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Season 2, Episode 207
Star-Crossed Lovers in a Game of MURDER
Air date 10/31/15
Written by Sci
Directed by Sci
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Chair of Mountain Terror
The Father, The Son, and the Suicide - Part One

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It shows The Butler and King Hotel and Resort as Charles voice overs.

“Thirteen Mortals have arrived here to play a diabolical game of life, or death. For one of these Mortals is not who everyone thinks they are...for this, ladies and gentlemen is a game… of Murder. "

It zooms across to the other side of Wikia Island as it shows clips from the previous episode.

“And Last time on MURDER... "

[Nate drinks the wine, and then stops. He drops to the ground, the glass shatters to the floor, and he hits the wood. Scoot is knocked out by Chloroform, and then chained to a weight, and pushed into a pool, drowning. Oleander is put into a cup of Brandy, and then AB drinks the brandy. Drillo is shot by a cannonball. Tyran drinks the acid and falls down, dead. The Fiend pours Gasoline on Lego, then straps him to the Electric Chair and shocks him.]

[Tyran]: In a few days.... there will be an alignment. Now, some of you have heard of the rare 2014 alignment that is occurring this month. (later in the scene). There will also references to a lunar eclipse, a red moon, a gate, a key, and a Map. The Gate, Key, and Map are repeated multiple times. So clearly, the Fiend wants us to know this. But for what purpose... I have no idea.

[Lego]: "If you are reading this, and there are no other messages afterwards, the Fiend has killed me. (later in the scene) Secondly, Charles knows more than we think. I have connected the Five and Charles, as well as the Maid, the Killer, and the mountain. Fiend Mountain. Isn't that odd? Our killer is the Fiend, and the mountain is named Fiend Mountain? I do not believe it is just a coincidence, no.... our killer has taken the name from the mountain and used it for his own devious agenda."

[Kross]: Five Days left Charles... tick tock. Tick tock. You better figure this out quickly. You must find the Key, use the Map and the Key to discover the location of the Gate. Discover the other members of the Five, learn the truth about your ancestors, and everything you know will change!

[Clark]: The Conquistadors. They are the first ones who arrived on the island, and made the town and the church. They came to the island looking for vast riches. However, there's a legend saying they fought an ancient evil.... and that there was a curse. To not just the Conquistadors, but to the descendants of five of these conquistadors as well. The descendants would be known as The Five.

[The Fiend laughs demonically. ]

[The Fiend]: That should be no problem, for the Fiend.

[The Betrayer]: Long Live the Fiend.

[Charles]: "The Map will reveal the location of the Gate. Once entering the Mountain, there will be a door. The Key can be used to open the door and the Gate. Once unlocked, the Five must travel through a series of tests, tests that will challenge the Five. "

[Richard]: David? What happened?!

[David (aka the Mayor)]: The Fiend attacked them at the police station.

[Richard, in disbelief]: Impossible. We thought that ... you know who was the Fiend, before he decided to get rid of that identity.

[Charles, looking at the wall, he notices a design, and a keyhole. ]

[Charles]: It’s a door.

[Charles then notices an area where the substance begins, connected to the wall. Charles puts the flame of the lighter near the liquid, lighting it on fire. As the pentagon lights on fire, The Fiend enters the light. ]

[Charles]: You!

[Fiend]: The Map Leads to the Gate, The Gate leads to the Island's Fate. Now GIVE.

[The Key lands in front of The Fiend, shattering into pieces. The Fiend, horrified, picks up one of the pieces, examines it, and faces Charles. ]

[Fiend]: You have gotten away, but as the Night of the Dead ends I have one last thing to say. Enjoy the next quarter of a century before I settle the score, for this game of murder will return once more.

[The Fiend laughs, taking the Map in his one hand, and walking into the cave of the Mountain, disappearing into the shadows. ]

[Sub]: There is more to this then we think. I found a series of files, files about all of us. Every last one of us. This Fiend has done his homework.... and there's something I think you should all know. This is not the first time this has happened. In fact, it happens every twenty five years. 1989, 1964, 1949, 1924, I could list off the years at ease. I'm saying this because the year 1989 is of particular interest. Increase in Crime. The death of 90% of the Island's population. What is really interesting is that there were some characters of importance. Arthur and Vicki Demple, Diana Ney, Clark Johnson... not to mention Richard and his son... Charles Butler.

[The group turns to Charles, who looks at the group and quietly walks away. He watched the sun slowly set, while unknown to him, in the ocean below him, a disturbance was felt. Suddenly, a submarine appears, pushing away the native life. It continues going farther away, with no sign of its existence known to anyone on the island. ]

[Ponce De Butler]: Beware. The Fiend is Coming. This has all happened before. It is the Tests. They have started once again. He is looking for them, the Five. The Butler, The King, The Founder, the Betrayer, and the Hero. The Five Families, whose identities can be revealed not just by their last name, but with things like Heritage, eye color, skin color, hair color, height, and the fact that each member of the Five is Blood group O. Always Blood Group O, another part of the curse. Charles is one of them, the rest are here on the Island. The Map can only be found by the Five. The Map will lead you to the Gate. The Gate can only be unlocked by the Key. The Key will unlock the Gate, and free the Fiend from the Island so he may destroy it, and all who live. Heed my warning. It begins with the Butler. It always starts with the Butler. The Fiend is Coming. Heed the warning from the Hotel's sign... THE BUTLER must DIE!

[An explosion echoes before screaming is heard. ]

[Voice]: Nooo. Noaaa...

[Voice #2]: Oh my god...

[It cuts to a building in flames, as crying is heard in the background. A single voice, identifiable as Charles, is heard.]

[Charles]: This ... this is too much. He... no.

[A person walks into the burning damaged building, searching for something. Crying is heard in the background, as Charles looks at the scene. The person comes back carrying a body, walking towards the bus as the camera focuses on the burnt skin. It cuts to all the guests in the bus, Omni looking at the window as the crying still is heard. It then cuts to Omni helping carrying the dead body from the building , emotional, moving past a shocked Charles, who looks at Vicki, also in shock. The two walk with the rest of the guests, holding hands as the camera fades to black. ]

MURDER Mystery Island Logo One.png

36 Hours Earlier

10 AM - Wikia Cafe - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - 2014


Name: Brandon
Occupation: Private Detective
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Brandon]: We've all been summoned here to the Cafe, but we have no idea why. And the strange thing is, Speedy and Sub are both alive. Both of them.


Name: Speedy
Occupation: Haunted Stories Writer
Hometown: Chaturnville, Wikia

[Speedy]: I'm SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY! OMG like I'm so happy I'm alive! It’s just... YAY.


Name: Sub
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Hometown: UNKNOWN

[Sub]: Personally, I'm shocked. I thought the Killer had it out for me, guess not. Though I'm not ruling out the possibility of either of us dying later today. This is too good to be true.

[Everyone watches as Charles enters the Cafe. The room becomes quiet, as everyone thinks about the same thing: Charles lied about his past. Charles looks at the Cafe, knowing that they know, and gives an awkward smile. ]

[Charles]: I'm here to inform you all that the Fiend has informed me that you are all safe from death today, as the killer has other matters to attend to. That is all.

[Charles leaves as fast as he entered the room. ]

[Ultra]: We get a day off?

[Jack]: For now.

[Omni]: Wait, are we sure he's not lying?

[Omi]: Well why would he?

[Omni]: Why WOULDN'T he?

[Brandon]: We can stay on guard, but let's take the day to do something meaningful.

