grew a bright light. I was consumed by it, and then... I landed here. It took me a while to realaize I was on the internet. That's when I started looking for Toon. 

Brian: And Slenderman?

Nick: I have no fudging idea why he's here. Well... I might. See... I think that with some " Wikis " , that the content creates a world, or Worlds. So really, while we are techinally on the internet, we are in multiple parrarrel univeres, shaped by mere ideas. Basiclly, when you come up with an idea, it creates a whole new universe. Oh, and I think that because of that, its connected to the virtual game, Minecraft itself. 

Brian: Whoa. Universeception. 

[Suddenly they see a rock with a page on it. They grab it, when they hear something.]

Nick: He's here.

Brian: Who?

[Nick, not responding, tells Brian something.]

Nick: There's a song about him, kinda like Nightmare on Elm Street. One, Two.... Slenderman's coming for you.... Three, Four.... Lock Your Creeper Door.... 

Brian: Five.... Six... grab you diamond swords and sticks. Seven, Eight.... gonna not be bait. Nine Ten... never sleep again. 

Nick: Well actually that isn't part of the song but... HOLY MOTHER OF...

[Slenderman appears in front of them and they start running away]

Brian: Man, I didn't think he could do that!

Nick: Have you PLAYED Slender before?

[They keep running as Slenderman looks on, then turns around, howls, and disappears]


Minecraft Fan Fiction Wiki
11/5/12 6:14 PM EST

[Toon, Zon, and Jack are walking down another road. ]

Toon: You guys ever play Slender?

Zon: Nope. I've been busy with the whole " The End of Wikia as we know it " stuff. 

Toon: Lawl, true. Man, I hope they didn't release anything new with Man of Steel.

Jack: They moved it closer. It was released 3 days ago. :/


Jack: Just kidding. 

Toon: Not funny dude. Not funny.

[Toon beach slaps Jack]

Toon: Bad Jack.

Jack, crying: OW

[Toon beach slaps Jack again and again until Zon stops him.]

Jack, crying to death: I'm SORRY!!!!!

Zon: Toon -_-

Toon: Fine, I'm done. Sorry. 

[Jack beach punches Toon to the ground]

Jack: All Better. 

[Suddenly Brian and Nick run towards them.]

Brian: GUYS! SLENDERMAN... IS .... WAS.... 

Nick: UGH... SO.... QUICK... UGH... I HA...TE... MINE....CRAFT...

[Brian slaps Nick]

Brian: Never say that dude.


Toon: Wait a second. Where's Sci?

[The Realization dawns on everyone]

Zon: Oh Crap.

Nick: Yeah, what Zon said. Sci.... he was taken by Slenderman I guess. I don't know where though.

[They walk down the road when they see a bunch of giant rocks. Toon notices two pages on the rock. ]

Toon: Why are there two pages?

Nick: Hmm... you don't think...

[Toon grabs them, and then all of a sudden, Slenderman appears behind the group.]

Everyone: AHHHH

[Slenderman grabs Nick and Jack with his arms. Then, the rocks mold together to form a giant tablet, and then a giant purple portal appears. ]


[The winds of the portal, along with Slendeman forces the group into the portal, and then the tablet returns to its appearence as the rocks. The Gang falls into what would be described as a Minecraft Hell, but they land on a cliff, and enter a cave. Toon catches a quick glimpse of Slenderman looking them, before leaving.]

Brian: We're in the Nether now. The rest of the pages are in the Overworld. We're trapped here, and we're trapped in MCFF. At least, until we are killed by Slenderman.

Zon: Ya don't say?

Brian: Fuq u.

[Nick stood up and pulled out his diamond sword again. He pointed up to a large ledge of Netherrack.]

Nick: Over there. We can't get out of this cave by ourselves, that's the only way.

Jack: We'll have to go THERE?

Nick: That's the only way out of this cave...

Toon: I agree with Nick, if we have a chance to escape we should take it.

Brian: ..Hmmm.. same, I guess...

Nick: K, let's go!

[They all moved through the opening of the cave and arrived on the ledge, which had a narrow pathway towards a big piece of land made out of Netherrack.]

Brian: Sooo.... was the new AoS good?

Nick: Not at all.. Jagex has ruined a game once again -.-

Zon: What's AoS?

