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The following episode of MURDER contains songs sung by other artists. These songs may have references to religion, personal beliefs according to the character/artist, and does in no way reflect the beliefs of the user known as Sci100 or any of the users seen in MURDER. Please, if you feel uncomfortable reading the songs of the episode, then please just skip down past the scene. I apologize if any of you are offended.
Season 2, Episode 204
I came in like a Cannonball Logo.png
♪♫♬I Came In Like a Cannonball...♪♫♬]
Air date 4/19/15
Written by Sci
Directed by Sci
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The Butler Did It
Aqua de la Muerte

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It shows The Butler and King Hotel and Resort as Charles voice overs.

“Thirteen Mortals have arrived here to play a diabolical game of life, or death. For one of these Mortals is not who everyone thinks they are...for this, ladies and gentlemen is a game… of Murder. "

It zooms across to the other side of Wikia Island as it shows clips from the previous episode.

“And Last time on MURDER... "

[Nate drinks the wine, and then stops. He drops to the ground, the glass shatters to the floor, and he hits the wood. Scoot is knocked out by Chloroform, and then chained to a weight, and pushed into a pool, drowning. Oleander is put into a cup of Brandy, and then AB drinks the brandy.]

[Ultra]: This... Game of Murder... it has begun.

[Figure]: For I am the Fiend.... Fiend of Wikia Island.


[Richard]: We have a duty to this manor, and whoever lives here. We are forced to do servitude. Our family has always been forced to do so for multiple generations.

[Charles]: Why? Why are we forced to be... their slaves?

[Richard]: Be- never mind. It’s just... complicated.

[Tyran walks over to the file and opens it up. Inside the file is a packet of papers with mathematical numbers on it and a key card. The card says SPECIAL PASS TO HOTEL LAB. ] 

[Tyran]: An Equation... a lab.... all part of the mystery I suppose. Well, it seems this scientist has work to do.

[Arthur grabs it from the pipe as Charles walks over and takes it from him. The others come together, as Charles opens it. What it looks at is a piece of parchment with multiple rings that could move, with different designs on it. In the center of the map is a drawing of Wikia Island. ] 

[Charles]: What is this?

[Clark]: I have a feeling we're going to find out... 

[As they look into their eyes, Brandon pulls Speedy towards him, embracing as the two meet each other lips in an act of passion. As the two begin to kiss, a person watching from a crack in the door walks away. Charles turns around, with a grim expression on his face. ] 

[Charles]: Why did you come back, Vicki?

[The Maid sighs, as she looks at Charles. ] 

[Vicki (The Maid), sighing]: Oh Charles.... 

Present Day Wikia Island - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - 13 Hours after The Butler Did It.

[A Shuttle Bus pulls up to the Hotel as the doors open. Charles, Jack, Omni, and some of the other guests jump out of the Shuttle Bus, as Ultra and Brandon carry someone out of the bus. It cuts to the guests bursting into the Hotel's Lobby. ] 

[Charles]: Get him in the Morgue, now!

[Omni]: He's struggling to breath!

[The camera turns around to show Speedy, in shock. She watches Brandon and Ultra carry the person into the hotel, as background music begins. ] 

Music-icon.png MURDER Soundtrack - Breathe (2 AM)

[Speedy]: ♪♫♬ 2 AM and she calls me 'cause I'm still awake, "Can you help me unravel my latest mistake?, I don't love him. Winter just wasn't my season." ♪♫♬

[Speedy begins walking with Brandon and Ultra, as she looks at the dying guest. ]

[Speedy]: ♪♫♬ Yeah we walk through the doors, so accusing their eyes Like they have any right at all to criticize, Hypocrites. You're all here for the very same reason. ♪♫♬

[The guests head past the Cafe and towards the staircase to the Morgue, as Charles shouts. ]

[Charles]: Hurry now, we must hurry!

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬  'Cause you can't jump the track, we're like cars on a cable And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table No one can find the rewind button, girl. So cradle your head in your hands. ♪♫♬

[Speedy begins walking down the staircase towards the basement floor. ]

[Speedy]: ♪♫♬ And breathe... just breathe, Oh breathe, just breathe. ♪♫♬

[Speedy reaches the basement floor as Ultra and Brandon bring down the dying guest. ] 

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬  May he turned 21 on the base at Fort Bliss "Just a day" he said down to the flask in his fist, "Ain't been sober, since maybe October of last year." ♪♫♬

[Speedy holds the dying person's hand, as more blood spills out of their body. ]

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬  Here in town you can tell he's been down for a while, But, my God, it's so beautiful when the boy smiles, Wanna hold him. Maybe I'll just sing about it. ♪♫♬

[Charles opens the Morgue's door, as Speedy and the rest of the group enters the Morgue. ] 

[Speedy]: ♪♫♬  'Cause you can't jump the track, we're like cars on a cable And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table No one can find the rewind button, girl. So cradle your head in your hands. ♪♫♬

[Ultra and Brandon place the patient on the Morgue's table, as Sub shouts. ] 

[Sub]: Get some tissues and paper towels to stop the bleeding!

[Omni]: Are there any Saline bags?

[Brandon]: We need an Oxygen mask, immediately!

[Speedy]: ♪♫♬ And breathe... just breathe, Oh breathe, just breathe. ♪♫♬

[Jack hands Brandon an Oxygen Mask and tank, which Brandon puts on the dying guest. ]

[Speedy]: ♪♫♬ There's a light at each end of this tunnel, You shout 'cause you're just as far in as you'll ever be out And these mistakes you've made, you'll just make them again If you'd only try turning around. ♪♫♬

[Ultra gives Omni a saline bag, which he attempts to hook onto a machine. Charles hands Sub some Paper towel, before standing back in shock. ]

[Speedy]: ♪♫♬ 2 AM and I'm still awake, writing a song If I get it all down on paper, it's no longer inside of me, Threatening the life it belongs to. And I feel like I'm naked in front of the crowd Cause these words are my diary, screaming out loud And I know that you'll use them, however you want to.  ♪♫♬

[Suddenly, the heart monitor begins going off, as everyone begins panicking. ]

[Brandon]: We're losing him!

[Sub]: Dammit, why did AB have to die?!

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬ 'Cause you can't jump the track, we're like cars on a cable And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table No one can find the rewind button, girl. Sing it if you understand. ♪♫♬

[Blood begins shooting out from the body, as the Morgue becomes frantic. ]

[Speedy]: ♪♫♬ And breathe... just breathe,  ♪♫♬

[Suddenly, the body stops moving, the blood stops spilling, as Sub attempts to do CPR. ]

[Speedy]: ♪♫♬ ...woah breathe, just breathe,  ♪♫♬

[Sub stops the CPR, as Tyran closes the person's eyes. The camera pans to the top of the Morgue looking down, revealing the body to be Drillo's. ]

[Speedy]: ♪♫♬ Oh breathe, just breathe, Oh breathe, just breathe.  ♪♫♬

[The guests and Charles look at each other, as Jack coughs. ]

[Jack]: Its over. Drillo has been... MURDERed.