[Speedy]: Like having funerals for the dead.

[Sub]: Researching more about the island and the Five.

[Ultra]: Relaxing at the Pool.

[Jack]: What the others say is true, minus the pool. It is agreed. We shall have cremations for the dead and research more about the island and the five.

[Jack gets up, accidently knocking over a champagne class onto Brandon, breaking it. ]

[Jack]: Oh my god, I'm so sorry.

[Brandon]: It's okay, I'll just... I'll go to the Kitchen and dry myself off.

[Omni]: Are you bleeding?

[Brandon]: Just a little... I can pull the glass shard out.

[Brandon exits the Cafe and enters the Kitchen. He finds a pair of tweezers, pulling out the glass shard, which contains a bit of blood. He then begins cleaning the wound as he leaves the kitchen again. The camera shifts to the wall, which cuts to another wall, as the camera moves into the view of Charles's Butler Quarters. ]

11 AM - Charles' Butler Quarters - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - 2014

[Charles is reflecting, looking at the mirror. He hears the door open and gets a frustrated look. ]

[Charles]: Leave Vicki. I'm not in the mood.

[Vicki]: Well deal with it.

[Vicki walks up to Charles and sits next to him. ]

[Vicki]: Why won't you tell them. They already know so much, just be truthful.

[Charles]: Because the longer... the longer I deny it, the better that maybe, just maybe... it won't be just as it was before.

[Vicki]: It’s not the same as it was all those years ago. Things have changed, times have changed. Who else do you have to lose?

[Charles]: You.

[Vicki looks at Charles, unsure how to respond. ]

[Charles]: I still don't get you.

[Vicki]: What?

[Charles]: Why did you REALLY come back? You didn't have to come and help me.

[Vicki]: I already told you. The Night of the Dead is nearby upon us. When I heard that there was going to be a Hotel on the Island, which happened to open days before then, I knew it was too much a coincidence. So, I signed up as the Maid.

[Charles]: That doesn't answer my question.

[Vicki]: Well then god dammit, what do you want?

[Charles]: Why did you come back for ME? ME?

[Vicki]: ... if you don't really know Charles, after everything we've been through, I can't tell you.

[Vicki gets off of his bed, goes to his door, and exits the room, slamming the door hard. She enters her room, closing the door and locking it, before sliding down the bottom and starting to cry. Charles gets off of his bed, walks to his door, locking it, and sitting in his own despair. ]

[Charles]: Well ain't I a sorry excuse of a human being.

Noon - Lobby - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - 2014

[Vicki walks into the Lobby, having finally stopped crying. Speedy comes from the Cafe, entering the lobby and noticing Vicki. ]

[Speedy]: Are you alright?

[Vicki]: Oh, um... yes, I'm okay.

[Speedy]: You sure?

[Vicki]: Yes.

[Speedy]: I don't suppose we've ever had a full conversation.

[Vicki]: No, we haven't but I know who you are. Speedy, also known as Cassie.

[Speedy]: You know me well, but I haven't had the pleasure of knowing you.

[Vicki]: My name is Vicki, the Maid.

[Speedy]: Vicki... Vicki Demple?

[Vicki]: Yes. I was here, twenty five years ago when all of this was happening. And as you probably already know, I knew Charles before I took the job.

[Speedy]: Why'd you come back? If you were here, then you know everything that happened, everything we need to know.

[Vicki]: Part of me came back because I knew that unfortunate folks, like you might suffer the same fate. The painful memories. But that's more of a lie then a truth.

[Speedy]: So what's the truth?

[Vicki]: The truth... the truth is that I came back for him. For Charles.

[Speedy]: You care for him?

[Vicki]: Yes. I do. But that sad man can't see it, he's only feeling crappy for himself because he doesn't want any part in this. His father... his father had passed away here, in this very spot 25 years ago, back when this hotel didn't exist. Back when there was the Hall Manor, one of the shining jewels of this island.

[Speedy]: Did the Fiend kill him?

[Vicki]: If only he had... no, it was another evil. One that I truly hope has moved on and burns in the lake of fire for all eternity. Look, he wouldn't want me to talk about this.

[Speedy]: I understand. Hey, do you know if there's any firewood here? We're going to have a funeral for the dead.

[Vicki]: Firewood? Hmm... I'll go look.

[Speedy]: Alright thank you. Oh and we forgot to tell you. Brandon accidently got cut with some glass, he forgot to dispose of it in the kitchen. It's on the counter by the sink he said. Could you do that?

[Vicki]: Of course.

[Speedy]: Thank you, again.

[Vicki went towards the Cafe while Speedy went up the staircase, upstairs. Vicki enters the Cafe, and into the kitchen, looking around at the sink, only to not see the shard. ]

[Vicki]: That's strange...

[The camera returns to Speedy. As she reaches the top, Brandon comes from the hall, the two locking their eyes on each other in a dangerous passionate and affectionate look.]

[Speedy, excited]: I have an idea. For tonight.

[Brandon]: For the mass funeral?

[Speedy, excited]: No, for something else.

[Brandon]: What is it?

[Speedy]: I'll tell you on the way. We need to find Jack, he's the only person still alive on this island that can help...

3PM - Room 216 - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - 2014

[Charles is inside the room, dusting. As the butler is dusting, he looks through the window to see Vicki, walking by the pool. He stops dusting, watching her for a moment. ]

[Charles, talking to himself]: I just need to know from you. I need to know...

[Voice]: Know what?

[Charles turns around, to see Sub. ]

[Charles]: Leave me alone, I'm not in a mood to talk with you after last night.

[Sub]: I don't give a damn about if you want to be left alone or not, we're going to talk.

[Charles]: I don't have to tell you anything.

[Sub]: You already have, Charles. That look in your eyes is the same one I saw on Brandon. It's the look of love, and you have it bad. I can tell.

[Charles]: You know nothing.

[Sub]: I actually know a lot.

[Charles]: Like what?

[Sub]: Your name is Charles William Butler, son of Richard Hamilton Butler, born in 1974 on this very island. Your mother died shortly after your birth. You worked with your father in a place called Hall Manor, for a family that had your family in service for decades after a financial crisis at the Wikia Manor. You were 15 when you were forced off the island because of an earthquake that wiped out most of the population on the island. After that, you fled to the main island of Wikia, the main part of the country. There, you stayed with some friends until 20, when you became a butler.

[Charles]: So?

[Sub]: Your friends were Arthur Demple, Clark Johnson, Diana Ney and Vicki Demple. Arthur and Vicki were siblings. Arthur was dating Diana, Clark was single, but you and Vicki... you had a connection. A connection that resulted in a 3-year relationship until things fell apart and you became a butler. But now she's back here. Why do you think that is?

[Charles]: She came back because this monster is the same one we dealt with 25 years ago.

[Sub]: Okay, but that isn't all obviously. She should have done anything else, but she came here. How long have you known?

[Charles]: I found out shortly after Barnsworth died.

[Sub]: What was your reaction?

[Charles]: My... reaction? It was... happy. I was happy she was back. And then I was scared... scared that she might not survive her return to the island. Then I was suspicious... and then I was back to being afraid.

[Sub]: Charles... you were at Wikia Manor. You knew Ermac and Nick. You know what people like this Fiend can do. Look, I'm sorry if I've been hard. But my life, our lives are on the line. We need your help Charles. We need the Butler of the Five.

[Charles]: Don't talk about the Five.

[Sub]: But you are one of them Charles. Who else is in the Five?