Nick: (You don't say) APES ON STEROIDS.

Brian: XD

[They were all walking forward, but Nick suddenly stopped walking. He stayed still for about 2 seconds.]


[Nick rushed towards Brian, Jack, Toon and Zon and pushed them on the ground. A big fireball crashed into the ledge behind them, with Netherrack falling into the lava below.]


[Nick grabbed his diamond sword with 2 hands.]

Nick: ...Ghasts.

[Three giant white squid-like monsters came flying from behind a big patch of Glowstone, which was hanging on the "roof" of the Nether. They started shooting Fireballs towards the team, Nick stepped forward and started smashing the balls away with his sword.]

Nick: AGH! A little help here?

[Brian pulled out his iron sword.]

Brian: Sure, I'm an expert on Ghastball! >:D

Nick: Ghastball.....xD

[They were both blasting the fireballs back at the Ghasts, until they eventually killed them.]

Nick:... Phew...

Brian: That was a close one...


Toon: Uhm... guys....

[A part of the ledge slided down to the Netherrack with Nick on it.]


Toon: NICK!

[Nick fell into the lava, as well as the piece of the ledge. Everyone looked down.]

Brian: Is he....

[Suddenly a blue light came out of the lava, then faded away.]

Zon: Huh? O.o

[Nick teleported behind Toon.]

Toon: Is....OH GOD DUDE!

[Toon jumped.]


Nick: Heh, Enderman, remember....


Brian: Guys, look!.

[Brian ran across the ledge to a big piece of land and found a page on a Netherrack boulder.]

Brian: Uh... 5/8?

Nick: Nice!

Toon: Guys, we gotta look for Sci.

Jack: We have to. He's our friend. All our friends.

Nick: We have to find the pages too.


Everyone: ._.

Zon: O.o

Everyone: -_-

Zon: O.o

Brian, changing topic: Okay... well let's look for both at the same time.

[They head over to another cliff, where they see....]

Archibald: So there I was... finding the page when the Slendy came and took me!

[A girl cries out in fear, as she, Archibald, and Sci sit around a fire, drinking Ghast Milk.]

Sci: GUYS!

Toon: SCI! YOU'RE ALIVE! But who is this guy?

Sci: Archibald and his daughter. He has a page..

Zon: Wait. Is that Cereal?

Archibald: Ye-

[Zon snatches it and downs it.]

Zon: Oh.... ohh...OHHH this is so good. Anyways... 5+2...... 

Sci: 2+5 equals....

Jack: 1*2+5.....


Nick: 6/8.... we gotta keep looking. 

Sci: Archibald, do you know where the other two are?

Archibald: I'm afraid not.... 

Toon: Dammit....where do we start looking?

Nick: I think over there..

[Nick pointed.]

Brian: Dude what makes you think tha-

[He saw a gigantic tunnel in the Netherrack, which was leading to a Darkish red colored castle.]

Brian: Oh....

Nick: Let's go!

[With his diamond sword in hand, Nick started leading the way.]


Jack: Ugh, it's so hot in here...

Brian: You don't say?

Nick: Ugh, seriously guys.. stop beaching around and help me look for the pa-

Toon: Uh.. guys.. look..

[They all looked forward to see the Red castle with a giant fortwall infront of it with Zombie Pigmen standing and guarding the outdoors.]

Jack: Whoa...

Zon: O.O

Sci: This should be fun..

Toon: Guys, guys, come on. I'm the best at talking.

[Toon made a step forward and yelled.]


Nick: Here we go...

Everyone else: ._.


Toon: Trust me on this one, I got this.

[Meanwhile, up on the fortwall, two Zombie Pigmen looked at each other.]

Pigman 1: Ghmph.

Pigman 2: Hmghrapmphm?

Pigman 1: Grhmp. GRRHMPHAMRBM!!!

Pigman 2: Grmhmpm.......

Pigman 1: Graphmbmp <.<

Toon: e.e

Nick: *sigh*

Pigman 1: Ghmprm...

[The Zombie Pigman pulled a lever and the giant drawbridge made out of Nether Brick lowered down and caused a small earthquake after touching the ground.]

Toon: Told you this would work...

Jack: ._.

Nick: Ugh.. come on already...