MURDER Mystery Island Logo One.png

1964 - 50 Years Ago, Night-time on Wikia Island

Music-icon.png MURDER Soundtrack - 1964

[Its a stormy night, as the camera fades out to show the Old Spanish Church 25 years younger then when Charles visited it. The camera tilts downward towards the cliff-side, where the water hits the caves. It cuts to inside a cave. A light appears, as the shadows begin fleeing. Suddenly, a 15 year old male appears with a candle-lit lantern. ] 

[Male Teen #1]: Are you sure this is where we're supposed to be?

[A second male teen appears. ] 

[Male Teen #2, speaking in German Accent]: My translation of the ancient Spanish text is accurate. 

[Three more male teens appear, as the group stops. ] 

[Male Teen #2]: Why are we stopping?

[Male Teen #1]: Because of ... that. 

[The teenager points to a small pagan ritual site, with a pile of human skulls, a strange chest, and webs, surrounded by water, with little areas of land nearby. ] 

[Male Teen #2]: The Map and the Key... they will be found. 

[The teens hop onto the pieces of land, one by one till they reach the main area of land with the ritual site. As one teen begins talking towards it to get a better look, the German Accent Teen pulls him away. ] 

[Male Teen #3]: What gives?

[Male Teen #2]: I was trying to save your life, Robert. 

[The Male Teen #2 walks over to a wire, and pulls it. Suddenly, multiple spears shoot upwards, making the group take a step backwards. ] 

[Male Teen #4]: Whoa, we could've died!

[Male Teen #2 walks around the spears, crawling up the bones, and reaching the box. He attempts to pull up the chest, and eventually succeeds. As the rest of the group comes up, Male Teen #2 is confused. ] 

[Male Teen #2]: I don't understand. Instead of the Map and the Key, instead there's a golden triangle item, and a book written in English! Someone has been here before us!

[Male Teen #5]: Maybe they're underneath. 

[He grabs the book and the piece, only for a latch to appear. Suddenly, the entire ruin begins shaking. ] 

[Male Teen #1]: Another Booby-Trap! 

[Suddenly, the Lion Mouths in the ritual site's wall begin pouring out water, as the group attempts to flee. As they do, the wallet of Male Teen #2 falls out, into the water. It floats away, as the group attempts to flee the cave. Multiple rocks fall onto the ground, as they jump out of the caves, and onto one of many large pieces of rock and land next to the cliffside. ] 

[Male Teen #1]: Is everyone alright?

[Male Teen #2]: I lost my wallet. 

[Robert]: I am. 

[Male Teen #4]: Let's never do that again. 

[Male Teen #5]: Agreed. Now what?

[Male Teen #1]: Well since I have the most books about the island, I'll take this book and whatever this piece is back to Hall Manor. 

[Male Teen #2]: Alright. So it is. 

[Robert]: Let's get out of here. 

[It cuts to half an hour later. Male Teen #1 walks towards Hall Manor, as the camera zooms towards the book. It says A History of Wikia Island - By Daral Scidran. ] 

Present Day Wikia Island - Charles's Quarters - 1 Second After the End of The Butler Did It

[Charles turns around, with a grim expression on his face. ] 

[Charles]: Why did you come back, Vicki?

[The Maid sighs, as she looks at Charles. ] 

[Vicki (The Maid), sighing]: Oh Charles.... 

[Charles]: So it is true. 

[Vicki]: Yes. I am Vicki. I'm the Maid of this hotel. 

[Charles]: So now that we aren't hiding anymore... why are you back?

[Vicki]: Why do you think? The Night of the Dead is nearby upon us. When I heard that there was going to be a Hotel on the Island, which happened to open days before then, I knew it was too much a coincidence. So, I signed up as the Maid. 

[Charles]: You were afraid. 

[Vicki]: Yes, of course. I see you're also investigating it, as well. 

[Charles]: I was only investigating because the Killer said you were hiding something. He or she was right. 

[Vicki]: Wait, he knows about me? 

[Charles]: Indeed. No one is safe. You honestly believe that the Fiend may be behind this?

[Vicki]: Possibly, though I haven't ruled out ... 

[Charles]: Him, I know. I believe you wanted to know why I'm here. It was good pay, and like you... I wanted to be sure nothing would happen. Guess I was stupid enough to do so. 

[Vicki]: Now, do you know anything else? Anything I should know?

[Charles]: The Music Box... its yours. The Killer gave it to me. Oh and he has the guests trying to know about the Mystery of the Island, and the Five... 

[Vicki]: Speaking of which, I haven't found any progress. 

[Charles]: Alright. 

[Vicki]: Now Charles, we can discuss more later but for now, I need rest. 

[Charles]: Of course. Goodnight, Vicki. 

[Vicki]: Goodnight Charles. 

[Vicki leaves Charles's room, and sighs. She begins walking away, not towards her room, as she shakes her head in doubt. ] 

Music-icon.png MURDER Soundtrack - If I Die Young

[Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ If I die young, bury me in satin Lay me down on a bed of roses Sink me in a river at dawn Send me away with the words of a love song. Uh oh, uh oh. ♪♫♬

[Vicki reaches the end of that hall, then turns, putting her left hand on the wall, looking down. ]

[Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ Lord make me a rainbow, I'll shine down on my mother.   She'll know I'm safe with you when she stands under my colors, oh.  And life ain't always what you think it ought to be, no Ain't even grey, but she buries her baby.  ♪♫♬

[Vicki turns to the left, and enters the Staff Backroom, entering a room full of tables, vending machines, a calendar, and some other equipment. ] 

[Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ The sharp knife of a short life, oh well I've had just enough time.  ♪♫♬

[Vicki sits down at one of the tables, crossing her arms, and sighs, while looking at the table. ]

[Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ If I die young, bury me in satin. Lay me down on a bed of roses. Sink me in the river at dawn. Send me away with the words of a love song.  ♪♫♬

[Vicki gets up and heads towards the other door. ]

[Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ The sharp knife of a short life, oh well I've had just enough time.  ♪♫♬

[Vicki gets up, exits the Staff Backroom and enters the lobby. ]

[Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ And I'll be wearing white, when I come into your kingdom. I'm as green as the ring on my little cold finger. I've never known the lovin' of a man, But it sure felt nice when he was holdin' my hand. There's a boy here in town, says he'll love me forever, Who would have thought forever could be severed by... ♪♫♬

[Vicki looks over to see Charles, Arthur, Diana, Clark, and herself 25 years earlier. ]

[Present Day Vicki and the Younger Group]:  ♪♫♬...the sharp knife of a short life.♪♫♬

[Present-Day Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ oh well? I've had just enough...♪♫♬

[Present Day Vicki and the Younger Group]:  ♪♫♬... time. ♪♫♬

[The younger group disappears as if they never existed, and Vicki finds herself in the hallway. ] 

[Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ So put on your best, boys, and I'll wear my pearls What I never did is done. ♪♫♬

[Vicki walks into the Cafe. ]

[Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ A penny for my thoughts, oh, no, I'll sell 'em for a dollar They're worth so much more after I'm a goner And maybe then you'll hear the words I been singin' ♪♫♬

[Vicki sits at one of the guests's tables, sighing. ]

[Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ Funny when you're dead how people start listenin' ♪♫♬

[It cuts to Vicki, dreaming inside of her head. She's wearing a red dress gown, standing on stage in front of an audience, with the Younger Group (Charles, Arthur, Diana, Clark, and herself in 1989) as backup. ]

[Vicki]: ♪♫♬ If I die young ♪♫♬

[Vicki and Younger Group]: ♪♫♬ bury me in satin.  Lay me down on a bed of roses.  Sink me in the river at dawn.  Send me away with the words of a love song. ♪♫♬

[Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ Uh oh ♪♫♬

[Younger Group]:  ♪♫♬ (uh, oh) ♪♫♬

[Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ The ballad of a dove, ♪♫♬

[Younger Group]:  ♪♫♬ (uh, oh)♪♫♬

[Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ Go with peace and love. ♪♫♬

[Vicki and Younger Group]:  ♪♫♬ Gather up your tears, ♪♫♬

[Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ keep 'em in your pocket.  Save 'em for a time when you're really gonna need 'em, oh. ♪♫♬

[Vicki and Younger Group]:  ♪♫♬ The sharp knife of a short life, oh well ♪♫♬

[Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ I've had just enough time ♪♫♬

[Vicki wakes up in the dining room, by herself, looking up at the clock to see its Midnight. ]

[Vicki, tired]:  ♪♫♬ So put on your best, boys, and I'll wear my pearls. ♪♫♬

[Vicki gets up, puts the chair away, and leaves. It cuts to Brandon and Speedy together, still making out in the library. They stop for a moment to look at each other. ] 

[Brandon]: How do you see good in me?

[Speedy]: Because, there is good. 

[Suddenly, the clock in the library begins going off. ] 

[Brandon]: Is it Midnight already?

[Speedy]: Yeah. I suppose, you'll want to get some sleep...

[Brandon]: Indeed... goodnight. 

[Speedy, smiling]: Night. 

[Brandon exits the library, as Speedy smiles. She looks over, grabbing a nearby book, and opens it up. ] 

Music-icon.png MURDER Soundtrack - My Heart Will Go On

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬ Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you That is how I know you go on.♪♫♬

[Speedy flips the page, to show a couple together in a drawing. ]

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬ Far across the distance.  And spaces between us.  You have come to show you go on♪♫♬

[Speedy flips the next page, to show the fictional characters holding hands. ]

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬ Near, far, wherever you are I believe that the heart does go on. Once more you open the door And you're here in my heart And my heart will go on and on. ♪♫♬

[Speedy gets up from the library, and exits the library. She then begins walking down the hall. ]

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬ Love can touch us one time.  And last for a lifetime. And never let go till we're gone. ♪♫♬

[Speedy looks through the windows into the Fitness Room. ]

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬ Love was when I loved you. One true time I hold to. In my life we'll always go on. ♪♫♬

[Speedy goes past the laundry room, upwards, then turns, enters the lobby, and climbs up the stairs. ]

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬ Near, far, wherever you are. I believe that the heart does go on. ♪♫♬

[Speedy reaches the hallway, and begins walking towards her room. ]

[Speedy]: ♪♫♬ Once more you open the door. And you're here in my heart. And my heart will go on and on. ♪♫♬

[Speedy takes out her key card, puts it into the card slot, which turns on the green light. She enters her room, entering her room. As she looks around, she puts her hands towards her chest. ]

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬ You're here, there's nothing I fear. And I know that my heart will go on. We'll stay forever this way. ♪♫♬

[Speedy takes off her shoes, lies down on her bed, shutting off the lights, and getting under the blankets. ]

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬ You are safe in my heart And my heart will go on and on. ♪♫♬

8 AM - The Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Wikia Cafe

[All the guests, including Drillo are sitting in the Cafe, waiting. ] 

[Jack]: I'm suprised no one has... died yet. 

[Ultra]: Has anyone actually tried figuring out who the Killer is?

[Sub]: Of course not. 

[Omni]: I have, unlike Sub. I haven't noticed anything. 

[Charles then enters the room, smiling. ] 

[Charles]: My dear guests, it appears everyone is alive! And, the Killer has allowed us a special field trip! 

[Everyone looks at each other, confused. ] 


Name: Omni
Occupation: Cop
Hometown: Ultimate Pokeville, Wikia.

[Omni]: A field trip? I don't like the sound of that. 


Name: Ultra
Occupation: Comic Book Writer
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Ultra]: I have a feeling today's going to be different. 

[Charles]: So get ready. We're going to the Old Spanish Church in ONE hour, so be in the lobby ready to leave. See you then!

[Charles leaves the room, as everyone gets up, and heads back to their rooms, unsure what this means. ] 


One Hour After Drillo's Death - Wikia Cafe - Butler and King Hotel and Resort

[Everyone sits around the guests's table in the Cafe, silent. All of them look at the table, in mourning. ] 

[Brandon]: It isn't right... none of this is right. He shouldn't have had to die. 

[Omi]: None of us should have. 

[Sub]: Who the hell here, on this table... is doing this? 

[Omni]: The Killer's said that we have to solve the mystery of this island. Four of us are dead. Maybe... maybe its time we start looking for clues. Maybe we need to solve the mystery. 

[Jack]: He's right. 

[Ultra]: I agree with that. Its time we start getting answers.

[Jack]: Perhaps the Butler has some of the answers.

[Speedy]: I don't know if he does...

[Sub]: He knows something. 

[The entire group turns towards Sub. ] 

[Brandon]: How would you know that?

[Sub]: When we believed Charles was the Killer, he said "You have NO IDEA what I went through all those years ago! You're all in danger!". 

[Brandon]: This has happened before?

[Omni]: There's something else I'd also like to address. Sub, you claim you're a bounty hunter. Yet the text we got from the killer suggests you're lying. Who are you really?

[Sub]: Not the one who wants to kill us all. 

[Omni]: Then another one of us is apparently a private detective. 

[Brandon]: Maybe Drillo was the detective?

[Tyran]: If you're a detective, you can act stupid to avoid suspicion, but someone like him is obviously not a detective. 

[Speedy]: Well its safe to say that since he labeled me as the Writer, Sub as the Bounty Hunter, and Omni as the cop that its obviously not the three of us. Meaning, that either the Judge, the Teacher, the Comic Book Writer, the Scientist, the Lawyer, or the CEO is the private detective. Someone else isn't being truthful. 

[Charles and Vicki enter the Cafe, catching the eyes of the guests. ] 

[Charles]: My dear guests... as we all know, Drillo is dead. It is time to now investigate how he died. We have the Crime Scene, which will take you back to the Church. The Last Known Whereabouts, or Drillo's room and the Morgue, where Drillo's body remains. So, we will you a few moments to decide before you must depart. 