[Charles]: There was the King... I knew two who were in that family, both died. Unless... unless the Fiend collected their blood, or the family line somehow survived, they're not here. Then there's the Founder... I never met the founder. Then there was the Hero and the Betrayer... neither of which I met on the island. It was just the Butlers and the Kings, hence The Butler and King Hotel and Resort. An obvious reference to the history of this accursed island. I don't know about the others, but I do have one suspicion. I suspect Omni is a descendant of the Hero.

[Sub]: Thank you Charles. Oh and Charles... I think you know why she came back. But you won't accept it because you're afraid, you're in denial. If you love her, then you should tell her that. I think you would get a good response from her if you told her the truth.

[Sub leaves the room, as Charles looks at Vicki. The camera zooms out of the window, with Charles disappearing as it cut to the sun. The time speeds up as it shows the sun lowering and the moon rising till it reaches night. ]

8PM - Golf Field - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - 2014

[The camera lowers to the golf-field, which has been set up with multiple chairs and candles. Ultra and Omi sit with Charles as Jack stands behind Brandon and to his side Sub, who are both under a makeshift wedding arch. Vicki is in a purple dress, standing opposite of Brandon and Sub, about the opposite area of where Sub is. Charles and Vicki, apart from each other, look at the flickering candles in between quick looks at the other. Brandon is talking with Sub, when he looks over and stops. In the beginning of the row between the chairs and candles is Speedy, wearing a small white dress, and coming to her side is Omni. Jack smiles, his usual seriousness being broken by a moment of happiness for Brandon and Speedy. Omni walks Speedy down the aisle till she arrives and stands in front of Vicki. Omni sits down in a nearby chair, as Jack begins speaking. ]

[Jack]: It is with great honor that I officiate this wedding. As this is a non-traditional event, with non-traditional events, I think we can skip the formalities. As I know personally that each and every one of us does not object to this union, we shall go straight ahead to the vows. Brandon, you may start.

[Brandon]: Cassie. When I came here, to this island… I was a man on a job. I came with a purpose. To find out what was going to happen. I expected pain, trouble, even a confrontation between two men. What I never expected… was falling in love with you. When I first saw you… I lost myself in my emotions. I became loving, compassionate, and humane. I am a better man now then I was before. And even now… in my darkness moments, you still find the good in me. I may give you jewels, money, and my love… but that will never be enough to thank you for what you have done for me. I will do my best to protect you, and for long as I shall live, and even in death… I will worship you. I will be there for you. I will love you.

[As Brandon says this, Sub hands Brandon a ring. Brandon takes Speedy/Cassie's hand, and puts it on her ring finger. ]

[Speedy]: Brandon. I didn’t know any of this killer, mystery nonsense would happen. I wasn't dating, I was no one. I was a writer, alone in the world. When I saw you, I saw a man who had honor, who had respect, who had courage to make the right choices. I became obsessed about you, and I still am. Meeting you was the best thing to happen to me. This, right now… is better than any book I could ever write. We reveal the best parts of ourselves, and when we show the worst, we work together to be better. I will treasure you with all my heart, and if I die first, I will be waiting for you. As I know you would for me. You are my Romeo, and I am your Juliet. I love you, Brandon, more then you will ever know.

[As Speedy says this, Vicki gives her a ring, which she puts on Brandon's ring finger. ]

[Jack]: By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and w-

[Brandon and Speedy immediately kiss, stopping Jack in his tracks as the entire group appaluses in approval. It cuts to the lobby, which has been re-decorated to a more romantic theme. The furniture has been moved around, as Brandon and Speedy dance to the song Humors of Glendart. As they dance around, Jack opens up a bottle of Amontillado, as Ultra laughs with Sub and Omni. ]

[Jack]: You know, I haven't had this in twenty years!

[Sub]: Really? I haven't had this in... my entire life!

[Jack and Sub laugh, as Omi stands next to Vicki, who is clearly uncomfortable. Omi, clearly drunk, makes a move on Vicki. ]

[Omi]: You know, at weddings you're supposed to hook up with someone, and I noticed that you're the only female left.

[Vicki]: Screw you.

[Vicki walks away, disgusted. As the song ends, the two lovebirds begin slowing down, staring at each other eyes as the room fills with drunken laughter. ]

[Speedy]: I haven't heard that song in ages.

[Brandon]: I love you so much.

[Charles comes down from the staircase, catching Speedy and Brandon's eyes. ]

[Charles]: I have a surprise for you two.

[Brandon]: Not good words to hear on a creepy island, Charles.

[Charles, smiling]: Just follow me, dammit it’s your wedding night.

[Brandon and Speedy look at each other, and begin heading up the stairs. It cuts to inside Brandon's room. Charles opens the door for the couple, as they walk into the room in shock. On Brandon's bed are rose petals, as well as an ice bucket with a bottle of wine and two glasses for tasting, as well as a bucket of chocolates, candles, and other items. ]

[Brandon]: What is al-

[Charles]: I thought that you might want something extra for the occasion.

[Brandon walks over to the bottle, lifting it up. ]

[Brandon]: This is really expensive red wine, Charles. Wai-

[Brandon puts the bottle down, pulling out from the second bucket a box of condoms. Charles just grins. ]

[Charles]: They say red wine improves the sex drive, and like they also say... better safe than sorry.

[Brandon]: Get out.

[Charles]: Have a pleasurable evening.

[Charles shuts the door, leaving Brandon and Speedy in the room. Brandon looks at all the stuff, in shock. ]

[Brandon]: Just so you know, I didn't plan any of..

[He turns around to see Speedy smiling. ]

[Speedy]: Hell, we might die tomorrow, better use what we got while we still can right?

[Brandon looks at Speedy, realizing what she means as he goes for it. He accidently knocks the two onto the bed, as the camera moves to the window. ]

10 AM - Room 202 - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Island - 2014

[The camera cuts to the morning, moving down to show the buckets. The wine has been half-emptied, the ice melted, the candles lit, and interestingly enough... the box of condoms opened. Brandon wakes up, and quickly looks under the covers. ]

[Brandon]: I slept with no clothes on. What the... oh right.

[Brandon turns to the side to meet his new wife... when he shouts. ]

[Brandon]: What the frick!

[Jumping out of the bed, he looks at what was next to him. Instead of Speedy, there is a car crash dummy. Putting on some boxers and pants, he quickly scans the room, checking the bathroom, but Speedy isn't there. He checks the door but the door is still locked. ]

[Brandon]: What the... how... wha..

[Looking around, he steps on something. He turns his attention to what he stepped on: a letter. Brandon takes his foot off and opens it up, revealing a message. ]

[Brandon]: "If you want her to live, which she still is alive mind you, you have a chance to save your one true love. Solve the crime yet to occur to discover where she is. Check the dummy. "

[Brandon pulls the covers off the dummy to see another letter. He reads that one. ]

[Brandon]: Crime Scene... Last Known... Morgue? Oh and press button on forehead.

[Brandon presses the button left on top of the dummy, turning on the TV with an eerie countdown. ]

[Brandon]: "12 hours... to save Cassie or she dies. "


[All the remaining guests are gathered in the Cafe. ]

[Brandon]: Please... help me...

[Sub]: Alright here's what we can do. I'll go with you Brandon to the first place, the Crime Scene, which is the Theater. Jack and Omi can go to the Last Known, your room. Ultra and Omni can go to the Morgue with the Dummy.

[Brandon]: Thank you everyone... please help.

The Crime Scene

The Crime Scene.jpg

[Sub]: According to the letter, she died on the stage.