[The Castle doors opened and a Zombie Pigman, slightly bigger than the others with a diamond chestplate and helmet, walked infront of Toon with two regular Zombie Pigmen following him.]

Pigman Leader: Greetings.

Toon: Uh...hi?

Pigman Leader: What are you all doing in my dimension?!

Brian: *Cough*YOURdimension?*Cough*

[The Pigman leader turned at Brian.]

Pigman Leader: Hmph!

[Nick stepped forward.]

Nick: What my friend Toon is trying to say is that.... we've been hunted down by Slenderman from the Overworld to here... and we only have 2 pages..

Pigman Leader: Hahm? Slenderman!? Argh that bastard! 

Sci: We're trying to find the 8 pages so we can get out of here..

Pigman Leader: Pages? ARGH! What pages? I haven't found any LEAVE MY KINGDOM NOW!

[The Pigman Leader angirliy turned back and walked towards the castle doors.]

Brian: Scared?

[The Pigman Leader stopped walking.]

Brian: You're scared of Slenderman? You have an army of Zombie Pigmen and you're scared of him? You're a pretty good ruler...

[The Pigman Leader turned back at Brian and released steam from his nose.]

Pigman Leader: What.. did you just say!? I'LL MAKE YOU EAT THOSE WORDS!!!!

[He pulled out a big Golden Sword with spikes on it. Brian pulled out his iron sword.]

Brian: Bring it, pile of pork.

Nick: Wait, Brian! 

[Nick handed Brian his Diamond Sword.]

Nick: Show them who's boss.

Brian: You think I wouldn't? xD

[The rest of the Zombie Pigmen stepped back and came back on the Fortwall, watching the battle.]

Pigman Leader: ENOUGH! 

[He charged at Brian and tried to smash him with his sword vertically. Brian dodged it and jumped on top of his sword, then sliced him through the face horizontaly. The Pigmen stepped back.]

Pigman Leader: ARGH! Is that all you got? AAAAHAAAAAAAAARGH!

[He tried to hit Brian multiple times, but Brian blocked every one of his attacks with his diamond sword, then kicked him and sliced him a few times.]

Pigman Leader: Ugh...

[A drop of blood came from the Pigman's head.]

Pigman Leader: You are making me really angry.. AND YOU'RE GONNA REGREET IIIT!!!!

[He once again tried to smash Brian vertically, Brian blocked the attack with his sword.]

Pigman Leader: ARGHAH!

[He smashed Brian's sword away, then smashed Brian into a wall of Netherrack.]

Pigman Leader: Had.... enough?

Everyone else: BRIAN!

Brian: Aaaaargh...

[Brian was badly injured, the Pigman Leader kept smashing him and laughing.]

Pigman Leader: AhahahahHAHAHAHAHA!!

[When he made the final smash, he lifted his Golden Sword off, to see Brian missing from the hole in the wall.]


[The Pigman Leader looked down, only to see Nick's diamond sword's blade pierced through his chest.]

Pigman Leader: But... how?!!?

[He collapsed down on the ground with Brian behind him, pulling the sword out of his corpse.]

Brian: The bigger they are, the harder they fall.




Brian: Aah... 

[Meanwhile, up on the fortwall..]

Zombie Pigman 1: He defeated our leader!

Zombie Pigman 2: He defeated our leader!!!

Zombie Pigman 3: HE DEFEATED OUR LEADER!!!!!!

[They all started cheering and came through the castle door on the drawbridge. Brian looked back.]

Brian: Uh.... you don't say? xD

[The Pigman Leader slowly started getting up and grabbing his golden sword.]


[Brian quickly made a 180 turn and horrizontaly sliced through the Pigman's neck, cutting his head off, which fell down on the ground and rolled up to one of the pigmen's leg, bumping in it. The Pigman grabbed the head and threw it off the bridge into the lava below.]

A Zombie Pigmen: You ARE the greatest warrior in the Nether!!

Another one of the Zombie Pigmen: What may your words of wisdom be?

Brian: Words of wisdom?

Zombie Pigman: Yes, that's a tradition when we have a new ruler.. we must follow their ancient words of wisdom!

Brian: Follow, you say...... Hmmmm... How about... Gold swords.... are a piece of sheet.



Nick: Woah.... I admire you, man xD

Brian: Thanks lawl.