[Charles and Vicki leave the room, leaving the guests to decide. ]

[Jack]: I think we can agree that the Church needs to be inspected more. So, Omni, will you join me?

[Omni]: Of course. 

[Sub taps Brandon on the shoulder, then whisphers into his ear. ] 

[Sub]: I want you to go to the Crime Scene with me. 

[Brandon]: Why?

[Sub]: You've helped in the Morgue, so I trust you with the Crime Scene. 

[Brandon]: I ... I guess. 

[Brandon looks at Speedy, like "Sorry, there's nothing I can do". ]


Name: Brandon
Occupation: Teacher?
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Brandon]: I don't know why Sub wants me at the Church, but something tells me he might know about me and Speedy. 


Name: Speedy
Occupation: Haunted Stories Writer
Hometown: Chaturnville, Wikia

[Speedy]: What the hell Brandon? I thought we were going to the Morgue. 


Name: Brandon
Occupation: Teacher?
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Brandon]: I just hope this doesn't - 


Name: Speedy
Occupation: Haunted Stories Writer
Hometown: Chaturnville, Wikia

[Speedy]: cause a ripple in our relationship. 

[Speedy]: I guess I'll go back to the Morgue. 

[Tyran]: I'll join you. I still have to figure out more of the equation, so I'll also be using the lab. 

[Ultra]: I can head to the room. 

[Lego]: I will join you. 

[Omi]: Same. 

[Omni]: And what about you, Brandon?

[Brandon]: Uh, I'll head to the Church this time. It'll let me check out more of the Church's colored glass. 

[Charles comes back, as everyone stops talking. ] 

[Charles]: I trust you have made your decisions. So, those going to the Church, please follow V- The Maid, to the shuttle bus again. Those going to the Morgue, will follow me. Finally, those going to the Last Known Whereabouts... can I see who is going to the Last known?

[Lego, Ultra, and Omi raise their hands. Charles hands Lego the key card. ] 

[Charles]: That is to get into his room. He was in Room 211. You can get their yourselves. Now, let's go investigate!

[Jack, Omni, Brandon, and Sub get up and walk with Vicki to the Shuttle Bus, as Brandon looks back at Speedy, who is following Charles to the Morgue. It cuts to Lego, Omi, and Ultra in the hallway. ] 

The Last Known Whereabouts

Room 211.jpg

[Lego]: Well, here we go. 

[Lego puts in the card into the card slot, unlocking the door. Lego enters the room, letting Ultra and Omi in as well. They instantly look around in the bathroom, the closet, and near the beds. Ultra opens up the desk, and pulls out something. ] 

[Ultra]: Omi. 

[Omi walks over, and looks at what Ultra holds. Its a piece of paper with a message on it. ] 

Its time to start looking into the mystery of the island. You only have eight days to the Night of the Dead. Look at the book given when Scoot died. Then, take a glance at my gift to you in the Lab. Discover the Five as soon as you can. Even Killers need help, old friends. 

[Ultra]: What do you think it means?

[Omi]: I think... it means we need to do exactly what this paper says. 


Name: Omi
Occupation: Attorney
Hometown: Chaturnville, Wikia

[Omi]: Omni has the book, but when we went into the Lab, we never found anything important except the chart with the Oleander on it. So unless that's the gift... Tyran and/or Sub know or have something we need. 

The Morgue

The Morgue.PNG

[Speedy and Tyran reach the Morgue, as they look at Tyran's body. ] 

[Tyran]: I still can't believe it... 

[Speedy]: Blood coming out from his wound... something ripped through him. 

[Tyran]: It'd have to be strong. 

[Speedy]: You... do you remember hearing a loud sound when Drillo was injured?

[Tyran]: Yeah. But I have no idea what could have done this. 

[Speedy]: Neither do I. 

[Tyran]: Now, I need to go to the lab.... and the Killer will only allow me to do it. 

[Speedy]: Alright.

[Tyran goes to the Lab, as Speedy inspects the body. ] 

The Crime Scene

The Crime Scene.jpg

[The Shuttle Bus heads towards the Spanish Church. Vicki then drives past it, and turns, heading right. ]

[Omni]: Hey!? Why aren't we going to the Church?!

[Vicki]: I've been told to show you something before you go.

[Vicki drives on for a while, before turning to the left and stopping next to a cliff side bordered by a fence. The doors open up, letting Jack, Omni, Brandon, and Sub out of the bus. They look around, as the Maid stays in the Shuttle Bus. ] 

[Sub]: My gosh...

[Brandon]: Is that a ... 

[The four guests look over the cliff side to see the damaged remains of a town. ] 

Wikia Island Destroyed Town.png

[Jack]: A destroyed town.... looks like by fire, and earth.

[Vicki gets out of the shuttle bus, and looks at the ruins. ]

[Vicki]: It was destroyed, 25 years ago by a series of events that led to this.

[Omni]: Why are we being shown this?

[Vicki]: This is a part of the history of the island. This... is part of the mystery. This... is part of the past.

[It cuts to the shuttle bus reaching the Old Spanish Church, 25 years older after Charles visited it. The four guests get off as the Maid shuts the doors, staying inside the shuttle bus. ]

[Jack]: Charles said that the Church was built when the Spanish conquistadors first landed on the island. 

[Omni]: That would fit with what I found in the book. 

[Jack and Omni enter the church, while Sub and Brandon look outside. Jack and Omni walk in, to see the fallen pipe organ, the confessional, and the damaged chairs. ] 

[Omni]: How do you think that pipe organ fell?

[Jack]: I'm not sure, though that's odd...

[Omni]: What?

[Jack points to something on the wall. On the wall is a carved message. ] 

Beware the Fiend,  Beware the Five 

[Jack]: That wasn't there before. 

[Omni]: Beware the Fiend... Beware the Five. The Fiend?

[Jack]: Fiend is a word used for demon... 


Name: Omni
Occupation: Cop
Hometown: Ultimate Pokeville, Wikia.

[Omni]: Okay that's creepy. I mean, the killings have been creepy enough, but now this "Fiend" thing... is creeping me out. 

[Omni walks over to the confessional, and notices a giant hole in it. ] 

[Omni]: What the...

[Omni opens up the confessional, taking a few steps back. ] 


Name: Omni
Occupation: Cop
Hometown: Ultimate Pokeville, Wikia.

[Omni]: In the confessional, there is a cannon with a wireless receiver, a robotic hand, and a cigarette lighter. It looks like someone sent a signal to the wireless receiver, which activated the robotic hand that had the cigarette lighter. The lighter started the cannon, which I think shot from the hole, and ripped through Drillo. 

[It cuts to Sub and Brandon investigating the outside of the church. ] 

[Sub walks to a nearby window, where he sees something in the grass. ] 

[Sub]: Brandon. 

