Electric Dragon is the 3rd episode of NPA


Narrator: We see ET and Nar walking to the Gym to get his first Gym Badge


Nar: Wh-What was that?

ET: Dunno

(In a Mine tower)


??? uses Thunder Punch multiple times


Nar: Whatever it is, its loud.

Nar walks to teh gym but suddenly..

??? Walks out of the gym

Nar: You again!

???: That's Right, and I got this badge.

Nar: I'm gonna mine too!

???: Goodluck!

??? Flies with his Reshiram

Nar: Jerk.

Gym Guy goes out

Gym Guy: Sorry, But the leader isn't here

Nar: Then where is she/he?

GG: In there

GG points in the Mine Tower

An explosion was heard

Nar: C'mon let's go there, quick!

To be continue writing later..

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