The 2nd episode of NPA :) Hope you enjoy!

Special User character: ET


Narrator: Now we see our hero go to the next city, Arrigon City, Where his first Gym Battle is gonna happen

Nar stops

Nar: Tall grass..

Nar runs but a pokemon appears

Nar: A

Nar sent out Houndnar

Nar: Use Lava Plume!

PokeDex: It's a critical hit!, Bidoof fainted.

Nar runs out of the tall grass

A trainer runs to him

ET: Hey! wanna play some pokemon?

Nar: Uh....sure.

Nar sent out Houndnar

ET: What a cute Houndnar you got there!

Nar: It's not cute! just send out your pokemon so we can finish this.

ET sent out Snivy

Nar: Houndnar! use Flame Wheel

ET: Dodge it! then use Razor leaf!

The Flame Wheel burns all Razor leaf

Nar: Now use Flame Thrower!

ET: Use Leaf Tornado!

The Leaf Tornado and Flame Throw mixed

Nar: You're good! but not for so long! GO BACK HOUNDNAR

Nar sent out Mewnar

Nar: Mewnar, USE SPARK!


ET: You defeated my snivy, but are you ready for my..

ET sent out Serperior

Nar: ......................

ET: What? people traded me their Snivies..

Nar: MEWNAR! use Cut! then X Scissors!

Servine lost 60 HP


Nar: Mewnar, Use dig then hit Servine with Flame Charge!

Serperior Fainted

ET: You won... can i be your partner?

Nar: Uhh sure..

A mysterious guy lands with a Reshiram

???: So.. You have a Partner, Maybe try fighting me, when you get Zekrom..

Nar: Zekrom?

ET: It's a legendary pokemon, It's like Reshiram but his Element Type is Electric

Nar: Ok stanger! I'm gonna catch Zekrom AND FIGHT YOU!

??? Throws a Master Ball at nar

???: Well, use that for your troubles.

Reshiram Flies with ??? on it

Nar: I gotta go to the next city to get my first Gym Badge


Narrator: Will Nar ever gonna Catch Zekrom? Or can he Defeat the first gym leader, stay tune to find out.

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