[Brandon, nearby, walks over to see what Sub is pointing at. ] 

[Sub]: Its a cannonball. 

[Brandon]: Like... a cannonball Pirates use?

[Sub]: Yeah. 

[Sub looks through the window to see Omni and Jack distracted by another thing on the wall. Sub grins. ] 

[Sub]: Brandon, let's take a walk. 

[Brandon, suspicious]: Alright. 

[Sub and Brandon begins walking away from the Church. After walking a distance away, Sub coughs. ] 

[Sub]: Where has your head been the last few days? What's been on your mind?

[Brandon]: I'm trying to think of who would be doing this... I just can't think of who. 

[Sub]: Yeah, I'm having trouble as well. But that's not what I was talking about. 

[Brandon]: When what have you been talking about?

[Sub walks in front of Brandon and turns around, stopping the both of them. ] 

[Sub]: You didn't think that being googly eyes for Speedy was going to be ignored, was it? Or the fact that you two were in the library last night? Did you just make out or did yo-

[Brandon]: God no, of course we didn't. 

[Once Brandon says this, a scared face appears. ] 

[Sub]: I knew it. 

[Brandon]: Yeah. We have feelings for each other. We did kiss last night. So what?

[Sub]: So? We're in a war zone and you're doing that?

[Brandon]: You know, I think making out and being called out by the killer are two different things. You know everyone is suspicious of you, right Sub? A lot of people think there's more to you then meets the eye. Speaking of your eyes... you appear to have a look in your eyes. I think you've seen things. Things you don't want to tell the rest of us. 

[Sub shoves Brandon backwards. ] 

[Sub]: Listen... you do not want to become my enemy.

[Brandon]: Why not?

[Sub, angry]: Here's what you're going to do. First, you're going to tell Speedy that you don't really care for her. You're gonna tell her that you only got close to her to make sure she wasn't the Killer. Then, you're gonna tell Tyran and Lego the truth about you and Speedy. Finally, you're going to get your freaking head int the game, and help me figure out what the hell is going on, because dear lord I swear if you don't... 

[Brandon]: What, you're kill me? 

[Sub]: No, of course not. But you will die if you don't end this now. You can't have a distraction. Distractions kill people. 

[Brandon]: How would you know that?

[Sub laughs for a second, then gets serious once again.]

[Sub]: You know, being a bounty hunter... I know the educational system pretty well, since I make sure creeps don't stalk the kids. And you know what? I don't think I've ever heard of a teacher whose first or last name was Brandon in Everything City. Oh, and that look you said I have. I wonder if the reason why you can see that look in people is because you have one yourself. 

[Sub walks away, as Brandon faces the opposite direction, then turns around, watching Sub head back to the Shuttle Bus. It cuts to Speedy in her bedroom, lying down. ] 

Music-icon.png MURDER Soundtrack - Chasing Cars

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬  We'll do it all..... Everything.... on our own. We don't need.... Anything.... or anyone.... ♪♫♬

[Speedy flashes back to when she first met Brandon. ] 

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬ If I lay here.... If I just.... lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world? ♪♫♬

[It cuts to Brandon, sitting with his face on the window, looking out at the window. His face is grim as the shuttle bus is moving. ] 

[Brandon]:  ♪♫♬ I don't quite know... how to say.... how I feel. Those three words.... are said too much.... they're not enough... IF I LAY HERE... IF I JUST ... LAY HERE. WOULD YOU LIE WITH ME, AND JUST FOR THE WORLD? ♪♫♬

[The camera splits between showing Speedy and Brandon on different sides. ] 

[Brandon and Speedy at the same time]:  ♪♫♬ Forget what we're told, before we too old. Show me a garden... that's ... bursting into life. ♪♫♬

[It cuts to Vicki, driving the Shuttle Bus. ] 

[Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ Let's waste time. Chasing Cars. Around our heads. ♪♫♬

[Vicki sighs, and closes her eyes for a moment. ] 

[Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ I need your grace, to remind me.... to find my own. ♪♫♬

[Vicki turns to face the guests for a few seconds. Brandon, Omni, and Sub are looking at their windows, while Jack is facing the ground. ] 

[Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ If I lay here.... If I just lay here.... would you lie with me and just forget the world? ♪♫♬

[Vicki then faces the road again, still driving. ] 

[Vicki]:  ♪♫♬ Forget what we're told.... before we get too old.... Show me a garden... that's bursting into life. ♪♫♬

[The Camera cuts into thirds, each 1/3 showing a different person. In the left is Speedy, in the center is Brandon, and in the right is Vicki. ] 

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬ All that I am.♪♫♬

[Speedy, Brandon, and Vicki at the same time]:  ♪♫♬ All that I ever was.... Is here in your perfect eyes, they're all I can see. ♪♫♬

[They each shake their heads, conflicted about their emotions. ] 

[Speedy, Brandon, and Vicki at the same time]:  ♪♫♬ I don't know where.... Confused about how as well. Just know that these things will never change for us at all. ♪♫♬

[The camera returns to Speedy. ] 

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬ If I lay here, if I just lay here... would you lie with me and just forget the world? ♪♫♬


[All the guests are sitting in the Lobby, as Charles and the Maid arrive. ]

[Charles]: The Killer has a new riddle for you. Solve the riddle, and you may or may not remain ALIVE.


Name: Omni
Occupation: Cop
Hometown: Ultimate Pokeville, Wikia.

[Omni]: I believe I already know what the riddle will lead to, since the MURDER Weapon was found in the Church. But, who knows.


Name: Brandon
Occupation: Teacher?
Hometown: Everything City, Wikia

[Brandon]: I'm not sure how I will do. I'm still thinking about what I should do about Speedy..

[Charles]: "Drillo was the rough sort of man. His death was part of the plan. Follow the glowing steps to your destination. Enter the room and unmask your speculation. Oh, I hope you aren't afraid of the dark. Because you'll have to guess where you'll embark. "

[Suddenly, steel covers begin coming down on all the windows and doors that can allow leaving the hotel, on the main floor. As this occurs, Charles and the Maid head into the Staff Backroom. Once the covers are done, the lights go out, leaving the hotel in total darkness. Suddenly, glow-in-the-dark footsteps appear, leading to multiple areas. ]

[Speedy]: What the hell...

[Ultra]: Why the dark?

[Omni]: There are nine trails. Nine of us. One of each person. 

Glow in the Dark Footstep Paths First Floor.png

[Jack]: Look. 

[In front of each path, is a name written in glow-in-the-dark ink. ] 

[Ultra]: Our killer wants us to go on a certain path... 

[Brandon]: I don't like this at all.... 

[Omi]: Do we have any choice?

[Each guest finds their name next to a path, and begins walking on it. It cuts to Omni walking on his path. ]

[Omni]: Step... Step... Step...

[Omni then hits two doors. He grabs the doors and open them up before walking in. ] 

[Omni]: Is this the Gift Shop?

