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is a series by Ship.


  • Solo (Season 1-)
  • Ship (Season 1-)
  • Brian (Season 1-)
  • Chrono (Season 1-)
  • UEEF (Season 1-)
  • ABH (Season 1-)
  • Jack (Season 1-)


Season One

Episode Number Green Room Plot Title Sketches
1 TBA The Pilot TBA
2 Solo gets stuck in his alien costume. TBA TBA
3 The real Crash Lecture battles Brian. TBA TBA
4 The cast find an injured ear of corn and teach it kung-fu. TBA TBA
5 Ship gets kidnapped by Pierre Escargot. TBA TBA
6 UEEF is replaced by a robot. TBA TBA
7 Ship is sent to Paris. TBA TBA
8 ABH and UEEF watch TV. Most Boring Episode Ever TBA
9 Brian gets a pet dog. TBA TBA
10 The cast is sent to the time of knights and dragons fore the whole episode. Dungeons and Dragons TBA

The other

10 episodes of season one are to be answered.