First Victim
Season: 1

Mystery Island

Result: Murdered
Role: First Victim
Ep. of Death: Season premiere

To become a musician, you must write the first song. To become a painter, you must sketch your first drawing. And to become a serial killer, you must kill someone or something first. Unfortunately, The Killer on MURDER hasn't experimented too much with cats and dogs, so his first ever victim must be one of the contestants, the sacrificial lamb for the players to investigate. For such purpose, there comes First Victim.


Season 1

Main article: Sci

On the first day at Wikia Manor, 13 guests gathered at the main hall in the mansion. They had fun introducing themselves with a toast. Sci later received the Roman Room, disgusting the Killer due to his disgust of the Roman Empire. With the need to kill Sci due to ancient history, to get experience, and his hate of all things Roman, the Killer chose him as the first victim. The Killer gave Sci a message leading him to the tower above. The Killer then strangled Sci and hung him on the Chandelier. 


Season 1

Sci was chosen to be the first victim by the director because the director didn't want to be a main character in his own series. His death was on purpose therefore, starting the diabolical game of MURDER.

Mystery Island

A new first victim will be chosen.


  • Sci had surely known what his fate would be even before the series began. Because he was the Director. Duh. 
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