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Six months after the events at Wikia Manor, the slaughter is famous. Charles Butler, ironically the Butler, has found a new job at The Butler and King Hotel and ResortThe Hotel is for the wealthy, the elite, the powerful. Thirteen people have been selected to take part in a special two-week event testing the hotel before it officially opens. But not everything is as it seems. There are ties to Charles's past... and the pasts of everyone involved. The Past and the Present will collide with one another, as Charles is forced to acknowledge his life before the Manor, and the guests are forced to come to the realization that few will make it out alive. 

But in the most unlikely of circumstances, two will find love. One will find hate. One will realize his past is not what it seems. One will be revealed to be an old friend. One will earn a million dollars. Many will die, and one out of 13 guests will be revealed... as the Killer of Wikia Island. Only this time, the Killer knows Charles. Only this time, the Killer is giving the guests a mystery to solve. Only this time... No One is Safe


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Title Written by Original airdate Production code
A Natural Death Sci100 March 8th, 2015 201
13 people go to the Butler and King Hotel and Resort, cared for by a maid and the butler, Charles, believing they will be staying at a hotel as part of a trial, and whoever is the so called " best guest " wins $1,000,000. However, one of the guests are brutally murdered. Now, the remaining guests must fight for their lives as they search for clues at various locations and solve riddles to discover who committed MURDER.
Under The Sea Sci100 March 22nd, 2015 202

On Wikia Island in 1989, the teenage Charles and his new friends are mysterious contacted with a riddle that leads them to the house of John King, who is found dead. Warned that they have little time, the group is forced to decipher the meaning of the riddle, as the mystery of the past is only beginning...

Meanwhile, in 2014, the remaining group of eleven mortals must solve a new mystery when another person dies of murderous causes. Two guests begin to question their emotions and what their feelings suggest, as the disturbed butler continues to suffer through reoccuring nightmares, new clues are uncovered, and disturbing signs are shown that not everyone is who they say they are....

The Butler Did It Sci100 April 6th, 2015 203
Charles is found at the site of a MURDER, leading to suspicions that the real killer is in fact HIM. Caught in a bad situation, Charles is not only faced with the fact that no one trusts him anymore, but also must deal with the ongoing message left by the Killer: The Maid is lying about who she really is. Meanwhile, Brandon continues to conduct his own investigation as the tension grows between him and Speedy. The rest of the guests investigate the death of a friend, uncovering a new area of the Hotel and clues that add on the growing mystery of the island, all leading up to the final moments of the episode, where one question will be asked, a question that will change the season forever.
I Came In Like a Cannonball Sci100 April 19th, 2015 204
In the very first musical episode written and directed by Sci100, emotions boil over as colors begin to show themselves. Forces move to destroy the foundation of a relationship built between two lovers, warning the danger it poses. The mystery grows a bit more as new clues are revealed, and Charles finds himself in two confrontations: One with his father in 1989, and a second with an old friend who has been lying to him since this new game of MURDER began. All of this occurs as the guests move to solve how another guest has died.
Aqua de la Muerte Sci100 May 17th, 2015 205
As life continues (for some but not all) on Wikia Island, the guests become aware of the Brandon and Speedy situation and become determined to rekindle the passion between the lovers. Yet at the same time, a new threat emerges in the hotel, a threat that could destroy the hotel with his hatred for a single force: love. As the investigation of the mystery continues in 1989, a clue will take Charles Butler and his friends to the Wikia Island Federal Penitentiary, where he and his friends meet one of the most dangerous men they will ever meet in their lives.
Chair of Mountain Terror Sci100 October 30th, 2015 206

As the first half of the season begins to draw to a close, the climate begins to calm as factions within the hotel learn to work together to uncover how one mortal met his end. The Night of the Dead arrives for Charles in 1989, leading to a confrontation on Fiend Mountain as this game reaches a defining moment, leading to a terrifying conclusion containing knowledge about the island's origins, The Five, and a dire warning about the mystery, and the future that awaits those connected to it. 

In Love and MURDER Sci100 October 31st, 2015 207
The Game of Life and Death continues in this episode of the deadly series. Secrets come out in the midst of a peaceful and romantic time in the hotel but things take a disastrous turn for the worse. Strange incidents begin to occur as one man falls apart, and another makes his move, leading to a devilish meeting between two mortals sure to change the dynamic of the show.
The Father, The Son, and the Suicide
The Father, The Son, and the Suicide - Part One Sci100 December 30th, 2015 208A

The game has certainty changed. Broken, defeated, and lost, The Fiend must bring together the remaining guests as they deal with the aftermath of the last episode. Two guests make a discovery on The Fiend's activities, and the guests endure a riddle that will end with a bang. Meanwhile, the Wikia Agency of Investigation makes their presence known on the Island, as the question of whether to reveal the truth becomes increasingly important, and Kross takes the first step in his vendetta.

The Father, The Son, and the Suicide - Part Two Sci100 December 31st, 2015 208B

Following the dramatic conclusion to the Riddle, the guests question The Fiend using a Ouija board, only to get unexpected answers and horrific scenery. One guest learns that there may be more to his family tree than suspected, and Charles makes a vow against his enemies. Meanwhile, the Wikia Agency of Investigation handles the chaos brought about by Kross, as Charles realizes that its not who Kross is that worries his father, but what he represents. 