[Brandon climbs onto the stage, looking at it sadly. ]

[Sub]: Look... I know I already told you this. I'm... I really am sorry for all the trouble I caused.

[Brandon looks at Sub, his face turning from sadness to anger. Brandon grabs Sub and pushes him towards a seat, falling down. ]

[Brandon]: You know, you SHOULD be sorry! If you hadn't caused all the chaos between me and her, we could have had more time together!

[Sub positions himself to a more comfortable position in the seat, and looks at Brandon. ]

[Sub]: Yes, I shouldn't have been a jackass. I should have been better. I should have told you the truth.

[Brandon]: The truth... we all want the truth but none of us is ever going to get it.

[Sub]: Then let's be the first two to tell the truth. Look Brandon, I know you're the detective. I knew the day Drillo died. I was the one who had the camera-connected computers set up in the room during the riddle of AB's death. I'm not a Bounty Hunter.

[Brandon steps back, in shock and disgust. ]

[Brandon]: So then who the hell are you?

[Sub]: The Fiend already knows, he... he left me a warning on the camera feeds. I might as well tell you. I'm not who you think I am. But first Brandon... let me remind you of this. Omni is a cop. Jack is a judge. You're a private detective. Omi is an Attorney. Well... there's a fifth law-related person here. It’s me. I'm really an agent. An agent for the Wikia Agency of Investigation or the WAI. I was sent in here after receiving intelligence of Charles' location. Our organization still has some major questions that need answering. We discovered that there was a meeting here of guests, so we were able to find a way to get one of our men to come. When he was killed in an earlier mission, I was given the job.

[Brandon]: You... screw you.

[Sub]: You had a job and I had a job, and look where that got us.

[Brandon]: I didn't do my job because of love. What's your excuse for everything?

[Sub]: Would you imagine this. I um.. I have a condition. It's a type of panic disorder that for years, I've managed to keep under control through a special medication. Most times I'm okay and other times... I freak out. I go overboard. My medication had gone missing on Day 1, which is why I've acted so calm at some points and crazy at others. This morning I found the medication again, oddly enough with a note saying "Better Use This. I need you sane for what lies ahead".

[Brandon]: I see.

[Sub]: You have to understand that the madness of being in a house trapped and left to die by a maniac who thinks that four of the guests are "special" made me go a little nuts.

[Brandon]: Look. I forgive you, but I can't forget all the bull you made me go through.

[Sub]: I understand.

[Brandon]: At least, to give you some credit, you weren't Lego.

[Sub]: True.

[Sub finally gets out of the seat and the two begin looking around once more for the items that are connected to the "fake death" of Speedy. Sub is able to find a bottle of red dye, while Brandon finds a sandbag labeled "Hit Speedy". Looking at each other, a piece of the puzzle is put together. ]

The Last Known Whereabouts

Room 202.jpg

[Jack and Omi enter Brandon's room, being noon. The television continues the countdown, reading 10 hours left. ]

[Omi]: We need to hurry.

[Jack]: Agreed.

[Jack and Omi begin looking around the bed, noticing the use of condoms, the red wine, etc. ]

[Jack]: I hope that the poor girl had a good night before being taken. Marriage is a lovely thing.

[Omi]: At least she was using protection.

[Jack]: How dare you talk about sexual relations?

[Omi]: Jeez Gramps, okay sorry.

[Jack]: So about that ghost... if you even think it was a ghost. Do you believe everything it said?

[Omi]: To be honest, I don't know.

[Jack]: What about the island history?

[Omi]: Well based on what we found out... we know the names of the Five. The Butler, which is obviously Charles. The King. The Founder. The Betrayer. And the Hero. We know that they all have a certain blood type. Are you blood type O?

[Jack]: Yes I am.. but I doubt that I am of Spanish heritage.

[Omi]: Same, but who knows. Maybe we're 1/5 Spanish and we don't even realize it.

[Jack]: We could be. What about the Map, the Gate, and the Key?

[Omi]: I didn't understand any of that.

[Jack]: I was just asking. Let's keep looking.

[Omi]: Where else can we look though? The bathroom?

[Jack]: Possibly. You can go check the connected bathroom, maybe there's something there, and if there is, I'll tell you that case you wanted to know.

[Omi]: The one about Daley v Wikia, the case in 2007?

[Jack]: Yes that one. I'll check over by the window.

[Omi]: Roger that, sir.

[Omi heads into the bathroom while Jack continues looking around. Omi quickly comes back out with some rope. ]

[Omi]: Look what I found.

[Jack]: Rope? And is that a small cut?

[Omi]: Yeah, there was some broken glass. A tiny bit of blood came out but nothing too serious.

[Jack]: Be careful. Anyway, now we just need to look for anything else, and determine how this rope comes into play...

The Morgue

The Morgue.PNG

[Omni and Ultra arrive in the Morgue, with only 8 hours left, it being 2 PM. They stare at a car crash dummy, the one from Brandon's room.]

[Ultra]: Well this is different.

[The two guests look at the car crash dummy, moving around arms, legs, etc. ]

[Omni]: You know, I've always found you were the quiet one. I mean, Jack's old so I would expect him to not talk but I almost feel like you don't talk at all.

[Ultra]: I do talk, I just do so selectively.

[Omni]: Why though?

[Ultra]: Let's just say that when I spoke my mind back when I was with my parents, things didn't go well. I had to be careful about what I said.

[Omni]: More bad parents, then?

[Ultra]: Well I mean, they had good income but... they weren't exactly supportive.

[Omni]: I get it.

[Omni notices something on the back, where her heart would be. ]

[Omni]: There's a red dye there, looking like blood. It isn't real blood, I can tell that. Wait a minute. There's been a cut here.

[Ultra]: Are you thinking there's something in the dummy?

[Omni]: Only one way to find out. Hand me the Surgical Scalpel Blade.

[As Ultra gives him the Scalpel, it slips out of Ultra's hand, cutting part of Omni's thumb by accident, and landing on the nearby tray. The blade is now tainted with Omni's blood. ]

[Omni]: Dammit!

[Ultra]: I'm sorry, it just slipped.

[Omni]: No, it's.. fine. There's bandages in a nearby cabinet.

[Omni heads to the cabinet as he shakes his head. ]

[Omni]: Is it me, or is everyone getting cut by accident?

[Ultra]: It's you, Omni. It's just coincidence.

[Omni]: I guess you're right.

[After Omni puts on a bandage to stop the bleeding, he gets a different scalpel and cuts into the dummy. After doing so, he reaches in, and grabs something. ]

[Omni]: Is that a... yes it is.

[Omni pulls his hand out of the dummy, revealing a bullet. ]

[Omni]: This fake Speedy was shot... which means there's a gun in this hotel.


[Brandon is rocking himself on the couch, uncomfortable and afraid for his love. Omni, Omi, and Sub are sitting next to each other, clearly disturbed by the effect of Speedy’s kidnapping and possible death. ]

[Omi]: He’s being un-nerved. He’s losing any strength he had before.

[Sub]: He just got back the love of his life from Lego and I, and now the Fiend took her back. It’s cruel.

[Omni]: It’s life.

[Ultra enters the living room, and chooses a chair to sit in.]

[Omi]: Life doesn't give you someone to marry so they can die just after you get them back.

[Omni]: No, but many wives have been killed immediately following weddings. I’ve seen it before. I doubt she’s still alive.

[Sub]: You would know… you’re a cop.

