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ET is the main character in Omnitrix Conquest. His partner is an Eevee.


ET is a tall and well built man. He is 16 years old. He wears a black long sleeves shirt with long blue pants and has silver and brown armor covering his body. On his head he wears a crown that reaches out on each side. He leaves his jaw unshaven.


ET holds one of the 8 Omnitrixes which allows for him to transform into 10 different creatures. Along with that he is extremely strong, fast and agile. He also has the abiltiy to tame and capture Pokemon.


  1. Terraspin
  2. Articguana
  3. Cannonbolt
  4. Buzzshock
  5. Heatblast
  6. Grey Matter
  7. Upgrade
  8. XLR8
  9. Eye Guy
  10. Diamondhead


  1. Eevee (Partner)
  2. Shieldon
  3. Sewaddle
  4. Rayquaza (Egg)

ET met Eevee back when he was 10 years old. ET was walking through the forest when a Darumaka attacked him. Defenseless, ET cried out as the Darumaka attacked him. Suddenly, an Eevee burst out from the bush and managed to defeat the Darumaka and heal ET with its Sooth Bell attack.

During a battle in the first episode, ET manages to defeat the Shieldon and capture it. The two immediately bond.

In the fifth episode, A Bug's Life, the team capture one bug Pokemon each. ET captures Sewaddle.

At the beginning of season 2 the team stumble upon a nest full of eggs. They each take one and ET's hatches into Rayquaza.



  1. Tackle
  2. Headbutt
  3. Quick Attack
  4. Soothe Bell
  5. Pound
  6. Bite


  1. Take Down
  2. Body Slam
  3. Earthquake
  4. Headbutt


  1. String Shot
  2. Bug Bite
  3. Tackle
  4. Razor Leaf


  1. Fire Fang
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