[Suddenly, a bright light flashes in his eyes for a few seconds. He moves to see a television in static. Then, it shows words in red bloody font. ] 

[The Fiend (using audio clips from different videos)]: You think you're a hero... but you're not.

[Omni watches the screen, which cuts to a video clip of Omni fighting another Cop 5 years ago. ] 

[The Fiend (using audio clips from different videos)]: You failed... you failed the lives of 13 people. The people of Wikia Manor...

[The screen cuts to the explosion at Wikia Manor, and the news coverage surrounding the Wikia Manor event, as well as the Trial of Ermac. ] 

[The Fiend (using audio clips from different videos)]: You failed to stop the death of Sub's friend... the boy in Chaturnville... 2004.

[It cuts to news coverage in Chaturnville, at a house. A body bag is taken out, as a teenager sits on the ground, in shock, with blood on his face and hands. ] 

[The Fiend (using audio clips from different videos)]: Some people would call me a villain... a demon... a fiend, if you will. I consider myself a teacher. I'm going to teach you some lessons now, Omni. Lesson #1. Heroes... there is no such thing. There are only failures.

[It cuts to a black screen with red font on it. ]

[The Fiend (using audio clips from different videos)]: And you... are a failure. 


[The video then cuts to the Fiend repeatedly saying "Failure" and "And you... are a failure" over and over again. Omni watches, as his anger begins to boil. He grabs something from one of the shelves and throws it at the screen. It breaks the screen, stopping the video. Two seconds afterwards, the lights in the Gift Shop turn on. Omni looks at the check-out table to see a pair of night-vision goggles and an envelope. It cuts to Sub. Sub is walking on the glow-in-the-dark footsteps, putting his hands between two temporary walls. He then grabs a door and opens it. He then turns the corner, and follows the glow-in-the-dark footsteps to a room, where he walks through. Suddenly, the door shuts and locks, as a television turns on. ]

[The Fiend (using audio clips from different videos)]:  Sub... you have been deceived, and in turn you deceived others.

[The screen then shows multiple pictures of a mother and child. ]

[The Fiend (using audio clips from different videos)]:  Your mother was never a good mother, you are a bastard child, you always have and you always will be. You are cruel, manipulative, and you are not the man your mother wanted you to become. You were born from the death of your father and the destruction of a marriage. 

[Sub]: That's a lie... that's a damn lie.

[The Fiend (using audio clips from different videos)]: Remember your friend... the one you failed to save... the one that you let die. Its your fault that your friend died... if you had been a better friend, you could have saved him.

[Sub, listening to the Fiend, tries to avoid looking at the screen. As he keeps listening, he falls to his knees. ]

[The Fiend (using audio clips from different videos)]: But what could you do in 2004... as a fifteen year old boy... nothing. Because you don't deserve to live.

[Sub, on his knees, beginning to tear up]: Shut up... stop, please.

[The Fiend (using audio clips from different videos)]: You aren't a bounty hunter. You know what you are. I know what you are. You don't know who I am. You don't know where I am. And you'll never see me coming. 

[Sub runs up to the screen, pushing it down. It crashes onto the ground, and the light turn on, revealing Sub to be in the Aquarium. Sub looks to see another table with a pair of night-vision goggles and an envelope. It cuts to Brandon. He climbs up the staircase, reaching the second floor. He goes to the right, walking past the elevator, then going to the right and then to the left. As he continues walking in the dark, he notices the footsteps going to a room. Brandon feels the number on the door. ]

Glow in the Dark Footstep Paths Second Floor.png

[Brandon]: Room 228.

[Brandon enters the room, as the door shuts itself. A television on the desk turns on. ]

Music-icon.png MURDER Soundtrack - Brandon's Rage

[The Fiend (using audio clips from different videos)]: I have seen your heart, Brandon. And it is mine. You have a dark past, Brandon, a very dark past. Your father was a drunk, your mother was just as abusive.

[The screen cuts to video from a trial in Everything City. ]

[Attorney, in video]: My client claims she did not hit his son.

[The screen cuts to newspaper snippets about a father who had a car crash and was in a coma, leaving behind his 15 year old son Brandon. ]

[The Fiend (using audio clips from different videos)]: You never had friends, you never had family because they never loved you. And now you have a love, but you have to give her up.

[Two videos occur at the same time. One shows Speedy and Brandon kissing in the library, and then another one of Sub and Brandon talking at the Crime Scene. ]

[The Fiend (using audio clips from different videos)]: You can never love or be loved, because its not for you. You will rot and suffer, because NO ONE can EVER LOVE YOU. NO ONE. 

[Brandon, in rage]: That's...

[Brandon reaches over, to grab something. He grabs a baseball bat, and slams it into the television. The screen cracks, as the lights turn on. Brandon proceeds to hit it multiple times in a rage. ]

[Brandon, in rage]: DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU!

[Brandon runs up to the windows, slamming the window and breaking them. He then flips over the pillows and blankets of the bed, before destroying the picture frames. He drops the bat, as it cuts to Speedy in the library, watching the screen. ]

[The Fiend (using audio clips from different videos)]: You think you have found someone. You think you're in love. But Love doesn't exist. It has never existed. You are going mad. Brandon doesn't love you... he's fooling you. He has a secret... and you're falling for him. I'm not shocked though... you never were a good writer.

[Speedy pushes down the television, crying as she drops to the ground. ]

[Speedy, crying]: You're wrong... you're wrong about him....


[It cuts to Omni in the hall with his night-vision goggles on, reading the letter in the envelope again. ]

[Omni]: "Congrats you have failed my test, now use these night vision goggles to see unlike the rest. Go to the room of relaxation my dear guest, to prove who truly is the best. "

[Omni exits the lobby and enters into the hallway. He then hears someone towards him. He looks over to see Sub, also wearing the night vision goggles. ]

[Sub]: You?

[Omni]: You?!

[They both begin running towards the Spa, before Omni manages to get in before Sub. The doors lock, and the airhorn sounds. All the lights in the hotel turn back on, and the door and window blockers go back up. Omni walks towards the cashier's desk, where there's a box waiting. Omni takes off the night-vision gear, and opens the box to pull out the remote. ]

[Omni]: Exactly as I thought it would be...


[All the guests sit together in the Cafe, which also has a damaged television. ] 

[Jack]: Why ... just, why?

[Omi]: Did everyone get a message? 

[Speedy]: A personal message about our darkest secrets and past? Yeah. 

[Brandon]: I went mad. 

[Everyone turns to face Brandon. ] 

[Brandon]: I... I trashed the room I was in. Room 228. 

[Speedy]: What the hell did the Killer say?

[Brandon]: I ... 

[Brandon gets up, and walks away. Speedy watches him leaving, and gets up, and runs towards him. ] 

[Speedy]: Brandon! Brandon wait!

[Brandon and Speedy stop near the spa, as Brandon puts his hands to his head. ] 

[Speedy]: Are you okay?