[Omni]: If I was a real cop, I would have already figured out who the son of a… I’m not the cop I should be. It’s too personal, too heavy. I failed Nate, and Scoot. I failed AB and Drillo. I failed Tyran and now I’ve failed Speedy.

[Sub]: We all failed them. Truth be told, I’m not even sure why I came to this island. I just want to survive now.

[Omi]: Everyone wants to live. It'd be easier if we knew who the Fiend was though.

[Omni]: It could be Ultra.

[Sub]: Ultra is a possibility yes. The only other person who isn't lover boy and Ultra, assuming it isn't the three of us, is Jack.

[Omi]: I'm not so sure if it's Jack. Remember how Scoot died? He put a heavy weight on him and pushed him down the pool. Jack would kill himself before being able to do that. Besides, he's a good guy.

[Omni]: Everyone in this damn hotel is a good guy! Well, except Lego and arguably Nate.

[Sub]: At this point, anyone could be The Fiend, which means that we have to suspect everyone, even the star-crossed lovers themselves.

[Omi]: We have to trust everyone but at the same time no one. Great. Just great.

[Jack enters the living room, having a bandaged left hand. ]

[Omi]: Oh my god, are you alright?

[Jack]: I'm a fragile old man, I will be fine. Death has been on my doorstep for ten years now, I'm not so concerned about an injured hand.

[Charles enters the room, a silence filling the void of darkness in the room. ]

[Charles]: I see yet another guest finds himself with an injury. What a day it is.

[Brandon jumps up, looking at Charles. ]

[Brandon]: Just tell us the damn riddle Charles.

[Charles]: Of course Brandon, and best luck to you, who I personally hope solves it.

[The guests listen as the Butler begins. ]

[Charles]: With three hours left a riddle must be solved

Prove your worth and show how you have evolved

Go to the most haunted room you can think of

Where the answer may be hidden above”.

[Brandon begins running quickly, screaming. ]


[Everyone else looks at each other, and gets up to follow him. Before Sub gets up, Jack grabs him by the arm, pulling him aside. ]

[Jack]: Sub, wait please..

[Sub]: What?

[Jack]: Do you really think there is a chance to save the girl?

[Sub looks at the old man, and sighs. ]

[Sub]: We can only hope so.

[Sub hurries back to the original group as Jack sighs, before joining him in the chase. It cuts to Brandon, arriving at the Lab. Omi arrives after him, as the two throw and push over several papers, folders, and boards in search of a clue. Ultra enters the room, followed by Omni, Sub, and Jack. Omi flips over a chalkboard, before shouting. ]

[Omi]: I found it!

[Brandon]: Really?!

[Ultra]: You shall look no further in dismay

if you look to where dead bodies lay

It is a place of sadness and sorrow

for the people that rest there know no tomorrow

You shall find where you are looking for if you look below

and thee shall woe

if you only do so

[Omni]: A place of sadness and sorrow?

[Sub]: It's a reference to death.

[Jack]: The answer is obvious.

[Brandon]: WHAT IS IT THEN?

[Jack]: You all don't know?

[Omi]: Perhaps you could help us understand and tell us the bloody answer.

[Jack]: Where dead bodies lay? The answer is the Morgue.

[Ultra]: Well that's convenient.

[Jack exits the room, the scattering of feet running down the hall to the place of sadness and sorrow, a place where the people that rest know no tomorrow. Sub, before leaving The Lab, looks over at the coffin of Ponce De Butler, memories of horror and secrets from nights ago coming back. Omni, before he leaves, looks over at the equipment for a moment, staring at them. Quickly walking over, he observes the equipment, and feels one of the machines, before flinching his hand back, as if he touched a hot object.]

[Ultra]: Omni!

[Omni]: I'm coming!

[The cop turns around, following the group to the Morgue. Reaching the room, on the slab where a corpse would usually lay, are laundry baskets full of clothes, with various tags clipped on them. Each person grabs onto one, with the exception of Jack, who has Omni help him bring the basket down. Digging through the clothes, they begin to notice different things. ]

[Jack]: This shirt belonged to Nate.

[Omi]: This sweater belonged to Tyran.

[Brandon]: These pants belonged to AB.

[As they dig through the clothes, Sub notices one of the containers holding the scalpels. One of them is missing. After this quick notice, he continues digging through, trying to find a clue. ]

[Omni]: This scarf has a long piece of paper in it. It has no tag. No name.

[Omni pulls out the paper, and begins reading it with the group. ]

[Omni]: An everyday setting is where you will be heading.

[Group]: Look to clean, and you will see nothing more than what has already been seen, but need not worry if thee is keen. What lies in a riddle is nothing more than a chore, for you may wash what you have wore.

[Jack]: Of course. How did I not realize... the baskets. They were a direct clue in front of us! We have wasted precious time.

[The speakers, located in various rooms, buffer for a moment, before the painful screams of a terrified woman echo across the hotel. ]

[Speakers]: BRANDON! Oh my god someone help me! Please!

[Hearing this, Brandon sheds a tear, before getting up and running out in a panic. Brandon begins to go up the steps, but stops, falling to the ground as his tears being to escalate in quantity. Omni and Jack arrive at the scene, seeing Brandon starting to struggle to breath from the tears. The honorable man turns to the cop. ]

[Jack]: I'll take care of Brandon. Go to the laundry room.

[Everyone else follows Omni out of the basement level, as Jack grabs onto Brandon's shivering hands. ]

[Jack]: Brandon, Brandon you need to stop.

[Brandon]: I can't, she's... she's going to die.

[Jack]: You don't know that. This is all part of a cruel joke Brandon, I bet you she'll live and it'll be Sub who dies in the end. It's all to mess with you. Everything will be fine.

[Brandon]: I don't.... I don't think I can do this Jack.

[Jack]: What's your last name?

[Brandon]: What?

[Jack]: What is your last name?

[Brandon]: Grundare.

[Jack]: Brandon Grundare. On the first day on this island, you fell in love with Cassie Stallion. You defied death by loving a woman, something not even The Fiend could have expected. You got together, you fell apart, and you came back again. You have gone through more in a few days than the rest of us. You are this hotel's Romeo and Juliet, but this time, you both will live. You will live through this.

[Brandon]: How do you know?

[Jack]: It's because you are a special man Brandon. If you weren't, Speedy would never have fallen for you. You can do this. We can do this. Ignore the screams, ignore his messages, and get back your girl.

[Brandon, looking at the old man, nods his head, calming down, as it cuts to Ultra in the Laundry Room, holding a bottle of chloroform. Sub holds in his hand a silencer, a gun that doesn't produce the sound of a gunshot. Omi holds in his hand a cell phone, while Omni holds a message. ]

[Omni]: "Solve the cipher if you can, show me if you're my biggest fan. The address hidden is where to go, to save or not to save will make quite a show. Good luck, best regards, The Fiend."

[Sub]: A Cipher?

[Omni]: Yes, I've never dealt with Ciphers. 

[Sub]: I have. 

[Omni]: When?

[Sub]: I'll explain the truth to you later. For now, I have to figure out what kind of cipher this, and we only have... how long?

[Omi]: An hour and a half. 

[Sub]: It's going to take some time. 

[Ultra]: An hour and a half is not a long time. 

[Sub, getting frustrated]: I can do it! I'm going to the Cafe to figure this out. You all need to stay away until then, and keep quiet. Got it?

[Everyone nods, as Sub exits the room. Omni looks at the rest of the guests, as it cuts to a timer counting down. Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock...]