[5 minutes later.]

Zombie Pigman Engineer: If you need any more help, feel free to ask us! :D

Brian: Do you happen to know where the 2 remaining pages are?

Zombie Pigman Engineer: Hmm.. no idea, sorry. We have a map though, maybe it can help! 

[He handed Brian a map.]

Brian: Thanks.. wait a minute... guys, look!

Toon: Hm?

[They all gathered around Brian and looked at the map, which had a picture of Slenderman with what would seem an explosion behind him.]

Brian: This isn't a map.. it's the 7th page! 

Nick: Wow, who knew xD

Zombie Pigman Engineer: Alright then! If you need any more help, ask me! I'm the Engineer!

Nick: Oh... you guys go, I'll catch up..

Toon: Well.. okay..

[Everyone left the Engineer Cabin, and Nick stayed inside.]

Nick: Hey... I need a favor.

[The scene switches to Brian and the rest walking towards a cliff. Nick ran up behind them.]

Nick: I'm here! I had to do.. something.

[In a few minutes, they are on the other side of the cliff, dead end infront of them.]

Jack: Well... that's it...

Nick: What now..?

Brian: Uh.. guys!

[Slenderman teleported behind them on the other side of the cliff where they came from. He started getting closer and closer.]

Brian: OH GOD!


Sci: O_O



Nick: Hmmm...

[Nick pulled out some boxes of TNT and threw them all over the bridge. They were connected with Redstone.]



[Nick grabbed some more redstone.]

Toon: OH GOD!!!

Nick: Wait for it...

[Slenderman was getting close.]

Zon: ._.

Nick: WAIT for it....!

Brian: O_O

Nick: WAIT FOR IT!!!

Jack: O.o

Nick: NOOWW!!

[Nick torched the Redstone with a Redstone torch, the signal sent to the TNTs, which resulted in a massive explosion, causing the bridge between the two sides of the cliff to crash down into the lava into blocks of Netherrack, with Slenderman falling down, burning to death.]

Nick:...... Phew...

Brian: Woah.. :O

Toon: WE DID IT!

Sci: Guys, look! 

[The 8th page was falling down to the cliff. Nick grabbed it.]

Nick: There it is! We got all 8 of them! :D

Jack: Guess Slenderman had it all along....

Zon: Woah.. that's one cheap-ass motherfuqer ._.

Toon: Ikr.

[A giant purple vortex formed under all of them, and they all got sucked in.]

Everyone: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COMMAND CENTER 11/6/12 1:44 AM

[A few minutes later, they all got launched out of the Teleportation Tube in Chrono's place. Everyone changed back to their non-blocky versions, including Nick and Toon.]

Chrono: GUYS! 

[Chrono jumped out of his chair and ran down to them.]

Chrono: You're alright!!

Sci: Phew... 

[They all got up.]

Chrono: Wait... NICKTOONS! :O I mean Nick! Toon! :D 

Brian: We found them at MCFF xD

Chrono:..Typical for Nick to be involved with Minecraft stuff xD

Nick: Hey Chrono!

Toon: HAI :D

Chrono: Man, I think we'll call it a success!


[A few minutes later, the Team was saying their goodbyes to the Archibald and his daughter.]

Chrono: I've opened the teleportation tube, you can go back to the Minecraft world now :D

Archibald: Thank you so much! To all of you! I will remember this day, my friends. We shall meet again soon.. 

[The Archibald, along with his daughter, rushed in the Teleportation Tube and teleported to his village in MCFF.]

Nick: ...What a long day.

Brian: Ikr... I'm starving...

[Jack and Toon looked at each other.]

Jack: Ham and cheese sandwhich?


Everyone else: XDD

Meanwhile, we see a scene of the Nether Fortress Castle of the inside, with a lot of Blazes and Zombie Pigmen partying. In the next scene, we see a large statue of Brian with his sword raised up in the air, with the statue being made of Nether Crystals and Glowstone. The statue was labeled: 

~ Brianultimatedragon ~

Gold swords.... are a piece of sheet. --The Words of Wisdom



  • Original title was " Diggin Minecraft Style " but due to the rage of being mad at Psy the old " american hater ", the title was changed
  • In Revenge, Sci would have written his death scene ( killed by Slenderman )
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