[Brandon]: No, I'm not I'm just.... look. I need to tell you something. 

[Speedy looks at Brandon, confused as Brandon tries calming down. ] 

[Brandon]: Look, I know we kissed and all yesterday but.... I shouldn't have done that. It was stupid in me. 

[Speedy]: What... what are you talking about?

[Brandon]: I ... I don't have feelings for you. It was the heat of the moment, I was just... I was only into you because I wanted to make sure you weren't the Killer. 

[Speedy, in shock]: Wha- but, ... you loved me. You had feelings for me. 

[Brandon]: I'm so sorry. 

[Speedy, in tears slaps Brandon in the face, and then runs towards the lobby. The other guests look as Speedy cries, before she goes up the staircase. Brandon sits on the ground, realizing what he's done. Speedy reaches her room, crying. She then sits on her bed, still crying. ] 

Music-icon.png MURDER Soundtrack - Wrecking Ball

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬  We clawed, we chained our hearts in vain. We jumped never asking why.  ♪♫♬

[She lays on the bed, crying. ]

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬  We kissed, I fell under your spell. A love no one could deny.  ♪♫♬

[Speedy turns over, looking at the window. ]

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬  Don't you ever say I just walked away, I will always want you. I can't live a lie, running for my life, I will always want you.  ♪♫♬

[She then faces the roof again, with her hands on where her heart is. ] 

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬  I came in like a wrecking ball! I never hit so hard in love! All I wanted was to break your walls! All you ever did was.... wreck me. Yeah, you, you wreck me.  ♪♫♬

[Speedy then gets off the bed, and looks at the plants in her room. ] 

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬  I put you high up in the sky. And now, you're not coming down/  It slowly turned, you let me burn. And now, we're ashes on the ground.  ♪♫♬

[Speedy then opens up her drawers, looking at her clothes. ] 

[Speedy]:   ♪♫♬  Don't you ever say I just walked away, I will always want you. I can't live a lie, running for my life, I will always want you.  ♪♫♬

[Speedy then slams her lamp onto the ground, breaking it. ] 

[Speedy]:   ♪♫♬  I came in like a wrecking ball. I never hit so hard in love. All I wanted was to break your walls. All you ever did was wreck me.  ♪♫♬

[Speedy then sits in her small seat in her room. ] 

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬  I never meant to start a war. I just wanted you to let me in. And instead of using force.... I guess I should've let you win. I never meant to start a war. I just wanted you to let me in. I guess I should've let you win.  ♪♫♬

[Speedy sighs, as it cuts to her imagination. She faces the camera. ]

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬  Don't you ever say I just walked away.  I will always want you.  ♪♫♬

[It cuts to her walking away as a wrecking ball hits the wall, destroying it. ] 

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬  I came in like a wrecking ball.  I never hit so hard in love.  All I wanted was to break your walls.  All you ever did was wreck me.  ♪♫♬

[She begins riding the wrecking ball, while crying and singing. ] 

[Speedy]:  ♪♫♬  I came in like a wrecking ball. Yeah, I just closed my eyes and swung. Left me crashing in a blazing fall. All you ever did was wreck me. Yeah, you, you wreck me. Yeah, you, you wreck me.  ♪♫♬

[It returns to reality, as Speedy lies on her bed, crying. It cuts to everyone eating dinner. Charles arrives with envelopes in his hand. ]

[Charles]: Moments ago, you revealed to the Confessional who you thought, out of the eleven of you who the Killer was, and how they killed Arthur Barnsworth, or AB. Now, I am here to reveal whose theories excelled, and which theories were quickly debunked.

[The guests at each other, including Brandon, who looks at Speedy.]

[Charles]: Congratulations, Omni. You will be kept alive, for being able to confront your darkness. Unlike others. 

[Omni]: Thank you Charles. 

[Charles]: However, for the rest of you... it is time to learn how Drillo died, and how his death led to your mental torture. 

[Begin Flashback]

[It shows the Church at night.]

[Charles, voiceover]: "Preparations for this particular murder began before you even arrived on here. " 

[It then shows the killer creating the device in the confessional. ] 

[Charles, voiceover]: "I put a wireless receiver, a robotic hand, a lighter, and a cannon in the confessional of the Church, before cutting out a whole just big enough for the cannonball to shoot out of. " 

[It cuts to Drillo checking out the Church. ] 

[Charles, voiceover]: "While Drillo was looking around, he got in the best position. " 

[It cuts to a button being pressed, a button on the remote. Suddenly, the cannon fires, and a cannonball rips through Drillo. ]

[Charles, voiceover]: "I pressed a button on the remote, the cannon fired the cannonball, which struck through Drillo, causing him to bleed out and die. Though it was very nice that you all tried to save him. " 

[End Flashback]

[It returns back to the Cafe, with Charles reading this. ]

[Charles]: Until tomorrow.... oh wait. I forgot something. Omni... I believe you found a message at the church. A message I left for you. Yes, I know this, because not only was there the machine in the confessional, but a camera as well. So, tell the group my name. And I'll give you a hint, its not 'the five'."

[Tyran]: What's his name?

[Omni looks at the group. ] 

[Omni]: I believe... its the Fiend. The Fiend of Wikia Island. 

[Everyone looks at each other, realizing the name of the killer. Charles starts giving envelopes to everyone.]

[Charles]: In these envelopes is a card. If you have done well enough, you will get an "Alive Card". If you did not, you and at least one other person will get an "In Danger Card". And one of the "In Dangers" will not survive to find out who committed murder. Now... Tyran, will you open your card?

[Tyran]: Alright.

[Tyran opens up his letter, and pulls out an IN DANGER card. ]

[Charles]: Speedy.

[Speedy opens up her letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Sub

[Sub opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Lego

[Lego]: Oh my gosh…

[Lego opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Brandon]: Brandon.

[Brandon opens up his letter, and he sighs. He pulls out an ALIVE Card. ]

[Charles]: Jack

[Jack opens up his letter, and pulls out an IN DANGER card. ]

[Charles]: Ultra

[Ultra]: Oh my gosh…please let me have an Alive card. Please...

[Ultra opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Omi

[Omi opens up his letter, and pulls out an ALIVE card. ]

[Charles]: Now since that's that...

[Tyran]: Actually, I have something to say, and Charles, if you could stay with us, that would be great. 

[Charles nods, as Tyran gets up, holding a briefcase. ] 

[Tyran]: The Killer.... this ... "Fiend", as he likes to be called tasked me with solving a complex code, a code that I would only know. Well after spending yesterday and today in the lab, I know exactly why he wanted me to know this. 

[Tyran opens up his briefcase, to pull out a laptop. He opens up the laptop, to unveil a powerpoint presentation. ] 

[Tyran]: Charles, is there a way to hook this up something?

[Charles]: Yes, you'll just need to pull down the screen, and connect it to the projector. 

