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Nar is a main character in Omnitrix Conquest. His partner Pokemon is Cyndaquil.


Nar is 12 years old. He is 5'3", just like his best friend Brian. He is skinnier than Brian, but isn't extremely underweight. Nar wears a golden shirt and matching pants with copper armor.


Nar is one of the 8 Omnitrix Wielders, capable of transforming into 10 different alien creatures. Along with that, he is able to communicate with Pokemon and capture them. Nar is a very fast runner.


  1. Way Big
  2. Jury Rigg
  3. Eatle
  4. Fasttrack
  5. Clockwork
  6. Armodrillo
  7. NRG
  8. Water Hazard
  9. Rath
  10. Lodestar


  1. Cyndaquil (Partner)
  2. Gible
  3. Combee
  4. Zekrom

Nar and Cyndaquil met when Nar was attempting to create a fire. It was an extremely cold winter night and he was struggling to create any sparks. Luckily, Cyndaquil wandered past. He lit the fire and cuddled with Nar, keeping him warm.

Nar and Gible met a few years later. Cyndaquil and Nar were hunting for dinner, trying to capture birds from the sky, but they were unsuccessful. Gible walked past and used its Draco Meteor to kill some. After cooking the birds and eating them, Gible requested a battle from Nar, then allowed from itself to be captured.

In the fifth episode, A Bug's Life, the team capture one bug Pokemon each. Nar captures a Combee.

At the beginning of season two the team will stumble across a nest full of eggs. From there, Nar will obtain an egg that hatches into a Zekrom.



  1. Tackle
  2. Ember
  3. Smoke Screen
  4. Flame Thrower
  5. Double Team


  1. Draco Meteor
  2. Bite
  3. Fire Fang
  4. Headbutt
  5. Dig


  1. Gust
  2. Sweet Scent
  3. Bug Bite


  1. Icy Wind
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