[All of the guests, Vicki, and Charles sit in the Lobby, with the exception of Sub, who is in the Cafe. ] 

[Vicki]: Do you think he can do it?

[Charles]: I hope so. Speedy was a good guest, one of the kindest I've met in a while.

[Vicki]: I would agree with that.

[Vicki looks away, looking outside as Charles stares at her. Suddenly, Sub walks out of the Cafe, almost angry, but not quite. ] 

[Sub]: I can't believe I didn't think about that! I'm so stupid! 

[Brandon]: What?

[Sub]: Rot. Thirteen. Caesar. It's a common cipher, I should have known what it was instantly! I was thinking it was far more complex...

[Omni]: Tell us where she is!

[Sub]: I am! This is the code. 

Solve the cipher if you can, show me if you're my biggest fan. The address hidden is where to go, to save or not to save will make quite a show. Good luck, best regards, The Fiend.

Gur ybpngvba bs Pnffvr Fgnyyvba, be Fcrrql, vf gur ohvyqvat npebff gur fgerrg sebz gur Cbyvpr Fgngvba va gur ehvarq gbja ba guvf vfynaq.

[Sub]: If I can decode it, then it says...

[Taking a nearby notepad and pencil, he begins writing down a message, shortly finishing it. ]

[Sub]: "The location of Cassie Stallion, or Speedy, is the building across the street from the Police Station in the ruined town on this island. "

[Omi]: Where is that?

[Charles]: I know. 

[Vicki]: Everyone on the Shuttle Bus, we're going on a drive.

[Charles]: I'll drive. 

[Everyone exits the hotel and starts heading to the Shuttle Bus, when Brandon shouts. ] 

[Brandon]: Dammit! The bus has been sabotaged. The tires are without air, there's parts everywhere... 

[Vicki]: We can't walk, that'll take hours. 

[Charles]: I can't fix this though.

[Brandon]: No... but I can. Step back, this is for you my love...

[Brandon walks over to the shuttle bus, as the camera transitions to everyone sitting in the lobby, waiting. Brandon walks in, tired. ] 

[Brandon]: It's time. Let's go! 

[Everyone gets up, running to the Shuttle Bus, before the camera cuts to the throwing of dirt, and the bus getting on the road. ] 

[Omni]: How much time do we have?

[Jack]: Twenty five minutes. 

[Omni]: Can we make it to the town in that time?

[Charles]: Yes... but you better hold on tight. 

[Charles pushes his foot on the peddle as the speed forces everyone slamming into the seats. As the bus continues down, suddenly a loud beeping echoes in the tin can the mortals are driving in. ] 

[Ultra]: Is that... the phone?

[Brandon reaches over to a small bag held by Vicki, grabbing the phone. Looking at the phone, it has a text message. ] 

[Brandon]: There's a number on here. 

[Looking around, he sees everyone staring at him. ] 

[Brandon]: I'm calling it. 

[Brandon presses the buttons on the phone, before he hears a voice. ]

[Voice]: Hello? HELLO? WHOSE THERE?

[Brandon]: Speedy?

[Speedy, on phone]: Oh my god! Brandon! BRANDON! 


[Speedy, on phone]: I'm hooked up to oil bins, there's the phone with the timer on it... I'm tied to chairs... there's only 15 minutes left Brandon...

[Brandon]: I'm coming for you... We're coming for you. 

Wikia Island Federal Penitentiary -  September  5th, 1989; 12:15 PM

[It cuts to an officer with a tray of food and water bags, similar to IV bags, toward the Maximum Security Section. Reaching the panel, he injects the code: 61235. The lights turn green, as the Officer twists the wheel. The door twists 180 degrees, then opens up to reveal a second door. That door then opens up as well, creating a circle-shaped hole to walk though. The officer walks in, expecting to see his prisoner in his cell, only to see it's empty. ]

[Prison Officer]: Oh my god... no. Please no. Where is he? WHERE IS HE?

[Looking around, he moves around the glass cell, as a shadow moves nearby. A cracking of glass is heard, the officer turning to see a damaged piece of glass from the cell. As he walks over, inspecting it, he hears a footstep, and turns around. ] 

[Prison Officer]: You... you got out. How?

[Voice]: I'm the smartest criminal on this island. It doesn't matter how I got out, I just did. 

[The glass shard enters the throat, the fresh blood of red spilling on the glass, the crackling of a voice dying, and the light in the eyes fading, before the new corpse falls to the ground, dropping the tray. The voice stands up, and looks over at the enterance, as the camera shows his face. ] 

[Kross, grinning]: This should be fun. 

[It cuts to 2014 on the bus, with Brandon holding the phone tight to his face.]

[Speedy, on phone]: Brandon, if I don't make it, there's something I want you to know.

[Brandon]: Don't talk like that, we're coming for you. You're gonna live. 

[Speedy, on phone]: Not if you have to die. 

[Brandon]: What are you talking about? 

[Speedy, on phone]: Brandon... when he.. when he brought me here, he said you were one of them. The Five. He needs you to live. He doesn't need me anymore. 

[Brandon]: Doesn't matter. I don't give a crap about the Five. I only care for you. 

[Speedy, on phone]: Look there's only ten minutes left, go back. 

[Brandon]: No! Shut up! You're going to live. 

[Speedy, on phone]: I want to live. I want to hug you and kiss you one more time. But we don't have any more time. 

[It returns to 1989. Another officer is walking down a hall, holding a clipboard full of papers. As he turns the corner, he looks down the hall, dropping the clipboard in shock. He grabs his walkie-talkie and lifts it up. ] 

[Officer]: Requesting backup, there is an officer down in the Maximum Security section.

[Walkie-talkie]: Confrimed, Officers will be there in two minutes, roger. 

[It returns to 2014, as Jack looks at his watch, before mouthing to Omi. ]

[Jack]: Five minutes. 

[The camera focuses on Brandon, talking to the phone. ] 

[Brandon]: Did you forget already? I promised to you that I will do my best to protect you, and for long as I shall live, and even in death… I will worship you. I will be there for you. I will love you.

[The bus arrives at the edge of the town, going down the road to the ruins of a once wonderful town, destroyed by fire and earth. Charles looks around, going down Main Street, still he stops the bus. He looks at Brandon. ] 

[Charles]: We're here. 

[It returns to 1989. The officers enter the cell, hurrying to the dead officer.]

[Cop]: He's dead.

[Cop 2]: That monster... where is he?

[Voice]: Right behind you, officers. 

[They turn around to see Kross, who nods and smiles. ] 

[Kross throws the glass shard, striking the throat of one of the officers. The officer falls to the ground, as Kross runs up, the cops being distracted by the single attack. He kicks a second cop, before pushing the second cop towards two more, knocking them down. Grabbing the fallen officer's gun, he shoots each cop, as another cop runs up to strike him. He turns around, beating him with the gun in the face, before grabbing the shard and stabbing the foolish cop in the face with the shard, right in the forehead. The sounds of footsteps come closer to the cell, catching the attention of a more tired Kross. ] 

[Kross]: The game continues, it would seem. 

[Voices]: Over here, men! 

[Kross]: Here we go. 

[It returns to 2014. Brandon jumps off the Bus once the door is open, holding the cell phone to his face, running towards the building. ] 

[Speedy, on phone]: I know, and even with a minute of life left that's so sweet. I will treasure you with all my heart, and if I die first, I will be waiting for you. As I know you would for me. 

[Brandon]: I'm almost there Speedy. 