[After a while, Charles manages to hook everything up, and pulls down the screen. Tyran then begins the powerpoint. ] 

[Tyran]: In a few days.... there will be an alignment. Now, some of you have heard of the rare 2014 alignment that is occurring this month.

[The powerpoint shows the planets all in alignment in multiple google image photos. ] 

[Tyran]: It seems that the mystery of the island involves this alignment. Now according to what it says, the last alignment occured around the same time its said the Spanish arrived at the island. This alignment is not all.

[The powerpoint switches from pictures of the alignment to the Spanish arriving on the island, and then to other pictures for what Tyran is about to say next. ] 

[Tyran]: There will also references to a lunar eclipse, a red moon, a gate, a key, and a Map. The Gate, Key, and Map are repeated multiple times. So clearly, the Fiend wants us to know this. But for what purpose... I have no idea. That's all. 

[Everyone looks around, unsure of what the recent discoveries mean. ] 

1989 - Richard's Room - Hall Manor - Wikia Island

[Charles and Richard are in the same room. ] 

[Charles]: You said you wanted me?

[Richard]: Yes, I do. Charles... I want you to be honest.

[Charles]: Alright. 

[Richard]: Ever since... since you helped clear my name. You've spent a lot of time with your friends. What exactly have you been doing?

[Charles]: We've been trying to help out. Solve crimes, help people...

[Richard]: And what was so secretive that you had to be alone by yourselves?

[Charles]: Well.... alright, you have a right to know. Let me get it. 

[Charles leaves the room for a moment, then comes back with the Map. He rolls it out on Richard's bed, showing it to his father. ] 

[Charles]: Its a Map of sorts. It has rings, that you can spin around to make different things appear. Like the Church... 

[Richard]: Wait a second. That picture, under the Church... tell me you didn't go to the caves. 

[Charles]: We found a temple that had been visited... and the strangest thing is... we found a damaged wallet. 

[Richard's eyes grow larger, as he realizes what Charles has said. Richard turns to Charles, talking in a paniced voice. ] 

[Richard]: Charles, this has to stop. Now. 

[Charles]: Why? Why should it? This ... this is important, I know it. 

[Richard]: You have to stop, now. You could have died... you have have been watched...

[Charles]: Watched? Watched by WHO?

[Richard, nervous]: No one Charles...

[Charles]: Then tell me, dammit. This mystery... is important. This means something, not this... not being a slave!

[Richard]: I don’t want you investigating any of this… 

[Charles, screaming]: WHY NOT?! 

[Richard]: Because I’m afraid! 

[There's a silence between the father and son. ] 

[Richard]: We're done. You are to end investigating now... and I want the wallet. Where is it? 

[Charles]: Its in my desk. Can I at least take a look at one of your books? Just... for something to read. 

[Richard, sighing]: Alright. Fine. 

[Richard leaves the room as Charles grabs a book from Richard's bookself. The book reads "A History of Wikia Island - By Daral Scidran". Meanwhile, Richard grabs the wallet from Charles's desk, remembering the day he, Officer Rob, and the three other friends went to the caves. In 1964. ] 

Wikia Cafe - Butler and King Hotel and Resort - Present Day Wikia Island

[Brandon is sitting at a table, with a brandy. He sighs, as a person walks in. ] 

[Lego]: Are you alright, Brandon?

[Brandon]: Yeah.... well actually no. I uh.. I had to make a choice. 

[Lego]: Speedy, right?

[Brandon looks at Lego. ] 

[Brandon]: How'd you...

[Lego]: Sub told me that you ended it with her. Which is good, I mean... I'm the one that saw you two kissing, and told Sub. 

[Lego gives a dark grin for a moment, as Brandon is shocked. ] 

[Brandon]: You WHAT?

[Lego]: Relax, Brandon. You'll thank me later. Listen to me, your friend. Have I ever steered you wrong? Led you astray? Distracted you from being focused? No... but the girl... 

[Lego types on Tyran's laptop, and the projector shows images on the screen. ] 

Music-icon.png MURDER Soundtrack - Don't Fall In Love

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ The quickest way to break your heart. Make you depressed and ill. Is to get tangled up inside. The side effects could KILL♪♫♬

[Brandon tries to get up, but Lego shoves him back into the chair. ] 

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ All passion is a waste of time. A deadly game pour vous. I am your friend, your cher ami, I wouldn't lie to you. ♪♫♬

[Lego winks at the camera. Then Lego changes the slideshow images to pictures of Brandon. ] 

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ If you must love someone, may I suggest, You love yourself! Just think it through. You'll never leave, and you will find you'll get more rest. You'll always feel as good as new. ♪♫♬

[Brandon]: Really? Huh. 

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ Your freedom is the most important thing, my friend. ♪♫♬

[Lego takes a twig and holds it in front of Brandon before snapping it into two. ] 

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ You must be strong, you mustn't bend. ♪♫♬

[Lego switches the picture to a clock. ] 

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ Don't talk for hours, ♪♫♬

[Then to a picture of flowers. ] 

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ Don't send flowers, ♪♫♬

[Then to a poem. ] 

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ Don't write poems, ♪♫♬

[Then to a person singing and another dancing at night-time. ] 

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ Don't sing songs, and dance beneath the stars that shine above. Don't fall in love. ♪♫♬  Oh, don't do it. 

[Lego then changes the pictures to a man with a heart for a head, then a person in chains, and a x symbol on the word "Love". ] 

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ As soon as your heart rules your head, your life is not your own. ♪♫♬

[Lego runs up to Brandon, screaming at him. ] 

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ Its HELL when someone's always there, its bliss.... to be alone♪♫♬

[He then takes out some pictures and shows them to Brandon. ] 

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ And love of any kind is bad. ♪♫♬

[He shows a picture of a dog. ]

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ A dog,♪♫♬

[Then a baby. ]

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ a child, ♪♫♬

[Then a cat].

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ a cat. They take up so much precious time. Now where's the sense in that? ♪♫♬

[Lego runs over to the power switch in the room. ] 

[Lego]: ♪♫♬ Love takes the wildest heart and makes it tame. If you're turned on, ♪♫♬

[He flips the switch, making the room darker. ]

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ then just turn off. ♪♫♬

[The powerpoint cuts to pictures of famous leaders. ] 

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ Emotions are a thing all great men overcame. Please, don't make this grand catastrophe. Don't get attached to anyone or anything♪♫♬

[He walks up to Brandon, and thrusts his groin in front of him. ] 

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ There's nothing worse than things that cling. ♪♫♬

[Lego then grabs Brandon, shaking him like a wild man. ] 

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ You'll go to pot, you'll turn to drink. You'll never rest, you'll end up mad, and looking like some poor tormented dove. ♪♫♬

[Lego lets go of Brandon. ] 

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ Don't... .fall..... in love. ♪♫♬

[Meanwhile, watching Lego and Brandon outside of the Cafe is Omi, paying close attention. ] 

[Lego]:  ♪♫♬ DON'T. FALL. IN. LOVE! ♪♫♬


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