Mailman is a Correioan from Lor Darparia that Awesome Betterhero can turn into with the Ultra Supreme Trix.



Mailman appears to be a blue monkey-like alien with a single green eye, and hat, a white shirt, white legs, a pouch, a brown belt, and a brown tail. His symbol is on his sleeve.


Mailman can create any vehicle, but it must be combined with a mail truck. Mailman's arms and hands are formed in a shape good for throwing. Razor sharp envelopes are in his pouch. His hat can be used as a boomerang, and was modified by the Ultra Supreme Trix to be a resurrective power source, which makes Mailman resurrective. Mailman can detach his pouch, belt, and tail to make a mail carrier.


If Mailman's hat is removed, he is not resurrective. His legs are not good for running.