[Speedy, on phone]: Brandon... You are my Romeo, and I am your Juliet.

[Brandon bursts down the doors, and runs down the hall towards a room with lights on. Brandon bursts down the room's door, hurrying in. He turns to the side to see a desktop computer with a camera feed on. The camera feed shows Speedy, looking at the camera. ]

[Brandon, in horror]: NO! God please no! Noo. 

[Brandon runs up to the Computer, looking at the screen as tears start running down his face. The phone being held up to his head, he looks at the camera as Speedy looks at the camera. ] 

[Speedy, on camera and via phone]: I love you, Brandon, more then you will ever know.

[Immediately after she says that, a red light appears in the back, and the room Speedy is in is sent into hellfire and flame. A loud explosion is heard in the distance as the camera feed ends. Brandon turns his head around, running outside to see the old Police Station on fire. Brandon takes two steps towards the burning building. He loosens his arm and hand, dropping the cellphone, before falling to his knees and giving an unearthly scream of sadness and horror. ]

[Brandon, screaming and crying]: Nooo. NoOOAAAAAAOOO. 

[Vicki]: Oh my god...

[Brandon continues breaking down, his tears contributing to the shock of the scene. ]

[Charles]: This ... this is too much. He... no.

[Ultra, looking around, looks at the raging fire. He walks into the burning damaged building, searching, as a single picture flies out towards Vicki, landing at her feet. She stomps the fire on it out, and picks it up, the light of the fire revealing it to be an image of the group. Of Arthur and Diana, of Charles and Vicki, of Officer Rob and Clark. Rob's face has been burnt off in the image, as Vicki sheds a tear. Memories begin flooding back. The drinking of beers during Arthur's birthday. The throwing of sand on a summer day. The flicker of a candle as Vicki and Charles kissed for the first time. And then... pain. Fire. The screams of Charles and her friends, echoing in her mind, as she resumes focus on the present. ]

[Vicki]: I can not believe this is happening.

[Crying is heard in the background, as Charles looks at the scene. Ultra comes back carrying a body, walking towards the bus as the camera focuses on the burnt skin. Brandon looks at the body, before continuing his painful crying, as Jack attempts to pull him up.  It cuts to all the guests in the bus, Omni looking at the window as the crying still is heard. It then cuts to Omni helping carrying the dead body from the building, emotional, moving past a shocked Charles, who looks at Vicki, also in shock. The two walk with the rest of the guests, holding hands as the camera fades to black. ]

[Jack's Voiceover]: Put her in her dress. She deserves such treatment. 

[Omni zips up the wedding dress, as Jack hovers over the corpse of Speedy. Moving the body, the camera pans past six open containers, the former home of six bodies. Burned and ruined in flame. It cuts to the Golf Course, with six funeral pyres burning. Nate. Scoot. AB. Drillo. Tyran. Lego. Everyone stands, watching the fires reflect on them, the orange glows illuminating the field in the darkness of the night. It later cuts to everyone standing in front of a single pyre. The wedding dress burning away, a second purging flame to cast out the evil, to destroy the remains of the mortal. Brandon, barely able to stand at the sight of it, holds onto Jack's arm, who in turn holds onto the arm of Omi. Ultra stands next to Brandon, the embers glowing into the shadow, before the camera faded to Charles, holding a single urn. The group stands in front of a fence on the golf field, a fence between the cliffs to the ocean and the land of the resort. As Charles reaches the fence, he turns his head to Brandon, who nods in approval, a tear falling on his face. ] 

[Charles]: May these ashes fly away from this cursed place, may they find a new home of joy and laughter, and may the soul of Cassie forever be at peace. 

[Charles opens the urn, grabbing the ashes of Cassie Stallion, or Speedy, and throws them into the air. The ashes flicker, quickly catching onto the wind, and flying away from the island, as if freed from bonds that had lasted a lifetime. Brandon, watching his love go away, begins to cry once more, as everyone begins reaching down. Lanterns of light, much like the light and joy of the love between Brandon and Speedy, float into the air, each person throwing a lantern. Each person recalling the kindness and love of Speedy, recalling the compassion, recalling the story of her love for Brandon. It cuts to Brandon entering his hotel room, alone for the first time all night. Barely able to walk, he takes a few steps, before reaching a nearby table with a wine glass. The glass from the first night. The night he met Speedy. Picking it up, flickers of moments of love appear in his mind. ] 

~ Flashback from A Natural Death ~

[Brandon walks over to Speedy, dropping his luggage as he walks over to her. ]

[Brandon]: Hi, I'm... Brandon.

[Speedy]: Name's Speedy...

[Brandon]: Have.... ah...have we met?

[Speedy]: No, I don't think so. But I kind of wish we had...

[Brandon, holding the glass, throws the glass at a mirror, shattering the glass. Crying, he walks over to his bed, dropping on as the night goes on, a night forever filled with tears. A night of tragedy that all would not forget. A night consumed in love and murder. ]


Wikia Island Federal Penitentiary -  September  5th, 1989; 12:30 PM

[The sounds of footsteps come closer to the cell, catching the attention of a more tired Kross. ] 

[Kross]: The game continues, it would seem. 

[Voices]: Over here, men! 

[Kross]: Here we go. 

[Kross walks towards the exit, leaving the room for the first time. Taking a moment to breath, he smiles, and proceeds to walk down the hall. A single officer comes down the hall, noticing Kross, before a single shot lodges into the skull, the cracking being the last sound heard before the body falls. Kross, walking over to the officer, stares at the hole in the forehead, before being alerted by the loud sirens going off. ] 

[Kross]: Oh look. Sirens. 

[Kross grabs the officer's gun, holding a gun in each hand, before continuing on his way. Cutting to the armory, officers begin grabbing several guns, bullets, and vests. ] 

[Officer]: This man is extremely dangerous, responsible for several attacks on the main country and the island. Lethal force is advised. 

[Kross continues to patiently walk down a hallway, this one different than before, as two officers appear from adajacent hallway. Kross manages to shoot the two of them before either can reach their guns, the bodies dropping.] 

[Kross]: Two Little Indian boys playing with a gun; One shot the other and then there was one. Of course I'm not Indian, I'm of German descendant. This man seems to be of english descendant. Eh, it still works. And now you're talking to yourself Kross... I guess twenty years of being nearly insane and mute does that to you.  

[A footstep echoes in the hall, alerting the man. The murderer rises up, away from his body. Kross turns his head to see a younger officer, having walked in by accident, with no weapons. ] 

[Kross]: You new?

[The officer nods his head, suggesting yes. ] 

[Kross]: Such a shame... 

[Kross shoots the man in the chest, the man falling down as the psychopath walks closer, before putting another bullet in the man, this time in the head. ] 

[Kross]: Ten bodies in fifteen minutes. Lots of death today it would seem.

[Kross continues down one hall, reaching a fork. ]

[Voice]: FREEZE!

[Kross turns to his left, shooting the officer on the left, before shots being fired at him. Facing his right, two officers start shooting at him. Kross manages to shoot one in the face, but is force to hide behind the wall of the hall he was in earlier as the second cop makes his advance. ] 

[Cop, shouting]: You can't escape! There's a hundred and fifty cops here!

[Kross, shouting]: In that case, you've lost eight percent of your force in a manner of eighteen minutes. Do you really want to make that ten percent?

[The cop turns the corner, as Kross jumps to the side, dodging the line of fire. Kross manages to shoot the legs of the cop, making the cop drop his gun, as Kross walks over to him. ] 

[Kross]: You're a brave soul for trying to stop me. 