Note: This is the final episode of the season aired in 2015. 

A Fiend in Sheep's Clothing
A Fiend in Sheep's Clothing - Part One Sci100 January 23rd, 2016 209A

As Mystery Island beings heading to a close, a dramatic death makes the identities of The Five more clear, and a case from Charles' past re-emerges to provide crucial information. Kross continues his vendetta as he continues to taunt Robert Gullahorn, and Charles learns new information regarding one of his friends. 

A Fiend in Sheep's Clothing - Part Two Sci100 January 24th, 2016 209B

Charles struggles with his relationships with his father and friends as a long-awaited reunion occurs. Robert Gullahorn faces off against Kross, a guest uncovers the truth about Wikia Island's past, and a major revelation changes everything. 

A Deal with the Devil
A Deal With The Devil - Part One Sci100 TBA 210A
The Wikia Agency of Investigation learns the identity of The Fiend, only for The Fiend to kidnap someone. Charles struggles with the trauma he's endured, and one of his friends makes an unlikely deal. Meanwhile in 2014, The Five come face to face with The Betrayer, a new revelation about a deceased guest is revealed, and one of the Five begin to have strange dreams...
A Deal With The Devil - Part Two Sci100 TBA 210B

Enemies enter an unlikely alliance to take down The Fiend once and for all, as The Fiend recalls his childhood. Meanwhile in 2014, Vicki tries to talk to Charles about something important, and Omni discovers a clue that might explain the truth about The Betrayer.

A Deal With The Devil - Part Three Sci100 TBA 210C
The epic showdown in the tragic and horrific conclusion to the 1989 storyline on Wikia Island arrives. As enemies work together to defeat The Fiend, they remain unaware of the shocking turn of events that will follow, bringing an emotional conclusion to the first half of the ADWTD Saga.
A Deal With The Devil - Part Four Sci100 TBA 210D
Ten years following the events of A Deal With The Devil - Part Three, the torturous and horrific origin story of The Betrayer begins as Christopher 'Yopo' Rider struggles with the aftermath of a great crime, only to have a new tragedy occur that sets him on a path of vengeance. Meanwhile, Kross works through the politics of The Church of the Fiend and the Cabal in his mission to find the Fiend Disk pieces.
A Deal With The Devil - Part Five Sci100 TBA 210E
Continuing immediately after the conclusion of Part Four, a new alliance is formed between two like-minded individuals. Yopo finds himself creating a unique bond with a new individual, before he comes face to face with his bitter enemy. Street deals with mounting pressure from all sides, leading to growing suspicion as The Betrayer struggles with the haunting memories of his actions, and the darkness within reveals itself.
A Deal With The Devil - Part Six Sci100 TBA 210F
In the conclusion to the ADWTD Saga, an assassination attempt leads to the inevitable conflict between two leaders as a mysterious ally helps Kross uncover the truth. Meanwhile, the story of the first sighting of The Fiend is told, and as The Betrayer takes his final step into darkness, the series returns to the 2014 story arc to explore the strange dreams of one member of The Five that reveals the stakes at risk should The Five not succeed in stopping The Fiend and Kross.
The Series Finale
Trials of Fiend Mountain Sci100 TBA 211

The Five make a stand in the Butler and King Hotel and Resort as Kross attempts to force them out. A member of The Five struggles to face his inner demons, and a series of trials put The Five to the ultimate test. Meanwhile, five years following the events of A Deal With The Devil - Part Three, Charles and Vicki struggle to put the horrors of Wikia Island behind them, leading to drama and heartbreak that will finally bring an end to the origin story of Charles Butler. 

Closure Sci100 TBA 212

The Butler. The King. The Founder. The Betrayer. The Hero. The Five vs The Fiend and Kross for what lies behind The Gate. In the ultimate battle of good and evil, the truth is discovered as sacrifices are made and the most important question of the season is finally answered: Who Committed MURDER?

Elimination Chart

* EP13 means Episode Thirteen. EP14 means Episode Fourteen, and so on. 

Guests EP 13 EP 14 EP 15 EP 16 EP 17 EP 18 EP 19 EP 20 EP 21 EP 22 EP 23 Series Finale
Omni Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive *Unknown* Alive Alive TBA
Sub Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Danger *Unknown* Danger Alive TBA
Brandon Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive *Unknown* Alive Alive TBA
Omi Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive *Unknown* Alive Murdered
Jack Alive Alive Alive Danger Alive Alive *Unknown* Danger Murdered
Ultra Alive Alive Alive Alive Danger Alive *Unknown* Murdered
Speedy Alive Alive Alive Alive Alive Danger Murdered
Lego Alive Alive Alive Alive Danger Murdered
Tyran Alive Alive Danger Danger Murdered
Drillo Danger Danger Danger Murdered
AB Alive Danger Murdered
Scoot Danger Murdered
Nate Murdered


Alive: The player performed well enough to escape elimination
Alive: The player passed the task with flying color
In Danger: The player got "In Danger" card for his or her underperformance
Murdered: The player got "murdered" after receiving "In Danger" card
Killer: The player was revealed to be the "Killer" in the season finale
Winner: The player who walked away with $1,000,000
Runner-up The player who was a runner-up in this season
*Unknown* The player's fate is not revealed in the episode, meaning they could be Alive, In Danger, or Murdered.