[Putting down his guns, he grabs the man's head, staring into the man's eyes. ] 

[Kross]: But I'm simply better then you. 

[With a flick, the man's spine cracks, the bones cutting through vein and muscle, and the neck falling down. Kross rises, and continues on his way. It cuts to an office, with a man shouting. ] 

[Officer]: Where the hell is he? Why hasn't anyone found this stupid man-

[The Officer stops, noticing the blood on his clothes, as he falls to the ground, dead. Kross aims his two guns at the other officers, who do not hold weapons. ] 

[Kross]: Free the inmates. 

[Second Officer]: What? You mad?

[Kross]: Very much so. I'm mad at you all for keeping me locked up in a cell for twenty years. Now open the cells. 

[Second Officer]: Who is going to make me? You, and what army?

[An explosion is heard, more alarms going off, as it cuts to a different section of the prison. Several men in long coat-like cloaks, with several different colored masks, walk in, holding guns of their own. Officers begin running to the scene, aiming their weapons. ] 

[Officers]: Freeze, in the name of Wik-

[Massive gunfire is heard, before it cuts to the men walking past the fallen officers. It returns back to Kross, grinning. ] 

[Kross]: That is my army. 

[The officer, with a gun at his head, presses a button activating the speakers. He puts his mouth towards a microphone. ] 

[Officer]: The administration wing has fallen. We have no choice but to open the cells. Do so, in the hopes that some lives may be spared.

[The officer hits the microphone as the gun shot is heard across the prison. The officers are shot and beaten, as the cloaked men begin to open several cells. Orange shirts moving around, the rioting, chaos spreading and growing faster. ]

[Secretary]: How? How is this possible?

[Kross]: My wallet. The boy that came here in January. I took a paper that was hidden in it, a paper with a message I found when I was a lad. It was a cipher, belonging to an organization. An organization that years after losing the wallet, I managed to meet. An organization that while it is no longer based on the island, has operatives remaining. One operative being Dr. Lucius Sines, the Psychiatrist, the man that your warden ordered to see me when I purposefully attempted to stop the IV treatment. 

[Everyone looks at the Warden, who is sitting in his chair. ] 

[Kross]: No need to be bashful. Step up. Claim your reward. After all, you're the one who freed me from my bonds. 

[The Warden gets up, looking around at his disbelieving staff, and sighs. ] 

[Warden]: You didn't have to blow my cover.

[Kross]: No, but someone would have figured out regardless. You can explain the rest.

[Warden, looking at the group]: I was well aware of Kross holding the wallet paper. It was just a matter of time before he signaled me. I sent Sines to see if Kross really meant something. I was correct. Sines said that he had a paper in his shoe, a paper holding the name of our group. So, I sent him back with questions such as "If you wanted to die soon, when would you want to die? What time, day, month?". 

[Kross]: Of course I knew what he meant. I said today, and thus here we are. Now, I do hope there is some transportation. 

[Warden]: Follow me. 

[It cuts to the inmates rioting, as Kross walks through the hole in the wall of the prison made by the explosion. The Warden follows him, pointing to a series of three helicopters flying above the prison. One starts making its way down to the group, as they are standing in the yard, and once landing, a man opens the doors. ] 

[Man]: Get inside immediately!

[Kross and the Warden step inside the helicopter, before the copter flies upward, as the other two lower to get the other cloaked and masked men. ] 

[Kross]: Dr. Sines, it has been a long time. 

[Dr. Sines]: Indeed it has, Kross. 

[Kross]: Do you have a facility on this island that is secluded?

[Dr. Sines]: Yes, we'll take you to there now. 

[Kross]: Good. 

[Warden]: Welcome back to the Church of the Fiend. 

Hall Manor -  September  5th, 1989; 2:30 PM

[Charles, a few months older than his adventure on the mountain, dusts off an old statue bust, before a phone begins ringing. Hearing it, he walks over to a nearby study, the source of the phone noise. Walking over, he picks the phone up, and answers. ] 

[Charles]: Hall Manor Residence. 

[Phone Voice]: Charles?

[Charles]: Officer Rob?

[Rob, on Phone]: Where is your father?

[Charles]: He's taking care of something, why?

[Rob, on Phone]: Something terrible has happened...

[Charles]: What?

[Rob, on Phone]: I'm not sure if I should say...

[Charles]: Please, tell me now. 

[Rob, on Phone]: Charles... there was an attack on the Prison. He escaped Charles. Kross escaped. 

[Charles, holding the phone, notices his hand beginning to shake, as he looks upward at the window, at the ocean. Transitioning from Charles, the camera begins to move out the window of Hall Manor, going outward toward the ocean, farther away from the Manor, before turning to the side toward the road. The camera then begins to follow the road, as the sunlight begins to dim. The camera passes the Old Church, before the camera turns to the side, revealing the Town, as the town transitions from its 1989-self to its ruined 2014 self. Flying past the town, the light transitions from day to night, as it reaches the night of the day Speedy died. Flying past, it moves past several hills, till it reaches the Wikia Island Federal Penitentiary, decayed and deformed, covered in vines and burns. ] 

The Former Wikia Island Federal Penitentiary -  January 13th, 2014; 11:05 PM

[It cuts to a hallway. A single step is heard, a black shoe shown on the camera, before a second one appears, the man in dark clothes, walking down the hall. A series of birds, disturbed by the man, begin flying away, as the man continues down the hall. Reaching a section, he looks at the sign. ADMINISTRATION WING. Taking a few more steps, he enters a room, lit by candle. ] 

[Voice]: You came. 

[Man]: I knew you were coming. Was the submarine alright for travel?

[Voice]: Yes. 

[Man]: I must admit, I'm glad that my benefactor and co-conspirator is here. 

[The camera moves over to reveal a much older Kross in the present-day. ] 

[Kross]: Of course, I'm happy to be here for the event. 

[The man, reaching into his coat, pulls out a bottle of wine, as Kross reaches below and grabs two glasses, a man pouring the wine into the glasses. ] 

[Man]: To a future of unimaginable wealth. 

[Kross]: To a future of overcoming death in life. 

[The two men drink their wine, as the first man sits down. ] 

[Man]: I hope you liked the show I pulled off today. Brandon and the girl. 

[Kross]: You made a mess. 

[Man]: But it was quite the ride. 

[Kross]: I'm beginning to worry that you don't have your head in the game. The theatrics are beginning to become a bit much, don't you think? 

[Man]: That's why you like me though, isn't it?

[Kross]: Yes, but remember. This is about the Five. This is about the mystery. 

[Man]: I know that. That's why I've received blood samples from all of the guests. We've confirmed two members of The Five now. That only leaves The King. 

[Kross]: One last member to bring the Five together. One last member to learn the truth. How is Charles Butler?

[Man]: He is still in denial. We've tried to wedge him out of it, but he is fully in denial of the events going on. I assume that is your fault. 

[Kross]: Then that is your new job. Bring the Five out of denial, convince them of what they need to know. Tell the third member of our trio as well. I want to see the two of you here, tomorrow night.

[Man]: I understand. 

[Kross]: If we are to make this Night of the Dead successful, it is time to throw away the lies and secrets, and it is time for the truth to come out. Once that's done, we can proceed with the next step. Bring Charles Butler out of denial. Make sure Brandon Grundare learns the truth, and let's continue our wonderful and most delightful game of life and death. Our Game of MURDER.

TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT EPISODE OF MURDER ...... The Father, The Son, and the Suicide!